desoldering iron

I am thinking of purchasing a desoldering iron, because braid gets annoying, and i was looking at one at radioshack, its just a soldering iron with a hole in its end and the hole leads of a mounted bulb. i was wondering how they work, the iron heat the solder, and u press the bulb and it sucks the solder, but where does the solder go? into the bulb? how do you get the solder out?

Posted by um0123 9 years ago

Suggested max time for running a RadioShack 45-Watt Desoldering Iron?

After using my desoldering iron for approximately 1-2 hours I had melted the tip, rendering it useless. I have since gotten replacement tips. I do also want to add that the desoldering iron and tip were brand new, just out of the pack, and yes, I was using it correctly  =)  But is their a suggested maximum amount of time someone should use the iron to avoid this?

Asked by OrangeJ 3 years ago

How to remove solder (my country don't sell desoldering pump or copper wick)? Answered

I found some old circuit and it's full of useful electronic components, but I have no idea how to remove them. I will be thankful to anyone who can help me remove without using desoldering pump or copper wick (I tried to look for them but I can't any, buying online is to expensive because of the shipping cost).

Asked by Shizen 4 years ago

My desoldering iron wont work on some pc boards Answered

I have a radioshack 45 watt desoldering iron, and it wont work correctly on the pc boards out of a sony television, it will melt and suck up some of the solder, but not all of it so I can't get the parts such and sockets and such out correctly.  However it works perfectly on a pc boards out of things such as power supplies. It wouldnt even work right after i put a brand new tip on it. Any ideas? thanks in advance.

Asked by fatfoohy 8 years ago

How to salvage SMD component from old electronics board

I want to know how to perfectly desolder a smd Component. I  want to reuse them but cant get them i would love suggestion or advice

Posted by geekrex 2 years ago

Hot Air desoldering many pin thru hole parts? Answered

I have asked around but no answers that really helpedBasically, im just asking if anyone has personal experience in succesfully using a butane soldering iron with hot air blow tip to desolder many pin thru hole parts such as headers, connectors and large DIP packages.Yes, i know that it is possible to do this but i would just like to hear from anyone who can tell me that they have succesfully done that with minimal damage to the componentsi already asked the exact same question about doing this for surface mount components, and there are more details there. Well, sort of. Anyways, here is the link:

Asked by raykholo 8 years ago

is there a way to make a desoldering wick/braid out of common household items? Answered

Is there a way to make a desoldering wick/braid out of common household items? i cant get to a Radio $hack and my local hardware store doesn't carry them. thanks for any contributing thoughts!

Asked by PSPerson 8 years ago

Desoldering help!!! Answered

I am a beginner at soldering and when I tinted my iron I didnt let my solder dry and put an accidental solder bead on the circuit board.I cannot get a vaccum or desoldering braid how can i get the solder off??

Asked by crazyJ113 6 years ago

Desoldering/soldering a geforce fx 5700 on a toshiba laptop?

I need help on Desoldering/soldering a geforce fx 5700 video card on a toshiba laptop?

Asked by dagronmaster 8 years ago

Where is the best place to buy a soldering and desoldering iron? Answered

I need a soldering and desoldering iron for the Electronics Technology trade in my school. What stores sell them?

Asked by eltoro5 1 year ago

annyone out there know how to make a vacume desolding iron?

Thought of using the intke of a 12 volt air compressor just cant figure out the iron tip.?

Asked by z28racer 9 years ago

Desoldering without the right tools.

I am interested in desoldering a few things to get some parts.  However I bought desoldering braid quite a while ago and have no idea where it is.  I do not have the money to buy a pump (no matter how cheap it may be).  So I was wondering if there was anything else I could use or do.  I do own a soldering iron. I am just playing around with a few project ideas with electronics I had laying around and a few things I have taken out of the garbage.

Posted by jcaresheets 7 years ago

has anybody made a hot-air gun out of a soldering iron and a hair-dryer??

I searched around and but there are 'ibles using desoldering irons and vacuum pumps; not actual soldering irons. I wanted a hot-air gun for desoldering an SMD chip.

Asked by rammstein2 5 years ago

is there another way to desloder without using the desoldering wire? Answered

Question Body: give us more detail on your question...

Asked by ayman100 8 months ago

Capillary action? Answered

Solder removal using a copper braid may look like capillary action, but it's not. Put a stalk of celery in a glass of food coloring and water, and you'll demonstrate capillary action in the 5th Grade Science Fair. "you can use copper desoldering braid to remove excess solder (its highly interleaved surface area draws the solder in with capillary action), or a suction desoldering pump."

Asked by jad9062 1 year ago

Cannibalizing old electronics

I am taking apart and desolder some vintage Mac Powerbooks and I found this Logitech 9215H IC on the trackballs PCB. I wonder. All datasheets I find say it is for a floppy.. Anyone has informations about that IC? I would love to use it in any kind of project. The Powerbook is thisone

Posted by sbeck10 5 years ago

Help with modifying a servo for continuous rotation?

I want to build a robot with arduino and for the motors I was going to use some servos that I could modify for continuous rotation.  So, I picked up 2 cheap ones at radioshack.  I opened them up and I can get to the gears by removing the top part and I can get to the back of the circuit board by taking off the bottom.  But the circuit board is soldered in so I can't take it out to get to the potentiometer. I tried desoldering the connections to the motor but there seems to be more joints to desolder before I can take out the circuit board completely. And I don't want to desolder every joint and then have to solder them again when I need to put them back together.  So has anyone modified these radioshack servos and can tell me how to get tho the potentiometer? Or can anyone tell me if there is a way to modify them without getting to the potentiometer? Thanks.

Asked by texpert 3 years ago

LCD/VFD free samples?

These screens are pretty expensive, has anyone been successful at recieving a sample? Also if anyone knows where I can get samples of flux, desoldering braid, perspex, rare-earth magnets, IC sockets and headers. Thanks, Alex.

Posted by alexgeek 9 years ago

Servo Motor Answered

On the list of supplies/tools we need, I didn't see mention of the motor you gave soldering/desoldering instructions for in Lesson 2. Could you please provide details on which motor we should grab if we want to follow along? Thanks!Jonathan

Asked by seekerlight 2 years ago

how can i tell the difference between phototransistors, photodiodes, and ir leds? Answered

i have a bunch of ir leds, phototransistors, photodiodes and things i desoldered that are probably light sensors of some kind. is there an easy way to test what they are without destroying them?

Asked by the judge 6 years ago

Post little Electronics you have removed/desoldered,ripped off of something(caps,chips,regulators,ext)

I found a Ton of Stuff from a PSU,from diodes to Capacitors to Leds. Post what you have found(in a picture:) ) And maybe your Desktop too.

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

I'm looking for a lead free soldering station.

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a lead free soldering station. I have to do some soldering/desoldering at work and I'm having a problem. The solder on the board is too high of a temp for my trusty Radio Shack soldering iron. To date I've purchased a 50watt iron and I would say that almost did the trick. But, desoldering was a fail. So, I would like to get a professional strength iron that can do the work without breaking my budget ($120). At this point I don't know what to look at 60 or 70 watt or 80. So, if anyone can recommend a good digital lead free solder station? Thanks Everyone!

Posted by ChrisMc74 4 years ago

How can I find the correct potentiometer for a set of speakers/amplifier? Answered

Hello. I desoldered the potentiometer on an old set of speakers. I lost said potentiometer and I don't know what numbers to look for to replace it. It was a switch pot, and it had eight terminals. What do I have to look for to replace it?

Asked by bumzurama 7 years ago

Solder sucker?

Hello all.  I had a question about desoldering.  First thing is that I have desoldering wick.  I found out I was using it wrong.  I melted the solder and then placed the end of the wick in the melted solder.  But I watched a youtube video and according to that I should place the wick on the solder and then heat up the wick and solder as one.  But this still has not been working very well for me.  The wick is over a year old and I was wondering if this could be a problem.  But my other question is how well do those spring loaded solder suckers work?  I was thinking about perhaps ordering one off of e-bay.  Yes I know I might find one in a good hardware store but I have some paypal money I could use.  In case you do not know what I am talking is the spring loaded suckers where you cock it, put it next to the melted solder and then press a button and it forms a vacuum and sucks up the solder into it.  I think I can pick one up for a few bucks off-line, so if you people say they work well then I will give it a shot. Also in case you want to know what I am working on.  This would be used for salvaging parts of of circuit boards.  Like right now I am trying to salvage a few capacitors and also a couple of flyback transformers from crt computer monitors.  Also tomorrow I am tearing apart a broken water cooler to see if there is anything I can take out of there. I have also being having a problem getting solder to melt in the first place.  But that probably just has something to do with the 2 soldering irons I am using and I am trying my best to figure it all out.  I know my way around computers as far as building and repairing them.  But soldering and desoldering is something I really want to learn to be able to further my computer repair skills.  Sometimes it would save so much money being able to solder and desolder myself.  Especially those darn ac ports that are soldered right onto the boards sometimes. I have not actually made anything from this site yet.  But this is a wonderful site and after cruzing the forums here I am pretty sure I will get some good replies.  Ok I will stop babbling and I look forward to your replies.  

Posted by jcaresheets 5 years ago


My APPLE IPOD 3rd gen 1gb(DUPLICATE STUFF) broke. imagei DEsoldered all the parts. I want the PINOUT of the LCD. It has a non standard (20 pins) number of pins. PLEASE help. i know 16 pin connection but not this. Its size is 2inches(diagonal)thank u in advance

Asked by 9 years ago

Servo? Answered

I am looking at all the projects since I am planning this for a group of kids. The single motor bot requires the servo being desolder. Now, in this project can we use that same servo we had or get an entirely new servo? I may skip that one project for us to do so we do not destroy the servo. I am just a bit confused.

Asked by FloM5 1 year ago

triac switchero

I have a touch light switch I bought from my local lighting store the triac and heat sink stands too tall for the base of the light ,I want to desolder the original and replace it with a new one with longer leads so I can lay it down to fit inside the base. How do I know if my new triac is compatable they look like they are the same size numbers are different.

Posted by martin365 2 years ago

Lack of experience = trouble ... do you think, you can help ???

Hi ... it's me again, with my stepper motors. Thanks to your previous answers, I was able to find out, that these are really stepper motors and I bought a motor shield for arduino to be able to operate them. I made a successful experiment with one of them (on second picture) ... but when I tried to modify the second motor for "bredboard use" I made a disaster. There where 4 pins that were melted in a plastic, that holds them in fixed position. But when I was trying to desolder them, by using a desoldering wick ... and heated one pin to much that it melted the plastic, it fell out and it got loose from the wire. As you can (hardly see) on the first picture ... I ended with an ULTRA thin wire that is really short( Any suggestions ??? Thank you very much in advance. Zholy

Asked by zholy 8 years ago

servo modified for direct drive? Answered

"continuous rotation servo modified for direct drive*" please explain? What is direct drive? what needs to happen to make it direct drive? Above it says refer to "steps 13 through 17 of the Basic Electronics Skills for Robotics lesson". I don't see anything titled step 13 etc in that lesson, I see some stuff about desoldering and resoldering, is that it? What is that accomplishing? Is this a step that absolutely needs to be taken?Thanks!

Asked by SnorkBiscuits 1 year ago

Installing Capacitors how to locate the capacitor on reverse of board

I am trying to install new capacitors on a PCB ,  I know which capacitors to replace from the capacitor side how do you find the pins on the reverse i see the code number but there are so many pins arounf this number im just not sure and its not on an outside edge either ie first in line.  Can anyone suggest how to confirm the right pins to desolder.

Asked by morgie 4 years ago

troubleshooting voice modulator

About four years ago I bought this robot voice kit for a halloween costume: (the scematics are near the bottom of the data sheet) I never finished it and now that I put it together it's not working. The signal goes through to the amplifier, but without the modulating happening. Does anyone know what the problem could be, or if there is a way to narrow it down without desoldering and testing the components individually? Thanks

Posted by Jur 5 years ago

Programming flash memory?

Hello Instructables community! I just purchased 10 Atmel AT49F040 flash chips off eBay (I couldn't buy just one..) and now I'm wondering how in the world I'm going to program them. I'm hoping to desolder the ROM chip from a Gameboy cart (yes, I'm using a tutorial) and replace it with this flash chip. It seems easy enough, but I'm not sure I want to spend $45 on a Willem Programmer.. Anyone have ideas for how to program on the cheap? Thanks, Derp

Asked by Derpancakes 4 years ago

small screw dish

I just wanted to say, if you have a broken floppy drive laying around, take it apart, get the small stepper motor out, take off the LED (bicolor if you are lucky) and contact switches, and anything else useful like a IR photogate, and chokes, desolder the huge pin headers, but after that... remove the round plate that is a part of the main spindle motor, it has a ring of magnet on the inside, it is absolutely perfect for holding small screws when you are taking apart something just felt like sharing

Posted by frank26080115 11 years ago

What can I do with a Pentium II processor that I found?

I found the motherboard of a computer in a dumpster, and I picked it out so that I could work on my desoldering skills. There was a Pentium II processor (in perfect condition-probably still works), but my computer uses a Pentium 4 processor. Our computer is VERY slow, and is there a way to annex the processor I found with my Pentium 4, and would this speed up my computer? If not, what could I do with this?

Asked by MattGyver92 9 years ago

What can someone do with a CRT flyback transformer?

I recently just finished desoldering components from a CRT TV's circuit boards and I got the flyback transformer. What can I do with this flyback transformer? Can I make an ozone generator out of it? I've seen how to make an ozone generator using a neon sign transformer but those are expensive. Maybe I can use a flyback transformer to make the high voltages instead?

Asked by poiihy 2 years ago

I need to know what a part is called on a laptop mother board?

I recently removed my motherboard from my laptop to repair my DC Jack.  That operation was successful. However I created another problem. I broke the little white plastic reciever piece that accepts the wire connector from my heat fan/sink. Its a four wire connector.  I desoldered the piece from the motherboard. I am just not sure what this piece is called. I want to order a new one and solder it on.

Asked by galapogus21 8 years ago

Can anyone Identify this IR Receiver Component?

Hi, I have been doing some desoldering to get hold of components and I have got myself the IR Receiver pictured. This is labelled as the annotations show, 4524C, M and C, and on the reverse says F2. This component was taken from a water damaged Canon MVX30i, but I would like a datasheet for the component found. Can anyone help me find a datasheet for this, or suggest what the four connections would be? Thanks, AMouse197

Asked by anonymouse197 6 years ago


Hello everybody! I just need some help with an electronic project I was doing-I need to desolder a transformer from a camera flash circuit, but every time I try with a new circuit, it always melts or the component leads fall off. I have included some pictures of it, maybe someone could identify the kind so I could buy it at an electronic retailer? It is meant to have 5 leads, with 3 on one side and 2 on the other. On a technical reference it has 7:3 coil ratio. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by NightRider7 10 years ago

What types of transformers are these? and what are these other things?

I know most of these are transformers, but i want to know what type they are, and how i can figure out what voltage they put out. most of these circuits are from a rear projection tv except for the one that has a single transformer on it. I am new to this type of stuff and want to make something that creates sparks at least 1 cm long, and also can any of these be used to charge capacitors? Also can any of these be used to create a high voltage over 1kv?

Asked by Marcello441 5 years ago

Dremel Tips/Tricks

Hi, I just got my Dremel yesterday (multipro 285 for £20) it ROCKS but I thought it would be good to have a forum topic for people to post tips/tricks about using their Dremel that they have pivked up/ made up.Mine is this (Its in pdf format) but basically it is a way to use you dremel to quickly "Desolder" pcbs (~5 minutes or less per board!). Wht you do is put on a coarse (~60 grit) sanding drum and go over the back of the pcb. It is very dusty but afterwards the components just need a small pul with some pliars and your done.

Posted by josh92176 10 years ago

Can I tap into these audio circuits by desoldering Op-Amps and putting wires in their place? Answered

In my continuing quest to make an under-cabinet kitchen radio (see Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3), I'm looking at the original PCB for the boombox I'm hacking. Based on the work of three predecessors (Convert a radio tape player..., How To Make A Audio... and Play and Recharge Ipod...) I'm looking at ways to bring in audio from two sources.  I'm putting in a CD-ROM drive to be my CD player, and I'm adding a headphone jack for my BlackBerry so I can listen to MP3s, Pandora, and streaming radio. It appears that there are two ICs that act as preamps in the boombox, one for the CD portion, and one for the cassette.  See the pictures for where they are located on the board.  Photos 3 and 4 are pinouts for these ICs as found online. I want to remove the BA4558 and solder in a connecting cable for the audio out from the back of the CD-ROM: Left to OUT1 on the board, Right to OUT2, and ground to VEE. Likewise, I want to remove the BA3308 and solder in a cable with a male 1/8" headphone jack to plug into the BlackBerry.  Left to OUTPUT1, Right to OUTPUT2, and ground to GND. Then I'll be able to switch the selector from the boombox to CD and play CDs, and to Cassette and listen to the 'Berry. Will this work?  What are the likely pitfalls?

Asked by yoyology 8 years ago

Using used capacitors? Answered

I have a Bose amp to fix (car), which in this case means changing out the electrolytic capacitors, as bose used a bunch of not quite sealed ones way back when. So the question is: can I just use the ones I can salvage from all the various boards I've collected, or do they need to be the same brand/grade whatever? I know about polarity and rating (i can reed!?) and can solder/desolder pretty well. I know that there may be other prob's, though the capacitor issue was well known & documented on the web. Thanks to all who help out.

Asked by Fixerdad 9 years ago

Can I hook up another display to a camera?

I would like to know if I cut up the ribbon or desolder the clip from the board attach wire and a second clip will it work. Or will there not be enough power to use the screens. Basically I want to mount a screen in the helmet and a second screen on the back of the helmet or on my wrist or something to that effect... Some extra notes, this is a touch screen I planed on doing this too, but if it won't work on that but will on a regular display I'll adapt. I can solder and am willing to do the ribbon cable if necessary... yes I know the pins are small for those clips.

Asked by ebodenberg 6 years ago

How to wire an analog stick to a Raspberry Pi B+

So I have taken apart an old MADCATZ Wireless GameCube controller that broke a few years ago and i want to use a component or two in a project im working far, i have desoldered and removed one of the two joysticks, but im not familiar with how to wire it to my Raspberry PI B+ board. The diagram i drew up is the underside of the component showing the 6 pins underneath. I intend to add two buttons, which i already understand how to connect.

Posted by EngineerJakit 2 years ago

What parts to salvage from detectors?

Hey all - at the place I manage I have 15 defective Kidde smoke detectors coming back - now obviously there's something wrong with them but it won't be every part that's garbage. It IS however a good opportunity to get some multiples of same parts.  SO - if this was you and they are in the garbage otherwise..which parts would you salvage?  I'm willing to invest  maybe 2 hours of desolder time.  Other than the resistors and the LEDs, i'm not as familiar with the components used on these boards. suggestions appreciated, This looks like the closest model:,8062,pageId%3D28537%26siteId%3D463,00.html

Posted by Golftester 6 years ago