Sorry. This has nothing to do with instructables, but here is what someone I know said: "I heard this yesterday on the fourth of July. 'and I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free' What is wrong with that?" Someone I know asked me that question and I do not know. They said it had nothing to do with punctuation or capitalization. I will tell everyone later (if that person will give me the answer).

Posted by rojo.balloon 6 years ago

Most difficult basslines

Anyone know of any difficult to play bass lines that are worth learning?

Posted by wingman246 10 years ago

What are the "Cost" and "Difficulty" sliders in the publishing section for? Answered

When you publish a new instructable, there are those two little sliders labeled "Cost" and "Difficulty". What are they for? They aren't even labeled! How do I know how difficult "Difficult" really is, or how expensive "Expensive" really is?

Asked by kcls 7 years ago

a special origami thing for school task?

I have this task at school about friday, I have to play 'teacher', and teach my fellow students some origami. the problem is, I do not know what to teach them. it has to be something difficult, but quick ( 7-15 minutes) does anyone on the site have an Idea?

Asked by necropolian 8 years ago

Tips for Making Instructables Easier, Faster, & Better

*Typing...* It took me about a week to make my Instructable on my magnetic pegboard, and about a month to make my I'ble on SpectrumLED. Now I don't even want to know how much time it took chr to make his 8X8X8 LED Cube Instructable... 2 Weeks ago, I published an Instructable on my Articulating Lamp, I don't think it took me more than 3-4 hours... Other than the fact that I now have way more experience, I've thought of several tips that decrease the amount of time I have to sit in front of  the computer and type, by a HUGE amount. If making and I'ble is a lot of work, it'll feel like work, and I'll need to take a break... If it's fairly easy, I'll want to make more! I will leave some of the tips that I've come up with in the comments. If you have your own leave them in the comments below!

Posted by Yonatan24 1 year ago

How difficult would it be to convert a Tele to a string through body?

 How difficult would it be to convert a Tele to a string through body?

Asked by adamgillies 8 years ago

Is it difficult to powder coat a bike? is this the best way to paint a bike and is it available in lots of colours?

Is it difficult to powder coat a bike? is this the best way to paint a bike and is it available in lots of colours? I heard it was basically primary colours but does anyone have anyinfo on this?

Asked by bobbymun 8 years ago

Deworming difficult horse

I have a horse that made deworming extremely difficult by flipping his nose or raising his head too high. I had an "aha" moment. I started bridling him and before the bit was completely in I quickly slipped the dewormer in. Worked like a charm.

Posted by Takelababy 8 years ago

What riddles do you guys like and find difficult?

I love riddles and i want some new ones i dont know, so post your favorite ones.

Asked by EncasedDeath 8 years ago

How difficult is it to replace the seals on a pump action BB rifle about 20 yrs old ?

My gram-pa gave it to me at 15 and worked great! Now the air doesn't compress or hold when pumped, grrr. It's a Daisy I think.

Asked by JulieS257 7 months ago

How difficult would it be for a former piano player to learn pedal steel guitar? Answered

I don't live in that 'neck of the woods' where pedal steel guitars are popular, but have always loved the sound, country western in particular. I've played some rhythm guitar years ago. How difficult is it to learn pedal steel guitar? I'm looking for a 'for instance' here as it's a personal commitment & takes practice, but that's no problem for me. Thank you.

Asked by atcz 9 years ago

Handsaw Technique? Answered

Its difficult for me to get a straight cut with a Handsaw? what is the best technique to get it straight?

Asked by kafiblaze 1 year ago

how do i make a ebook?

It is difficult to make an ebook? has any one guide?

Asked by dagelias 6 years ago

starting point? Answered

From where the the first and basic video starts up the course. It finds difficult to me in searching the series of lectures.

Asked by Sumanth babu 1 year ago

2002 impala intake manifold gasket?

Is it difficult to change the upper intake manifold gasket on a 2002 chevy impala?

Asked by jakerice 6 years ago

Mobile Phone Format

To Whomever has the ability to make this available, please, please, please seriously consider making the website mobile phone friendly. When I try to view the site on my Droid smartphone it is difficult because of the way the text displays.  I love instructables and I also do a lot of web viewing on my phone.  It would be nice if it were not so difficult. Thanks.

Posted by 3.1415 8 years ago

Straight Cut? Answered

Making a straight cut with a circular saw isn't that difficult. Making a straight cut with a handsaw is extremely difficult. Although I take my time when using a handsaw and pay attention to the vertical angle of the blade when moving the saw back and forth, I tend to create a small angle instead of a straight cut. Besides a lot of practice, is there any way I can prevent the small angle when using a handsaw?

Asked by BenM50 1 year ago

enquiry? Answered

helllo facultydoes the arduino was introduced in 2000?for arduino programming it requires some C language but am not that much verse in C programming language.........Does for me its difficult?

Asked by Rukumar 1 year ago

Login Hard

When I try to login to the website I found it difficult to click on the password box. It was covered with tabs "Answers" "Contests". Please fix

Posted by enoted 7 years ago

Lesson 2 will not play or download? Answered

Lesson 2 will not play and we cannot download. It was very difficult to even find lesson 2 on the instructables webpage. dmccleskey3BK3L

Asked by dmccleskey3BK3L 11 months ago

how make a magazine release? for my carboard ak-47

I watch other video but it's very difficult.. help

Asked by joylol 8 years ago

Minor page-layout bug FYI

See image - the string (Moped~Scooter~Motorcycle) does not "wrap" and spills over into the next listing. Probably difficult to fix, but there it is anyway.

Posted by lemonie 7 years ago

Difficulty Rating System

Why don`t you guys have a difficulty meter like the Instructables robot or a star one being easy to, say, ten being difficult. Just a thought.

Posted by mrrandomfingers 7 years ago

Collection list not in Alpha order

It is difficult to add items to a collection because the drop down list is not in Alpha order.   It would be much easier if the list of Collections would be in Alphabetical order.

Posted by ddpruitt 3 years ago

What's the gas expansion ratio for ethanol?

At normal atmospheric pressure. Don't need too precise a figure, nearest 50 will do. Surprisingly difficult information to find...

Posted by SolarFlower_org 8 years ago

An easy to sourc,e EASY to build, cheap laser cutter instructable

Would anybody be interested in creating a new laser cutter instructable. I saw this one: , But it seemed WAYY to difficult, to difficult to get the parts, and not super high quality. If anybody could do an instructable for this, (possibly with a RAS PI, it would be much appreciated. We want a cheap Laser CUTTER!!!!

Posted by 508Parkour 4 years ago

How difficult is it to Increase the intensity of a plasma ball?

I just bought a cheap USB (5v) plasma ball. Quite frankly, the intensity of the streams is pathetic. You can barely see it when the lights are on. I wanted to use it for a decorative project, but need to increase the intensity of the streams. Would increasing the voltage (say from 5v to 12v) work? Or is it more complicated than that? I can do basic electronics, but mostly just simple stuff following circuit diagrams etc.

Asked by Beenay25 8 years ago

Hasp profile?

I'm having a difficult time creating the hasp profile as one piece. Im not even sure what to ask, Its just that when i make the circles and line the won't extrude together? anything helps

Asked by jcasteen 1 year ago

Is there any other way I could do this braid? Answered

I find it difficult when braiding all of my hair. My hair is too thick and it only reaches my shoulder

Asked by asdfghjklaina 1 year ago

Laptop Stuff

Just wanted to know how difficult it will be to replace a laptop/net-book keyboard and touch-pad with a custom built one and also hoe hard it will be to build said custom laptop & keyboard?

Posted by wii maniac 8 years ago

How hard it is to learn an oriental language? Answered

I would like to learn Chinese or Japanese but I wonder how difficult might be to learn a language with a different alphabet.

Asked by blkhawk 7 years ago

Fabrication Companies?

Lets say I have an idea and it would be extremely difficult to make myself so I want a company to do it for me.  Does any such company exist and if so, what are they called?

Posted by Ethanal 8 years ago

as 2 hw i should make my presentation on the reading of catherine belsey TITLE MAKING space?

Im finding difficult in it.not understnding as 2 what it is saying

Asked by sujata singh 6 years ago

What line or lines control the back light of this LCD? Answered

I have this radio/alarm clock/cd player with a really bright lcd screen even when it is off. In a previous question I asked how difficult it would be to disable the backlight without disabling the rest of the screen. They said it would not be difficult and to upload picks of the lcd screen with the radio disassembled. Well here it is.I have posted pictures of the front and back if you need anymore information or more pictures let me know.

Asked by Shadow13! 6 years ago

Deep Hole drilling

This might sound stupid, but I've been wondering, is it possible to use a gun drill on a drill press? Does a drill press accept gun drills? If not, is it possible to modify the drill press so that it accepts gun drills? How? I've used normal drill bits to make "deep"(about 4 inches) holes in metal before, but it was very, very difficult to get it straight, and the metal became hot as heck after a while, sometimes the drill bit even got stuck in the metal and it was extremely difficult to get it out. Thanks

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 10 years ago

How difficult it would be to modify an air purifier so that it would also work as an air conditioning unit?

I'm one of those people that are always hot and I always have an air purifier running in my room. I've seen different instructables about making home made air conditioning units using fans and such and I would like to know if it would be possible and if so, how effective to modify my air purifier to also serve as an AC unit. It is a round honeywell air purifier, see picture.

Asked by Shadow13! 6 years ago

Can anyone see what this page says?

Is is just me or does the background color and font colors used here make it difficult to read about this contest? I can't see most of it.

Posted by DebH57 8 years ago