how to make digital antenna ?

Stainless wire to make digital antenna info please.

Asked by teav56 8 years ago

decoder ?

Hello , I  am going to make  decoder  for micro controller ,   I want to know how does decoder make for  microcontroller I have 4 registers I =Instruction Register A= Address register R1= register R1 R2 =register R2 Logic 0= deactivate Logic 1= activate I     A   R1    R2        out 1   1    1         0            1     //  mov R1 1   1    0          1           1     // mov R2 I AR1R2        out 0000                 0000000000000001 0001                 0000000000000010 0010              0000000000000100 0011              0000000000001000 0100             0000000000010000 0101             0000000000100000  0110             0000000001000000  0111            0000000010000000  1000            0000000100000000   1001             0000001000000000 1010             0000010000000000 1011            0000100000000000 1100            0001000000000000 1101            0010000000000000 1110            0100000000000000 1111           1000000000000000 If I know input than how to know what will decode ?

Asked by vead 3 years ago

What are digital components?

I want to sell digital components, and want to know what to sell in the digital world.

Asked by dalfons856 9 years ago

Digital Voice Recorder

I am looking for an inexpensive Digital Voice Recorder that has a removable memory card.

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Posted by royswisa 9 years ago

Cool Digital Camera?

I'm looking for a nice, sleek, and thin, and affordable digital camera. I just need the NAME of the camera along with a PICTURE from like, google images, or include it in answer. Thanks guys.

Asked by Radioactv Biohazard 9 years ago

what is the price of a digital drawing board/tablet/pad...?

I'm planning to buy one, =) can someone suggest me a good one?

Asked by N.Khan 6 years ago

digital read out remote sensor compass?

I am looking for information instructable on building/hacking, a digital compass to make a remote sensor for a turn table hidden out of view I need to know heading.

Asked by blasterboy 7 years ago

What are Digital Patches ??

Is it possible for you to expalin what digital patches are pls? As i wish tto buy a membership and i also need to know the difference between the one year membership pack and the two yr membership pack? Thanks in advance clymer89

Posted by clymer89 7 years ago

Digital photo frame

I want to make a digital photo frame with the ability to dictate the length of time each photo is shown and the ability to type words describing the photo that can be triggered by use of a touchscreen.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by lacuerda1 1 year ago

How do you read a digital input on an avr in c? Answered

The type of input I am talking is one 0 to 255.

Asked by sotsirh194 9 years ago

Help With Digital Clock !

It has been very long I am trying to make a layout for Digital clock, but I FAIL. I made the schematic but For Layout I Fail ! ! I fail in [b]Component Placing[/b] ! ! ! ! Please Can anybody make a layout for me software used : Eagle v5.3.0

Posted by ashirwad 6 years ago

Where can I find a Glass Encapsulated Digital Thermometer Probe? Answered

I have been searching for a glass encased digital temperature probe. Thus far I haven't been able to locate one. Can any one suggest an online site to search for one?

Asked by cdorris 3 years ago

Digital Picture Fram Keychain Video Simulation?

Is it possible to flash the firmware in one of the small 1.5 inch digital picture frame key-chains in order to reduce the slideshow feature timing to about 15 milliseconds?  Then one could preview all the photos in memory and simulate motion video. 

Asked by 8 years ago

I need help turning a small digital camera into a head mounted display

What i am looking to do is to turn an old digital camera of mine into a head mounted display that will fit into one of the lenses of a pair of oxy acetelane (sp?) welding goggles. any help is much appreciated.

Asked by Z0n3d0ut 7 years ago

create a custom awesome digital clock and calendar.

Looking for Electrical Engineering person, To create a custom digital clock and calendar device. a very simple digital clock with off the shelf parts its just the design that is custom for my needs. I can pay. Skills: wire a circuit board, make Electrical devices, bread boarding, microcontroller Programming. United States and or New York area is preferred but not required. Just so we can meet.

Posted by agerbeek 7 years ago

converting a digital photo frame to an lcd monitor is it possible?

Hi everybody! As the topic suggests really i was wondering if this can be be done. In particular so that they could be fitted in to a car for a dvd player. It seems as though it should be possible but i was wondering if anyone had tried it?

Posted by matt_the_fat 10 years ago

Repackaging digital camera in old film camera body.?

I know why ?  Old film cameras are just cooler looking and maybe just the novelty of it to make people wonder.  ( I know it has been done commercially.)  Ok what type of problems will i have with the lens and focusing.  I know I will have to have the shutter stuck open ( or removed)   Will the digital camera part be able to focus after the light passes through the older lens.  What other problems will I need to address reference focusing the digital camera?

Asked by pyrocop1 7 years ago

I Need some help in a DIY im trying to make a digital counter

Hello, The help that I need is, because I'm trying to build a duel disk from the ground because I'm a big nerd but right now I need to learn how I would make  a digital counter and in the future I want to make a digital counter that can connect to an app that can send the counter information, but I can't find anything to help me and im also trying to make the counter at least show 5 digits   If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks for your time, Jeremiah D.

Asked by DaneneD 1 year ago

How to solve multiple maths operation using Digital roots

Hello all, I have a question. (560 / 32 )x (720 / 48 )= ? a) 262.5 b) 255 c)  263.5 d) 271.25 Is there any way to get correct answer using any shortcut or digital roots? I want to do it fast Thanks

Posted by abharti 6 years ago

Re-purpose slide projector lens?

Can a 100 to 200mm slide projector lens be used as an add on telephoto lens for my small digital camera?  They're cheaper than used camera lenses.

Asked by Hubiewan 7 years ago

Steampunk Transformer

Neat digital piece with a steampunk least this guy has a sensible power supply. i mean, where the hell do you find an energon cube these days anyway? edit: for whatever reason it won't let me embed the video 

Posted by crapflinger 7 years ago

low light video

I need to wirelessly video a seance in low light and remotely view what the camera captures as it is happening. Web cam? GoPro? Android Galaxy III? How could I view the digital video remotely? Laptop? Another phone? Thanks for ideas.  Ourladyofquacamole

Posted by ourladyofguacamole 3 years ago

using a RCA digital TV converter box? Answered

Does any one have a RCA converter box from walmart and know how to get it to work. I bought one and have tried countless antenna's but can't pick up a single channel and I live in a big city.  I even bought a digital antenna and an antenna booster from walmart hooked those up to it and still couldn't receive a single channel. So took them back and got my money back but I waited too long on the converter box so am stuck with it so would like to get it to work. Does anyone know what you have to have for it. Please help..   

Asked by Graydant 3 years ago

Is there any way I could put custom firmware on my digital photo frame? Or any other hacks!?

I have a matsui pf-a701w eg: -View a webcam ( via usb ) -Play gifs -play videos -have custom firmware -and any other cool stuff you guys might know about!

Posted by poparoo4 9 years ago

could someone...?

Is there anyone out there who could make a really good tutorial/instructable of a photoshop digital illustration WITHOUT the use of a wacom tablet.  (asking too much lol)  Or rather, does anyone know where I can find some really mindblowing ones?  I'm killing myself trying to find some good ones.  Everything I see is using the wacom, and that's definately not in my budget.  Thanks guys!

Posted by Doldrum 8 years ago

I would like to know if the screen on a NIKON Coolpux camera can be replaced, it is scratched?

The screen has marks where pressure was applied to the screen.

Asked by 8 years ago

What is the function of "Enable Input" pin in a multiplexer?

I was studying Multiplexers and I found this term in the circuit. I cannot understand what is it used for.

Asked by JalanshM 1 year ago

How do I send a 125mb mpeg file thru yahoo email that only allows a 25mb file?

I sometimes take videos on my digital camera, but when I want to send them as an attachment on email, yahoo! limits my attachment to a 25mb file. So how do I do this? My videos are 2 -3 minutes each, but when I check how big they are, they're usually 125-180mb. I'm not very tech-minded, so explain in detail. Thanks.

Asked by normreyes315 8 years ago

Can I use the displays from microwaves, etc. Are there any fun ideas?

I hate to throw stuff away so I scavenge lots of electrical parts, resistors, capacitors, digital displays, etc... I have rarely found a use for any of them which makes me crazy because I guess I'm compulsive. So what we got here anybody know any practical projects? I was going to try to wire up a load of step up transformers in series, and create a stun weapon but hey I again dont have a clue. The displays are so cool that throwing them away is just as crazy. Maybe somebody has a way of turning them into a solar collector or something. I guess thats it, anybody?

Asked by TIGID 8 years ago

can anybody show me how to open the lens of pentax Optio LS1000. its lens stuck in the middle???

Can anybody show me how to open the lens of pentax Optio LS1000. its lens stuck in the middle??? i've already open the camera but opening the lens part is i need some instructions to open the jammed lens...

Asked by hotncold 5 years ago

system that takes BCD inputs from DIP Switches and display Decimal on 7-Segment display, without using any BCD Decoder?

Hi i want to make system that takes BCD inputs from DIP Switches and display Decimal on two 7-Segment display, without using any BCD Decoder.what ic should i choose??and circuit.

Asked by szafar2 3 years ago

I have an Olympus FE 220 7.1 MG Pix that is frozen & not responding can you help???

I have an Olympus FE 220 7.1 Pix that has not been exposed to ANY damaging elements but now the camera is not working??? The lens is frozen & it will not respond to ANY commands (power,downloading,lcd etc...) I of course do not feel it is worth the $$$ to have it repaired so I thought I might TRY to do it myself (IF I can.) Any advice? Be Nice.

Asked by Mlemon3 9 years ago

Why are my pictures over exposed when taking pictures of running water?

My camera keeps telling me the 'subject is too bright' when trying to take pictures of running water. To get thet 'smokey look' the shutter needs to be left open for say 3 seconds or more but my camera says the subject is too bright consequently the results are over-exposed. Even on a very dull day with ISO at a minimum and a dark filter on my lense. What am I doing wrong?

Asked by 9 years ago

Need help with state transition table and diagram

I need to make a sequential circuit which output will used for my combinational circuit input. I already made my combinational circuit which gives output in 7 segment display. I need to show EC1013 in & segment.The binary to show them is given below. 000=E 001=C 010=1 011=0 100=3 You can see I need to show EC1013 where 1 is repeated again..thats why I am unable to figure out the state  transition diagram for that... I tried to simply make the state transition table according to my output  and used K-map to minimize that and build that circuit..but it stucks in the 10 loop.. after showing EC10 it keeps on showing 10101010 forever.can some one help me with that

Asked by TanvirM1 2 years ago

What are digital patches?

What on earth are the digital patches that come with the pro upgrade?

Posted by DELETED_D4VOBRO 8 years ago

Tiny solar powered digital counter 6 digets

Is it possible to create a tiny digital counter with a plus and minus feature?

Asked by LINK08 6 years ago

anyone know how to make a digital sequencer?

You know one of those things you see in the movies that figure out a code sequence of a digital lock ?

Asked by doctorphibes 8 years ago

Need suggestion in digital logic design semester project.

I need suggestion in digital logic design semester project,with use of gated ICs multiplexer etc.

Asked by szafar2 3 years ago

Digital Taste Interface? Answered

Hello Instructables. I had a question for my newest project. I am looking to make a Digital taste interface with Arduino like this The video says that the current needs to be altered between the range of 10 and 140 microamps. I have bought a 10k and 100k digital potentiometer, as this was my first idea. Does anyone have a better idea as to control current at ranges that low? 

Asked by headslant 1 year ago

Digital or Analog Micrometer?

I've been looking into buying a micrometer, but having never owned (or for that matter, touched) a micrometer before, I am unsure of whether a digital or an analog one would be better. By better, I mean accurate, consistent, etc. Has anyone had any experience in buy a micrometer? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

digital camera? Answered

I have seen somewhere a cut down digital camera rehoused in a wooden box. the thought strikes me- I have several redundant Olympus lenses could I successfully take a point and shoot digital camera, remove the lens, mount the camera body in a box and add my Olympus lenses to the front to make an exchangeable lens digital camera? I realize I would need to get the lens to CCD distance right but that doesn't seem to be all that difficult - I can engineer an adjustable mount if necessary. it seems a pity to have all these lenses and nothing to do with them. Opinions guys?

Asked by rickharris 6 years ago

digital soldering glasses... i need inSIGHT.

I have a idea, to create digital soldering glasses but don't have any inclinations on what direction to go or what mats. to use. I have entertained microscope lenses, ben franklin-esk, lenses (not digital),surveillance pens( not sure how to zoom them),phone cameras( no idea how they zoom either (not in a diy fasion)) a small screen to a hacked digital camera scope, I am a experienced circuit developer with limited understanding of optics. so here is the question if not "think tank" disclosure. if you were to make "zoom glasses" what you use and why.  other low tech to turn digital to be jewelry quality scopes. magnifying lenses for eyeglass repair, etc.     thanks for your time and consideration.

Posted by CD_tatro 3 years ago

Storing Digital photos?

What is the best way to store digital pictures? The dates are usually automatically downloaded in a date folder using Windows Live Photo Gallery. I would like to be able to access them easily however they are taking up room on my laptop. I've considered CD/DVDs or uploading Shutterfly, Flickr, etc however not really a permanent solution.   

Asked by blondee_288 5 years ago

easy way to make a 6 volt 2 amp ac adapter?

adapter is for a digital camera.

Asked by green20528 7 years ago