What is the type of this Diode?

Hi,all Please help me with a specific type of diode unidentified.it's symble is like a zener diode or Schottky diode.

Asked by gada888 2 years ago

What is zener diode? Can someone send me picture of it?

I need to know about zener diode to make my emergency light. So give complete description of it with a picture.

Asked by bishal 9 years ago

Reversed Bias Diodes?

I really want  some clarity on "reversed bias diodes" whats the point of having a reversed bias diode? when would a person want to apply it to a circuit? if current can't flow through it, wouldnt it just mess up the circuit? Please shed some clarity on this subject for me, it would be greatly appreciated! -Grizzly

Posted by Grizzly_Bear 5 years ago

diode? Answered

Can  i use several diodes in4007 alike to lower the PSU voltage to say 3vdc  from 5vdc to power a radio? also can I do the same to build a laptop psu just to charge out of a lcd psu gives 25v DV , can I use drop voltage bu using same diodes since each one 0.7v drop? thanks Al

Asked by celalboz 8 years ago

Which type of diode for 12v 10amp to 12v 0 amp?

Hi all, wondering if you can offer any advice, I'm making a circuit that has two sub circuits:- circuit 1 10 amp transformer, connected to lights circuit 2 6 amp transformer, connected to lights Both these sub circuits will be bridged to  a large circuit , however  I believe I need a diode that will stops the 6 amp transformer getting to circuit 1, but the transformer from circuit 1 to power the lights in circuit 2. If this is correct could someone advise that type of diode I would need to drop the amps to 0. I'm not sure how diodes work however I'm using led lighting that will run off 5v so I'm aiming to have as close to a one way valve for power. Also will I have to place a diode on both the positive and negative or will one surface? Thanks for any help you can offer

Asked by C2L 2 years ago

zener diodes????????????? Answered

I know that Zener diodes will only let pass a given voltage.Say for example a 3 volt zener diode lets pass 3 volts or higher only(not below).But recently I came across an instructable where a zener diode lets pass voltage when it falls below a range.Back to the 3 volt diode,it allows voltage to flow through it only when its below 3 volts.But how??are they different types of diodes.Please give me a brief idea to clarify my doubts.Hope you get my question

Asked by Adarsh_tronix 5 years ago

I have a burned diode with no markings, can someone help me identify it? Answered

I checked the resistance with multimeter and it gives me 130 ohms both side and I checked it with diode checker and gives me 0.065 v on both side.

Asked by hpcdr 8 years ago

PN Junction Diode Thermoelectric Generator?

Hi, I was wondering if you could DIY a thermoelectric generator by dissecting  some PN junction diodes and sandwiching the P type material adjacent to the N type materials between heat conductive material, such as two circuit board wafers?

Asked by jmlidea 5 years ago

diode change

I'm building a picmicro programmer, and I'm fcollowing the schematics from this from sparkfunhttp://www.olimex.com/dev/images/pic-pg2c-sch.gifthey want a BZV55C5V1 diode, but the closest thing that I could find on mouser was a BZX55C5V1 diodehere's the link for the BZV55C5V1 datasheet, just click one, they're all the samehttp://www.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheets_pdf/B/Z/V/5/BZV55C5V1.shtmlhere's the link for the BZX55C5V1 datasheethttp://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/BZ/BZX55C5V1.pdfPROBLEM SOLVED THANKS TO THE CITIZENS OF INSTRUCTABLES

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Help me read this diode!

Hey guys, I just tested a few diodes and they all seem to be blown (reading 5Mega Ohms in forward bias direction) I was able to find the part numbers for all but one. The one in question only shows the following on it: "4.3A  3A" The 4.3A is in slightly larger font than the 3A Does anyone have any idea what this could mean? This one gives me NO resistance value at all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by daveman2010 7 years ago

What kind of diode(s) do I need?

I am trying to make a device that uses a dynamo. (hand crank) The dynamo when cranking produces up to 12v which I want to use to charge a battery. The problem I'm having is that the current goes both ways. When I'm not cranking the dynamo, the battery turns the dynamo. I need to make the current only go one way, only towards the battery. From what I understand, I need a diode. The problem is, what kind of diode, and how do I wire it in my circuit? Any help would be much appreciated.?

Asked by corsair130 5 years ago

what diodes do i need? Answered

I made a litle schematic (picture is in paint) as an extra for my binary clock, since the wart is a litle bit to handy (i can reverse polarity) and i dont want to destroy my precious attiny2313, so i thought of of some diodes and made a plan. but, i had 4 zenerdiodes lying around, and i tried it, but nothing happened, the clock didnt power on. i think the diodes are to heavy, so i was wondering which ones i needed. its all in the scheme and i think its pretty obvious (i made it in paint, so the quality isnt good, as wel as my english :P)

Asked by godofal 8 years ago

A 5V zener reduce the voltage in 5V or regulate it in 5V? Answered

I neede to know if a zener diode regulates the voltage or reduces it and also how can I know what type of zener it is.

Asked by tgferreira184 5 years ago

diode logic

I'm making a giant adding machine using only resistors(miscellaneous), switches SPST (for input) LEDs (for display) and diodes(for logic). NO TRANSISTORS I have it so that it can recognize 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, but if it recognizes 8, then it recognizes it as all the other numbers. If it recognizes 0, it recognize 1, and 7. If it recognizes 6 it recognizes 1, and 5. If it recognize 9 it also recognize 7. If it recognizes 3, it also recognizes 7. basically if you take a 7 segment display, any number on it, it'll recognize all the numbers in the number. I need help sorting it ou so that if it recognizes 8, it only recognizes 8. If it recognizes 3, it only recognizes 3. Etc...

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Where to source quality LEDs?

Does anybody have suggestions where I can get quality LEDs?  I'm planning to build something using 1-3W diodes, and I see a lot on Ebay, but not sure what I should be looking for when deciding.

Posted by awascholl 4 years ago

Use of diodes when connecting solar panels in parallel?

I have a bunch of 24 volt 270 watt solar panels.  Eventually I'll be putting three in series, then combining the strings in parallel, but for a temporary measure, I want to just connect two in parallel.  I've been in tv repair for over 40 years so electrical theory doesn't confuse me, but solar systems are a different story.  I've used four smaller panels to run a car radio display at an old car show swap meet for the last 12 years, and I just ran them in parallel, then into the charge controller.  Now I'm reading about blocking diodes, and I understand what they're for and that some people use 'em and some don't. My question is, physically, where do you stick them, and related to this, what is the purpose of using a combiner box?  Is the box just to provide a weatherproof place to make the connections?  Are they used to provide the place to stick the diodes?  I see they have circuit breakers inside, and it appears there's one for each panel, or string of panels, but I don't see the point.  If a panel can generate 10 amps, you'd want a breaker bigger than that so it doesn't trip at full output, but what could trip it then?  You can't get more than 10 amps even if there is a short. This should be common sense, but since I don't have a combiner box yet to look at, can I assume if it's made to combine four panels or strings of panels, you can connect just two or three and save the unused ones for adding on later? Thanks bunches; caradiodoc

Asked by caradiodoc 3 years ago

Laser scanner laser diode

Can I extract a laser diode from a scanner. If so will it be as strong a if I got one from a DVD burner/player?

Posted by laserblast 9 years ago

tunnel diode,s

Can you tell me a place that sells tunnel diode,s? I found one tunnel diode in a jvc radio but I lost it.:-( can you tell me the best free schematic drawing programs for Win XP,also.Thanks

Posted by maker12 10 years ago

red laser diode

Http://www.metacafe.com/watch/948616/how_to_build_a_high_powered_burning_laser_pointer/can anyone send me the link or what i have to do to buy this diode as this young man did David

Posted by Dystonia 10 years ago

Type of diode

Hey everyone, I recently had an ASUS laptop to repair and after troubleshooting, found some damaged components among which is this surface mount diode (kindly see picture). I looked around for a datasheet but cannot find anything. Am also unable to find out exactly what type of diode it is from its code marking. I've had results varying from a 'leakage diode' to '3.3V zener diode'. However, I am suspecting it might be a schottky diode since it was in what looks like a boost circuit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Code marking: 100 98FP1  j Thanking everyone in anticipation. Kind Regards, Nawaz

Posted by Nawaz 3 years ago

Please help me wire a laser diode as simply as possible.

I know nothing about current or voltage and I just want to know if there is a quick and dirty way to wire a laser diode to a power source without killing it. Thanks.

Asked by GoBike1092 8 years ago

Diode recovery time question? Answered

Hello, I have a little question about regular diodes. I know that when we connect a high frequency signal to a diode (in series with a resistor), that diode won't fully cut off the current as soon as the voltage becomes negative. (see picture) But what happens if we're not working on high frequencies, but we do create the same negative flank like in the picture? (so just the same as half the cycle of that high frequency signal, but we only do it once?) will the diode still have that same recovery time if the signal goes from positive to negative Very quickly? if that is so, that means that every regular diode fails at blocking a negative voltage pulse? Greetings, Electorials

Asked by DELETED_Electorials 6 years ago

how to make a Pulsed diode array: 810 nm?

I would like to make a Pulsed diode array: 810 nm for my own use, but have not been able to find any schematics on how to do so. Can any one help me in building this unit?

Asked by 9 years ago

Diode Calculator will not work

I've been working on a diode only (well, plus switches for input [numbers, yet there's only one pad! not one for each digit], resistors for various things, and LEDs for the display) calculator that could add two two digit numbers (xx+xx=xxx) for a while, putting countless hours into it.I have deemed it impossible.There's so many problems with a mass diode resistor network that is just won't work. As some and gates conduct then some other gate (like it's suppose to) conducts, and eventually causes a voltage divder (with the pull up/ pull down resistors) and the output gets wacky and there's no wway of amplifying the signal.The diode adder is dead

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

Does anyone know what the numbers printed on the outside of a laser diode mean? ex...s1503c38c? Answered

I forgot which dvd drive I got it out of. I had two readers and one burner.  I do not remember which one it came out of but I can read numbers printed on the side of the case. I googled "numbers printed on laser diode" and various permutations.  Nothing came up for me. Thanks!

Asked by Multhjoned 5 years ago

How to make this laser diode to work ??? (from HP printer)?

Hi ... I would like to ask, if some one knows how to make this laser diode to work. I just took it out from our office printer that was "old" and they wanted to throw it away. I was trying to find out the datasheet for the RH4-5339, but no luck to find it - so I have no clue why it's there. Thank you in advance for your answers. zholy

Asked by zholy 8 years ago

How do I select the proper diode for my solar panel battery charger? Answered

I have a solar panel that puts out 3V at 40 mA. I have seen the Instructables on the site and read them all, and while they explain why you need a diode, they do not tell how they decided on which one to use. What goes into this? I would like to know how to calculate these things for myself.

Asked by phalanx447 9 years ago

How to connect a diode on parallel solar panel connection? Answered

I am making a foldable solar charger. I will have 3 panels connected in parallel, for a total rating of 5 volts at 1.5 amps. This will connect directly to a USB boosting converter for a maximum output of 5V at 1 amp for charging or powering a USB device. No batteries will be connected. Can I just use a diode on the + wire where it connects to the USB charger or do I really need one on each panel? Thanks for any help!

Asked by Stevemills04 4 years ago

Zener Diode to regulate solar voltage

I'm new to electronics, and I'm having trouble with varying voltage. I'm running a 6V solar panel through a charge controller, and out to a lithium battery (3.7V) and a load (3.7V), in this case a GPS data logger. My issue is the varying voltage to the GPS. The GPS works perfectly off the battery (constantly diminishing voltage), but when the solar panel kicks in the voltage increases, the GPS thinks it is being charged, and switches off. The GPS will work on any voltage above 2.75V I was wondering if I put a 3V zener diode in series between the charge controller and the GPS, would this keep the voltage at a constant 3V even if the solar panel is producing the 5V needed to charge the lithium battery?  I hope this makes sense Thanks

Posted by blakea 4 years ago

what is the diffirent between 1n4148 and 1n4448? Answered

Hello, i want to know what is the diffirent between 1n4148 and 1n4448 .I  checked the datasheet but i cant find the diffirent .. Thank in advance!

Asked by login721 6 years ago

Are all rectifiers bridge rectifiers?

Do all bridge rectifiers have 2 inputs for ac and two outputs for dc.  I see some components called "rectifiers" which have three pins.  Does  this item change ac to dc?

Asked by Noblenutria 7 years ago

Laser Module Time

So I ruined my second laser diode in a row, and I am just sick of trying to solder on to these tiny leads. I get these things off ebay, and I think they just scavenge them out of broken Bluray burners or something, because the leads on them are tiiiiny. So instead, I think I will just buy a laser module. I found a pretty good 250mw blue one on ebay for 53 bucks. Does anybody know a dedicated hobby website though? One that might have better prices? I don't need a laser pointer, because I already have my own circuit set up and stuff. Any thoughts?

Posted by thedonquixotic 7 years ago

How should I protect my eyes when working with a laser?

I want to built a laser cutter and have bought a 7W laser for it. How should I protect my eyes? What is important in building it to make it safe / have no risk left to hurt my eyes...

Asked by macmoritz 9 years ago

Replacement of function generator?

Sorry earlier i posted reverse of that...i saw a video on utube a man producing magnetic flux from dc current (conveted to AC with help of dc motor)..how that can be done What i want to stay is you hava a 9v battery a 5v dc motor and a capacitor ow can u produce magnetic flux? without doing any  implicit changes i mean disturbing the motors etc etc(internally)

Asked by jatinbatra 5 years ago

Diode question

I need help with diode. Actually a question: if you put diodes in series for example 2 diodes of 300 V will they act as one diode of 600 V?

Posted by Dantex 9 years ago

Diode? Answered

Can half of a transistor be used as a diode?

Asked by MrPros101 11 months ago

Solar panel diode and battery ? Answered

Hello, I have 5V solar panel which will charge my 18650 3400mah Panasonic 3.7V battery. I will use Voltage step up to 5V and I don't know which diode should I use between panel battery? I have all these diodes. IN4148 Diodes IN4007 Diodes  IN5819 Diodes IN5399 Diodes  FR107 Diodes  FR207 Diodes IN5408 Diodes IN5822 Diodes

Asked by muratm7 10 months ago

Diode LED?

How to determine the value of Diode LED?

Asked by BenQ54 1 year ago


Can we use a 1N4007 diode in place of the 1N4001?

Asked by misfitsfanfare 1 year ago

LEDS vs Diodes? Answered

I had a thought: Since LEDs are a form of diode, can LEDs be used instead of diodes with similar properties in a circuit?

Asked by robotguy4 7 years ago

How do you substitute a diode?

I'm putting together an order at Small Bear Electronics but they don't have the bat46 Schottky diode.  How would I substitute another diode?  None of their inventory seems to be Schottky.

Asked by flagrantfouler 7 years ago

What diode do I need?

I'm making a solar panel charger and I need a diode but WHAT DIODE Please help☺ I have 3 panels of 5V 1.25W 250mA THANKS!!

Asked by Frederikw2 1 year ago

Laser diode

I need a laser diode from 18x or more dvd writer or blue-ray writer.please help me.I dont have a credit card to buy them from e-bay

Posted by Rhsameera 8 years ago

How do I connect a laser diode to a power source?

I have a sony laser diode that will not work. I have tried to just solder the leads and connect it to a battery,but that is not working! HELP!

Asked by Jordan_Davidson 9 years ago

What would be an appropriate diode for a motor driver? Answered

I'm currently building a brushless motor driver, and need to get some diodes to go accross the MOSFETs to prevent the reverse current going through them. The absolute maximum forward voltage through the motor is 15V, at 25A, so do the diodes also need to withstand this, or can lower ratings, such as 10A be used. Thanks in advance.

Asked by The Skinnerz 6 years ago