how to make a telephone work from play house outside to kitchen?

I was once told about a father who was able to set up a direct line from the kitchen to the wendy house. So the child could have a hot line direct to mum.

Asked by 9 years ago

direct nodeMCU control?

Hi guys this is my first attempt on automation using the nodeMCU lua ESP8266  My goal is to control the gpio via wifi without connecting the node to my home network it should dependent  I have found e bunch of code but it has to be joined to my homework thanks

Asked by Conwyn' 1 year ago

Diffuse or direct bulb light for an area.

Http:// Say that you had a 5W led and you wanted to light a small room, would it be better to use a bulb with a clear / no dome or one with a diffuse / frosted dome? Would there be a big difference between the two?

Posted by Full Metal 4 years ago

in house/property phone to phone direct line

Anyone know of the easiest way to make a permanent phone to phone direct line. As in a phone from the back shed to the house. I want to be able to pick up the phone in the house or shed and have it ring on the opposite phone. any idea's?

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago

Math Problem Answered

What will be the equation for y for the following graph? y=5, x=0 y=4, x=1 y=3, x=2 y=2, x=3 y=1, x=4 y=0, x=5

Asked by Wisaam 5 years ago

Is it possible to power a cellphone directly from the car battery? (original battery dead and unrecoverable)

If the cellphone is left in the car for emergencies only, you might find out that when you need it, the battery is dead. So dead that the car charger does not charge it. Is it possible to use power directly from the lighter? (12V down to 3.7V and some capacitors in between..) Thanks for any pointers

Asked by ianhir-i 6 years ago

What would be a good way to vary between 12V, 15 Amps and 0V, 0 Amps, gradually?

 The power is coming from a battery, and so is DC and has nothing built in to vary it. For example, what potentiometers or the like could reliably handle it?

Asked by electrick 8 years ago

How can I upload a video directly from Windows Movie Maker? Answered

Whenever I try to upload a video I made it comes up as a blank page that you need to click on. Is there any way to upload it so it looks like the videos from youtube do without posting it on youtube, google video, etc.?

Asked by Electroinnovation 8 years ago

Do PMDC motors and SWDC motors require different motor controllers? Answered

I'm looking to run two Etek-R PMDC motors from one 700 amp controller. Will a GE series 700 amp controller work? Upon calling the company that offered it today I received-- through proxy-- the response that the compnay carried no permanent magnet controllers. Is there a difference between pm and sw controllers? I was under the impression that both required the same type of control: varying voltages. could the company have confused permanent magnet with pulse width modulation? any explanation is greatly appreciated!

Asked by gruffy 7 years ago

Reformatting a hard drive? Answered

Hi there. I know most of you reading this are thinking of the simple process that is reformatting a hard drive, and are prepared to offer me an obvious and somewhat novice explanation as "right click > format...". Please don't, this is not the case. I recently acquired an external hard drive previously used as a Direct TV Dvr. The hardware and everything is fine, and my computer recognizes it as a USB Mass Storage Device. However, the disk itself is in a format my Windows-based computer cannot recognize, read, or understand, and - as a result - does not acknowledge it exists. I need to figure out how to reformat this to NTFS / FAT32 to use on a windows machine. Also note, as a result of the lack of recognition of the disk, I can only guess its drive letter. CMD does not recognize it at all - I have tried mounting disks E - Z with no result. If needed, I have access to a Macintosh, but that is preferably the last resort as it resides about an hour away from where I am currently.

Asked by Padlock 8 years ago

how do i directly connect my ps3 to my computer with out going through my tv?

I need to bypass my tv because it is not working, i would like to go straight into the back of my computer screen with it. i have no hdmi hook up for it in the back nor do i in my cpu. i don't have the red yellow white cable connection in the back either. i just have the (vga?) i think thats it. blue almost rectangle. any way? tks for your help

Asked by dstroup 9 years ago

cooling laptop processor? Answered

I am using a dell inspiron 640m (i call it lappy dino) few years old now the processor is an intel core duo T5200 i use my laptop as a desktop because its screen is fried, meaning it never moves and uses an external monitor i have 3 questions here 1) i have been forcing my fan to run at maximum + a cooling pad blowing air towards the intake vent,   so far my cpu temp dropped from 60-70 Celsius to a nice 45 degrees the question is, would         running my fan at max damage anything or itself? 2)is there any risk of making your cpu "TOO COOL" and how will it hurt the computer 3) would it be better to remove the   heat sink plastic cover like in the picture  ,just the heat sink cover(the picture shows all cover removed) and not the heat sink itself then blow air directly at it with my cooling pad  

Asked by michaelgohjs 7 years ago

Can you Record Directly to ipod from camcorder, camera, etc ??

Hello everyone i was wondering is it possible to record direct from ipod to a camera or a camcorder. I have seen the 100 dollar devices buy thats really expensive and kind of stupid when it probably only has to do with 3 wires. so if there is anyway please tell me if not tell me. More importantly if there is a way MAKE AN INSCRUTABLE ON IT!!!! i havent seen one anywhere on how to do this, metacafe, youtube, google,and rotteneggs From Homepie64

Posted by HOMEPIE64 10 years ago

How to mount a wheel to a weed eater engine (direct drive) when building an r/c car?

I want to use a weed eater engine to make a fast r/c car. I have already stripped the engine down to it's basic components (removed all the plastic leaving only the bare engine) to make it easier to mount to a to the vehicle. I pulled an 8" pneumatic wheel off of a Razor electric scooter which i plan to somehow mount to the clutch system of the engine.The idea is to have a direct drive system to cut down on the complexity of a chain drive (I have the chain drive off of the electric scooter). To do this I'm thinking of bolting the wheel (which has 3 treads that previously mounted the sprocket to the wheel) directly to the bell of the clutch (the part that the clutch engages at a certain rpm and connects to the engine to the driveshaft of the weed eater). Is this a good idea or is the bell not strong enough to bolt a wheel to? For those of you who don't know what the bell is that I am referring to: Once I have the wheel mounted (it will have a single rear wheel), I will use the front end of a spare r/c car for the steering and the drive motor to pull the throttle cable on the engine. This will probably be mounted to a plywood base. Ideally, the best option would be to have servos hooked up to an Arduino controller to control the steering and throttle, but a WiFi Arduino ($80) (could I substitute it for a Raspberry Pi?) + 2 servos ($30) is outside of my price range. What do you guys think of my design? Any suggestions?

Asked by epicnoobpwn 4 years ago

Buck Converter for Parallel LED's

So I am trying to make a gift for someone that will include about 100 LEDs. These LEDs have a forward voltage of 1.8-2.2 ( I am going with 2V) and a max continuous forward current of 30mA. The LEDs: Now, I want to be able to plug this sign into a wall so I have purchased an AC to DC power adapter that plugs in into a standard 120V AC outlet and supplies 12V with 2A of current. Here it is: I know one way I could make this work is to have multiple series of 6 LEDs, as 6 LEDs in a series would then require 12V. However, it would make this project a LOT easier to have all the LEDs in a parallel circuit, so I can connect one whole side to the positive terminal and one whole side to the negative terminal. I wanted to know if I could do this: Plug the two wires (+ and -) going from the AC to DC adaptor into a Buck Converter set to 2V and wire it to all the LED's via one wire to a bus wire connected to all of the LEDs' negative terminals and same for the positive terminals.  The converter I was looking at: Also, if I place the switch in between the AC to DC power adapter and the buck converter, the converter would only be on when the LED's are on, right? Lastly, would all the LEDs have the same brightness? I know at 2V with 100 LEDs the output would need to be about 3A. Is it okay given that the power adapter supplies 2A but at a higher voltage? As in does the converter convert the electricity to a lower voltage but a higher current?

Posted by soulmouse 4 years ago

how do the DC transformers in camera flash circuits work?

i mean they convert 1.5 volts into about 300. Does another component on the circuit board convert it to AC or something? i notice the secondary side of the transformer has an extra pin...

Asked by ampz 8 years ago


I have been looking around for good sites for cheap computer parts. I know that there is and and that they are very reliable. I found this site called and I was wondering if anyone has used this or knows anyone who has. If you do could you please let me know. I want to make sure this site is legit before I order anything from it. Thanks.

Asked by noobererer 8 years ago


OK so i just thought of something, but I don't know if it can be done. Ive googled and such, but i was unsuccessful. Is it possible to take an audio frequency and create electricity? Similar to a solar panel, but the instead of taking light, i take sound. Ive seen on instructables those LED candles that play a song. You can hear it with a solar panel and an amplifier. I want to know how to do the reverse. Could I take a sound, and power something with it. it would have to have SOME power to begin with, i would assume. maybe a charged capacitor? maybe i would take a microphone and somehow convert it into power (not data) I don't know how to do this. Does audio have positive and negative leads when connected to a circuit? this is really cool. I could charge my cell phone by talking on it! I could scream at my light bulb for being turned off (due to know power) and watch it light! _could anyone please either post an instructable (and let me know), post a detailed explanation on how to do this, or post a link to said detailed explanationThanks!

Posted by schetleft 9 years ago

Blade direction? Answered

When installing the blade which direction should the blade teeth be facing? Does it matter? Is there some indication when installing whcih direction the blade should go?

Asked by Money_Illusion 1 year ago

Direct Current Solar Powered Homes- Can a strictly direct current environment be used for a house? Answered

How to power a home with on direct current colar power.

Asked by erick829 8 years ago

Can I reverse servo direction in Arduino?

On my robot, both servos move clockwise. Is there any way in the  Arduino Environment to reverse the direction of one, to make it move counter-clockwise? 

Asked by DELETED_afw11 8 years ago

Direction Lens?

Is there a lens that takes all the incoming light and sends it out in one dirction

Asked by 7 years ago

handheld direction finder

Hi - I'm looking for a project to build a handheld direction finder.  I would think you could do this using radio frequency.  Basically, I'd like two parts: the finder and the findee.  The finder would indicated the direction to the findee and that's it.  Not sure exactly what you'd call that... Thanks!

Posted by stevieruns 6 years ago

Which direction to pull?

Question Body: give us more detail on your question...

Asked by wrikard 1 year ago

Directional SPeaker

I saw a youtube video of a guy who built his own directional speaker (actually I remember it as a directional megaphone as he would talk into it, and it would target a person). I was wondering how easy it would be to do this? Can we build one with household material? Thanks for being awesome guys!

Posted by teamcoltra 9 years ago

servo modified for direct drive? Answered

"continuous rotation servo modified for direct drive*" please explain? What is direct drive? what needs to happen to make it direct drive? Above it says refer to "steps 13 through 17 of the Basic Electronics Skills for Robotics lesson". I don't see anything titled step 13 etc in that lesson, I see some stuff about desoldering and resoldering, is that it? What is that accomplishing? Is this a step that absolutely needs to be taken?Thanks!

Asked by SnorkBiscuits 1 year ago

Reversing Direction of Power Tool

It would be nice to be able to reverse direction of angle grinder, mototool, and similar tools. Sparks may be flying toward ones face in certain positions. The tool also may also tend to kick due to wheel direction. These tools arent made to reverse. How can one change this?  How can one keep the wheel from unscrewing and flying loose once the motor is reversed? 

Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

is it possible to determine the direction a motor is spining by attaching a comparator to both leads?

The motor is not being powered with electricity it is being spun by hand. and if it is possible how can I determine the speed.

Asked by evilmadscientistman 9 years ago

Controlling servo direction with arduino Answered

So, I'm trying to control two servo motors for a robotic arm. I can't seem to figure out how to make two servos go opposite directions at the same time. This is needed as I have two servos facing opposite directions driving the same beam (If they're told to go the same direction, because they are facing opposite directions, they'll rotate opposite directions). Currently I'm using this code to rotate them both: for(pos = 0; pos   {                                    myservo.write(pos);                  delay(15);                        } and then using the same code, only replacing the top part with   for(pos = 180; pos>=1; pos-=1) to return to the original position. How do I make both servos go opposite directions though, so they can both be used to lift a beam at the same time?

Asked by 0xCyrusx0 8 years ago

Is it better to put compost bin under direct sun or under shade?

I have several compost bags (ex flour). I put them on shade. But I just read from the web that compost works better under direct sun. My question is it better to put my compost bags under direct sun or just keep tem away from direct sun? Could you please give the reasons also. Thanks

Asked by kelana 8 years ago

Does anybody know a way to link two networks wirelessly (with directional antennas) where more than one jump is needed?

By "more than one jump" I mean that I want to send a wireless signal from my house via a directional antenna to a device that then repeats the signal down to the destination (also via directional antenna). I thought of just an average repeator, but I haven't seen one that works with directional antennas. Any Suggestions? Thanks, -Double_G

Asked by double_g 9 years ago

Why would I need to know the 'extrusion direction' of Lexan?

I bought a small square of Lexan (sheet polycarbonate) to experiment with and noticed on the clear, protective laminate the words: "extrusion direction" and an arrow. I will most likely use this sheet for thermo -forming, but would like to hear any thoughts on how the extrusion direction might affect drilling, cutting, etc. Thanks, Marshall

Asked by redplanetcorridor 7 years ago

silk screen machine

Im looking for plans on building a silk screen machine, can any one direct me in the right direction. thanks...........Camtech

Posted by Camtech 10 years ago

Grilling steak direct & indirect? Answered

For using the grill would it make sense to sear on the hot side then finish on the indirect/low side? That seems to copy the skillet-oven method.

Asked by mschase30 1 year ago

can i boost wifi with outside hd directional antenna?

I have a cricket modem and a outdoor hd directional antenna can i somehow run coaxial cable to modem and get a better signal? If not . what is the best way to go about increasing signal strength, while being cost effective?

Asked by 9 years ago

Which Direction Does She Spin?

Check out the optical illusion below. Since the figure is totally black, there's no depth- you can see her spinning either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Which way do you see it first? Try reversing the spin direction- moving your finger in a circular motion at the rate of rotation can help you reset. How easy is do you find it to swap perspective? Does it make your brain hurt?

Posted by canida 10 years ago

Synchronous AC110V Motor Question

I have a small AC synchronous microwave motor that I want to use for a project. The problem is that even though it says CCW/CW, which i take it to mean counter clockwise and clockwise, it randomly seems to choose which direction it wants to turn rather than me reversing the current to change the direction. What makes this motor randomly choose a direction? Is it some internal component that randomly decides it's direction? Basically, is there a way I can make it go the direction I want? If not, can someone point out a small size motor type that is cheap and has a lot of torque? Thanks to anyone who replies!

Posted by rodneykristy 6 years ago

single phase ,brushless direct current motor.

Does anyone have the schematics for a VERY SIMPLE, (LIKE ME) single phase brushless DC motor.

Asked by ianrbell 9 years ago

Changing views of model? Answered

I am trying to get a view of my model similar to the one shown in your video, as seen in the first photo. When I rotate in the vertical direction, the model responds as desired. However, when rotating in the horizontal direction the model spins on its axis. Please explain how I can get the model to rotate in the horizontal direction.

Asked by Jimminator 1 year ago