what is "zeitgeist"?

It says zeitgeist at the explore button. what is it?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

How do I change the tags for a Group?

???? So how do I????

Posted by Gordon Freeman 9 years ago

Do NOT Open This Topic!

If you opened this, Why? It clearly stated do not open. I just want to know. *curiosity killed the cat*

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

wii controler is broke what to do?

The controler keeps on disconnextingWHAT SHOUD I DOOOOOOO?

Asked by vee-man.mol 7 years ago

What to do with these tubes?

I have 28 of these cardboard tubes. They measure 6.5 inches in diameter and 42 inches long. Company I work for was throwing them away. Seems like I could do something creative with them. Please give me some suggestions.

Posted by starpox 9 years ago

bord to death? Answered

Dose any one have something to do when i am bord

Asked by robertjames 7 years ago

how do i make a halo helmet at a low price?

I need it to be a low price cause i dont have any money

Asked by rickey812 7 years ago

How do i become a prairie girl?

I am new to all this and i was wondering if I could get any suggestion on how to get started with making my own stuff like soap, candles, shampoo, etc?? I would also like to grow my own vegetable and learn some wood working!!! Please teach me your ways!!!!

Asked by arky2b 8 years ago

how do i read this stuff?

I have played around with motors hooked up to batteries and thats about it. i know a few things about electronics but i am looking to do some projects that involve circuits. i dont know how to read it when it is in a drawing. it looks to confusing to attempt. all those lines crossing and all those symbols. i have a book called electronics for dummys but it doesnt give to much detail. does anyone know how to read this stuff and can help me? is there any sights on the internet that would help me. remember i am pretty newbish. so it needs to be in newbish form. lol. the drawing below is from a powersupply that i would like to build. thanks ~Josh

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

who can make a racing car which can go 30 km(min)


Posted by jenabot 4 years ago

How do I?

 How do I turn a word into a link to a website or such. Like if someone says "Look up here" and they turn the "here" into a link. How can I do this?

Asked by Zem 8 years ago

A "To Do List"

How cool would it be to have a "to do" list on here? I love the favorites feature, and agree with other posters that it needs to have a way to easily organize your favorites or search within your favorites. (I'm not sure about all it has, can't afford a pro membership yet) But, for those with pro, I could see how a to-do list would be sweet, where you can add an instructable to your "to-do" list and go back later and prioritize the items within it. Kinda like how Amazon has the priority wish lists.

Posted by WayfinderAli 7 years ago



Posted by Falcon creed 6 years ago

how to make solar diy cell?

How to make siliconcell solar power?

Asked by tayzar 8 years ago

How do I play improvised dungeons and dragons? Answered

I have currently made an improvised "homemade" complete dungeons and dragons set it is fully homemade and kinda choppy but its all there "i think" but my question is;how do I play dungeons and dragons? "i know this set follows the real/original one, and is made the correct way but i dont know how to play dungeons and dragons see here it is "i am the dungeon master and three of my friends are playing" so if you could please send me some information on how to play that would be great and ps:anyu links to websites are great any torrents with map making software is great any links with anything that can help me are GREAT and i also would like to read some anwsers here too THANKS 1.000.000,XXX !!!!!

Asked by wizard744 8 years ago

Instructions on how to fabricate a car heater from used heater core w/self contained blower??? Answered


Asked by thumbbuster 6 years ago

My dog died...

(sob) (cry) (sob) My dog died. My mom ran him over. He survived the accident but the surgery and other stuff would of been $4000. And there was a chance he wouldn't make it through. So me my mom and sister and dad (my dads away in California for my uncles wedding) decided to put him down. So it was a hard good by to my dog Sandy.Sorry no pictures.

Posted by Easy Button 10 years ago

How do i start a contest? Answered

How do i start a contest on instructables

Asked by smattman22 8 years ago

how do u join

Plz may someone tell me how to join this group

Posted by millions 9 years ago

What do you think of my design

What do you think of the picture i created. Also what are some of the pictures you made using a computer.

Posted by ThePregergater 5 years ago

What are 10 things you must do before you die? Answered


Asked by anna rox 8 years ago

What to do with blown speaker/sub baskets?

I picked up some cheap PA cabs all with blown no name speakers, well i have since replaced them and I was wondering what to do with all these baskets?!  i think i may make 2 or 3 lights like this  https://www.instructables.com/id/EL-Wire-subwoofer-lamp/ but what else should I do?

Asked by gruda 7 years ago

What should I do with my keychain camera?

I already am thinking of flying it over in the park by attaching it to a helicopter, but I need some more ideas as big and exciting as that.

Asked by jamngary 6 years ago

What would you do?

Well last night I was laying in bed and turned on the History channel. There was a show on about how the world could end and it scared the crap out of me. There was part of it that said stuff about an asteroid and how if there was a huge one that was going to hit us we would know the exact date. Then the people on the show were interviewing people about what they would do and a lady said that she had three kids back to back so ahe would have a margarita. I know this is a rather pessimistic/depressing forum but if that was to happen what would you do during your last days on earth? I don't know what I would do.

Posted by Sunbanks 10 years ago

What did i do? Answered

Well...I just got PM'ed by the I'bles robot, Telling me i won a prize.Instructables has something for you!Congratulations, Instructables.com wants to send you a Top Votes!https://www.instructables.com/contest/acceptGift?id= JUST IN CASE ;)>Cheers,Instructables RobotPlease do not respond to this message, the Instructables Robot already has its arms full of messages,and it might drop yours! I do appreciate it, but i am afraid that something went wrong and it PM'ed the wrong person...So i ask, What did i do?

Asked by ReCreate 8 years ago

Who can do this?

Try flicking your cheek while making an "oi" motion with you mouth. If you hit your cheek at just the right time you get a cool raindrop sound. Try aming for a tiny bit away from the corner of your lip for the best sound.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

what to do

Christmas is coming up, yay!!! On the 6th I ordered some shutter shades from www.shuttershadesonline.com My brother is a Kanye West fan. It has been over 2 weeks (almost 3 weeks on christmas) and they still havn't shown up. If they don't come, what do I tell my brother? I'm not too worried, because the thought was there, ordering something 3 weeks before christmas is good i think.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago


How do I unsubscribe this newsletter? Since there is now a charge to download these projects I am no longer interested in even looking at what is available. It should have stayed free!

Posted by Larzag 5 years ago

do capacitors like this work?

Do capacitors like these:http://cgi.ebay.com/20KV-1000PF-High-Voltage-Ceramic-Disc-Capacitors-Y5T_W0QQitemZ360099674640QQcmdZViewItemQQptZBI_Electronic_Components?hash=item360099674640&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2|65%3A15|39%3A1|240%3A1318work in applications like voltage multipliers, marx generators, etc. Or are they meant for something else? They seem like a really good deal and I just don't want to buy a ton of them to fail on me in like 2 seconds.

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

Who do you know?

SO I was a thining to myself to the other day, "Gee there's a lot of people on Ibles, I wonder how many people know another Ibler outside of Ibles"... So I figuered this would be the quickest answer. I'm acquainted with Bumpus, KillerJackalope, Sunbanks, Skate6566, Labot2001, Keith-Kid, LedZeppie, and Firebert010 (mostly on Facebook). So who else communicates/knows/met extra-ibles?

Posted by KentsOkay 9 years ago

How to deal with spam on instructables?

Guys, if you see spam, anywhere on the site, please do not reply to it, even if you are just saying "spam". Adding comments actually slows down the removal of the spam, so just flag it and move on. If it is really offensive spam, or it needs quickly removing for some other reason, then email service@instructables.com, or send a PM to any members of the staff or the Community Team who seem to be online at the time. If you're running on UK/Europe times, that will likely be me.

Asked by Kiteman 3 years ago

Is there any way for me to categorize Homebrew on my PSP?

The list is massive, i have to keep the down button pressed for like 5 seconds to reach one of the homebrew programs....Just look at the picture. note:I can't add images, i guess i will edit this tomorrow...

Asked by ReCreate 8 years ago

Copy Cats

There are many of you out there that have clones, I came across several of them today.I am making a big fuss over this because it annoys me, that people can't think of original names; so they have to copy other people, because they are popular.Often you will find, or may well have seen, these 'fakes' have posted Instructables, but the original person has posted a gun, more than five times better than that of said cheat.The few I have found so far include:Trainman2001 - DarthTrainmanDsman1 - Dsman195276 (or visa versa)Killerk2, NOT-KILLERK - KILLERKThere are thousands for ironman69, although there was a film called The iron man - This could be a valid reason.If you spot any other clones, inform me please.I will eat them.

Posted by j-chode! 9 years ago

My Biggest... and Only fear. Keeping me safe? or Holding me back?

I want desperately to be able to sing well in front of people, but I just can't. right now I think I am .... well..... almost OK at singing. I think I have some potential but I'm terrified to sing in front of people. I have played Bass guitar and lead guitar in front of 10 + thousand people on a couple of occasions and it was the biggest thrill of my life. I think the difference comes in because.... I know I am a great Bass player...... and a pretty awesome guitar player (not trying to brag, just kinda makes my point) but I have no idea if I'm even close to listenable (is that a word?) when I sing..... mostly because other then fall down drunk, I've never sung in front of people (The crowd was also fall down drunk, so no help there) I practice daily but only when there isn't a person for miles that could possibly hear me. I recored myself often and listen to it..... I can defiantly hear much improvement since I first started really trying to sing..... but I couldn't tell you if I went from god awful to please stop singing or if its decent to not bad. I've considered recording a song and posting to youtube..... figuring that maybe I could get some feed back without embarrassment...... but even that terrifies me. How can I get over this?..... even if just to find out if I suck or not?

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago

What Do You Do When You Are Bored?

So then, what do you do when you are bored? Or to just past the time? Hobbies? On Instructables of course, but what else do you guys do in your day?

Posted by Baron A 10 years ago

What do You Want for Christmas

What do you want for Christmas.

Posted by Fin the human 2 years ago

What to do before im 18? Answered

I need 50 things to do before 18.

Asked by sci4me 7 years ago

How Do You Make a Group?

Thanks Guys!

Posted by poparoo4 8 years ago

Grade 8 Grad Party What to do ?

Ok Its getting close to the end of the year DUN DUN DUN and me and my class need something to do for our after grad.What would you do ? Last Year it was paintball

Posted by littlechef37 10 years ago

How Do You Start Collections?

How do you start collections? I want to make a collection, but I can't see a button to start it. There isn't much more to say........

Posted by random_builder 1 year ago

How do you put an avatar on your account?!

How do you put an image for your avatr? I hate being a boring silhouette. Please help anyone!!!

Posted by Ratchet and Clank 10 years ago

How do i join 2 pieces of metal without welding?

I am going to attach 2 metal tubes ( 1 aluminium and 1 steel) to eachother without welding, as i am only 15. how do i do this the best way? i need them to be very strong as they are forming a steering rod.

Asked by ThaNorwegianDude 8 years ago