do dogs get headaches?

Do dogs get headaches?

Asked by fortissimoadrian 8 years ago

Dog Run: We would like to build a covered house with fenced in area for a dog run. Any suggestions? Gregg?

One idea is to put a kennel inside our 12 x 24 storage shed, with a dog door to the outside.  Then, fence in an area outside of the shed.  The dog will be about 50 pounds, and can jump and dig.

Asked by cgmox3410 6 years ago

How do u get dogs to start going outside to go to the bathroom? They have dog yard and doggie door to get out to it.?

I have six small dogs. I'm having problems with them going to the bathroom inside instead of going out to there dog yard we have for them. We have a doggie door for them. We leave the light on at night and even tarped a area in case it rains. They seem to only do it at night and not all the time. We moved into a new house and took out the carpet and put new floors in. After that they started. How can i fix this and save my floors? I'm a big animal lover , but this is driving me nuts. Thanks Jennifer

Asked by jennyksva 9 years ago

how do you get rid of fleas?

I have a bad flea infestation. I need to get rid of the fleas from my carpets and dogs. Fleas and their eggs.

Asked by dsmom101 7 years ago

look at this

Look at this:

Posted by ryan knexer 10 years ago

What do i do if my pet chiwawa tries to kill me?

OK, include how to spell chiwawa in your answer. Second, he killed all my chickens,  my lizard, and a tree(dont ask). and for those who dont know, a chiwawa is a small mexican breed of dog.

Asked by Atlas22 8 years ago

Need ideas on fence?

I know I am going to get responses to the fact that I should not be posting requests like the one I am about to post. I need help/ideas on how to block out next door dogs that are constantly digging holes under my cedar fence. I've spoken with owner of dogs but he refuses to do his part in helping me resolve the problem. I have my own ideas as to what I can do but I would like to see what ideas members of this forum can offer me. Thanks. AL.

Asked by alsports2000 5 years ago

Introducing a new puppy to my 2 dogs ?

I have a 13 yo cockapoo and 1 1/2 yo 13 y/o is not able to play with my 1  1/2 yo.  We just brought home a 9 week old golden doodle and my 13 yo wants nothing to do with her 1 1/2 yo cavapoo is so scared of her he keeps foaming at the mouth...the puppy wants desperately to play with them but they keep running away from her and growling at her.  What should I do...I want them to be able to play together.  And grow together.

Asked by KarenB337 1 year ago

Labrador has strange phobia of unusual floor surfaces? Answered

Does anyone has an explanation? My labrador is in perfect health; no balance problems; he leaps fences and is not timid in any way. A few years ago when we laid down slate floor tiles on the entire diner and kitchen area he seems  worried about walking on the kitchen area and avoids it or approaches it very gingerly, bowing low as he does so; it's as if he perceives it as a deep hole . He will, however, totally forget about this fear if he can get to the cat's food but otherwise it is very hard coaxing him onto the tiles in the kitchen only. My friend's  exterior  landing and staircase has a mottled pattern; he just couldn't walk on it and refused to come down it; he had to be carried. So, none of this is a problem at all, but I'm just curious to see if anyone has encountered anything similar? Thanks.

Asked by FriendOfHumanity 7 years ago

How can I stop my dogs from digging? Answered

Help me my dogs are destroying our yard. How can I stop my dogs from digging????

Asked by BobbySaka 8 years ago

Sled dog harness? Answered

I was wondering if you can use a cheap walking harness for training and very small weights for training a sled dog??? If not where can I order a really cheap dog sledding one online??? Thanks!!

Asked by camping crazy 4 years ago

how to stop a dog from constant scratching?

It's not fleas just constantly scratching. The time of year don't matter.

Asked by 8 years ago

why do dogs sometimes walk around in a circle before they lay down? Answered

I notices that my dogs recently started walking in a circle before they lay down. Why is that?

Asked by vince 09 9 years ago

Safe home remedy regarding fleas and dogs.?

What is a good home grown method relieving bowser from his fleas?

Asked by 9 years ago

Nervous dog syndrome, what do I do to calm him down, any sedatives safe for dogs out there? Answered

What can i use to calm my dog down during thunderstorms and fireworks...he has become quite nervous over the years due to them both. He is 13 1/2?

Asked by 8 years ago

How do I keep a pack of stray dogs off my property?

My office has about 5 acres of land, not fenced in.  A neighbor across the street raises and breeds dogs.  When I arrive at work in the morning, I am greeted by anywhere from 5 to 10 dogs.  What can I do to run them away and keep them away?  We do not have a dog here, but there is a cat that came with the property that we feed. Thank you for any help.

Asked by claramarguerite 1 year ago

Is there a dry rub I can use on my dogs to "wash them"?

I have 3 dogs and it is a royal pain in my (2 surgeries on my back in 2 years) back to wash them. I see ads for a product that does that, but im sure its a combination of Baking Soda and some other items. Any ideas would be great.

Asked by chris73044 8 years ago

Could dogs and cats communicate with people using this eye tracking method? This post is a few days old.   I posted a comment asking the same question on HAD, but I thought it may get more exposure here. If you've ever noticed, dogs pupils really reflect light, even visible light like from a cars headlights. I would think this system would be able to track a dog's eye movement as well. This would need to start out much simpler, to teach the animal to use the system.   Perhaps give him 2 choices, in the form of recognizable icons.   I am imagining a picture of a steak and a picture of a dog going for a walk.   Eventually the dog might learn to recognize the symbols.   Once this happens, the interface could be expanded to more choices.   I dont know if it would be possible to teach english ( or any other spoken/written language) but maybe.

Asked by lbossington 7 years ago

how can I add my instructable?

I have a dog toy that I've made that I would like to add to the Indestrucable collection of great ideas. How do I do this.

Asked by terrycrissman 7 years ago

what does hunting hound whooping sound like? Quick please! Answered

  OK, in the book where the red fern grows billy always whoops on his dogs to let him know certain things, does anybody know what it sounds like exactly? all answers are good.

Asked by voemaster 8 years ago

How do I go about introducing my fox terrier to my baby niece without ensuing mayhem?

My sis has just had a baby, and me and the girlfriend are going to be looking after her at some point. The problem is, our terrier is a pretty dominant chap, and I'm rather worried about letting him near her. He is very keen to get to her, but I have had no experience of introducing dogs to babies so won't risk letting him near her without some plan of attack. He's a pleasant little fella, just very excitable.... Any ideas? Thanks!

Asked by cook$ 9 years ago

Stop neighbours dog barking - How?

Can someone give me instructions how to build a device for stopping dogs from barking. The sort that has sensors that detect barking and give of an annoying to dogs, innaudible to humans noise, so that the dog will learn that barking triggers an unpleasant sound and hopefully stop. Our neighbours dog is driving us nuts and we dont want to have to complain about them.

Asked by Figjam 9 years ago

I predict the Japanese Dog-aclypse.

Have you seen what Japanese pet owners do to their dogs? Any minute now, I expect to read on the news that every dog in Japan turned, as one, and chewed off the hand that dressed them!

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

How do I force my dogs to have babies?

I just want puppies man....

Asked by Joe_gibbons 4 years ago

How do I get my dog to do what I tell her to do? Answered

My dog is pretty much good friends with me, but she doesn't do what I tell her to do. He name is Willy. I feed her, give her baths, pet her, and play with her, but she doesn't do what I tell her to do. How do I change that? 

Asked by lil larry 7 years ago

Non Permanent Grass Dog Area

I recently moved into a rental home that has no grass, rocks only.  My two large dogs are used to having a grass yard, so I am looking for a way to make them a raised bed-type grass area that I can deconstruct when I move in two years.  I'm thinking a wood frame with a plywood bottom, fill it with topsoil then adding sod on top of that.  The only problem is that I would like it to be fairly large, at least 25' X 25'.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.   (Sorry the photo is weird, it was taken through a screened porch.)

Posted by Luny 2 years ago

how to make a simple cat toy?

It can be a chuw toy or it can be a ball or something.

Asked by vee-man.mol 7 years ago

Anyone got some creative fencing ideas? Answered

 i'm looking to plant an herb garden in my yard, but my dogs are absolute rascals.the bed has a small cement ring around the base, so i'm not worried about them digging under, but i need a clever way to keep them from trampling the herbs. any suggestions? i'm dirt poor, so cheaper is better, but it's in the front yard, so i suppose it should look nice, too.

Asked by cyc4015 8 years ago

What natural substance can I use that has a tacky feel to put on my dogs paws that is non toxic to dogs?

My dog had a spinal op,and was recovering nicely. I have polished floorboards that are an absolute nightmare for him to walk around on. The list of remedies I have tried are endless. Dog socks,boots,shoes,mats,balloons etc.I have spent a small fortune with no luck. We have non slip mats around but I can't cover the whole house in rubber mats. I've trimmed his nails short,and the fur between his toes,but I've noticed his paw pads are really dry. I'm trying to formulate something that I can put on his paws that has a tacky feel. I'm no scientist but I've wracked my brain to come up with a solution that is easy to make and not toxic. It has to be something that doesn't taste fantastic because he'll lick it off. As a sample I tried some tacky hair wax..which just gave him a little grip,but it's not what I'm looking for. I know beeswax is sticky,but i think it needs to be mixed with something.I had a feel of surfboard wax,but it didn't have enough tackiness for what I want.I know honey is sticky but don't think I want that all over my floor.Also pine sap is sticky too. I guess i'm looking for something that feels like those silicone non slip dots you can buy that is safe for animals? Any suggestions?

Asked by Lemonpoppyseed 1 year ago

Is it possible to build a sound activated sprinkler?

My dogs go on occasional barking sprees, which my neighbor hates. The dogs are short haired & hate water. A sprinkler would work great on them.

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Here are some of my pets i have i still missing one of my cats (not in real life i mean a picture) UPDATE i took three more pictures of jack

Posted by Metal4God 10 years ago

I brought home a new puppy Sat and my 2 year old dog is not happy about her.

Hello, I have a wonderful neutered male, 2 year old Cavalier king charles named Bentley. Bentley Loves people, kids, other dogs, cats, everything and every one. Perhapes he has been a bit spoiled. He has been well socialized often taking dog park trips, took a socialization class as a pup.. we work on issues with a trainer as they come up.. he had been humping from time to time at the dog park so we were working through that. I love Bentley so much have wanted to add a second cavalier king charles for some time. We went meeting dogs and Bentley got on fine with them all on their territory and on neutral territory. We finally choose to go with an 8 week old female black and tan cavalier from the same breeder we got Bentley from but different parents (the dogs are actually co owned) They did fine on neutral territory but as soon as we got in the house Bentley was mad.. I have never seen him like that, Barking, snarling, at her. I separated them and have been trying to work things out with them gradually. It has only been a couple of days of course.  He also tries to push her under him and hump her, but she wiggles out as a small 4 lb puppy will, and he gets annoyed about that too. I can tell him "SIT" and it seems to redirect him. I am so in love with my new girl who I have named Velvet, already, so I need to make things work out. Bentley seems fine with her when they go out and potty, or are just calm together, sometimes something will set him off though, like if she gets too comfy on my lap he will start growl barking at her and acting like he might nip her but doesn't actually do it. though she does have slobber on her after. If she moves to my husbands lap he goes over to him and does the same reaction. then I have to separate them. Toys.. forget it, he will not let her have her toys or his. If they are just walking around together they seem fine.. but he does not like her getting playful or too snuggely with us.. he also gets mad if he notices her mouthing. (teething pups of course require that training) it is hard not to have him notice as we are correcting her.  I am trying to keep things equal, equal attention, when they are together (she is crated  a lot for house training anyways) They potty together and both get a treat, teaching her sit if he is there and sits they both get a treat. Both get petted at the same time together, and when Velvet went to the vet today I took Bentley along. These were all tips from the trainer I go to. I just have never seen this sweet doggie boy of mine so bent out of shape at another living thing. I just want re assurance that others have been through this, and had it all work out in the end, and give me tips as to what worked for them! I keep reading mixed advice on what to do in this situation so I am not sure what to do. I am leashing them for interactions right now of course for safety reasons and I am of course only allowing closely supervised play. Velvet also has a safe play area that I gated off with an xpen, where her crate is. They are eating in the same room, But Bentley does not care much about food anyways, never had a food aggression problem there.

Asked by meg81 5 years ago

Favorite Breed of Dog

What's your favorite breed of dog? My favorite dog would probably be a Siberian Husky. Though I love all kinds of dogs, especially big dogs like German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes. I also like some smaller dogs like Australian Cattle Dogs and Beagles.

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago

how to make dog chair?

Have a parlayzed dog in the hind legs, would like to know how to make a dog cart.

Asked by pjmos 8 years ago

dog poop in compost? Answered

 is dog poop bad for compost because it isn't plant based?

Asked by tincanz 7 years ago

dog pee

What's best to use to eliminate dog pee odors

Posted by messiah 10 years ago

A tennis ball-chucker the dog can operate..

I had to post this one: a tennis ball-chucker for dogs, operated by dogs.The dog loads it, and it fires automatically.

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago

My dog

Hey guys watch this video my dad posted on youtube. Its of my dog Gizmo speaking he a black papian and weiner dog mix. Cutest dog ever! Link:

Posted by silentassasin21 8 years ago

Fabric remnants+my dogs=happy? Answered

My awesome aunt got me some fabric remnants from her local craft store, and I have NOTHING to do with them. Here are the descriptions: Black/White polka dot flannel: 5" Lavender cotton: 9" by 21"  Black music notes on cream cotton: 1/4 yd. Baby blue spirally pattern on cotton: 1/8 yd. Blue Sunglasses on baby blue cotton: 1/8 yd I have two boy dogs, a Beagle and a Basset, so if you have any toy/item ideas for them, it would be very welcome (They don't have many toys or bandannas or anything)

Asked by Mauigerbil 6 years ago

What's the matter with me?

I'm hot and tired. I've wasted the past three years hunting down sites like this one. I print out reams of instructions for projects. I buy everything I need to make things. But there's never any time. Maybe I should have settled for just one dog. Two is a lot of work. Ya think?

Asked by betsyk 9 years ago

a paracord dog collar?

How to make one as a choker collar

Asked by kathy854 5 years ago

Solar Air Con for animal shelter

I am thinking of moving to a warmer country ( SW France ) than England but I have a small pack of huskies that I would like to keep cool in the warmest weather. I was wondering if it is possible to use the solar energy available in abundance to provide an air cooling system for them. I realise that aircon normally requires a lot of electricity but I am only looking to keep a small space ( block built shelter of about maybe 7-800 cubic feet ) cool and hoped that this might be possible. Any ideas ?

Posted by ukpicker 7 years ago

How to train a dog?

Hey guys, can you tell how I could train my dog? Thanks!

Asked by TN777 5 years ago

Double Corn Dogs?

Anyone ever cooked corn dogs redip in batter cook again? Best batter for corndogs?

Asked by bjpbjp 8 years ago