Why is the downloaded PDF outdated?

When I click on Download PDF at https://www.instructables.com/id/Spin-Art-Machine-Kit (an Instructable I created), it downloads a version of the Instructable with older photos and content.  I thought perhaps there was a delay in updating the PDF but I waited a day and it still is happening. As an example, the third page of the PDF (Step 6) shows alligator clips attached to a slide switch.  But in the published/online version of the Instructable, Step 6 shows a slide switch with wire leads.

Asked by tatiang 3 years ago

PDF download failure- Specific Instructable only

I have been trying to download a specific Instructable (5 Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw by mikeasaurus). I am a Pro member. I have tried two browsers (Firefox 51.0.1, 32-bit) and Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0. In Edge, I get this: AccessDenied Access Denied E19C0FE6BCE367F9 +C5EcpMmykOevK8VULBxxjTnZBVDhF2gxt86VCFizkOnp03comyjfNnX38MlWNhLfnrXH917fKM= In Firefox, this: AccessDeniedAccess Denied38C86677C72FD570baxQesBYkq6iVRPIxtqaWupLMeDJEFVyjMZMcdM2YQQZZsRmuCDDXomn8zkrU9P72zRqqVIgbSw= Other Instructables work and download just fine. Any thoughts?

Posted by KEUrban 1 year ago

Downloading not working

I have an up-to-date premium subscription. When I click the Download button, the targeted Instructables file does not download. Hoping to receive advice how to troubleshoot this problem. Thanks. The attachment is a screen shot of my Chrome page after clicking the Download button. The icon in the lower left corner is the only result of clicking the button. When I open that icon, it asks what program I wish to use to open a file. (Well, been trying to upload it, but unable to do it. Attempting to get help at Instructables -- this is my third attempt -- is proving to be not only frustrating but ineffective.) Brian Chapman Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Posted by CyValley 1 year ago

PDF downloads differ from updated content

The problem I face is that the "download" link at the top of my instructables does not download the most recent version of my instructable.  In fact, it appears to download the original version, as seen when it was first published, even after many revisions have been made. I use instructables to host instruction manuals for my kit business. When the instruction manual needs revising, I update the instructable with the necessary information. This is a huge problem, because many customers want to print the instructions from PDF, and because the PDF is not the most recent version of the instructable, so all of these customers have problems assembling my kit. As an example, look at the instructable here: https://www.instructables.com/id/USB-Typewriter/ The "download pdf" link at the top of the page clearly downloads a file with text and pictures totally unlike those in the instructable. Please fix this problem!

Posted by jackzylkin 5 years ago

cannot download...

Every time i try to download anything...it sends me to " go pro.. and I am already a pro...over and over I sign in..over and over I try to download.. and it takes me back to sign in over and over...then go pro... I am so sick of this... I have recommend a lot of friends on facebook to your site and some have gone to your site... so why can't you fix this problem... I have reported it before... tired of wasting my time.

Posted by Southernelle 4 years ago


Hi i paid for pro, i tried 2 computers, it wont let me download anything..  I only paid the pro for a certain model and it says it's temp unavaliable can some admin please check up i paid to get the 7ft gundam

Posted by koconnell 4 years ago

Dirty Trick

It's a pretty dirty trick to to get a person to sign up, only to find out that nothing can be downloaded without paying for it. That stinks

Posted by bunsjackson 5 years ago

PDF downloads?

Hello, I'm super super new and extremely out of my element unless I have my nose in a book or I'm puttering in the kitchen so I'm struggling a bit here. I just bought a pro membership because I really wanted to download the PDF of a certain project...specifically this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/Chocolate-Extract/ I don't even seen an option to download, am I just blind? Sorry for the bother, as I said I'm rather out of my element and I'm very anxious, so just asking this was a struggle lol.

Posted by beencooking 5 years ago



Posted by Nanaca61 4 years ago

How do you down load pdf plans for woodworking projects? Answered

I am a member, I am signed in.  When I select Download PDF for plans, I get a window that asks me if I want to join Instructables.  I've already joined and I am in the website.  If I hit sign in, it takes me to the home page, I do a search on the project, get to the project, select download pdf plans, and again the window pops up asking me if I want to join Instructables. I can never get to the plan that I want to download.  How do you download a pdf from this website?

Asked by erheller40 2 years ago

Pro membership

I have a pro membership and it went through on my credit card but I can't download and the message says I do not have a pro membership.  How do I resolve this?

Posted by fitzfam 6 years ago

More PDF issues

I've been trying to download a PDF file of my instructable, but when I uncheck the boxes for header and related instructables or any other custom box, it still sends the whole thing.

Posted by robbtoberfest 6 years ago

Download/Print PDF not working

Each time I try to download a PDF on my iPad all it does is refresh the page. When I try on my MacBook, every time I click on the PDF icon, it requests me to sign in again and then redirects to the first step in instructions. The Print PDF link on both my iPad and MacBook are unresponsive. All the other links work. Help?

Posted by littlemermaid93 6 years ago

https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Robotic-Arm-for-the-Science-Olympiad/?ALLSTEPS Answered

I am a pro member not able to download this document from this link. The problem was said to be resolved last year but it isn't. Can anyone help?

Asked by mkiker 5 years ago

Information Pdf Premium

I want information, updating to Premium in the Pdf Download section I have access to the sheets to be printed with all the measures to be able to achieve, for example a leather object? Voglio informazioni, aggiornamento a Premium nella sezione Download Pdf Ho accesso ai fogli da stampare con tutte le misure per poter ottenere, ad esempio un oggetto in pelle?

Posted by EugenioC17 1 year ago

Joining instructables via link on your emails fails to recognize my login to download any PDF

I am a "Pro" member but lately the following occurs consistently: 1) I receive your email which suggests things that might interest me 2) I click on the email (Thunderbird) and am brought to the appropriate page displaying the 'instructable of interest to me' ..  3) If I then click the 'Download' to obtain the PDF, I'm presented with the 'Login' box .. no problem there, until i fill in my userID ( tkjtkj )  and password ..  it appears to be accepted, but isnt.   I'm returned to the same instructable , where when i again click to 'download' , it loops into the 'login' screen .. each time i click 'Download'  .. 4) If i join Instructables.com  directly, there is no such problem of logging in .. and im properly recognized. 5) The problem only happens when i join thru the email link and then request to download any PDF. OS: WinXP  SP3  , and Win7Pro Browser: Firefox v.23.0

Posted by tkjtkj 4 years ago

PDF download not in English

When I download a Pdf instruction https://www.instructables.com/id/Keyboard-Circuit-Sheet-Lampshade/    all the words are in jibberish (a mix of letters, numbers, common symbols and non-alphanumeric symbols with odd spacing and can not be read.  The pictures are all good.  What can I do to print these out in English as it is viewed on the Instructable site?  My system is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002, browser is Firefox 3.6.3 and Adobe  Hope this helps.  Also, when I am looking at my screen the text is in English.  It is only when I print it comes our as described above.

Posted by yard ducks 7 years ago

Download won't include all steps/info

When i tried to download the following Instructables: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-backpack/ and https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Draw-For-Makers/ both by the same author I did get a great deal of the information.  But I get nowhere near all of the info. I get virtually none of the pictures.  I have downloaded many instructables and I always get the complete package. I am a pro member. Below are some of the step-by-step instructions from the first one mentioned. Note the virtually total lack of instructions; Step 14: Attaching the front pouches This step covers attaching the front pouches and lower clip to the front pocket fabric. Attaching the lower clip Step 15: Adding the zipper pocket Adding a zipper and installing the inside pocket Step 16: Attaching the lower strap pieces Attaching the lower strap triangles Can you fix these so they can be downloaded? I use Windows 7 and Google Chrome. Your help is greatly appreciated, Paul Granger - grangerknives

Posted by grangerknives 3 years ago

Can't DL PDF from page and/or can't open after "Save link as"

Make-a-%24200-%22tactical%22-flashlight-for-about-%2415.pdf This is why I subscribed for one year to PRO, only tonight, to download this particular file. What gives?

Posted by the ebeniste 7 years ago

Printing PDF files

Hey: I have tried several times recently to download custom PDF instructions from various instructables so as to print them. I don't do this often but in the past when I have it has worked fine. Looking for possible reasons why I am running into problems this time. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks,

Posted by jwhit 6 years ago

Trouble downloading my Instructable PDF

I have just published my first Instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/Gorillapod-cradle-for-a-mobile-device-Pocket-PC-/) and I was trying to download a PDF copy to keep as a record. So I right-clicked the PDF link and selected "Saved Linked Content As..." in Opera 10.53. The save file dialog opened, but then my computer froze and I couldn't move my mouse. Every minute or so it executed my next command, so I pressed Escape and it closed the dialog about thirty seconds later. Then I tried opening the file in Opera, and a similar thing happened. Then, I opened Internet Explorer 8 (crumbs, must have been bad) and the same thing happened, except that I left it running for about five minutes and it eventually got there. I noticed that whenever the computer froze, the CPU usage went to about 99%. So it's not a browser thing. I had left the PDF options on defaults. Anybody else experiencing this problem?

Posted by Fodaro 8 years ago

Missing have my dowload

I just purchased a DIY for a manual for a 1999 Honda ATV.......paid by credit card.........by email address is james_north123@outlook.com, the problem I am missing half my manual. got only 209 pages and where is the rest of the item I purchased. if you cannot provide me the rest off my manual I would want a full refund for your error

Posted by 0039 2 years ago

I have tried everything I know to imbed a video in my instructable and came up short. mickydee? Answered

I keep getting the answer that the file is too big (10 meg ). I am using Firefox 4.0 I know it can be done because I have watched other videos. I must admit that my computer skills are lacking. I want to include videos in my ible RC RIDING LAWNMOWER I hope someone can help me. mickydee

Asked by mickydee 7 years ago

instructable PDF download problem

every time i try to download a pdf of a file it comes up as 0kb. why won't they download anymore? i have a paid account too if anyone asks?

Asked by Foxgirl1987 7 years ago

where can you download element td for mac?

Can you download this version found ?here

Asked by Drafski 9 years ago

Downloading ebooks

I have a pro membership and when I try to download the instructables ebooks I can´t find the download link. I only get a table saying all the formats. How do I download them? BTW: I am not trying to download ebooks from the store, it´s just the normal ebooks. Att. JOao

Posted by okiedokie 6 years ago

How do i download the itunes?!?!?

What can i do so i can download the itunes for free and not cost what so ever!!!

Asked by beby1989 7 years ago

Downloading PDFs

When I try to download PDFs my screen locks up, nothing is downloaded, and I have to Ctl-Alt-Del into Task Manager to kill the application (the browser.) I am using IE8 and Windows 7. Any suggestions?

Posted by Lazarus.Matova 7 years ago

Is an Instructables Database Download possible? Answered

Is there a way to download the entire Instructables database for offline viewing, mirroring and/or backing up?Yes, I realize how big such a download would be. Nothing compared to Wikipedia's, though... And yes, I do realize that there are "download PDF of Instructable" link. I'm talking about a "Download ALL Instructables" link.Or be able to order a stack of CDs/DVDs... That would work too...

Asked by robotguy4 8 years ago

How do i download Youtube videos FREE, FAST and WITH NO CATCHES? Answered

Ugh, I spent the last half hour downloading softwares to download youtube videos to itunes, and none worked or I wasn't a administrator. The thing that used to be there on youtube to download videos isn't, and I'm stuck at a crossroad.

Asked by NYPA 8 years ago

Link Error on download link gives xml FIle - Espresso Souffle

Hi Download pdf gives contents ox xml file Espresso Soufflé by MrSirLRD Vote! Featured Download  6 Steps   Share  Favorite  I Made it!  Collection Download PDF All Instructables are now available in PDF format for easy printing, sharing and offline viewing. PDF download times vary, so please be patient as it may take a few minutes to download depending on your connection speed. Click on the link below to download your PDF. If you are having trouble downloading the PDF, try right clicking your mouse and choosing 'Save Link As...' or Ctrl + click if you're using a Mac. Espresso-Soufflé-1.pdf

Posted by ChefJohn1955 2 years ago

PDF Downloads Not Starting

I primarily paid for my pro membership to be able to download a PDF version of projects I would like to use later. I have tried to download several. I can usually download one without any problems. When I attempt to download a second, the PDF screen loads, a PDF loading "Circle" appears on the lower left. The PDF never downloads. Rebooting my PC seems to work.  I should not need to reboot my PC to get a second PDF from your site...  I can go to another site with a PDF download, and download just fine. On a related note, there appears to be an issue with my user staying logged in. It appears that I have to log in each time I wish to download a project. All in all, not a pleasant experience for a site that I paid money to access this particular feature.

Posted by radioastro 4 years ago

Geiger_Lamp.pdf is corrupt

 I've tried to download the Geiger_Lamp.pdf file 3 times and each time it is corrupt upon completed download. www.instructables.com/pdf/Geiger_Lamp/Geiger_Lamp.pdf

Posted by robolux 8 years ago


Lots of good ebooks available but I can't download any. No instructions given. I have ADOBE DIGITALwhich has a butten to download NEW but I don't have a file name . the first one I want is COPY CAT CANDY but there's no way  to click on that file name. also, you can drag and drop, but again nothing to ckick on to drag. If anyone knows how to download these ebooks to computer (not an ereader) please help. P.S. I've downloaded booksfrom my public library. No problem. Thanks, Mara

Posted by mmaunder 6 years ago

ebook download error message

Hi,  I have been trying to download the halloween make up ebook and get this error.:- AccessDeniedAccess Denied1255728ACB601357b+0wHE3R/m7dTbNsDJnpixLcx565TdG0AKfrPRpkozKJ6qrz0NZkPJApzuTQCVkA I tried other ebooks of interest and they all download perfectly Anyone else having problems or better yet have a solution?  Thank

Posted by Y-Geo 4 years ago

Please help with downloading ebooks!

OK, I'm having a hard time downloading an ebook. I click the button and have to click the skinny yellow line under the box with the table of contents. I save it, and the folder is zipped but the sub folders are just confusing. Thanks!

Asked by davidsona 7 years ago

Cannot Download PDF

I hope someone might be able to help me!!!! I am a PRO member but I am unable to download the complete PDF of any Instructables. Each time I sign in to download I gett booted out and asked to sign in again. I sign in again and once again am booted out and asking to sign in. HELP!!!!

Posted by DodgeRules 7 years ago

Why can't I download a PDF?

I am a Pro member. The other day I tried to download (https://www.instructables.com/id/Breakfast-Pockets/) this recipe and got an error message, saying to come back. Today, I am consistently redirected to the login box (which I have filled in) but can't ever actually download the PDF. Your help is appreciated.

Asked by Cat00x 4 years ago

Can't download PDF for How To Make Round Petal Fabric Kanzashi Flowers

Tried to download my first PDF instructions sheet (on a Mac running OSX Lion) but all I get is a page of HTML script.  Please help.

Posted by redzebradesigns 6 years ago

Purchased Pro Membership but can't download pdf

I just purchased a Pro Membership so I could download a PDF and it won't let me. The transaction has gone through but my account still isn't listed as Pro. How do I fix this?!?  

Posted by smehelp 3 years ago

Firefox 3 Download Day

Today (June 17th, 2008) is Firefox 3 download day. Help make the Guinness world record for the most program downloads in a single day. If you are already running Firefox 3 beta: you may notice some improvementsIf you are running Firefox 2: I highly encourage you to download it as you will notice many improvementsIf you are using Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!Downloads for the record begin at 10:00 am PST (13 minutes ago, from the time of this posting).Get downloading!http://www.spreadfirefox.com/worldrecord/Edit: Link it not currently working. It appears their servers have exploded with awesomeness. Check back soon.

Posted by Tetranitrate 10 years ago

free (legal) music?

Where do you go for good, free (legal) music downloads?

Asked by threecheersfornick 9 years ago

PDF download - no match with the website

Hi. As PRO member I like to download the PDFs the read them on my iPad. Some days ago I downloaded a PDF I was really interesting in, but when I red it later looking for a specific part I spotted online, I realized it was missing on the PDF (so as other parts). I didn't check the othe PDFs I downloaded in the past weeks, but I must suppose some of them (hopefully just "some" of them) will have missing parts; as the print out of the web page is impossible (overlapping of everything) and as currently the PDFs download is a pay-to-get-it service, I think this is non acceptable.

Asked by jocman 3 years ago

Download button disappeared

I had ibles loaded in several tabs and was downloading the pdfs one at a time. During this process, I suddenly hit a page with no download button. I determine that the button had disappeared from all of the tabs. I logged out, shut down the browser, cleared the cache, then logged in again. Still no ability to download. Some of the affected pages that were loaded at the time, altho I can't download pdfs of any page now: https://www.instructables.com/id/Funky-cabinet-made-from-repurposedfound-items/ https://www.instructables.com/id/Pallet-wood-shelvesshelf/ https://www.instructables.com/id/Pallet-Workbench/?ALLSTEPS Running XP SP3, FF 9.0

Posted by JJennings9 5 years ago

PDF download problem

Windows 7 Pro - current Chrome - current 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit) Screen shot included Problem - When I open Gmail from Instructables and clk on Download button, the next step does not open a download button as in the past but, instead, a page ( All ) is auto downloaded (see Screen Shot). Then, when I open my Download folder only a white page for that file is available. It will not open. Previously I would have a PDF file (Chrome round icon) to open. Thanks much, Brian Chapman Cedar Rapids, Iowa / USA (I can't get the upload to work for my JPEG screen shot. Will send it separately.)

Posted by CyValley 1 year ago