Any website suggestions for drawing?

I need some website suggestions for drawing for a project that includes online.

Asked by ShiaLabeouf 1 year ago

CNC autocad drawings?

I would like to know if there are AutoCad drawings for the "Scratch" CNC Machine?

Asked by wanabop 6 years ago

Check Out my Graffiti Drawings

Here's one of my artworks, you can check out for more at .... Plz don't forget to comment.....

Posted by Bob_dollars 10 years ago

Post Your art

Just post anything you've drawn of painted or made or whatever. Here is a guitar picture I've been working on. Sorry if you can't see it all. I couldn't get it to work right. I modeled it of of the G-400.

Posted by heavy.metal.nguyen 10 years ago

Hand drawn Pics don't appear in the PDF- but all other pics do...

Hi.. I recently published my first Instructable.. All pictures appear fine in the online version but  when I download the pdf  all of the hand drawn plans ( done by me ) do not get included in the pdf?  All the other pics make it no problem... Am I missing something basic.. here?  Attached is an example of one of the pictures that doesn't get included The Instructable is "My wooden boat story" Thanks for anybody who can assist.. cheers

Posted by msil3070 5 years ago

post pictures of your drawings

Ill start with mine ( so far)

Posted by Malhecho 6 years ago

technical shoe drawings

Hello my name is Rochelle I am looking for someone to make a technical drawing of my sneaker design. Please contact me with samples of your work and your rates.Thank you.

Posted by RShaw08 10 years ago

FREE graffiti drawings

FREE graffiti drawings, yes, I said it :-P Anyway, I like drawing gaffiti so I decided that I will do it for people, below I have pictured some graffiti's I have done for DJ Radio and Kiteman. If you want one, just comment below and I will put you on the list :-)

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

does anyone know how to draw a good realistic turtle? =Þ Answered

a red eared slider is the exact turtle im tryin to draw so thx

Asked by I LIKE TURTLES 6 years ago

Steampunk concept art.

Hello everyone.      I am involved in the development of a new MMORpg based around the Steampunk genre and we are looking for concept art to base our 3d model on. If anyone is interested in the Steampunk genre and working on an amatuer video game I would love to hear from you and see some of your work. Thanks!

Posted by ShadeStride 5 years ago

Does anyone know any nice, creative ways to wrap drawings/pictures? Answered

For the holiday season this year, I plan to give away personalized drawings of an item the recipient loves.  The only problem is that I have no idea on how to wrap them. I would really appreciate it if someone has any ideas or suggestions on this matter. Thanks -Tqwerty

Asked by tqwerty 6 years ago

Second Semester Car Drawings

Well, the second semester is pretty much over and I'm getting hit hard with last second work so I figured I would put these up now for some input. If you didn't see my first semester drawings please do, but if you did you know that my company that I band all these designs to is called Veloci. Veloci is the name of the car company I would own someday in the very far future. If you like what I drew and are going to make one of these, tell me. I don't really care if you do make one but I would like to see how it would look in real life or scale size. As far as the cars here I designed: A pickup truck designed like a Bugatti Veyron, Dboye82 's H-pulse concept, Ford Focus ZX3 with Lambourghini styling, a semi-truck, and my company's first golf cart! Please tell me what you think of my cars and if you have any suggestions for cars feel free to comment. I always like new/unique ideas.

Posted by JonnyBGood 5 years ago

Scale Aircraft Drawings

Does anyone know where i might download a copy of the book "Scale Aircraft Drawings vol 1" without signing up for something.

Posted by wenpherd 7 years ago

Show off your drawings!!!

Though there's no members at the moment I figured I'd go ahead and start a topic. In this one, just post pics or scans of some of your drawings. Here's three of mine:

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago


Hi my name is juan I am 16 and art is what I do. I can make rustic wood furniture draw even make costumes. This is my first pyrography drawing and my first post. Please tell me what you all think and if you guys ever want an instuctable on anything just ask(I have allot of free time) please comment! 

Posted by juan sanchez 6 years ago

My First Semester Drawings

Hello!            Every school semester there is some downtime when I just draw cars. I don't have my normal critics this year because I am at college now so I figured I would see what the instructable community thinks of my cars. If you like aerodynamics and fast looking cars you should like my style. Also as you can tell I made up a car company to put all my cars under called Veloci. If I do have that car company in the future that's what it would be called. Anyway more to the point let me know what you like or don't like about any of these and I will try making a better batch this semester! Thanks! JonnyBGood [Please note not all of these cars are finished drawings! Some I just ran out of the inspirational drive to finish them.]

Posted by JonnyBGood 5 years ago

What can I use to dissolve inkjet ink that won't harm mylar? Answered

I have a stock of large sheets of translucent mylar that I want to use as tracing medium. The trouble is that I got them from an engineering shop, so they have plans printed on them. I've had some success "erasing" the drawings using either alcohol hand sanitizer or acetone, but both require some elbow grease and some kind of abrasive, which leaves the surface mottled. Is there a solvent that will dissolve the ink and leave the surface of the mylar more-or-less undamaged? My research suggests that the ink was laid down by an inkjet printer, though I can't be entirely certain.

Asked by yoyology 5 years ago

The Many Faces of the Instructables Robot

The Instructables robot, the beloved mascot of has become a symbol of DIY for some, who wish to express their love of making and their appreciation of instructables through it.These are the many faces of the instructables robot, created by instructable members themselves.

Posted by Keith-Kid 9 years ago

Chalk Drawings

Here are some amazing chalk drawings done by Julian Beever. When seen from just the right angle, these drawings have an amazingly 3D appearance.

Posted by 1up 10 years ago


Who off you draws?? P.S:i didnt have any draws on my computer lol

Posted by ryan knexer 10 years ago

how to draw graffitis?

How to draw graffitis

Asked by yusra 8 years ago

How to draw a MP-40?

 How do i draw a realistic MP-40?

Asked by mcellis94 8 years ago

where can I find a beginners technical drawing class online?

Technical hand drawing for jewelry

Asked by jimenab 9 years ago

3 point perspective drawing

3 point perspective I draw

Posted by iproberry1 6 years ago

Dragon ball drawings

 Please post your drawings of dragon ball, dragon ball z, or dragon ball gt characters. 

Posted by S5114 8 years ago

Anybody like to draw?

For anybody that likes to draw feel free to join my new group called PWMMOP standing for People Who Make Marks On Paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago

How to draw people?

Anyone know any good instructable for drawing people? Like the shapes and techniques and stuff?

Asked by Catherine12345 8 years ago

So, can you draw??

So, can you draw? If so feel free to post your pictures. I'll start, this is one of my brothers drawings. I can draw too, yet I wanted to post something done by him.

Posted by Lftndbt 9 years ago

my drawings

Well thanks to my friend hes showing me how to draw goku =P

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

how do you draw a hole in the wall?

I wanna draw a hole on my wall but i dont know how to

Asked by 8 years ago

How to Draw Anything in One Step

Art can be hard. There will be something that you want to draw, but you keep finding yourself getting it wrong. Here's a tip on how to draw anything. In one step! How to draw anything (in 1 step)via Drawn!

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Is there any drawing software used to draw circles of any size? Coz for one project I need to make a templet .

Is there any drawing software used to draw circles of any size? Coz for one project I need to make a templet of 4cm radius circle and inside the circle i need to evenly distribute 22 holes with size 2mm?

Asked by Rohitrai 9 years ago

What is the best tutorial on making a drawing board?

I want to make a drawing board, but I don't know how. Where can I find an instruction on how to make a (professional) drawing board.

Asked by DaTomassinoInc 9 years ago

how to draw with pastels?

Asked by 9 years ago

Rate my drawing!

Check it out! Constructive criticism please :P

Posted by FoxyPenguin94 6 years ago

How do you draw over a surface? Answered

I tried drawing over the top of the model but it always ends up drawing over the ground

Asked by LorenB1 1 year ago

How do I draw with just a ruler and pencil? Answered

Is there any way with which I can draw something with a ruler and pencil

Asked by 9 years ago

Anybody want to draw for my RP page?

I'm making an RP page and I need people to draw profiles for my character.

Posted by metalshiflet 4 years ago

Can most drawing tablets hook up to a samsung tablet?

Can drawing tablets from walmartvhook up to a regulwr samsung tablet?

Asked by AmayiaR 7 months ago

Drawing schematics? Answered

This is Mousey the Junkbot's schematic...does he even have a third wheel? I would be very much obliged to anybody who can anybody draw this schematic out:

Asked by blinkyblinky 6 years ago

how to draw manga girls? Answered

Tell me how to draw there body shape and head shape. Help?

Asked by tony6547 7 years ago

Drawing Anthros Guide

I just wanted to submit a link to this awesome guide I found for drawing anthro's. It's really great and it's also long and detailed (I printed it and it took 102 pages). In the process of teaching you how to draw anthro's it also has great drawing guides and tips for drawing anything - including humans and animals. So, for anyone interested - here's the link:

Posted by LoneWolf 7 years ago

Who does the Instructables Robot drawings for the Instructables contests? Answered

For some of the contests, there will be a drawing of the Instructables Robot involved with the theme of the contest. Right now, the Fitness and Watersports contests have a drawing of the robot. They are awesome drawings, and I was wondering who did them? Thanks!

Asked by splazem 6 years ago

looking for a free simple drawing appication

I'm looking for a free drawing application thats simple like graffiti on facebook but has a few more features.

Posted by Tanners 10 years ago

My drawings.

Here are my pictures of Dragon Ball Z people. 1. Gohan. 2. Gohan. 3.Goten. 4. King Kai. 5.Trunks. 6. Goten. 7. SSJ4 Vegeta. 8. Majin Vegeta 9. Kid Buu. 10.Trunks. 11. Vegeta. 12. Cell Junior. 13. Gohan. 14. Vash. 15. Yoshi. 16. Kamikaze Ghost. 17. Kid Goku. 18. Goku and Vegeta. More coming soon!

Posted by Vynash 9 years ago

How to draw a skull

Paul Alexander Thornton shows off his skills with this lovely video of the creation of a skull drawing. He only used black and red ballpoint pens and the drawing was done over the course of two days. Paul Alexander Thornton via Wooster Collective

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago