How to make a typical dutch hat?

For a costume party we need to make typical dutch hats. The white ones they used to where in the old times with the two wings. Kind of like this one:

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Dutch / Nederlands

Hey, my native tongue is Dutch so if you need any translation into / from Dutch send me a message. Hallo, mijn moedertaal is Nederlands dus als je vertalingen nodig heb naar / van Engels stuur me een berichtje.

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Dutch OSSENWORST recipe, anyone?? Answered

Had Ossenworst (or AwesomeBest as ive started referring to it!) in amsterdam, and really loved it. its a course, tender, raw beef sausage eaten in the netherlands. so good! i would like a recipe, but haven't had any luck thus far... anyone know? thanks!

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Anyone know how to prepare traditional Dutch RAW HERRING? Answered

Anyone know how to prepare traditional Dutch RAW HERRING? the kind that is just eaten raw with or without onions as a snack. i was recently in amsterdam and loved it! i live in new york city tho, and haven't found it here yet.  i know there is brining involved, and i think something about enzyme preserving... but haven't found any 'recipes' online... Advice?? 

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where can i find glycol? Answered

Where can i find glycol? i'd also like to know the dutch term, thanks for the help!

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About "Ynze" as my username...

Hi all, I'm curious about how my username is conceived by the crowd on Instructables, because my guess is that it must be hard to pronounce and remember by non-dutch visitors (a bit over 99% of Instructables' population). I chose ynze as a username because I couldn't come up with something better. Ynze is also my first name, and even for a lot of native dutch speakers, it's hard to pronounce. So, I'm just curious about the way you experience my username. Your comments will be appreciated! ---------------- UPDATE, July 22nd: I will not change my username. It turns out the name can be interpreted in many different ways, and just that is enough for me to keep it! Thanks a lot to the commenters! Y. ---------------- Best, Y.

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Can I cook in a fireplace without a dutch oven? Answered

 I would like to cook in my fireplace, but I don't want to have to purchase a dutch oven. I know about the foil method, but could I use recipes meant for dutch ovens in a cast-iron pot, which I could then place on the coals?

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Maxablaster: The homemade 52 million candlepower flashlight.

A homemade 52 million candlepower flashlight. So that's what engineers get up to in their spare time.The article says 38, but apparently Ralf has already upgraded to 52 with his newer setup.The 45-year-old Dutch optics engineer has been building his own lights since he was eight, but his recent 38-million-candlepower creation, the Maxablaster, is more like a miniature star. To start, Ottow stripped out the innards of a powerful commercial flashlight and switched in a mercury arc bulb, which generates light by creating an ultra-hot plasma between two closely spaced electrodes inside the gas-filled central chamber of the lamp. That results in a brighter, more focused beam but also kicks out more ultraviolet light (hence the sunburn, a product of early testing). So he added a specially coated reflector and designed, ground, and coated a new glass window that would trap UV rays while still pumping out light.Powered by a pack of 54 batteries, the Maxablaster can put a bright spot of light on a cloud four miles high and illuminate a house from just as far. But Ottow doesn't use it to spook his neighbors. It's not a torch you'd walk your dog with," he says. "It would probably cook your dog." link

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Dutch knex guns, wars and other things

I know there are some Dutch knexers here. Since Holland is quite small, maybe we can have a war or share ideas. If you are Dutch tell me and if you're interested in a war say it. Since this is ment for Dutch people i will now continue in Dutch. Als het je wat lijkt om een keer een gevecht te houden PM me dan en ik zal proberen meer deelnemers te werven. Als je weet welke mensen met knex instructables Nederlands zijn post dan even een comment. Voor een war geldt:          minimaal 12 jaar oud                                              maximaal 15 jaar oud                                              minimaal 3 maanden ervaring met knex guns                                              over de tijd, locatie, plaats en regels kan worden gediscussieerd.                                              GEEN GEWEREN DIE VERDER SCHIETEN DAN 25 METER!!!!! als je tips hebt of je wilt gewoon wat kwijt, zeg het dan P.S. Use google translate if you want to know whats written in Dutch (it's just the age, experience and requirements) P.S. If you want to say something, post your comment in both Dutch and English if possible

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If I understood it, maybe I'd buy something...

I was emailed a link for a Dutch housewares website. I haven't got a clue about speaking Dutch, and I don't even know if it's a real website.Follow this link , let it load up, leave it for a few seconds, and enjoy.

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Any Dutch makers looking for a new career?

According to the BBC, the traditional craft of making wooden clogs is dying out, and one of the last practising craftsman is looking for people to pass the skills onto... (It seems walking in clogs is also a dying skill.)

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Hey, Do You Remember That Dutch Fella?

Hi, all!! I decided to rework on my "skills" with K'nex building, i'll try posting something soon. Don't expect any new mechs though, unless i accidentily think of something, lol. Hopefully a quick goodbye and that my PC won't die once again! -Victor-

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Steampunk Harp

Anybody seen any of these or care to make an instructable for an orchestral steampunk harp? As cheap as possible, but decent sound quality, please.

Posted by Dutch Holland 9 years ago

Dutch's K'nex Rifle

This is my K'nex Rifle, based heavily on the M14 rifle. I'm only showing one picture here, the rest of them are on Knexinnovation. These are the specifications: Fake bolt-action ( pull pin back -> fire ) Removable magazine - Capacity: 9 Add-on rail for sniper scope ( inspired by Chombo ) or other add-ons Realistic look Average - Above average power Shoots blue rods

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Does anybody have a Minecraft server with 10 slots or less which is 24/7?

I'm looking for a Minecraft server for a while but the only 24/7 servers I found were 200 slot servers with many plugins and lag. If someone has a small Minecraft server with 10 slots or less I'd be glad to join.  (I prefer servers with a Dutch of English speaking community)

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Dutch Robot "Flame" Walks Like a Human

Via PhysorgThis robot uses the same way humans walk, but actually falling forward. "PhD student Daan Hobbelen has demonstrated for the first time that a robot can be both energy-efficient and highly stable. His breakthrough came in inventing a suitable method for measuring the stability of the way people walk for the first time. This is remarkable, as ‘falling forward’ is traditionally viewed as an unstable movement.To watch Flame in action click here (WMV, 5.25MB).Next he built a new robot with which he was able to demonstrate the improved performance: Flame. Flame contains seven motors, an organ of balance and various algorithms which ensure its high level of stability."Robots that can chase us flesh-bags down to power themselves are now one step (pardon the pun) closer. w00t!

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Maker City & Maker Festival in Mechelen, Belgium, March 19 to 22

The site is Dutch only, sadly enough:

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How do I home repair chips in enameled cookware?

I made a small chip in the enamel of the lid of my enameled cast iron Dutch oven. It's not in a bad place but I'd like to repair it, if possible.

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How is a toy like this called in English?

How is the toy in the pictures called in English? The figures collapse or bow when a button in the base is pushed in. There's no real name for them in Dutch... Any advice on how I should call these in my upcoming Instructable?

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Open Day at Hackerspaces in the Netherlands (and elsewhere!)

This weekend is a great time to visit your local hackerspace, especially if it's participating in the Hackerspaces Open Day. Most hackerspaces in the Netherlands will be and it's worth checking one out. More information on this here: (in Dutch) Our local hacker- and makerspace, Hack42 in Arnhem, will be open from 10:00 to 22:00 and we have a great programme with something for everyone: lockpicking, computer security, a fun kids activity, free books, lasercutting, 3Dprinting, and soup. All hackers, makers, tinkerers and crafters are very welcome to visit! (in Dutch)

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Instructables Multilanguage

I have been playing with Google Translator and I made translations of Instructables.IMPORTANT UPDATEI've done this in Turkish and noticed that these are just gibberish.DON'T USE THESEArabicBulgarianCatalanChineseCroatianCzechDanishDutchEnglishFilipinoGermanI stopped at German from boredom.

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What happened to today's (May 21st) newsletter?

I think I'm going mad. This afternoon (local dutch time) I got the I'bles newsletter. I'm sure of that, because it featured a bracelet by emilyvanleemput. So I dropped her a congrats-note. She never got the newsletter, and I can't find it anywhere. What went wrong?!

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Dutchj's assault rifle

This is my assault rifle. It was built with comfort being the top priority. It's already posted on KI, and if you want me to, I will post it here too. Specs are as follows: Comfortable stock, handle and foregrip. Strong, true trigger. Firing pin attached to a rail for stability. Removable magazine without pusher sticking out at the bottom Capacity: 15 Working sights.

Posted by Dutchj 9 years ago

How to make a silicon mold so i can make ice lollies in a shape?

I want to make icelollies in the shape of a word. You can buy little shapes to make ice lollies (i'm not sure how you call those things in English, in Dutch it's called waterijsjes) but i want to make my own shape. Any tips?

Asked by jashigh 9 years ago

There's high-speed photography, and there's high-speed photography...

High speed bullet photography is cool - the precision of catching the bullet flying through a carefully-placed target. But how about hitting a moving target?  How about hitting a single drop of water? Dutch photographer Alexander Augusteijn can do it, apparently using normal flashes, but with the timing controlled by computers. Lex Augusteijn Photography via PetaPixel

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what the heck is polenta?!

I'm lookn at this recipe for polenta orange cake, and its (suprise suprise) asking for 1/2 a cup of polenta. my pals say it mexican, but my gals tell me it french. google yeilds little, and wiki says it some sort of dutch pastry, what im trying to get at is WHAT IS POLENTA. but more importantly im down in ft. hood texas, where can i find it (killeed, harker heights)

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Million Dollar Bicycle

For a million dollars you can get a bike with the lowest air resistance in the world and hopefully get a better shot at the Olympics. That's what bike manufacturer Koga is claiming for this custom ride designed for Dutch rider Theo Bos. Oddly enough, they make the claim that since it has only one speed and no brakes it is one of the most difficult bikes to ride. Whatever. That style of bike is called a track bike and if you're in a city you've likely seen people riding them around. It's not that tough. Link

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Can you 3D print in beeswax?

Hi there, I'm looking to have a conversation with someone who might know how to 3D print in beeswax and in reasonably fine detail. There's a couple of Dutch guys who have already done this, but other than talk in forums, I've not seen much else. I would like to find someone who actually can either do this now, or is in the process of already finalising how to do this. If you can, would you consider contacting me and discussing further. Regards, lexip

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broken sell-phone screen

There's a crack in the screen of my sell phone so it' broken and I can't see anything at all anymore. does any one know how to replace the screen? don't mind the fact of fitting in the screen in the phone, that's something I'll handle myself. I would just like to know if somebody did this before or knows how it could be done. (I don't have a 'replacement screen' yet, but after having some suggestions I'll see which one I need) thx for the help! grtz (srry for my english, I'm dutch!)

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Artist 3D prints sculptures with human ashes

Dutch artist Wieke Somers has created a series of sculptures that are made with human ashes. She uses a 3D printer to assemble them, although there's no detail about the construction process in this article. Much more attention is given to the reasoning why in a classic artist statement: dutch design studio wieke somers does not want to discard the many benefits of technological innovation and its inherent mentality and the joy and will to create. instead she wants to make a statement about the current state of affairs in design and our conviction that we need a new view on what is necessary in the 21st century. her project 'consumer or conserve' evaluates this notion of a second-life. she considers, how human ashes can be reused by means of rapid prototyping or 3D printing, so that we may afford someone a 'second life' as a rocking chair, vacuum cleaner, perhaps even a toaster? would we become more attached to these objects if this was the case? would our willingness to pay more for a product increase if it is made from human tissue or ashes? I'd guess the answer is "no." Little bit creepy. Then again, Ed Headrick from Frisbee had his remains mixed in with a bunch of discs after he passed on so who knows? wieki somers: consume or conserve via inhabitat

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Green Roofs Capture Carbon

"Recently, Royal Dutch Shell PLC received $865 million from the Canadian government for a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project. Green roofs, rooftops with plants, can capture and store carbon, according to a new study by Michigan State University in East Lansing. The technology to build green roofs already exists, and they can be created for much cheaper than a CCS project."The key to fighting global warming is capturing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in new reservoirs that weren't storing carbon before," lead researcher Kristin Getter said...."This looked like a rather elegant answer to the Green Question.  

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how do i make my ghetto programmer to work?? Answered

Im using this programmer: i use the program for flashing a led written by the real elliotbut it wont load...i downloaded winAVR, loaded everything, put in the attiny13 chip, connected everything right, re-wrote the program for attiny13 (changing output ports) but it gives the error> Failed to create process: the system cannot find the given file.the last part is translated since im running the program in dutch...what is going on? and what can i do about it?

Asked by godofal 8 years ago

Cast Iron or stainless? Answered

Next weekend, I'll be going on a campout with my boy scout troop. (Nothing new to me). As every year, we will be having a mock  "Iron Chef" competition. A charcoal pit will be provided for the cooking, as will some cast iron dutch-ovens. I would like to bring my own fry pan however. I am debating whether to bring a stainless or cast iron. I have both, and am fairly well able to cook with both. (besides my horrible cooking skills.) However, I'd like to see some suggestions, and here some viewpoints on the matter. I am not certain if we will be allowed the use of our propane stoves or not.

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Why can i only favorite some of the instructibles but not all? Answered

Here are some links where i could Favorite: and here are some links where i could not favorite: this is confusing me please help

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Swap: my tea envelopes for ... surprise me!

I'm offering a big fat bag full of tea envelopes to someone who is willing to send me... something fun. Make me an offer and see if I'll bite. I probably will. I'm in the Netherlands, but this offer is international. The envelopes are empty: there is no tea included in this offer. Many people like to use these colourful envelopes to make stuff, like cards. The picture is only a sample. The envelope you'll be getting will really be fat. There will be different tea brands present, and different flavours, but also many of the same brand and flavour so you can make a pattern. You'll find mainly Dutch and German brands. Any takers?

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Maker Faire The Netherlands: Oct. 20th!

Calling all Makers from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany: On Oct. 20th, a Maker Faire will take place in Groningen, The Netherlands. Official website: Besides dozens of dutch Makers, a number of Instructable members will be showing off their work and host workshops: Masynmachien, Allarrrd and Ynze, and we'll be plugging as well (we got a bag of give-away goodies from Instructables HQ!) This will be the second edition of the Maker Faire in Groningen. Last year's edition was a huge success: If you'd like to visit, please leave a comment ;-) Hope to meet you in Groningen, NL on Oct. 20th.

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How can I make a bicycle wheel spinning at least 2 rotations per sec? Answered

Hi there! I am looking for an alternative way to spin a bicycle wheel. The wheel is 26 inch and needs to spin at least 15kph (10mph). I want to make a display of the Monkey Light Pro I won in the Bicycle Contest.  The calculation: The wheel has a circumference of 2.1m. 15000m / 2.1m / 60min = 120 rotations per minute / 2 rotations per sec. Does anyone now How I can make this. It does not have to be exact as long as the speed is over 2 rotations per sec. (15kph/10mph) I would like to use an electric engine that does not need any work to it and can be recycled from another device. Idea: could an old fan work?

Asked by The Dutch cyclist 1 year ago

My chemistry textbook was right all along!

As reported in Physics World today, a team of Swiss and Dutch physicists have developed a novel tip for an atomic force microscope (AFM) using a single carbon monoxide molecule. The tip is stable enough to image individual atoms and bonds within molecules.The first image below is from the group's AFM of a single pentacene (C22H14) molecule on a copper (Cu(111)) substrate. The second picture shows the conventional chemical structure diagram (the vertices are carbon, and one hydrogen hangs off of each exterior corner), and the third is a "ball" model, with carbon atoms in black and hydrogen in white. As discussed in the article, the whole molecule is just 1.4 nm long, with a spacing of 0.14 nm between adjacent carbon atoms.The paper is out in today's Science, but it's pay-per-view.

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An structable that imitates and improves Wacom's Inkling

Hello all! Just surfing the web for some drawingtablets, that is where I found (duh! d'oh)Wacom Inkling It looks cool, but: * I wonder if Wacom is "more compatible" with products they sell, in other words, buy Inkling buy other Wacom related products to make it compatible with each other. *Pen, pressure sensitive, but can you swap the inkleader with any you like? Especially(correct?) (I'm Dutch ;) ) the pen. When the ink has dried up, you don't want to buy another Wacom pen which takes ages to ship. It doesn't seem that hard to recreate something similar without my assumptive drawbacks. But is there a whizzkid that would like to make and instructable like this? Please? :) Regards Thomas

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diy fume extractor carbon based vs diy ventilation system for soldering

hi i am curios what you peeps think what is better to make for soldering a fume extractor carbon based or a ventilation system because i am getting kinda sick of always blowing away the smoke from soldering thou i am used to smoke since i smoke myself (and yes i also smoke the herbs) but i have a hard time choosing what to build so i let you guys help me choose hehe ^^ also i live in the netherlands in-case of resources to make it (for carbon filters) because i do not know the dutch and eu laws about such things i look forward to your replies ^^ greets angellicktrooper aka naku

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Single Shot Knex Gun

Hello, This is the first knex gun that I have submitted on this site. It's a single shot gun that fires blue rods. It has a true trigger mechanism, and has a range from about 10 metres (I think that is approx 30ft.?) with only one rubberband (because my dad doesn't like it when I hit the walls). About me, I don't have alot experience with k'nex guns. I'm building them for about six months. I built the_burrito_master's Park and Mepain's Inferno, and a few other guns. This one is the first that I really like. So I thought, let's post it! Please comment, and if you think I can improve things, please tell me. PS: I'm sorry for my bad English. I'm Dutch and only 13 years old, so I have much to learn. Please correct me if I make any mistakes!

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Pier 9 in the Media

Video Tour Through the Pier 9 Workshop  TechCrunch - May 2014 Approachable Fabrication Fabrication and Forming Journal - May 2014 Anouk Wipprecht Creates Smart Textiles in SF 7x7 - May 2014 Most Amazing Office Spaces on the Planet Business Insider - April 2014 What Happens When you Turn Artists Loose on Autodesk's 3D Printers Fast Company - April 2014 Andreas Bastian Creates Incredible Bendable 3D Printed Mesostructured Material - April 2014 Dutch artist Wipprecht to speak at Codame Art+Tech event SF Chronicle - April 2014 Carl Bass in the Pier 9 Workshop Discovery Channel - March 2014 Autodesk Pier 9 Design and Motion - March 2014 AutoCAD 2015 Blogger Day CAD Setter Out - March 2014 Inside Autodesk's 3D Printing and Creativity Workshop on Pier 9 Curbed SF - March 2014 Creating Joy in Technology CCA News - October 2013 Ribbon Cutting at Pier 9 GigaOm - September 2013

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