organize dvds?

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How can I put a dvd on to an ipod touch?

Is it possible to ad a dvd to an ipod touch through you're computer?

Asked by rigg221 8 years ago

What can I do with a DVD player with a broken tray?

The disc draw just opens and closes. Any suggestions for cool DIY stuff with the parts?

Asked by scouting_gerbil 9 years ago

Can i use a old DVD RW Drive i got from a old dekstop pc on a laptop without a dvd drive?

Ok, so i recently gutted out our old family desktop pc, my dad has a laptop WITHOUT a dvd drive, so that means he cant watch movies or stuff on his laptop, i have everything from the pc, how can i use this DVD RW drive on it? I believe it runs windows 10. Images show the DVD RW Drive! (Sorry if blurry i take terrible pics, its kinda heavy anyways)

Asked by FreePvp 2 years ago

what to do with extra dvd burner?

I have a extra dvd burner i want to make something from it PLEASE SUGGEST IDEAS i thought to make laser cutter but even if i will make one its power would to so less (this is my calculation that its power should be in milli Watts correct me if i am wrong)

Asked by Atul009 5 years ago

Ideas to reuse dvd cases?

Ideas and instructions, suggestions on types of ways to connect dvd cases?

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set fire to dvd? Answered

Is it possible to set fire to a dvd w/o an accelerant?

Asked by pyro man 9 years ago

DVD player from a computers dvd player? Answered

I have a dvd player from a  dismantled computer tower, is it at all possible to make convert it into a working dvd player i could hook up to a tv?

Asked by embochner 6 years ago

How to convert DVD to MP4

I just buy an iPod, can any one tell me how to put DVD on my iPod.

Posted by brandon2009 10 years ago

How to use a Wondershare DVD Ripper?

Recently, I have a Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum, but do not know how to use it, who could help me?

Posted by laisdenr 8 years ago

where to get a good DVD Ripper for my favourite movies

Sometimes when you want to watch a DVD video but not on DVD player, all you need is a DVD converter to help you to rip it to another portable video players like ipod, iphone touch, etc. Also if your friend borrowed your DVD and you may like to watch it as well then again a DVD converter will assist you solve this problem. I would appreciate if someone here can recommend me some good dvd rippers.Thax in advance!

Posted by chase2009 8 years ago

How do I take files off a DVD without damaging the DVD? Answered

There are some DVD's I want to get files off of, (To be specific, movie files from a movie called "Braveheart") How can I go about this?

Asked by A good name 9 years ago

How to take a PC DVD Drive and make it a stand alone DVD player?

Yes, I know I can use one of the many small form factor PC's out there...but what other ways can I use to achieve the goal of taking a pc based internal DVD Rom and getting it to work as a standalone dvd player.....

Asked by IdeaVault 7 years ago

is it posible to put dvds on an ipod touch?

I have some videos i want on my ipod touch and was woundering.

Asked by bluegorrilla 8 years ago

can i install a cd/ dvd burner? i have a dell desk top. want to burn dvds. what do i need?

I have a few parts. looking to install a burner so i can make dvds. need help. i know nothing about this.

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Dvd drives will not work, reads dvd and cds, will not see blank dvd media for burning?

Why does my computer's dvd drives show me dvd then when i try to put a dvd in to copy files it changes to cd and won't let me do anything can you help please. all drivers are up to date. i have a 80 wire ide cable working both dvd which are brand new. one on master and the other on slave. is it possible that i should have a 40 wire ide cable for a connection. i don't know but it's really making me mad. this is my 4th build and i have never come across this problem before.......I'm really stumped thanks in advance if you can suggest any fixes?

Asked by danthomas28 9 years ago

Convert a DVD via SW into Microscope!

Could one turn their DVD or CD via SW to a microscope viewing reflected light from the laser and placing the specimen on the disk (pls someone take the challenge). I would love to see such an Instructable

Asked by moris_zen 9 years ago

how to put dvd to blackberry?

Have you ever met the following situations ,if you want to put your dvd to another portable device,what do you often need?I want to put my dvd to my blackberry ,but I have some problem in doing it,so can you help me with it? Thank you in advance!

Posted by solinda 7 years ago

Why are there magnets around the DVD laser player? Answered

I just disassembled an old DVD player. The laser is 'suspended' between two fairly powerful small batteries. Any idea WHY the batteries are there? The link below shows the laser and the magnets. Video

Asked by pleabargain 7 years ago

Uses for a dismantled dvd player

I am having computer issues atm and therefore a hard time searching all the insctuctables to find fun things to do with the dvd player I was given recently and stripped down.  If anyone can give me some idea it would be most groovy...

Posted by MikeHunt0420 6 years ago

How to rip DVD and convert video to ipod on Windows and Mac?

In modern world, we have so many ways to share our feeling, interest, etc. with our families and friends, even those who we have never seen. So the problem rip DVD,put your favourite on ipod come. Our DVD Ripper review experts have tested many similar DVD Rippers and get this result: dvd video reviews The article includes four parts. Part 1: Rip DVD movie to iPod (Windows) Part 2: Convert AVI, WMV, MPEG, RM, RMVB, ASF, MOV, DivX, XviD, MPG to iPod MP4 or H264 format (Windows) Part 3: Rip DVD movie to iPod (Mac) Part 4: Convert AVI, WMV, MPEG, RM, RMVB, ASF, MOV, DivX, XviD, MPG to iPod MP4 or H264 format (Mac). See more informations: dvd video converter

Posted by iphonebooy 8 years ago

Replacing portable dvd player with pcdvd rom drive

Sup guys.  I have an audiovox vbp4000 portable dvd player.  The drive reads disks when tore down but not when put together.  It wont eject.  I noticed however that its just a standard pc dvd rom.  I hooked it up to my windows pc and it recognized the drive and i can use it like normal.  So my question is, how can I replace the portable drive with a standard dvd rom drive?  Ive tried simply hooking one up, but no joy.

Posted by kithso 8 years ago

Can you partition a DVD? Answered

I have several games that I want to put on one disk so that I don't have to keep track of three disks, one for each game and one for the game files. Anything?

Asked by furrysalamander 7 years ago

portable DVD: picture have moved

Hi, I got The Lenco portable DVD Player DVP-X7. I can hear sound and view the picture on an external device. The problem is that the picture on the screen of the portable dvd player is on the right side and cut of. So only half the picture is visible with a black bar beside its and the rest of the screen is grey. its like the picture have moved to the right and now you can only see a part of it. Please help.

Posted by m8r_vn6oua 8 years ago

Suggestions for automating the DVD copying process to preserve the collection?

I have about 2000+  DVD movies. I want to transfer them all to my new storage system(HDDs in terabytes) as image files. I just wanted to know if there is a device which can automate this process or anything I could make to auto-feed the disks? Thanks

Asked by mirzahadi 8 years ago

does anyone know anything about tv av chords and where to put them? Answered

Red yellow and white dvd chords where do u put them in the back of the dvd which slot???

Asked by maliyah 9 years ago

I have opened up an old dvd drive (samsung).?

 I got 3 motors. tray motor, lens assembly motor and the spin motor. Anyone knows how to make these work? there are lots of connections.?

Asked by kumarsid 6 years ago

DVD Ripping/Converting Programs

Hey everybody, I have been trying to find a free program that will allow me to put a DVD into my computer and convert the '.VOB' files into '.avi' files. If anyone can help me out by showing me a program that will do this for me, then that would be awesome. If there is no converter for '.avi', then '.wmv' would be good too. Thanks, SC-Ghost

Posted by SC-Ghost 9 years ago

How do I copy vhs tapes to my computer to burn them to dvd???

I have many vhs tapes. I want copy and save them on dvds. I also have a PS3 can that be useful?

Asked by BiggBob2 7 years ago

How do you record from DVR to computer hard drive or record from DVR to DVD recorder?

How do you record from DVR to computer hard drive or record from DVR to DVD recorder?

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I removed my screen from an old portable dvd player and need to know the color codes for the wires.

Hopefully I will be able to use it as a portable monitor for my kids' games. The wires are (in order) blue, purple, yellow, red, white, black, white.

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adding a video input jack to a malfunctioning portable DVD player

I have a Coby portable DVD player that is malfunctioning in that it won't play discs, but the video display appears to be working normally. The jacks on the player are output only and I'd like to be able to switch one of them to an input jack so I could have an additional screen running off of a newer portable DVD player. Are there any known instructions out there? Is it feasible? Thanks, Jim

Posted by jimmilt 9 years ago

Define NTSC and PAL Formats? Answered

I would like to know the difference between  NTSC format  and PAL format  DVD players, both being region free.

Asked by rookie1 7 years ago

can i turn rca output into input?

I have a portable dvd player that only has output rca ports and want rca input

Asked by nkelly777 7 years ago

What do I have to do to put my collection of VHS movies onto DVD? Answered

I have a ton of these tape cassettes that are disintegrating over time.  I just want to have a back up because some of these movies are not offered on DVD ? Is there a software out there somewhere that will do the job?

Asked by rookie1 7 years ago

What do you recommend as a home DVD player for the next decade ? Answered

Last night our Panasonic DVD QUIT just as we wanted to play Swiss-Family-Robinson for the grand kids. So we had that Yamaha 6 platter player that first lost its VF display and later the player quit too the only reason its still shelved is its the audio drive for speakers installed around the room.. . What is a bullet proof player with easy to use control and HDMI output in your opinion

Asked by iceng 3 years ago

Good DVD software?

Hi,So I downloaded all of The Onion videos onto my computer as .FLV's. Then I converted them to .mp4 (ACC audio). Now I want to import them into some type of program that will allow me to make DVD's with Menus and link each clip onto the menus. So does anyone have any good suggestions of free software like that? I have used Roxia my DVD but I don't have the full version and I don't particularly like it. I run am Running Windows XP media Center and Ubuntu Gusty Gubbons on this computer. I have all of the videos on an external hard drive so I could potentially take use my brothers mac. Any suggestions and/or comments are welcome. ThanksJoe

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i need to see if it is possible to turn my Sony 200disch CD Changer into a 200 disk DVD changer/Player???

I need to see if it is possible to turn my Sony 200disch CD Changer into a 200 disk DVD changer/Player???its a Sony CDP-CX205...I would like to read from PC , but a simple video out or embeded solution, etc...i have a ton of resources/parts etc...any and all ideas welcome!!! thanks...?

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DVD laser?

Could I use a DVD player laser as a pointer? (IT CAN'T BURN ANYTHING!)

Asked by alexw2150 7 years ago

How do i turn an internal dvd rom into an external dvd-rom?

I would like to turn an internal dvd-rom drive into an external usb dvd -rom drive. Any suggestions or leads?

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DVD burning problem?

Everytime I burn a DVD (I use windows DVD Maker) It works on the computer, but only a few DVD players. I have an older one and a portable one that only some of the DVDs will wok on, otherwise I just get error messages. I also have a newer DVD player in which they all work on. Does anyone know whats going on? BTW- I'm using DVD-Rs. Thanks!

Asked by transistorguy 7 years ago

dvd and blue-ray drives?

Do blue-ray drives read dvds and cds ?and also does a dvd or blue-ray burner have the same functions as a dvd or blue-ray drive?

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