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This is a never ending forum about Doctor Who I will try to answer questions as best as I can and keep this up to date. 

Posted by E Daniels 4 years ago

How can i connect three pin ac switch? Answered


Asked by nobykobe 5 years ago

RSS Feed Please

This website could use an RSS feed.  I'm unlikely to visit often, I'll junk-mail an e-mail newsletter, but an RSS feed always catches my attention.

Posted by raywood 7 years ago

I have to design controller for controlling speed of BLDC motor for E RICKSHAW ?


Asked by DIGVIJAYSING 2 years ago

Does anyone have any ideas on how to turn a digital picture frame into an e-book reader?

I've been looking around  for an affordable e-book reader but they all seem to be north of $200. While at the store the other day I passed some digital picture frames that were under $100 that were the right size and shape. The digital picture frame looks like it has all the hardware you'd need: lcd screen, media port, etc, problem is getting them to read pdf files and the like. I thought about finding a way to convert pdf files to jpeg files but that seems like a hassle to do every time I want to read something. Has anyone out there attempted to hack one of those digital frames so that it reads more than just image files?

Asked by DngrDave 8 years ago

Service to transfer handwritten content to text and send via e-mail.

Hello, I wonder if you have any information or guidance on the following:- Is there a service which transfers content from handwritten letters, or in images, such as in a fax service, to typed text which can then be sent to an e-mail address? Would there be some sort of security / anonymity / privacy involved, as there is with e-mails and post? Many people who require help on benefits, housing (travellers, homeless) do not necessarily have access to a computer, yet most of this information and guidance is available online. This is great for those who have access, but what about for those who have not? I know of PO Boxes which give anonymity, but this only works from one person to another, and only with written material. Any ideas or suggestions of such a service would be much appreciated. Ephemerol9

Posted by Ephemerol9 4 years ago

E-Certificates for Contest Winners

I'm in currently in the second year of my Bachelor's in Electronics Engineering course & I have been a winner in a few contests in Instructables. I was recently updating my LinkedIn profile when I thought of an idea wherein Instructables contest winners would get E-certificates that they can include in the profiles. I'm sure companies which are hiring would show some interest in online contests held or supported by sponsors (such as Intel, Microsoft, SeeedStudio,Dremel, Formlabs, LittleBits, HP, Epilog, etc) on Instructables. I'm also sure a lot of people would like to showcase their achievement's on platforms like Linkedin,etc. If you agree or disagree(constructive criticism) leave your comment below and also leave your feedback/additions. Let's see if this actually becomes a feature on Instructables?

Posted by Jonathanrjpereira 2 years ago

How to make a robot hand without using servo motors? Answered

I have lots of spare time but I don't have any money to afford small scale servo motors. I'm thinking to build a robot hand similar to the human hand without using servo motors.  Objectives of the hand :    -Should be able to handle it's own weight    -Should be able to grab small weights 1grams to 5grams. I'm planning to make the hand using only e-waste and this is the second reason I'm not using servo motors. (I'm from south Asia, there for it's hard to find servo motors in the e-waste.) Can someone give me an advice or can someone tell me is it possible to make a robot hand without using any servo motors?

Asked by RedSeptember24 5 years ago

about a electircity problem ?

I'm trying to help my neighours & some of my relatives to invent some solar electricity inverters for our daily uses along with OUR native  country NEPAL to solve our NATIONS requirements. SO, will anybody gives us any IDEA or SOLUTIONS for free of cost ?? So, we can boost our Nation's PROGRESS in OUR own term and Conditions ??? if so  please send me an e-mail to my account. It's

Asked by imgood 8 years ago

Need a list of the best tools, e-books & tuts, ide's etc. for embedded systems and devices development

Hello Everybody!!! I Just recently dedicated myself and career to the development and design of embedded systems, devices and technology. I just wanted to know if anybody had a list or a link of the most essential tools and other resources to help learn and develop a highly efficient setup and environment for this field of study and employment. Thank You AO!

Posted by Da_Real_ApacheOmega 3 years ago

Can you solve this Riddle?

I have presented this riddle to over a million people and no one has been able to solve it. I posted it in Offbeat and Free Stuff to win a free E-Book so, can you solve this riddle? Riddle me this, riddle me that, the answer is there beneath your hat. When asking a heads or tails type question, when do the answers number greater than seven? Good luck Joe

Asked by Josehf Murchison 3 years ago

K'NEX MK5 Smart Pistol

There is no secondary choice when you have a good secondary. I thought I'd just drop by and give you guys a pic of my new Titanfall MK5 Smart Pistol. Essentially what I did was take my bros new FN Five-SeveN and made it into a heavily modded, futuristic, auto-aiming weapon. I'll be finishing this later on, but in the meantime, keep an eye out for my new Galil ARM.

Posted by E Pluribus Unum 3 years ago

GameNox Awnsers

SEND QUESTIONS BY E-MAIL TO Nox Informer OR VISIT THE Nox Informer WEBSITE. Rules: Username must be present. If not random name will be generated. (EX:User28485475) MUST BE A QUESTION That's it. --INFO-- Awnsers will be posted on Instructables and Nox Informer. Topics on Nox Informer will close in a week but on Instructables it will stay forever. Topics on Nox Informer will be under the name of Game Nox but username will be present. In Instructables all awnsers will be posted in this catogory with title GNAwnsers or GNA and the title of your question. Questions? Comments? E-Mail Nox Informer now.

Posted by GameNox 7 years ago

The best and the worst instructables ever!

As we know, the Wall-E Robot is the best ever instructable, because it has a rating of 4.62, and no instructable has a higher rating than the Wall-E Robot's instructable! And who wants to know the worst ever instructable? The worst ever instructable is Ghetto Hacks! Right now, It has a rating of 0.83, who wants to rate the instructable? Are you going to rate it as the "best ever" or "worthless"?If you want to know more worst ever instructables, visit this group, Worst. Instructables. Ever.

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago

Do you always need a buckpuck for high powered LEDs? Answered

I want to power a Cree MC-E LED with a 12 volt 5 amp/h SLA battery.  Most of the time you have to use a buckpuck (an LED Driver).  Do you always have to use a buckpuck?  If I have a 12 volt battery and a 12 volt LED like the CREE MC-E, then I don't need a driver, right? Thanks Jacob

Asked by Noblenutria 7 years ago

i wanna use thermoelectric material for temp to electricity conversion ?

Input  temp 200 deg celcius for glowing LED`s how many such materials should i use?

Asked by shiblinomani 5 years ago

iam from lebanon can i share with this contests

I love contests but my country is not revealed in the listed countries  can i share?

Posted by hadi141 8 months ago

Any good vegetarian substitute for meat fish and egg Answered

Any good vegetarian substitute for meat fish and egg.I mean tastewise.Am a new veggie and cant forget the taste.

Asked by amar55in 9 years ago

Help needed

I need a good estimation of the dimentions of a strike zone in baseball. I understand that the dimentions change with every batter, but what would be a good dimention to practice with?

Posted by E-R-IC 7 years ago

Internship in India

Would love to intern or volunteer in a DIY/makers group/company, etc. Preferably in south-India but elsewhere in India wouldn't be a problem. Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance :)

Posted by Ashwin e i 2 years ago

Would it be possible to focus a laser beam to an even smaller point? Answered

I was thinking maybe fresnel lens+ high powered laser+ even more high powered laser!!

Asked by norsehorse 9 years ago

what is the technical term for those brown large envelopes that I put portfolio pieces in?

What is the technical term for those brown large envelopes that I put portfolio pieces and artwork in?

Asked by 8 years ago

Math formula(e) needed: tesseract model construction?

Although I CAN do this without the math formula(e) to figure it all out, I would like to have it for a quicker method of figuring out size, etc. so I didn't have to use up so much material in guessing. I would like to construct the tesseract I have pictured here, using rigid clear plastic sheets or panels.   Given a said size for the "inner cube" say 2 inches (approx. 5 cm or about 51 mm) what formula(e) must I use to calculate the panels' dimensions to connect to the larger cube (knowing full well this will depend on the size of the larger cube....say approx. 4 inches across (about 10 cm or 102 mm)? The reason I'd like the formula(e) is that I may need to increase the size of the center cube by an inch or so, and this would allow me to do so without having to go through the "trial and error" thing so many times. I would, of course, want the center cube to be "centered", if possible or shall I say as close as possible. Thanks....

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

Can anyone recommend some good books/websites on electronics and the like?

 I'm looking to get into tinkering and would greatly appreciate help in any form.

Asked by Hitzel 8 years ago

Robosapien hacks????

Has anybody hacked a robosapien? i have recently procured one without r/c and was wondering if there are any serviceable parts (servos, boards, processors) or is it something better suited for the e-waste grinder.

Asked by mikes686 8 years ago

Laser diode

I need a laser diode from 18x or more dvd writer or blue-ray writer.please help me.I dont have a credit card to buy them from e-bay

Posted by Rhsameera 8 years ago

Pdf problem

I'v e tried downloading the Mystic lord pdf file a couple of times but after a period of time I get a message to the effect that it's not able to repair the file. Is it my computer or is there a problem with that file ?

Posted by Floorman 9 years ago

Can Kipkay join?

Could we get kipkay to join? That would be cool.

Posted by Bartboy 9 years ago

Does anybody know of a hack for a Robosapien? Are there any usable parts for anything else, or is it e-waste?

I have procured a robosapien without r/c and wonder what i might be able to make with it.

Asked by mikes686 8 years ago

How can we convert a wifi card (intel pro wireless) to a usb wifi adapter.

I have a intel pro wireless intel pro wireless 3945abg.(Grabbed it from my old laptop) I want to convert it to a usb wifi adapter. I m taking some help from this article. Help Needed! Thanks in advance.

Posted by TechnoM2 5 months ago

Failed Three-Layered Gun

People don't often post 3-layered guns, so I thought I would try one, and (as you can see by the title) it did not turn out so well. It got maybe 40 ft. of range, but that was an accented, as the gun never shot again. It was a good attempt, and is not too ugly, but, it is still a failed project. I just thought I would share it with you guys. Keep an eye out for more projects from me! -E Pluribus Unum

Posted by E Pluribus Unum 4 years ago

Newsletter Sending to Wrong E-Mail

Ok, so I have switched to a different email address than the one I was using when I signed up on Instructables, even changed the email in my account settings to the new one. Yet my Instructables newsletter continues going to the old account. Maybe this is some kind of bug or a part of the system that has some flaw in it, I just dunno.... If you're reading this I hope you are an admin or something of that ilk that can remedy this. ~Peace Be Da Journey Man!!!

Posted by Kozar 6 years ago

Whats the best upgrade for a laptop WIFI PCI-E wireless card?

Im thinking of upgrading it to an N card but there's too many to chose from. This is for a DELL INSPIRON 1501 laptop Windows Vista with a factory wifi G card.. What's the latest and best card as far as performance. And what's the difference from an INTEL WIFI (N) and WIFI/WIMAX (N)card like the INTEL 5350,INTEL5300? I'm looking for speed and better Tell me what you guys think?

Asked by PitStoP 9 years ago

What is a 1/4 watt resistor? Answered

Alright, So I know the basics about resistors and what-not, but as I was buying beginner supplies, I noticed there were resistors in OHMs and Watts, What's the difference between the two? And like, can the unit Watt be transfered into OHMs? And which one would I use when my general area of working would be around basic LED work and noob stuff like that xD?

Asked by E D E N 8 years ago

Is there a way to hook 3 a c leds to a 9 volt battery?

Is there a way to hook this up with resistors or some other way? to keep my battery from overheating?

Asked by ERNDI 6 years ago

Can i enter my instructable from last year?

 Well, i made an instructable last year and i was wondering if i can enter it this year? 

Posted by DELETED_JoshM96 8 years ago


I would like to have an online (e-mail) relationship with a guy and or girl my age (14-16) because i have no friends here where i live. (penticton bc) if thats at all possible.

Asked by rigidmaster 8 years ago

can i change my keyboard leds?

I have a e machines kb-0108 is it possible to change the led's and how because there getting dim and flashing on and off.

Asked by christopher3 6 years ago

Burning Questions Numbah 5

Hehe, nabbed this from my newsletter e-mail, check it out!!!Burning Questions #5The contest isn't open yet, and I'm not staff, but check it out anyways

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

FPS games

Hey everyone!!! Any favorite games you guys liek to paly? ? personally mine are Counterstrike and BF2.!!!!11

Posted by orrichio 10 years ago

Cucinare con Myra : materiale bikini Non più

In The Sound of Music , Julie Andrews ha cantato i versi di " Queste sono alcune delle mie cose preferite ", che comprendeva elementi come gocce di pioggia su rose e fasce di raso blu.Penso che quelli sono davvero gentile, sconto Costumi Bikini ma non sono le mie cose preferite. Per me include andare in spiaggia , alla ricerca di conchiglie e fare castelli di sabbia , soprattutto se il cielo è blu e il tempo non è troppo caldo. Sabato scorso è stato molto vicino alla perfezione , tranne che non era quella la costruzione dei castelli di sabbia . prezzo basso Costumi Bikini Taylor e ho guidato verso il SandFest annuale sulla spiaggia di Port Aransas .Ci sono stati incredibili scultori di sabbia provenienti da ogni parte degli Stati Uniti e anche altri paesi come il Canada , Paesi Bassi e California. Ci sono stati alcuni artisti incredibilmente talentuosi creando opere d'arte dal nulla , ma sabbia.Queste sculture erano di cose come draghi , ingrosso Costumi Bikini un ragazzo che somigliava a Bob Marley seduto su un bufalo , un elefante di grandi dimensioni e molto dettagliato , una sirena e anche un po castelli di sabbia . Questi progetti sono voluti almeno ogni due giorni per fare ed erano fino a 10 metri di altezza . E 'stato un po' difficile immaginare che questi capolavori sarebbero andati in pochi giorni , cadendo preda al vento o le onde o forse solo bulli locali che trovano gioia nel calciare sopra castelli di sabbia .Mentre camminavo lungo la spiaggia vedere in bikini donne di tutte le forme e dimensioni , ho chiesto a Taylor se avesse pensato che avrei potuto mai indossare un bikini di nuovo. sconto Costumi Bikini I suoi occhi leggermente allargata , ma non cambiare la sua espressione del viso o addirittura parlare. Io non mi considero in sovrappeso, ma io sono 51. Forse negli anni hanno preso un tributo leggera sul mio fisico . Taylor non sembrano in grado o disposti a rispondere alla mia domanda , ma semplicemente guardando fuori attraverso la vasta distesa dell'oceano , come se non avesse sentito me a causa del suono delle onde che si infrangono , nonostante il fatto che è stata una giornata abbastanza calma.Ci sono alcune cose che dovrebbero accadere se dovessi indossare un bikini. prezzo basso Costumi Bikini Il primo e più importante, vorrei essere da qualche parte lontano, così ho potuto avere la certezza che non avrei visto nessuno che conoscevo.Il mio amico , Janet , non poteva esserci perché è come un Fashion Police che dice che le donne della nostra età non dovrebbe nemmeno indossare camicette senza maniche, perché le nostre braccia non sono più le parti più lusinghieri del nostro corpo .

Posted by nancyleelee 6 years ago