disc/disk brake squeal rear brake? Answered

After a rainy day riding my bike, i had wiped it down and forgot the rear brake and now it squeals when I try to use it. More like an elephant noise. Help please!

Asked by knektek 7 years ago

What's the best design for a water rocket?

There's two parts I'm wondering about: - fin design - recovery system design I'm planning to use angled fins. What angle is best? Does the shape of the fins matter, or can I just make triangles out of cardboard? For the recovery system, which is better: airspeed flap or "nose separates at apogee"? The second one is definitely easier to build, though.

Asked by MePerson 9 years ago


How do I download e-books?

Posted by windbag 5 years ago

E books

How do you dowload E books from your site?

Posted by rosbucs 5 years ago

E-mails not going to updated e-mail address

I've updated my e-mail address for notifications and my profile indicates the new e-mail address but they still go to the old e-mail address. What can I do? Thanks, Chad

Posted by bruzer101 6 years ago

Newsletter goes to wrong e-Mail

I tryed to change my e-mail in settings to a new e-mail account.  It states that i have changed my e-mail but they still go to my old e-mail account...any ideas?

Posted by rj44319 7 years ago

Changed e-mail address; still getting e-mails at old address

I changed my e-mail address but am still getting Instructables at my old e-mail address.  How can I correct this?

Posted by dlb156 7 years ago

how do you download e-books on instructables.com?

I can't downoad e-books~

Asked by onesmileynurse 5 years ago


How do you repair a power plug on a kindle e reader

Posted by tigger66688 4 years ago

E-books, how do I download them?

I found the e-book (e-pubs), however I haven't been able to download them.  Never showed a download script.

Asked by davidm1973 7 years ago

E books

Firefox 4 can not see the download buttons on the e book page. IE is OK

Posted by rickharris 7 years ago

How do I verify an e-mail ?

I really want to make an instructable, but I have no clue as to verify my e-mail. 

Asked by s-cowanh 1 year ago

How do I change my E-mail address

How do I change my e-mail address?

Posted by JRV31 5 months ago

Official Wall-E Papercraft

If you want to make your own Wall-E for your desk, Disney has you covered with an official Wall-E papercraft. Just download and print this file to get started.via paperkraft

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

how do u coulor you're e sheep?


Asked by monster40121 7 years ago

Current Free E-Books? Answered

Anyone know where I can download CURRENT free e-books? Current like Rick Riordan, James Dashner, etc.

Asked by schoonovermr 7 years ago

I can't change my e-mail

Before I want to sing up but it said that my e mail have been used so I use my friend's e mail to sing up and then I tried to change my e-mail I my account but I still can't change the e-mail what can I do? please help.

Posted by mac969 10 years ago

E-Book Problems

OK...SO i just got a PRO membership, and i am trying to download some E-Books but it just keeps sending me to an overview page that shows the different formats i can get the E-Book...why cant i dowload them? PLEASE HELP!!!?

Asked by sokamiwohali 6 years ago

Fantastic Russian Wall-E case-mod

This is such a good build, it speaks for it's self.

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

lady gaga's e-mail,who knows?????

As the title~thank so much if i got this~

Asked by lala1989 7 years ago

not getting weekly newsletter

I changed my e-mail address,but it still is going to my old e-mail.

Posted by Mare322 10 years ago

Getting two e-mails when someone requests to join group

.  When someone requests to join the group Answerers, I get two e-mail notifications.

Posted by NachoMahma 8 years ago

e-mail broken only shows part of the e-mail. Some problem with sizing. ?

E-mail messages from instructables broken and won't display the complete message.If I select forward or reply all of the message is there. If I select the message to display full screen a bit more of the message appears but still not all. What?

Asked by bbwest 6 years ago

USB bat E-mail?

How do you make a bat file that will E-mail Files sliently

Asked by danielbrthwt 8 years ago

Where to buy e-ink/e-paper screens?

I want to build a project that could really benefit from epaper.  Is there a source for e-ink displays and driver chips?  This is a relativley new technology and I couldn't find much short of thousands of dollars. BTW, I'm proficient at electronics, so it's not like I'm looking for some kit to hook up to my arduino or anything :P  I'm looking for the raw stuff.

Asked by guyfrom7up 8 years ago

Updated e-mail address doesn't change in the newsletter mailing

Changed my profile's e-mail address and confirmed it, and it shows under my profile. However I still get newsletter e-mails under the old e-mail address. I assume they're two different databases, but then how do I delete the old address from the newsletter mailing database?

Posted by SAVAJ 8 years ago

How to make a WALL-E robot?


Asked by RUDR 3 years ago

Problems with e-mailing subjects

I can't seem to send an instructable to the e-mail addresses I type in. What gives? I use the library computer, so my time is really short. I send things I'm interested in to my e-mail addresses to be looked at later, but I'm stuck here today trying to get the links to work. Help!

Posted by rookie1 9 years ago

Can anyone help me turn a dell axim into an e-reader? Answered

I want to buy a dell axim x50 or x30 and turn it into an ereader as well as take notes on it at school.

Asked by furrysalamander 7 years ago

WALL-E made from trash

This WALL-E robot is made entirely with reused materials. How cool is that? All I'm doing is putting it into the recycling bin when there are robots to be made! Home made recycled WALL-E via Treehugger

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Not receiving e-mail subscription

Greetings, Since changing my e-mail address to a Gmail account I have not been receiving my weekly e-mail subscription.  I have even tried to re-subscribe with my Gmail address.  I have repeatedly checked my spam box on both the server and my PC (I use Thunderbird as my local client).  They are not going into either spam folder. Please help!  I miss my weekly Instructable e-mails! Dale

Posted by Dale_D 8 years ago

Does any one know how to play "Organ Donor" on the piano by DJ Shadow?

i cant seem to find any sheet music for the song, but would love to play it! D:? i've got the main theme so far c# g# f# g# e# f# d# e# c# c# g# g# f# f# g# g# e# e# f# f# d# d# e# e#

Asked by HaTOkaD 9 years ago

E-books not downloading...

Hi there, I can't seem to download any of the e-books in pdf. Th Adobe download starts, ends abruptly, followed by the '..cannot not open file. Either the format is not supported or the file has been damgaged" error. This occurs with any of the ebooks. Waddup? :) Thanks!! G-Farce

Posted by G-Farce 7 years ago

E grettings fellow members

Hey guys, thanks for joining fellow members. Don't be shy to post anything. Also, remember to tell your friends about this group!

Posted by solarblade90 8 years ago

E coli incubator

I am building an incubator for ecoli.  Any comments or improvements?

Posted by drystreams 7 months ago

I forgot about Instructables!! - where have my e-mail updates been?

Hey, I just remembered yesterday that I haven't been to Instructables in a couple of months and I used to check the site daily. Then it hit me, I haven't received an e-mail update/invitation from you guys in months. I used to get a weekly e-mail that would prompt me to return to the site. Please start e-mailing again as my memory is garbage and I NEED e-mail invitations to remember to visit sites that I like, and Instrucables is at the top of the list.

Posted by WillMahoney 8 years ago

Sound sythesizing? Answered

I am making a robot, and want to make it say "mole-e." I want it to be a clear reference to "wall-e." There is a long story behind why I want "mole-e," so I won't go into that. I am planning on making a very simple mp3 player that is triggered by an Arduino. Basically, I know HOW to make the robot produce sounds, I just don't know how to make it say "mole-e." There are mp3s and oggs readily available of the "Wall-e" sound bite, but does anyone have a clue as to how I can sythesize it to say "mole-e?" Any software reccomendations or tricks? Can I record it and then edit it to sound like "wall-e?"

Asked by Tredlock 7 years ago

'Featured' e-mail links don't work in iPhone App

Am I doing something incorrectly? I use the iPhone e-mail app to review the weekly/daily 'FEATURED' instructable e-mails.  Often I follow the link from the e-mail to review the build steps.  I am frequently prompted to use the iPhone app. I have it installed, however it is not compatible with e-mail.  If when prompted to start the app, the app comes up with what ever page it would normally, not the specific instructable that I am following from the 'FEATURED' e-mail.  I like the app and I like the 'FEATURED' e-mails, however always prompted to use app is frustrating and not being able to follow featured items with out have my logon already in place as with the app is frustrating.  I have pro to be able to read all in one-step, however when following from the 'FEATURE' e-mail I always have to select view in one or always have to log in.  When killing time 1-2 minutes reading e-mails, not worth effort to log in.

Posted by stempile 4 years ago