Electric Lady - High Frequency Power Supply?

I saw an electric lady in a travelling sideshow. The type where she throws sparks from the hands, makes paper  burst into flames and causes bulbs to light by holding them. I'm assuming they are using a high frequency power supply (very low amps), and I was wondering if anyone has built one and if there are any good schematics on line?

Posted by Divet 7 years ago

running electric 740 ft how many amps can I run that far?

I want to run electric back to a cabin in the woods its about 740 ft from power source.  What cable do I use and do I need a step up transformer to get more amps back to cabin? What size wire for at least 20 amps +  to reach cabin? Power source is 30 amp

Asked by MichaelM352 2 years ago

what does this wire belong too? Answered

What is this ?

Asked by hellmaster993 5 years ago

automotive starter and dc speed controller? Answered

can I use a 45amp digital dc pwm motor speed controller with an automotive starter? the controller is from quality kits part number :uk1133. or is there another kit  I should be using? thanks

Asked by robin67 6 years ago

how to make a around 12 volt rechargable pack using nokia battery or sony ericson battery?

I needed a 12v battery to powered my RC toy car. But then li-po battery pack is too expensive for me, thus i was thinking if i could use nokia battery which is li-ion i can join them in series to increase the voltage and parallel to increases the current output of the pack. the problem is how should i do that while i cant do anything with the battery that i have ...

Asked by 8 years ago

No power in any outlets up stairs power comes and gos ? Answered

I live in a old cobble stone house it seems there is one line that feeds all the out let’s the power comes and gos i have checked all the plugs to see if there was a loose connection every thing was tight the only power I can find comes from the attic but again there is no power ther again how can I trace the power feed to upstairs the wires are all steel Rome wire can a breaker be bad  I’m not even sure what breaker runs upstairs any help would be appreciated thanks mike

Asked by MikeB641 6 months ago

How to get motor from old record player running from mains? Answered

I have this motor that I want to use for an automatic dog feeder project for a local animal shelter. It came from an old record player. It says "100 - 130V" on it, and "8W, 0.14A, and 50-60~". I have to say i'm not very knowledge about electronics etc at all. I really basically just want to be able to plug it into mains and then that it runs slowly, it doesnt matter very much exactly how slow. I have no idea but wonder if wiring it to a plug and then plugging it into a mains socket would be safe and if it would then run like I want it to? I can really only scavenge supplies to make this project work. thank you!

Asked by lsadwdwadw 2 years ago

wire electric in house?

Asked by acherryl 8 years ago

Why electric arc are blue? Answered

I was wondering why electric arc are usually blue when there is a short.

Asked by Sarah86 8 years ago

Electric motor

What would cause an electric motor, running a table saw, to suddenly start running at a faster speed than normal?

Posted by tablesawguy 4 years ago

electric car conversion?

Me and my dad are going to a junk yard to pick up a 37 packard and a 65 mustang and we are going to make them electric but only one problem neither of us know how the electricity will power car to move i dont understand that if you can give an explantion or even better a diagram showing how to do it it. thanks alot guys.

Asked by DELETED_JAZ97 8 years ago



Asked by imamfarid 4 years ago

how can i use a generator with a 72v electric bike?

I read the article on how to make a 72v electric bike and a 96v electric bike and i was wondering if we could place another 72v motor inline with the main ( so when 1 motor rotates the othere also rotates at same speed producing electricity )and use the 2nd as a generator to charge the battery . if we could use a diode in the circuit so as to make the current flow from the 2nd motor to battery and not the other way.

Asked by jona6664 8 years ago

I have several piezo-electric ignighters, is there a way to boost them to make a larger spark? Answered

I have a tutorial on how to get one, in case you need an example.

Asked by XOIIO 9 years ago

I have an electric wheelchair that contains 2- 12v gel batt

I have an electric wheelchair that contains 2-12v batteries. the charger has 115v/230vac input & 24vdc/5a output. what do i need to get to be able to install a solar charge / battery maintain system?

Asked by Richard Earle 1 year ago

What to do with a broken electric scooter??

The speed controller is broken so i was thinking of taking it out and using a parallel circuit to wire a momentary push button switch and the motor and baterries to let it run.

Asked by ajyounes10 8 years ago

Is the copper on electric wire negative or positive?

On elecric wire there are two kinds of metal. One is copper and the other is iron. Okay, now on a battery there is the positive side (+) and the negative side (-). Wich wire goes where?

Asked by Potaterchip 9 years ago

related to electric vehicle?

I am going to make an electric vehicle so my question is that how to calculate cost per unit,cost per mile for an electric vehicle? and ways to overcome weight issues so that when a person sits on the vehicle, the speed does not reduce or less.  I am asking this because i want to make a vehicle that will cover many miles with less battery efficiently. I hope that everyone understands that what i am trying to ask

Asked by yaseen_123 4 years ago

Electric bike generator?

I have an electric bike that has a 24 volt 450 watt motor, running on the back wheel.  would it be possible to fit a front hub motor  on the front wheel to ether help with charging the battery's while using the electric motor to run the bike or be able to power the motor when you have started to move.  If this is possible what size hub motor would I need in the front wheel and what modification would I have to make.

Asked by AlanV23 1 year ago

For an electric rc airplane, does the body have to be foam or can it be light plastic ??

If I have to get some kind of foam material, where should I get it. Any certain brands????

Asked by Sk8terthing 9 years ago

How can I put an electric starter on a pull start Briggs and Stratton engine?

I'm 50 and have a herniated disk in my back. It hurts me to start my chipper/shredder. I'd like to put an electric starter on it, but need guidance as to type of starter motor, how to attach a battery, etc.

Asked by njmcvicar 9 years ago

What to do with an electric toothbrush?

The head of my electric toothbrush broke and replacement heads cost almost as much as I bought the toothbrush for, so I'm not going to buy a new one. I now have a headless electric toothbrush and wondered what make with it since it seems too nice to just throw away. Unlike most electric toothbrushes, this one doesn't rotate back and forth but instead reciprocates forwards and backwards about 2-3mm. Anyone think of something useful I could make of it? I tried to use it as a metal etcher, but it doesn't move fast enough for that unfortunately.

Posted by chiok 9 years ago

how do you make an electric motor more powerful?

I am making a battle robot and need to upgrade it to get more torque out of it, in order to lift a 10 pound robot.

Asked by mr.fikeus 9 years ago

can i make an electric motorcycle with the motor from an old table saw?

It is 1.5 hp rpm 3450 volts 115/230 amps 15/7.5 will this motor be fast enough to adequately drive a suzuki gs550e frame?

Asked by bornon511 8 years ago

what size dc electric motor would i need to make a motorcycle go over 100 mph?

180 pound rider and i dont know how much the bike weighs but it is a suzuki gs550e

Asked by bornon511 8 years ago

Can I make an electric car of my own?

Iam an 11th studying student and I want to make my own electric car which can give the speed of normal cars with gears,lights,etc. So can I make one ? If yes, then how and where can i create ? Where can I get the materials needed ?

Asked by Hari Kerala 5 years ago

old discharged electric wheelchair batteries

My paralyzed wife passed away in 5/2007 and her 2 electric wheelcairs that are no longer in use have thouroly dead batteries. I don't know what kind they are other then they are a sealed unit. I want to sell them but can't with dead batteries. Can they be brought back to life? The on board chargers don't seem to do anything.

Asked by Jerry S 6 years ago

Replacing three 12 v batteries in an electric scooter?

I have an x-treme scooter 360 and the batteries are dead. i have 3 12v replacement batteries, but i do not know how to replace them? does anyone know...

Posted by denniswilliams 10 years ago

schematic diagram for e200 razor electric scooter

I have one diagram for my scooter but it is not like the wiring . Is there more than one diagram if so would like to have a copy or find out where i can obtain one

Asked by halfstep 8 years ago

3 phase AC motor for electric kart with 12 volt , ten batteries in series?

If it is possible to run motor please give me what motor power i need , how many watt power motor i need ?

Asked by rasik4 3 years ago

How do I create a speaker that gets louder the faster someone pedals on an electric bike?

For a school project I am building an electric bike and thought it would be fun and an attention grabber if when people were on the stationary electric bike the faster they pedaled the louder a speaker would get. Is that even a possibility? The motor is an 1000 Watt motor on the rear wheel. I think that the higher the voltage or current, the louder a small speaker would get. 

Asked by JacobV35 5 months ago

Electric Average: How do you compensate an electric bill from a previous bill when factoring in a difference in av temps

I understand the averages using billed days, total kWh, and the average kWh per day.  But, how would I account for different average temps?  I put in LEDs this fall and want to see if there has been a difference in usage.  our av. Temp this Feb was 29 degrees; last year it was 34.

Asked by cgmox3410 5 years ago

Need help wiring salvaged electric motor

Hello, I have an electric motor I salvaged from a clothes dryer. I would like to add a three prong plug to it. However, I'm not experienced enough to read a schematic and I can't find any other tutorials that use the same motor. It's from a 2014 Whirlpool Dryer. I need to know where to connect the black, white and green wires. Any help is appreciated.

Posted by ttemple2 1 year ago

Making an electric Guitar - where do I put the pickups and bridge etc? Answered

there are several great sets of instructions on how to make an electric guitar, but they all same something like. Route the spaces for the Pickups where required. How do I know where the pickups need to go. I guess there is some sort of rule about how far apart the pickups should be from each other, and how far from the neck and bridge?

Asked by tim_p_harris 9 years ago

car cigarette lighter power supply? Answered

I desperately want to install a electric car lighter into my coffee table, but am having trouble figuring out a proper power supply. I am a complete dummy when it comes to anything involving electricity, and would very much appreciate some ideas

Asked by bobertson 4 years ago

Please can I use car engine starter motor (12 volts) to build an electric wheelchair?

Please can I use car engine starter motor (12 volts) to build an electric wheelchair? If so, how do I connect it to batteries?

Asked by dankyi 5 years ago