I've changed my email address but I still get your emails in the old account which will be closed soon.

Posted by artkennedy 6 years ago

Email address change

How do I update my email, when I no longer have access to my old email account?

Posted by pyrocop1 7 years ago

How to solve Problem email spam with my BellSouth Email Adress?

HiSomeone is using my bellsouth domain email address and using it to spam folks to folks i have sent emails to in the past. Just started occuring yesterday. How do I stop this mess? Do i just stop using the address and get another?ThanksBellSouth Net Email Login | BellSouth Email Setting | BellSouth Customer Service

Posted by SaraS222 3 months ago

how to change my email address on my profile?

I want to change my email address.  Don't want to miss any unstructables!

Asked by dixiegrits 7 years ago

Can't change email addy

I keep trying to change my email over to a new email account, but it hasn't seemed to work. It says the old account should receive an email, so I can validate it, but the old account hasn't received an email. I tried it last week, and it tried again late last week, and again today. Am I doing something wrong or is there an additional step? Thank you.

Posted by HeresyOfTruth 7 years ago

how do I unenroll?

Stop email

Asked by smith503360 3 years ago

Can I change the email that my account is registered with?

As the title implies, Can I change the email that my account is register on? I don't want to make another account just change the email, is this possible? Thanks for any help;) 

Posted by Team Dogoman RC 2 years ago

Can't change email address

My old aol email address has been turned off. I need to change my email address on my instructables account. But i need access to the old address to confirm the new address - which i don't have. Is there a way to change my email without having to confirm through my old address. I'm worried that I'm missing important info.

Posted by sensoryhouse 9 years ago

Oh noes! I stopped receiving email!

Last night I received a rush of emails due to my new iBle. Suddenly, they just stopped. I was no longer receiving emails from Instructables. This was confirmed by several un-emailed replies to me and one of my forum topics. I rely heavily on the email system to tell me when someone is contacting me, as the text box on my homepage does not always show new comments. If you think I stopped receiving the emails because the rush triggered an anti-junk system, I have no such system set up (because I don't get junk mail :) ) and I have received a much larger rush of iBle emails in the past. I tested to see if it was my email by sending a message from a separate computer/account, and I received that message. I also still receive emails from Please, fix this. I'm lost without it! Edit: Fixed! :D

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 9 years ago

Why I can not open selected project from instructables email in default browser?

I am using Microsoft outlook for receiving Your emails. I last few weeks when I mouse click on offered project in Email it does not open web browser (in my case mozilla) with this project. Only select picture in Email? 

Asked by bikicviki 2 years ago

Can't add email

I logged in through Twitter and created an instructable to enter into the leather goods contest. In order to do so, I need to have an email connected to the account, but the site does not allow me to add/change my email (Likely because there's none to begin with due to the twitter connection) I'm on win7  on 32.0.3 FF - Tried Chrome as well. Works in neither. The email I'm trying to add is - If someone is able to add that to my profile so I can get into the contests in the future I'd appreciate it

Posted by Martillo Workshop 3 years ago

I don't receive e-mail

 I received the emails in a normal way, but I stopped receiving nothing. The settings are in the image below.

Posted by mtsys 1 year ago

Why do I have problems sending emails?

Still having trouble with emails.  I get encrypted mesg., but still shows up in my gmail.  But!!!, Now I can't get a share window at all.  What gives.  this is getting to be a real problem.  I only get an hour on the computer at the library, so this is really cutting into my time.  Help, I need to know what to do.

Asked by rookie1 8 years ago

email duplications

Hi all, Has anyone else started getting two emails for the same item, one from the usual Instructable mail shot system and another one with Ref "Name of current mailshot" and then it goes on to say thanks for contacting Instructables, blah blah blah. This is happening to me and becoming annoying. I'm already having problems with downloading PDF files as a Pro member and now this has started. Whats going on please, considering cancelling my subscription.

Posted by abtrooper82 7 years ago

Can't email 'ibles!

I surf Instructables a lot at work, during down-times (gotta love IT, when your servers are humming and users haven't managed to screw things up in awhile), and will often email my wife, myself, or friends interesting 'ibles.  The last couple of days, however, when I click on the Email button, the window pops up as usual, but after filling out all of the requisite information, clicking the "Send to Friends" button at the bottom does nothing.  Not even a hicup.  No blinky lights.  I'm using XP Pro SP3, Firefox 3.6.8 (updates were the first thing I tried).  Any thoughts about this?

Posted by RabidAlien 7 years ago

how do i configure incredimail with windows live, I cant send email from my incredimail.?

I get an error server does not suport ssl connection

Asked by mepp 7 years ago

MagicJack notification. ?

I just installed Magic Jack. It works well, but I would like to have the answering machine/voice mail sent to two email addresses. I use AOL as my primary, and AOL won't auto-forward. I can set up a hotmail account, but how can I autoforward the message (with an attached wmv file) to two email accounts (mine and my wife's)? Seems like Magic Jack would have thought of this.

Asked by vectorges 8 years ago

E-mail from Instructables

Everytime someone responds to one of my posts in the forums I get an e-mail, how do I disable this. So far I haven't found a button to disable it and I keep getting a bunch of emails. Help

Posted by acer73 10 years ago

Hi i have a big problem with Draft in Drafts folder while using it in Outlook. what to do ....? Help pls !

Hi, I use Microsoft Outlook for emails. But there is big problem that when i created a draft in account that i have already configured with MS-Outlook. I cant access that draft with full rights. I open the draft from the drafts folder in Outlook, i get it Read-Only....i tried every option to edit that draft from Outlook but i couldn't. Please help....if there is any way to open the draft in read-write mode in Outlook. Thanks

Asked by tonydicosta 6 years ago

I changed my email

I changed my email in my profile, but I still receive newsletter emails at my old email address.

Posted by sctirvn687 5 years ago

How to stop email newsletter?

Is there a way to stop getting the Instructables email newsletter?  I de-selected all the options in the email setting under my profile but I still get emails.

Posted by dfvx990mq321pl 3 years ago

New contents - email alert

I hope, if such functionality appear. When new contest is started - to be notified by email.

Posted by dsur 4 years ago

The truth about email spam: opinions wanted.

The link that follows is to an article and discussion on email SPAM. Spam email would not be nearly as beneficial to spammers if they had to send their own email, the reason it is cost effective is that spammers aren't really doing the spamming.Any comment on it ?The truth about email spam

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Newsletter being sent to old email address

I changed my email address in my account a while ago but am still receiving instructable newsletters at the old email address. Is there a different spot in my account that I have to change the email address for newsletters? Or is this a bug?

Posted by Redbuck 3 years ago

Emails still going to old address

I changed my email address several weeks ago, but you're still sending your emails to my OLD email address, why?  I just checked my profile and my NEW email address is the only one listed. So, I do hope you'll fix this SOON, I won't be using my old email address at all, soon. Thanx

Posted by 70sford 7 years ago

email association process

I do not know how to associate a email to Instructables. Can or would someone kindly direct me to the process instructions. much appreciated thanks

Posted by bgunville 1 year ago

Help! Missing Email after running compress folders in Outlook Express? Answered

Running Outlook Express in Windows XP Pro. Email was in my Inbox. Ran compress folders. Email now missing from my Inbox.

Asked by stokesjohn451 3 years ago

No effect of email change

Hi although I've changed my contact email to some other account I'm still receiving newsletters and other email from Instructables on the old one. Please fix this, because it's extremely annoying. Regards Marcin

Posted by mcylke 3 years ago

What is the instructables "Suggestions" email address? Answered

I have an idea for instructables to add, but the only email I can find is the service one, of there isn't an email, should i just pm it to an editor

Asked by popewill 6 years ago

Why won't you let me change my email address so my email verification is sent to the right email? Answered

"Hey diyprincess, you still need to verify your account" and I try! I keep getting an email verification error. I put in my new email but then it says there was an error and try again later. I've been trying it later and later and later with no success.  Help please.

Asked by diyprincess 1 year ago

How do I change my email address with Instructables?

Trying to change it with the "Update Profile / Unsubscribe" link does not work. (The only thing you cannot change there is your email)

Asked by hellvig 5 years ago

Is it possible to send an email via batch?

I have a batch file I have been working on and wondered is it possible to send an email via this program? if you know how or know a program please tell

Asked by Orange Shadow 3 years ago

Password reset emails not being received

I'm not receiving emails to reset my password when I request them. I do get other emails (notification of group add requests, patches being sent to me, etc) from robot regularly. I don't have a spam folder.

Posted by Lithium Rain 8 years ago

Email notices and instucaibles

I have recently changed my email address on here. and I was wonder why the instrustables are still going to my old email account. I want to delete but I am waiting to make sure all the stuff I want get to the new email address. I was thinking that I may have to rejoin although I have already given my new address. Can anyone tell me what to do.

Posted by Softdove 7 years ago

Bug in email newsletter

Some links in your newsletter aren't working. You need to change this: to that:

Posted by zozed 2 years ago

Subscription Email

I love this website and enjoy my weekly newsletter of new Instructables. Originally, I had them going to my spam-catcher email (I do that when I sign up for something new), but want it to come to my regular email now. My main account settings now has my regular email address, but the newsletter still went to the old one. Private messages and comment updates go to the new email just fine. Finally, I turned off the subscriptions to that old email address. Oops... Now I don't get the weekly at all! I tried to find where to subscribe to the newsletter and all I get is a page that is essentially for new accounts: it wants a NEW address and won't accept my current email address, saying it's already in use. Well no kidding! It's my email address and that's where I want the newsletter to go!!! So how the heck do I subscribe to the weekly newsletter using my current account settings' regular email address?

Posted by shamanwhitewolf 10 years ago

Haven't Recieved Notification Emails

Hi, I just noticed that while people I'm following have recently posted instructables, I haven't received any email notifications. I checked my settings and they still show that I want to receive notifications. I've received notifications about comments and new followers, just not about anything posted by the people I'm following. Is something wrong with my email, or is this a bug? (I checked the spam folder in my email, nothing was there) Anyone else have this problem?

Posted by M3G 4 years ago

how to share via email?

Have clicked on the share and email to send to to make this work please... btw i just found your site  this morning and so far am loving it!!  but do want to share this site and its projects with friends.. please lmk what to do. thanks

Asked by ktml13 2 years ago

How do I setup Windows Live account on iPhone?

I've tried using the Exchange and Other email account setup types on iPhone, and neither works. I have a Windows Live email from the college I'm at, and here's what I've been putting in: Email: My Full Email Domain: (optional) Username: My Full Email Password: My Password So I put in my information, and it then asks for a server. I have put in, and it still complains. Any help? Thanks --GoDoggie

Asked by godoggie 6 years ago

email images not displaying

I'm not getting images in my Instructables newsletter emails. Almost all of them are broken except for the We're Hiring graphic. The links in the image placeholders work. But without the images I'm not inspired, so I don't bother to click and follow the link. I have no problem with any other emails from other websites. I'm using Outlook 2007 on Windows Vista. (Please don't suggest using a different email program.) I've added Instructables to my "Safe Sender" list and "Safe Domain" list. What's going on?

Posted by PaulyG10657. 1 year ago

Email notifications

Hi, I know this topic has been made multiple times but none of the other solutions seems to be working.  I've tried resetting the email settings, logging out and back in, double checking my spam filter...etc.  I receive emails sporadically but did not receive the Halloween notification a few weeks ago, nor have I been receiving notifications of comments to my posts or updates from the authors I follow.  Can anyone please help?  Thank you.

Posted by Nick70587 1 year ago

How do I make Windows Live Hotmail PLUS my default email. .

I sign on but then I get my email thru Windows Live Hotmail PLUS (pay for it).  I want to declare it to be my default email but no one (MS Tech/Live Tech/Hotmail Tech) seems to be able to tell me how.   If I am on a webpage and want to respond via its own email prompt, I can't.  If I try to send photos from MyPictures, I can't.  I'm taken to Outlook's email and I don't want to use that. 

Asked by MickeyA 8 years ago

Multiple copies of subscription emails

I've received four copies so far of an identical email giving me a subscription update, telling be about Lith's group. At first I thought it was a Gmail server error and it wasn't actually updating my inbox after I read and deleted them, but the timestamps are different, all a minute apart. This happened a while back, and I never saw that it was officially resolved but the problem just went away.

Posted by CameronSS 7 years ago

Not receiving email digests anymore

Up until January I was receiving twice weekly digests of featured instructables delivered to my inbox. I'm not getting them anymore and can't find out how to reinstate that. They were the high points of my week. Any ideas how that can happen again?

Posted by mjursic 4 years ago

Can I receive the newsletter less frequently?

I'm getting too much email from Instructables. How can I change this without completely unsubscribing?

Asked by mattbellis 4 years ago

Received an email saying the instructables is featured but not featured in site

I got a mail saying my green house instructables is fetured. But it is not showing up in site as featured. Kindly look into this issue. I had given a considerable amount of time in making it. Passion Make

Posted by Passion Make 2 years ago

Must be logged in to email an Instructable to a friend

For some time, we've allowed anyone, site member or not, to email an Instructable to a friend or two simply by entering the friend's email address and clicking a couple buttons.  On Sunday, against our terms of service (see link in the footer), someone ran a script that hacked this feature to send out mass emails to a very large number of people.  And the emails looked like they came from us.  Not good!  I hate to say it, but someone used Instructables to send out spam. So, yesterday I updated the site to prevent this from happening again.  I changed it so you could only use this feature if you were logged in.  We're thinking about different ways to handle it, to still allow people who don't have an Instructables membership to share Instructables with friends, but limit it in some way to prevent anyone from sending spam again.  Once we've decided on the best long-term fix, we'll implement it and I'll post about it here.

Posted by rachel 7 years ago

I keep getting email notifications for other members' question answers.

If I comment on someone's question in Answers, I get an email notification as if I had asked the question. Here's the last one I got: "Hi JamesRPatrick! People are answering your question! You have 1 new answers. Please do not respond to this email, the Instructables Robot already has its arms full of messages, and it might drop yours! --------------------------------------- From: JamesRPatrick Date: Dec 30, 2010. 5:18 PM Subject: Here. Or try this google search." This Answers topic was posted by m5industriesinc, I only commented on on it.

Posted by JamesRPatrick 7 years ago