What are the solid materials that dissolve in a liquid substance?

Other than sugar and salt I need 2 examples 

Asked by Emma-science 5 years ago

Example 3-5? Answered

Where are the files for Example 3-5

Asked by Yonka 10 months ago

[Jewelry] Examples

Post examples of your work, or others', here.Jewelry Group

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free example Assembler and C programs. Examples

Ftp://fets.user32.com username: ian password: blank, no password required.

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Lesson 3 - RGB example? Answered

What is the name of the two programs we are to load and look at for Lesson 3 - the RGB example?

Asked by Prosperity2 1 year ago

Components to make the example autodesk circuits?

I would like to replicate the example circuits that are in this unit. Can you list the components used?

Asked by LaurenJ15 5 months ago

What is the finish applied in the example? Answered

What is the finish applied in the picture of the section "Standoffs + Drying"

Asked by antorcharoja 1 year ago

Where are the files for Example 3-5? Answered

Question Body: give us more detail on your question...

Asked by Yonka 10 months ago

I cant download the example servo code? Answered

I cant download the example servo code - I just see grey boxes one line deep - no link comes up when I hover over them...

Asked by roger324 1 year ago

4D Systems coding examples?

I am trying to get up to speed with the 4D systems Diablo based LCD

Asked by m0rt1s 2 years ago

Examples of collaborative instructables

Curious if there are any collaborative instructables out there. I might be interested in collaborating but I don't have any ideas. chris

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Has anyone actually tried to power tesla turbine with for example water? differences ?

Has anyone actually tried to power tesla turbine with for example water? what are the differences ?

Asked by 8 years ago

How big is the wooden box in your example? Answered

I'm looking to complete the useless machine project, but I'm having a bit of trouble working out what size box I should get for it.

Asked by LimeBlast 1 year ago

Example schematic / code for transmitting infrared signal (ie TV remote control)?

I am trying to send a infrared signal (ie TV remote control) from my PC. I have a usb connection to a PIC18F4550. The USB connection works fine but I cant get the IR LED to work properly. Does anyone have a example schematic / code that will do this?

Asked by Robertx68 5 years ago

How can I make radioshack led strip example code work with pir sensor?

Hi, I really wanna know how to make the code work with pir sensor to turn the led on when it detects the motion.    the example code is here: http://www.radioshack.com/graphics/uc/rsk/Support/SoftwareDownload/2760339.zip

Asked by vermissa0ss 3 years ago

what is "arduino?"?

Please explain briefly, and include an example

Asked by doesdeer 8 years ago

layout.png on Fade? Answered

It appears that the layout.png file tab on the fade example is wrong. Am I misinterpreting this? I had my board one way that worked, then tried to copy the example in the layout.png tab and it didn't work. I'm loving the class by the way. Cheers.

Asked by blakellarson 1 year ago

Finding the model's volume for larger models? Answered

In your example the model could fit into a measuring jug to easily determine the volume. What could be used for larger models that are unable to fit in a measuring jug? For example, a model of about 200mm (+- 8")

Asked by Cancore3D 1 year ago

Why do we connect Grounds when connecting (while hacking) one circuit to another? Answered

I am learning how to Hack Wheelchair joysticks and other simple controllers.. problem is I don't understand "Why do we connect Grounds of the controller and Arduino in these cases ?" Like here (example A): http://mowstation.blogspot.com/2011/09/how-to-wire-up-joystick.html and here (example B): http://jbprojects.net/articles/programmable-rc/images/schematic.jpg source: http://jbprojects.net/articles/programmable-rc/ in Example A the circuit is powered Via Wheelchair batteries, Example B via Arduino .. Thanks :)

Asked by Mikuchan 5 years ago

Example of two 5v phone chargers, in series or parallel? Answered

Schematic or diagram of - how to wire two 5v-1A phone chargers to reach 10v 2A?

Asked by MarcosM117 2 months ago

Sneeze On Command

Would an instructable onhow-to sneeze on command be something interesting? Example

Posted by thatjawn 10 years ago

delays ? Answered

Hello why delay microseconds not exactlyFor example 1 microseconds is in outpot 12us in oscope

Asked by kian0863 1 year ago

When should I use the words "might" and "may"?

I would like to know examples of sentences where it is appropiate to use "might" or "may". For example: "I might do..." "I may do..." Thank you all for helping me.

Posted by blkhawk 6 years ago

Animal Camouflage in PopSci

Check out this neat slideshow of insane examples of adaptive camouflage I found on PopSci!It's really incredible stuff.Example: Alaskan tundra shot - can you find the rock ptarmigan? Hint:...It's round, and slightly right of center.

Posted by canida 9 years ago

how to store data in arduino? can i get some examples? please :)? Answered

I want to store my potentiometer data in arduino and then i want to use this data when i press the button.means it will record 2 values and repeat that 2 values

Asked by vraj222 1 year ago

Does it have to be the Parallax Servo? Answered

Looking at the prices for the Parallax Servo in your example, and they're ranging from £17 to £40 - which is quite expensive. I've looked at alternatives, and found, for example, the Tower Pro MG995, which is a fair chunk cheaper, but I don't know if it's going to be suitable.

Asked by LimeBlast 1 year ago

Embarrassing Moments in Engineering

Mental Floss compiles four great examples of not-so-great engineering feats and one dramatic fix. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge makes an appearance, of course, as well as three other detailed examples to learn from. Mental Floss articlevia Neatorama

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Water damage? Answered

Does water damage wood where holes have been made, for example, for screws?

Asked by roque0rs 1 year ago

Search options

How can you exclude words from a search?  Example: meat less hotdogs.

Asked by cdgood49 2 years ago

Do all the K'nex Roller Coaster sets work together? Answered

Does the screamin serpent cars work on rippin rocket track for example

Asked by The_Lost_Carrot 7 years ago


Is it possible to take a low heat spread over a large area and convert it into a high heat in a small area? For example a normal fireplace can't melt cast iron, but 2 or three create enough energy. Could you concentrate that? (thats just an example, I have a much more brilliant plan) Thanks

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 10 years ago