Will a cotton/angora blend sweater felt? Answered

I have a ruined sweater that I'm hoping to felt, but the blend is 60% cotton, 25% angora, 15% nylon. I feel like I've heard that a sweater has to be at least 80% wool to felt.

Asked by obsessed 8 years ago

What can I make from felt that is... Answered

a)not a bag or purse, b) that is actually useful and c) a worthy present for a friend or partner?!!?

Asked by 9 years ago

Classic Gadgets Turned into Felt

A variety of iconic items from the past are turned into lovely felted and embroidered items by blublythemonster on Flickr. There's some amazing work here and I'd love to see them all in person. Just so that I could briefly touch them to make sure they're real. Flickr setvia bbgadgets

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Vibrant green rug made from felt scraps

The folks over at Martha Stewart's craft department make a lot of things out of felt and thus have a lot of felt scraps left over. Kristin St. Clair had some free time and started a small project with the felt that turned into this crazy rug. To make it yourself, cut up a ton of felt strips and start rolling them up, using fabric glue to keep it all together. Repeat, repeat, repeat, and add some other shapes along the way to keep it interesting. I just FELT like crafting! via CRAFT

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Bird Hat!

Check out this fantastic hat, made of felt with a little birds-nest hole in it, complete with bird! There's a magnet in the bird and the nest area to keep it from falling out accidentally. I love this.

Posted by rachel 9 years ago

Feltidermy is like taxidermy, but much cuter

This is too awesome. These feltidermy pieces are felt versions of the classic head-stuck-on-a-chunk-of-wood taxidermy thing. Be sure to check out the full Flickr set for a lot more examples. Feltidermy Flickr set via neatorama

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

I want to make over sized hats for parties. Any suggestions? Answered

I have seen huge foam cowboy hats and want ot make the same kind of thing but from a different material.

Asked by landmanhall 9 years ago

How do you felt an item that is crocheted in the washing machine?

I have an item that is crocheted. I'd like too give it the felting look. What exactly is felting? How do you felt? Can felting be done outside of the washing machine? How is felting done in the washing machine? Anyone have any idea's? Thanks

Asked by lawdog323 9 years ago

Felting - what type of knitwear?

I have some stained sweaters, i.e. cannot be worn, which I'd like to felt for craft projects, but I'm not sure what will felt successfully. That is does it have to be 100% wool? If not what is the minimum amount of wool it has to contain to be felt-able? Thank you for your help.     

Asked by buddydog71 8 years ago

How do I felt a pair of boots?

Here are some pictures: http://www.rusclothing.com/traditional-russian/felt-boots/n--classic-valenki/

Asked by coldsnap 9 years ago

Hiding a Knot in Felt Answered

Hi! When doing the trick to hide an end knot in felt, am I putting the needle in between the two felt layers, or am I trying to push it through the fibers of the first layer of felt to hide the thread tail? Thanks!

Asked by Paige Russell 2 years ago

Improve your jet boil ! ! or bushbuddy ! !, or any wood gas burner ! ! -- Looking for Carbon Fiber Felt 4 2nd prototype

- searching for carbon Fiver felt to use as a blanket/insulation around top half of the burner units of JetBoils, Bushbuddies, or any wood gas burner- D.I.Y. or otherwise. Use of carbon fiber felt at burner will greatly reduce heat loss to the environment, providing more heat to the pot or billy can being heated. Here, space must be allowed for additional air entraining to provide combustion air for complete burning of gases--proper shape of openings below burner top plate will allow for a soft shelled wind screen which will morph into a chimney-like structure surrounding pot or can which sits unmodified on top of Jet Boil, Bushbuddy, wood gas burner or hobo stove Note that a close fit to within as close as 1/4 will increase speed of gases/heat past pot scrubbing off heat to the pot being heated, possibly creating need to raise the height of the chimney I am using this site in hopes of some one who can find me Carbon Fiber "FELT", I am also open to any conversation on this concept / design.

Asked by big al 1048 8 years ago

Finishing Felt Answered

I can see on your coasters here that you're not folding over the felt in a hem at the edges, what's different about felt that allows you to leave the edges raw instead of hemming them as you would on woven fabric?

Asked by MikaelaHolmes 2 years ago

How to Full a Sweater into Felt

Scope this post at CRAFT to learn how to upcycle your old wool sweaters into felt!  Brookelyn compares and contrasts the techniques and benefits of hand-fulling vs. machine-fulling, and shows us samples of the results.  Fulling is the process of turning knitted or crocheted wool into felt. So check it out, and start upcycling those old wool sweaters into new Instructables!

Posted by scoochmaroo 8 years ago

carbon fiber felt ! ! ! --- looking for remnant lenght/width(s) of carbon fiber felt ,

Seaking to use carbon fiber felt to blanket/insulate against process heat loss to enviroment. can work with single pieces as small as 3 inches by 12 inches, aprox. thickness 3/8ths inch --HOPEING FOR cheap!

Asked by big al 1048 8 years ago

How to make carbon paper or carbon felt for use as an electrode in an MFC? Answered

 Hey, i was wondering if there was any cheap method of making carbon paper or carbon felt at home for use as electrodes. 

Asked by LiquidLightning 8 years ago

how do i felt a wool sweater using washing machine, and is dryer needed?

When felting a wool sweater using hot cycle washing machine method, is it absolutely necessary to dry the item in a dryer afterwards? also, should i cut seams off before or after felting the fabric?

Asked by cherishedpotato 8 years ago

How do I cut felt to cover 6" styrofoam ball?

I need to cover a 6" styrofoam ball with a piece of felt 8" X 11". How do I cut the felt; what glue do I use to glue it on?

Asked by whstefl 9 years ago

Felt thickness? Answered

First of all, thank you for this wonderful class! I've made a variation of the project, a Pac-Man key ring (which I'm very proud of!). I've used 1mm thick felt, would you recommend to use a thicker felt?, I'm not sure what the difference would be.This is the photo of my key-ring:

Asked by bpadin 1 year ago

Felting? Answered

Hi!I was just felting a knitted mat in my washing machine, and I noticed that the water was turning pink. The yarn is pink-colored alpaca wool, so I just wanted to know if that is normal.Thanks!!!

Asked by VaanyaW 1 year ago

Can wool yarn scraps be recycled into a felted fabric?

I do a lot of needlecrafts so I have yarn scraps of all descriptions & I would like to use them in some productive way. I want to use them to wet felt into something that I could then make into a pillow or whatever. Theoretically, it should work. If anyone has any ideas or comments please let me know. thanks

Asked by teaellen 2003 7 years ago

Where can I get recycled industrial textile material?

 I've been looking for this: http://www.markrobson.fr/page5/files/metisse1.jpg kind of industrial recycled felt(?) type material everywhere and I can't seem to find any source that isn't exclusively sold wholesale with insanely huge minimum bulk orders like 1,000 meters minimum or something. I really really like the look of the material and wanted to use it for home decor things like for furniture or even use as a rug and possibly clothes or something and I also of course like the fact that it's made of recycled materials. Which brings up another question does anyone happen to know if this stuff is safe for those kinds of applications or is it similar to fiberglass insulation which is actually pretty harmful to touch? I really want to use it for clothes or home decor if it isn't harmful but definitely don't have the money or even use for anything over 10 meters of this material and even that's a stretch I really am looking more like up to five meters or so at the moment.

Asked by ADIAN HERRERA 1 year ago

Cutting felt with rotary cutter? Answered

When I was cutting my felt with the rotary cutter, the edge always warp a little bit as the cut-out part come loose. Is there anything I could do about it? Maybe I was pushing too hard?

Asked by kittyshusky 1 year ago

Alternative to felt? Answered

Dear Ma'm,It has been hard to get felt material where I live. Can I use an old winter jacket or coat for this class? As long as it is an insulating material should be fine, is that right? Please let me know.Thanks,Amogh P.

Asked by amoghp 1 year ago

First can you use wool felt in a potholder? And if so dose anyone know were to get some wool felted?

We have sheep and are near Chi-town if any one can answer me id be very greatful

Asked by Mirime 8 years ago

carbon fiber felt, carbon fiber matting

Seeking a source for remnants carbon fiber felt, will use as combination wind screen chimney internal liner to prevent loss of heat to the environment can use piece sized 4 x 24 inches-minimum. thickness 5 mm, 7mm or better if possible. carbon fiber is usually sold by the sq. yd./meter- i know that carbon fiber felt exists but can't seem to locate same, free or cheap is best, thats why i'm looking for remnant material. thanking you for your help big al

Posted by big al 1048 8 years ago

Do I need to secure the stuffing in adoll that I am going to felt?

My instructions are sketchy. Can I use any non-wool thread?Should I baste the kniited material to the stuffing inside or do I need to go through the legs, arms, hedd,etc? This is my first felting project. I appreciate any suggestions? Thanks?

Asked by 8 years ago

Fiber Arts Contest Questions

If you're looking at that new Fiber Arts Contest and just can't figure out what the heck it's supposed to mean, you're not alone. Traditionally we've run knitting contests on Instructables.  I love our knitting contests, but I know our community is capable of doing so much more with yarn and other fibers that I wanted to open it up to all sorts of skills.  The contest page describes acceptable entries as involving "Spinning, Weaving, Felting, Knitting, Crocheting, and Tatting," but I also encourage entries for tools and tips that accompany these crafts.  You might notice it does not mention sewing.  This is not a sewing contest.  Let me repeat that: This is not a Sewing Contest We will be launching a sewing contest next week, so fret not!  So my takeaway from this is to stop with the confusing contest titles, but "The Spinning, Weaving, Felting, Knitting, Crocheting, Tatting Contest" just wouldn't fit on the thumbnail!

Posted by scoochmaroo 5 years ago

Ball Points? Answered

You mentioned ball point pens, but I'm having trouble finding them locally (I know Amazon links are there, but I try to buy locally). What is the advantage of ball point pens over felt tip pens in this case? Will it be a problem if I used felt tip pens of the appropriate size?Thanks!

Asked by cgordon13 11 months ago

Its not a question ! ?

But its a compliment. Felt so elated to learn by the intertwining of your words. All the ingredients literally came alive :) Thanks

Asked by bsridhar2 1 year ago

My line rider videos.

Well i felt like showing off my line rider videos. This was my first one. Second one. Third one and maybe my best. My latest one made like 30 minutes ago.I just felt like showing them off and if anybody else has any put them here.

Posted by Easy Button 10 years ago

The Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania experienced an earth quake last night....

At around midnight: my wife freaked out, but it was hardly worth being frightened about. It felt like an overloaded tractor trailer barreling down the road. Just a little vibration. I am posting this, mostly for any that felt it in my area and wanted confirmation that this actually was what happened ...The local news was right on it....Some info here

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

coaster.. Answered

Can we make coaster by making sandwiche type like one piece of cardboard are sandwich between fabrics ???? i don't have felt.

Asked by Simran Sharma 2 years ago

Pitchforks and denial

I felt an urge to blog. Though some of you may find the content or tone offensive, I do not apologise.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

why won't my knitted wool hat? Answered

I knit a cloche for my sister out of Icelandic wool and felted it and it came out too small.  So I reknit it with the same damn yarn, though a bit bigger, but this one won't shrink even the tiniest bit.  I've washed it (front loader, dried it in the dryer, and now I've been boiling it for 20 minutes.  It's getting furry, but the stitch definition and the size are basically the same.

Asked by bearaase 6 years ago

Lego Printer == Awesome

The last Lego forum thread I started went down a storm so when I saw this Lego printer online at BoingBoing today I HAD to post it too. YouTube user Horseattack posted this video a few days ago of a printer that he made using Lego to move a felt tip pen across the page. He doesn't give much detail about how it was made or any instructions on how to do it, but the video is pure awesome. Here's what he had to say about it in the video description: "Lego felt tip 110" printer connected to an Apple Mac. This is not a kit you can buy and does not use mindstorms. I designed/built/coded it all from scratch including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver, the USB interface uses a "wiring" board.

Posted by Jayefuu 8 years ago

Differents polishers in Dremel set. What to use? Answered

I use a Dremel-clone, and it has two kind of polishers; the white felt ones and this two other type: Looks like hard rubber, and I used it to burnish steel to clean some grinding marks. It works, but I'm not sure: 1 - Must I use the  polishing powder like with the felt ones? 2 - Why they have two colors, green and blue? Have they different hardness? Thanks for your time!

Asked by infob 6 years ago

Amigurumi Contest Question

I have a question about this contest. Is it only open to knitted or crocheted creations, or are felted items welcome too? I.e., anything made of wool/yarn? Thanks, Susan

Posted by susanrm 6 years ago

where do I get the pattern for the pink lady bag??

Where is the pattern for the pink lady bag?? Sorry, I know it must be obvious to 1000,s but me!?

Asked by 9 years ago

Pi day pie challenge question

Is this contest limited to edible, food base pies or can you make a pie from some other material, like say for example a felt, yarn or clay pie.

Posted by ChrysN 6 years ago