would somebody send me old rusty files?

Can somebody please send me their old and unused files because i need them to make survival knifes, if you can please say so in the comments.

Posted by LegoSurvivor 5 months ago

Batch Files Answered

How do you get a batch file to emit text in multiple colors?

Asked by batch master 7 years ago

Downloading embedded files

When I go to try and download embedded files in instructions that aren't first placed in a zip file, they are downloaded as .tmp files. Here's one example: https://www.instructables.com/id/Led-Cube-8x8x8/step8/IO-port-expansion-more-multiplexing/ The downloaded schematic file comes out as FHJASA2GICYB6DA.tmp with a URL of https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FHJ/ASA2/GICYB6DA/FHJASA2GICYB6DA.tmp. Any help? Thanks in advance!

Posted by cdjolley 7 years ago

i cant download some files

Hi some files have problem and we cannot download them.we face with this error "you could not download this file and it couldnt repair" what should we do?i need them

Posted by ertebatbehineh 7 years ago

what image file types work in instructables?

What image file types work in instructables? Is there a help link somewhere for building instructables and getting answers to questions like this?

Posted by dome_head 7 years ago

Why can't I Download the PDF files

I can not download any pdf files to my computer.  I wants me to become a member and I already am.

Posted by chris3rd 6 years ago

Trouble uploading files

Having difficulty uploading files.  I've selected the files and pressed the upload button.  The percentage uploaded increases to 100% but the files stay on the upload list with a status of 100%.  Files are not attached to the step nor do they appear under "your library".  I'm using Firefox 14.0.1.  I've also tried it on Chrome 20.0.1132.57.  Had this problem this morning (Pacific time) and this evening.  This morning I was on a different local network than this evening - so not a network problem.

Posted by talk2bruce 5 years ago

How can I view all the hidden files on my computer?

I ran virus scan and noticed a bunch of wierd files, mostly porn and XXX files. But when I went to the directory that they were supposedly listed under, they weren't there. I went into TOOLS and then FILE OPTIONS and selected VIEW HIDDEN FILES. But they still weren't there. Why can't I see the files so that I can manually delete them? I think there is a bunch of hidden stuff there that is slowing down my computer.

Asked by Packers Widow 8 years ago

I want to make a batch file that sends a ton of emails at once. Anyone know how? Answered

Make a looping batch file that sends emails to one account over and over again.  This is for educational purposes only and I have an email account that I use as a spam account.

Asked by furrysalamander 7 years ago

AD_PRT files

I have a set of plans from this site which are in a very strange form, nothing seems to open them. What free programme on the net opens them? Why on earth would anyone use something so difficult.

Posted by anthonygdw 4 years ago

how to clean up unwanted files on your computer?

I need to make room on my computer i am running out of space i need to clean up my computer to make more space how would i do that?

Asked by nessa1970 1 year ago

Why can't I download pdf files after signing into my Pro account ?

I signed up for the PRO account on DEC 28th 09 and received a reciept thru my pay-pal. However every time I try to download a pdf file for an instructable, it says you have to have a PRO account. This is after I have logged in. Any ideas?

Asked by imalan54 8 years ago

My Uploaded Files Seem To Have DIsappeared....

I have an Instructable in a contest right now (https://www.instructables.com/id/Custom-Laser-Etched-Wedding-Invitations-With-Victo/?ALLSTEPS) and I had previously uploaded files for others to use but I'm not seeing any links to them. Did I miss something? Am I looking right past them (a distinct possibility)? Did they get taken down for some reason? Or is this merely a glitch?

Posted by MercuryCrest 3 years ago

Batch File Help

Okay, so I figured out how to make one batch file send information to another one. The solution was quite simple. Sejma helped, both witht he final design and for support. I just want to know if there is a way to time an IF command without using CHOICE. Basically, I want to combine the two: ping localhost -n x > nul if %a% equ a goto a If that is even possible, I don;t know. I know I've posted a million questions already, so I'm very sorry about that. Thank you for your time. EDIT: Figured it out. IF %A% EQU A GOTO A & PING LOCALHOST -N x > NUL Now, does anybody know how to convert a .EXE file to a .BAT file?

Asked by TheBatchies 8 years ago

Variables in a batch file?

Im working with Vista SP1 and experimenting with batch files, i came up with a problem so i'd see what you thought. This is the code i was using::top@echo offcolor 0aTitle Experiment by Meecho -------------------------------------echo Type a letter between a and d.echo -------------------------------------set /p letter=if %letter%=agoto a:aecho This is the result of entering Apause>nulWhat happens is that the box closes after you enter your letter and press enter, i dont have any more results (i.e. where it says :a) because i found it didnt work

Asked by Pawn_of_Prophecy 9 years ago

How to get the properties from a file with python

I need to know how to see if files(like .txt files) are empty with python and how to create new files(like the ones you store pics and .txt files in) and how to move files(like .txt) into the files you just created Thanks in advance for any answers!

Asked by FastLearner 7 years ago

pc file to mac

I have a PC file and i cant open it on my mac, is there way i can make it compatible with my mac?

Posted by ian9114 5 years ago

Deleting files other than images?

I can't seem to delete a sound file. It didn't upload correctly, and I can't get rid of it. It does not have an "edit" link when I focus on that file.

Posted by Aud1073cH 10 years ago

I bought the pro membership but can not download pdf files

How do I get thethe PDF  files to download? I bought the pro membership but am still unable to obtain the pdf files.

Posted by ot818 6 years ago

Official UFO files released - the British X Files!

Secret files on UFO sightings have been made available for the first time by the Ministry of Defence. The documents, which can be downloaded from the National Archives website, cover the period from 1978 to 1987. They include accounts of strange lights in the sky and unexplained objects being spotted by the public, armed forces and police officers. One man explained in great detail his "physical and psychic contact" with green aliens since he was a child. The writer said that one of them, called Algar, was killed in 1981 by another race of beings as he was about to make contact with the UK government. BBC StoryUFO file picturesUK Government UFO files for download

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

how can a batch file be run fullscreen?

I need to know which settings i need to change on my computer so that any command prompt runs fullscreen...

Asked by Psychic Master 8 years ago

PDF files often corrupted

Many times the PDF files that come from instructables will not open. I kept some of these to try and repair with various PDF fixer programs. They all fail, with one program reporting that there is an error reading the “XREF Table” of these files. Some of the files that fail are: A-Simple-Steam-Engine-Anyone-Can-Build.pdf Build-a-Better-Stirling-Engine.pdf Rechargeable-flashlight-without-batteries.pdf Wood-stove-made-from-scrap.pdf I don’t need a response... just thought you may want to know. ~Bob~

Posted by ShutterBugger 7 years ago


Can somebody check to see if spudfiles.com is down?I'm not sure if its this computer or whatever.

Posted by thejrb 9 years ago

How to get files off a broken MP3 player? Answered

Hi again instructables! i have a mp3 player that can no longer turn on and want to get four songs off it? when i plug it into the computer (i've tried several USB cables) it recharges, and the computer does not recognize that it is plugged in, meaning i cannot access the files to copy them i usually save several files of my song collection (711 songs) but as the songs originally came on the MP3 player and i didn't expect to need to replace it anytime soon (as it had a special warranty to be repaired or replaced) i don't have copies of these songs is there anyway i can get the songs off the player or do i just have to find them elsewhere? i doubt this information will be any help but its a Phillips Go-Gear RaGa mp3 player thanks AAG

Asked by AussieAnglerGal 6 years ago

rootkits how to get rid of them. duplicate files dumbfounded over this whole mess any one that can give me some help???? Answered

I have no idea on how to get rid of duplicate files. I down loaded duplicate cleaner and have no Idea what to do, I read the instructions over and over and I am still dumb founded any one who would be kind enough to give some feed back on this would be great. one more thing rootkits omg ???????????? how to get rid of them any help would be a greatly greatly be appreciated okay every one take care great job you guys and gals are the best and thanks

Asked by dogofwar 7 years ago

Uploader changing file names and extensions

I uploaded a few text files to an 'ible and when I try to download them to check them the names and extensions have changed to a random series of letters with a .tmp extension.. The contents of the files look OK. What gives?

Posted by Mark Rehorst 8 years ago

ZIP files from 123D Catch

I recently upload a 123D Catch project and it is completed, but when I download it and try to un-zip the file every program I use tells me the file is no good. Any suggestions? Thanks, Curt

Posted by CurtWG 3 years ago

Search engine for 3d printing files and objects

If you search for 3d printing files and objects of the all the major marketplaces at once, have a look at our free search engine www.fabforall.com - comments very welcome:-) Thanks, Alex

Posted by aschmid 5 years ago

Where do you find 24 Bit Audio files??

Hey guys, I've been googling around, and I'm not nessesarily looking for a "warez" site, but I'm trying to figure out where you would find 24 bit audio files, like a flac file or something (stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec). I have a 24 bit creative sound card, I figure, why not LISTEN to it in 24 bit, but of course that wouldn't make sense unless it was recorded in 24 bit in the first place, as far as I know you can't really "upscale" audio such as that with a video file. Any suggestions peeps?? Pm me if you have to.

Posted by Punkguyta 8 years ago

How do I delete the OS on an old hard drive without deleting the data on it? Answered

I have a somewhat oldish IDE drive that was in my old laptop before it died, the hard drive is fine, the power port went out on the computer and I recycled the computer, but I kept the hard drive. It still has XP installed on it and I want to get the files in it. If I just plugged it into a USB adapter can I just drag them off? Or is there something more complicated?

Asked by martzsam 6 years ago

How to recover lost data from a hard-disk ?

Hello everybody, I really need your help in this problem ... Few days ago, my uncle needed to recover his laptop, but he had about 250 GB of important data which I could temporarly take on mine, w transfered every thing using a 16GB flash memory and an old 40 GB hard-disk, and he recovered his laptop and every thing was good then we started to roll back and retransfer the files to his laptop. Here came the problem, the images was transferred to the hard-disk, and then when we connected the hard-disk to his laptop, we were surprised that the hard-disk is empty, totally empty ! So, I tried EaseUS data recovery, Data recovery wizard, recuva, 7 data recovery suit, -and another program i don't remember- on both my laptop and the hard-disk but they get me every thing except these images ! Please help me these images are very important to my uncle and he can't get any another copy of them, any advice is acceptable and thank you for any help :)

Asked by Hawk-Eagle 2 years ago

My music cd won't play after burning any ideas why?

I copied some old cassettes (vie my home audio system cassette player) into my laptop through the microphone jack input. BUT, when I burned the disk in Windows Media Player burner it won't play on my cd players! Only on the laptop or desktop computer players. I think it copied in WMA format (Windows Media Audio ) and I need to copy it in MP3 format. Anyone know an easy way to fix this? It copied in real time into my laptop about 59 minutes of music.  I know you guys (gals too) know how to do this. Thanks for your help. Triumphman (Pro Member)

Asked by triumphman 7 years ago

Batch file to copy files

Some body help me to create batch file which can copy files from a folder one by one into many folders. For example if one folder has 10 files then I have to copy those files (one in each) in each subdirectory of a given directory.

Posted by Code name MS 10 years ago

Database file appears corrupt. What to do? Answered

There are some apps which use VFP 9.0. I needed to make some changes in the database file, but I was unable due to error. It says: "Database file appears corrupt: Page XXXX is of wrong type". I have no backup therefore I can`t retrieve the file back. How can I fix this error? Any tipps?

Asked by Tongbang 3 years ago

Can't Delete Files

Hello, I am having some problems deleting images from my image library. Once any image is uploaded, they cannot be deleted, even if they are not assigned to an Instructable, or have ever been. No matter how many times I click on the delete button at the top-right corner of an image, the image disappears for about half a second, and pops right back up. Thanks! 1John310

Posted by 1John310 8 years ago

REMOVE: Desktop Clutter

Hey everybody I made a file organizing system..... I CALL IT: FILE ACCESS TERMINAL or FAT what a coincidence or is it ( Fat)?I made it because my desktop was all cluttered It might take some time but it will make your daily computing easier, I hope. I made it on windows xp so if it doesn't work on other OS's sorry.All it is is several folders with awesome icons. All the instructions are in the ZIP file.I will soon make it an actual program...What it is right now seems cheese to me .....Any Ideas ? Check it out ! post away !NOTICE : Their seems to be a problem with th icons I will fix this asap !

Posted by littlechef37 10 years ago

UFO conspiracy, anybody?

Brace yourself for a flood of new or revitalised conspiracy theories on the internet - the British government has "lost" files relating to a significant UK UFO flap, the Rendlesham Incident. The incident has been pretty thoroughly debunked, starting with the huge holes and inconsistencies in the "witness" stories, and on through a quite convincing explanation of the actual light seen. Of course, the biggest piece of evidence for a conspiracy is a lack of evidence for the conspiracy - of course the story is real, otherwise They wouldn't have hidden all the evidence... Now, with some of the files "lost", the loons are going to be back all over the story. But, if you want to see the actual evidence that is currently available for free, you have a couple of weeks left to download the PDFs.  Enjoy.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

com files

I know how to convert batch(.bat) files to executable(.exe) file and to .com files but how do I convert first .com files into batch(.bat) files? and if its possible executable(.exe) files into batch(.bat) files? Thanks in advance

Posted by J.W 10 years ago

my sd card files are hidden?

Picture files appear on my camera but when I put the sd card in my laptop it they don't show up

Asked by 8 years ago

Gerber files and Eagle

I am just starting to use Eagle for my PCB design and I figured out how to use it for the most part. I want to use Kcam for CNC wich can use Gerber files, but I can't figure out how to make one in Eagle. How do I export a Gerber file? I looked under export but it wasn't there. Does it have something to do with the CAM processor? If so, How do I use it? Please Help! Thanks.

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 9 years ago

Gerber files and Eagle

I am just starting to use Eagle for my PCB design and I figured out how to use it for the most part. I want to use Kcam for CNC wich can use Gerber files, but I can't figure out how to make one in Eagle. How do I export a Gerber file? I looked under export but it wasn't there. Does it have something to do with the CAM processor? If so, How do I use it? Please Help! Thanks.

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 9 years ago

I need help transferring from old laptop to new lap top files old laptop can't go to internet card went out.?

I need to tranfer my data files and pics from old laptop to new laptop

Asked by fossilnut 6 years ago

Trouble with the .gif files

When you are typing up comments and such, you cannot view the gifs, so i typed a comment, and my display picure is a gif, people cannot see it move. Is it my problem or...? Tell me if you can see this animating gif and in the comment I posted!

Posted by knex_mepalm 8 years ago

my flip camera won't work, and I need some files.? Answered

I got a non-working flip camera from my parent's friends. it just turns on, then back off. I'm thinking maybe one of the files is corrupted. if this is so, then replacing it should fix it. but I can't find anywhere to download them. so if anybody has a flip classic camera, then I would like the system files off of it. just plug it in and copy and paste the root to another folder and email it or upload it or something. just some way to get it to me. or, if you know a different way to fix it, that works too.

Asked by codongolev 8 years ago

what does this dll error mean and how can it be fixed?

I cannot install battlefield 1942 and i believe it is due to a dll file error when i log in. i use windows xp. the dll error is CTMBHA.DLL. i googled this and i came up with no results that will help me fix the problem. when i try to load the game to install it, i get an error that says "an installation support could not be installed. catostrophic failure" a file on the CD called ikernel is what cant be opened but i cant fix that either. can anybody help me?

Asked by Acepilot42 7 years ago

USB reader for gameboy

Hello! Have you ever needed to transfer a file on one of your USB drives to a second usb drive and dont always have a computer on hand? Sucks doesn't it.. I have an idea to build two usb ports into some kind of device with a screen so that you could transfer files. However this would require a skilled programmer and I am not that. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. It would be cool to incorporate a gameboy and perhaps make the gameboy into a MP3 player as well. Just sayin: it would be nice if things like kindles or ipads had usb ports! (thats for any apple employees who may be reading this lol) -cwix09

Posted by cwix09 6 years ago

USB reader for gameboy

Does anyone know how to program? It would be cool to install a USB port into a gameboy cartridge so that the gameboy could read the files and/or play music on it. You would also need to put that code/program onto that GB cartridge. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to speak up! :D -cwix09 also see my related post https://www.instructables.com/community/USB-reader-for-gameboy/

Posted by cwix09 6 years ago