I have ipod nano..jus wanted to know whats a firmware n is it necessary to update one's firmware.... All i do is update my itunes when it is prompted?? is this firmware??

Posted by ipod_nano 10 years ago

I want to downgrade me firmware on my psp?

I have version 5.03 on my psp slim that used to play iso's but not anymore after the upgrade of firmware>.... Any one who can help me...

Asked by dougie1976 9 years ago

whats the easiest way to put custom firmware on a psp 2000?

It seems dangorus and is it worth it? i want to do it after my warrent ends

Asked by BigPaws 9 years ago

How to I make a custom firmware file for my Eclipse fit clip plus bl mp3 player? Answered

I need a custom firmware file for my Eclipse fit clip plus bl mp3 player because it wont let me play videos on it! I have been able to find any websites with a firmware for it. Please help me.

Asked by Detectingdragon777 1 year ago

Arduino stuck in dfu mode Answered

Hello, I recently updated the firmware on my areduino uno. It is this model, "               Product ID: 0x2ff7               Vendor ID: 0x03eb  (Atmel Corporation)               Version: 0.00               Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec               Location ID: 0xfd140000 / 4               Current Available (mA): 500               Current Required (mA): 100               Extra Operating Current (mA): 0 " I put the arduino in dfu mode, then upgraded it with the firmware in the package contents of the arduino app of a mac. I typed in dfu-programmer AT90USB82 erase and it worked well, Then dfu-programmer AT90USB82 flash /Applications/ That also worked, then finally dfu-programmer AT90USB82 reset. It worked fine last night and this morning, but I found it would not take the code meant for a Leonardo board. I put my board in dfu mode again, then when I went to push the firmware again it would not take it saying it was already installed. I did use the erase command first though. Now my arduino is stuck in dfu mode. Will it just reset itself after a while? I have left it unplugged for an hour and the sketch book still won't show it's port.

Asked by jbaker22 1 year ago

3d printer won't move Answered

Hello, I have recently hoked up the motors and sensors of my xyz printer to a ramps v 1.4 running marlin  firmware. I can't make anything but the z axis to move. I put every motor in the z axis and found the can make the motors work. So, why wont they move when they are in their correct plug for their axis? I am using pronterface to make the axis move by the way.

Asked by jbaker22 9 months ago

Firmware for RAMPS without diode? Answered

HI. I have already lost an Arduino. So I want to remove the D1 diode in my RAMPS 1.4 to protect the Arduino Mega from over voltage.Can  I run the printer powering the arduino from my laptop's usb? Also do I need to change anything in the firmware for this? I am using the sprinter firmware. 

Asked by SowmenD 3 years ago

Can I update jailbroken firmware without erasing and restoring my Ipod? Answered

I have an ipod touch 2g (MC) running iOS 4 that i jailbroke with jailbreakme.   is there a way to update this to 4.0.1 without having to delete all of my cydia apps (updating through iTunes and then re-jailbreaking)?  any help would be great. thanks

Asked by budabob07 7 years ago

Gen6 board for 3D printer not connecting anymore.

Last night my printer decided to have a nervous breakdown and refused to show in the print program. Still shows up as a Com port but that's about it. Had quite a few software installations and driver updates since last use, so I confirmed the connection problems with a XP install on a USB stick that I used as a backup system for the printer in the past. Proterface, Repetier host and so on simply refuse to connect. With just the green LED on the board troubleshooting is not easy, same for checking a ROM dump with no bootloader installed. Of course easy way out would be to flash the original firmware again but the manufacturer refuses to supply the file without paying close to 100$ for the pack including a programmer - which I don't need as I have working ISP programmer based on Arduino. I would not mind installing a different firmware as I don't even know what the original is based on, but without the proper config for the printer setup and calibration will be a pain in the ..... All I basically wanted was to test some new hotend designs but it seems the printer did not like being unused for several months :( Questions: Is there any easy way to check the board or why it is no longer communicating with the software? Should I try to install a bootloader so I can dump the installed firmware? Was planning on turning the printer into a properly working machine anyway one day, but not totally from scratch with new electronics if you know what I mean :(

Asked by Downunder35m 3 years ago

ESP8266 flash and firmware upgrade? Answered


Asked by WilfredM 11 months ago

PSP 3000 hack for firmware 6.20? Answered

Is ther any way possible to hack a psp 3000 with firmware version 6.20. Using any thing like magic memory stick,pandora battery,ect...

Asked by shawntherobot 8 years ago

Understanding/Interpreting a firmware update

Hi, I'll try to break this down as simply as I can, because there are bits I barely understand myself. Here's what I've got physically: Orca electronic speed control (ESC) for my RC car (based on unknown, unmarked MCU) Orca USB Link for updating firmware on the ESC (USB link is based on Silabs F321) Here's what I've got electronically: I've got a .bin file in my iMac that is the latest update for the ESC and the Orca update software, that acts as the link between the devices Here's what I've already done: I already have a firm grasp on loading new firmware on to the ESC Here's what I want to do: I'd like to be able to toy around with the data in the .bin file, but I honestly have no idea of how to interpret the data contained therein. I've played with it in a few hex editing programs and got a few words to appear in something approaching English, but nothing concrete. I guess the basic problem is understanding what "language" this was written in. (I'm not even sure if it's 8 or 32 bit) I think after that's figured out, I can work backwards from there. Ultimately, I'd like to understand how all of this works and how the MCU interprets the information and signals it's being fed. Any thoughts you can offer on the subject would be appreciated. Here's a kink to the firmware update, should you choose to look at it. Thanks!

Posted by monkeyracing 5 years ago

Can I run Custom Firmware on a PSP 3000???

Can I run Custom Firmware on a PSP 3000???

Asked by west49rules 9 years ago

zebra/eltron p310cm card printer i installed wrong firmware

Please help i installed wrong firmware on zebra  ' p310cm' Was in great working with 2.65 until applied the  '310i'  3.35 firmware

Asked by ms try poo 5 years ago

Custom PIC

Savage innovations does not offer a small OOPic chip. OOPic is my favorite MCU and I want a small one. Soooo, I decided I want to make one. In theory, The process is simple. The OOPic 2 is a PIC16F77 with custom firmware. I ordered a similar chip (PIC16F876A) to put the firmware on so I basically have a smaller OOPic. Savage innovations does not offer the OOPic firmware as a download so I have to extract it from my OOPic2. Here's my questions. Will a JDM2 programmer be able to extract the firmware? Will WinPic800 work to do this? Will this erase my OOPic's firmware entirely? Is it even possible? I would like some input and if you guys say it will be okay, I am going to do it. (I'll post and ible if it works.

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 9 years ago

Please help, i'm having trouble playing flash games on my PSP Slim. Running CFW 4.01 M3-2

Please help, i'm having trouble playing flash games on my PSP Slim. I am running 4.01 M33-2 CFW, and I have put the file in the GAMES folder, enabled Flash, and attempted to run the file in the internet browser as 'file:/GAMES/bowman.swf', but it comes up as 'The content cannot be displayed'. PLEASE help!

Asked by 8 years ago

I have firmware 2.2.1 and can't find it on my quickpwn? Any thoughts?

I have firmware 2.2.1 and can't find it on my quickpwn? Any thoughts?

Asked by 8 years ago

Hi, Does this video firmware upgrade enable the video to handle the classic 80GB hard drives? Thanks in advance.?

I am referring to the video upgrade to classic firmware. Thanks.

Asked by 9 years ago

how to compile and program usbtiny firmware, and using what (software)?

I want to make an usbtiny v1.0, but how to program the firmware ? 

Asked by Rendydevara 8 years ago

Is it possible to hack the web UI of a Panasonic BL-C131A?

 I have a couple of these cameras around the house for basic security and to watch our pets etc. The web user interface is garbage and horrible on a mobile device (i'm a web developer so I'm a snob about that stuff :). I'd like to "hack" it. I'm assuming it's a firmware hack. Not sure what would be involved, but it could be a fun project. However, i'm having trouble finding enough information online to get started. Anyone out there that has the resources to point me in the right direction or even lend a hand?

Asked by bcamp1973 8 years ago

need shsh blobs for ios 6.1.2 for ipod touch 4g?

I accidentally updated to ios 6.1.3 on my ipod touch 4g and I need to downgrade my firmware to 6.1.2 to jailbreak. I downloaded the 6.1.2 shsh blob from cydia but ifaith says that it is invalid. the only valid shsh blob I have is for 6.1.3. I have read many articles of how to downgrade but I have never saved shsh blobs before because i never knew about them. Can someone give me a direct link to download some or give me advice as how to get valid ones? thanks.

Asked by tvsamuel 5 years ago

Is downloading the ipod touch 3.0 firmware torrent legal? Answered

Just wondering if downloading this torrent is legal. Will I get arrested for downloading?

Asked by robots199 8 years ago

Flash PSP

I am selling instructions on how to flash a psp for yourself. Psp slim or phat (fat). Ony $2. Payment will have to be sent through paypal. Just send me your email address and i will send a request. If you want anything else containing psp, I will be glad to help at a cheap price.

Posted by Renhard 8 years ago

how to "ROOT" samsung intercept for sprint Answered

1)     how do i "ROOT" my samsung intercept from sprint? i found a few apps that are amazing     ("wifi tethering", "set CPU", "root explorer" "root manager"), but  i need superuser (root)     access. can anyone explain what "ROOT" is and how to get it?     (update) I'm starting to understand "ROOT" is.) 2)      and what is  "KERNAL" 3)      i want to install flash player 10.1 on my intercept from sprint, but after i installed, it was the      same. do i have to root my phone? 4)     i cant find any good info on HOW to root the SPRINT INTERCEPT phone. 5)     which is better, the samsung moment, or the samsung intercept? 6)     is this the ONLY phone the SUCKS in EVERY SENSE (bad screen re;  unable to root;  no     multi-touch; android 2.1;  no flash support;  non-sensitive capacitive buttons;       unresponsive;  slow) 7)     (update), my phone updated today and now is running 2.2, froyo. now the capacitive      buttons work the way there supposed too. but i still cant i update flash.  and is rooting      gonna be possible (or at lest possible)? (re update 2011 Jan. 11) my phone still has no multi-touch (except for the "pinch to zoom" like before.but only on the browser); no flash player; and the hardware still SUCKS (bad res LCD screen, "EV-rev O" radio, ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE built in memory) some reason this phone after the 2.2 update, is a LOT slower and more unresponsive then before. 8) does anyone know how to root this phone and flash it with some better-suited software for this model phone (m910)

Asked by -max- 7 years ago

Picaxe Coding Help?

Ok, i havemade a little picaxe code that i hope will do exactly what i want. I made this to make a light show from a light show... the imput is the 1 led that would normally be blinking like a maniac. I want to use its blinking to make another light blink a little more interestingly. PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS WILL DO WHAT I WANT! CODE: main: pulsin 6, 1, b3 if b3 high 9 pause 2 else low 9 pause 2 endif if b3 low 9 pause 500 high 9 else high 9 pause 100 low 9 endif if b3> 50 then low 9 pause 900 high 9 pause 17 low 9 pause 220 high 9 else high 9 pause 20 low 9 pause 416 high 9 pause 22 low 9 endif if b3> 10 then low 9 pause 20 high 9 pause 921 low 9 pause 19 high 9 else high 9 pause 543 low 9 pause 22 high 9 pause 611 low 9 endif if b3 low 9 pause 442 high 9 pause 224 low 9 else high 9 pause 61 low 9 pause 669 high 9 endif if b3> 25 then low 9 pause 229 high 9 pause 29 low 9 endif if b3 high 9 pause 224 low 9 pause 442 else low 9 pause 424 high 9 pause 242 endif if b3> 75 then high 9 pause 717 low 9 pause 171 else low 9 pause 123 high 9 pause 321 endif goto main I am using a picaxe 14m with a serial programmer. i just need to know about the code. And dont ask "why dont u test it urself" I have good reason not to test it. The board is in another state... anyway, plz tell me about the code and if it will work. If possible, make sudjustions.

Asked by sci4me 7 years ago

Can I jailbroke my iTouch 3.1.1 firmware with Blackra1n?

I have a 2G iPod with the 3.1.1 (7C145) firmware. If I Jailbroke it with Blackra1n I can change the theme, instal free apps through the installer, etc. But can I keep using the standard iPod apps (Like Facebook, safari, music, etc.) and download things through the AppStore?

Asked by diegolay 8 years ago

Can you put ipod touch firmware into a ipod touch clone such as ''Sylvania 8GB Touchscreen Audio/Video MP3 Player''?

I can get a ipod clone at Future Shop, but I want to try putting ipod firmware into it instead so I can do more with it. Anyone that can help?

Asked by ANDY! 8 years ago

Is there any way I could put custom firmware on my digital photo frame? Or any other hacks!?

I have a matsui pf-a701w eg: -View a webcam ( via usb ) -Play gifs -play videos -have custom firmware -and any other cool stuff you guys might know about!

Posted by poparoo4 9 years ago

Is there anyway i can change the font/firmware/gui of my chinese Mp3?

Is there anyway i can change the font/firmware/gui of my chinese Mp3? Its a Dchord 325.

Asked by qwerty156 7 years ago

3d printer not homing correctly

Hello, I uploaded marlin firmware to my arduino mega that uses ramps 1.4, and my printer will not home correctly. When I hit home in repetier host, the axis moves a centimeter. have to press the button repeatedly till it hits the endstop, where it bounces back as it should. Where do I fix this in the firmware? 

Asked by jbaker22 7 months ago

Is there any way to dual-boot Windows and Xbox 360/PS3 firmware?

For christmas, I am trying to build a custom PC made for gaming.  I wanted to know if it was possible to dual-boot Windows 7 and Xbox 360/PS3 firmware on the PC.  What I mean is that when you turn the PC on, you get a choice on whether to boot into windows or the 360/PS3 firmware.  So is it possible?

Asked by DJ Radio 7 years ago

USB Shutter release for CHDK Canon Digital Cameras

(Note: this is for Canon digital cameras that use CHDK firmware)I made a battery powered USB shutter release for my firmware hacked Canon A640. I used a clicky pen, some wire, a push button switch, electrical tape, and some batteries...This design will work with most Canon cameras that use CHDK firmware.Check it out over on my blog:Home USB Shutter Release

Posted by Distropolis 10 years ago

how 2 program usbtiny firmware.i use dapa pogrammer and winavr 2009 how to write on cmd for programming usbtiny firmware

How to program usbtinyisp firmware.i use dapa port lpt1 pogrammer and winavr 2009 how to write on cmd for programming usbtinyisp firmware. please write the command (batch file) for programming the firmware. :) im beginer on avr

Asked by Rendydevara 8 years ago

How to custo firmware on psp 6.31 phat?

Hi i have a psp 1004 version 6.31 but i cant play any games from memory stick iv trd to down grade it but cant seem to do it i want to do it with out the pandora battery please help

Asked by Amay 786 7 years ago

Im repurposing my atx power supply to be a bench Psu. I need help with code please?

In this project. I want to use an arduino mega, 2 lcds, and 6 acs712 current sensing modules and 2 Lm2596 dc step up/down module The set up I have in mind is like so; arduino is powered by ATX stand by power (IF possible) there is a push button which turns on the programing to start the monitoring and also grounds the ATX and GReen wire to supply power to all the rails. This set up will calculate Voltage and current printting them on the lcd's. The constant voltages will be printed on on lcd and the variable voltages on the other lcd. Ive written most of the code. I just want it to make sense. I've added a picture, which my project is based on.. the difference are, im not using I2c bus for lcd, im measuring current, and im printing info on two different lcds. thanks for the help. here is the code #include #define PWROK_PIN 4 // change to w.e pin i end up using connected to green? investigate #define PWRBTN 2 // closing push buttom connection makes it high #define PWRTRANS 6 /*-----( Declare objects )-----*/ // Variables will change: int PWRSTATE = HIGH;         // the current state of the output pin int buttonState;             // the current reading from the input pin int lastButtonState = LOW;   // the previous reading from the input pin // the following variables are long's because the time, measured in miliseconds, // will quickly become a bigger number than can be stored in an int. long lastDebounceTime = 0;  // the last time the output pin was toggled long debounceDelay = 50;    // the debounce time; increase if the output flickers // initialize the libr with the number of the intface pins double sensePinVthree = A0; double sensePinVfive = A1; double sensePinVfivesb = A2; double sensePinVtw = A3; double sensePinVrone = A4; double sensePinvrtwo = A5; //The current double sensePinIthree   = A6; double sensePinIfive   = A7; double sensePinIfivesb = A8; double sensePinItw  = A9; double sensePinIVrone = A10; double sensePinIVrtwo = A11; //setting up default or naming variables. double Voltsthree; double Voltsfive; double Voltsfivesb; double Voltstw; double VoltsVrone; double VoltsVrtwo; double Currentthree; double Currentfive; double Currentfivesb; double Currenttw; double CurrentVrone; double CurrentVrtwo; LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2); LiquidCrystal lcd2(12, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2); //remove this if not working or glitchy void checkPowerOK(){   // when green is grounded   if (digitalRead(PWROK_PIN) == HIGH) {     lcd.setCursor(4, 1);     lcd.print("ON ");     lcd.setCursor(9, 3);     lcd.print("hello");   }   else if (digitalRead(PWROK_PIN) == LOW) {     lcd.setCursor(8,1);     lcd.print("OFF");   } } void togglePower(){ static unsigned long last_interrupt_time = 0; unsigned long interrupt_time = millis(); // If interrupts come faster than 200ms, assume it's a bounce and ignore if (interrupt_time - last_interrupt_time > 500) {    // set the power:   digitalWrite(PWRTRANS, PWRSTATE); //trans is pin 6 } PWRSTATE = !PWRSTATE; last_interrupt_time = interrupt_time;  } void setup() { analogReference (DEFAULT); pinMode(PWRBTN, INPUT); pinMode(PWRTRANS, OUTPUT); attachInterrupt(0, togglePower, RISING); digitalWrite(PWRTRANS, PWRSTATE);     lcd.begin(16, 4);   lcd2.begin(16, 2); // Print a message to the LCD. lcd.setCursor(0,0); //take this out if monitor buggy lcd.print("Bench PSU");// this code be fine lcd.setCursor(0,1); lcd.print("Monitor  V1.0"); lcd.setCursor(0,2); lcd.print("ICE"); lcd.setCursor(4,3); lcd.print("ROBOTICS"); lcd2.begin(16, 2); // replace with the date_time function lcd2.setCursor(0,0); lcd2.print("Hope 4 the best"); lcd2.setCursor(0, 1); lcd2.print("prep 4 the worst"); delay(3000); lcd.clear(); // wipes old message lcd.setCursor(5,0);  lcd.print("Building the Future"); lcd.setCursor(0,1); lcd.print("since   2014"); //Inset the time function somewhere in here lcd.clear(); lcd2.clear(); //lcd.createChar(0, blockChar);     Voltsthree=0; //setting my variables to Zero   Voltsfive=0;   Voltsfivesb=0;   Voltstw=0;   Currentthree=0; //Setting current to Zero on this Lcd   Currentfive=0;   Currentfivesb=0;   Currenttw=0;       VoltsVrone=0; // doing the same but for second lcd   VoltsVrtwo=0;     CurrentVrone=0;// same for current   CurrentVrtwo=0; } void loop () {checkPowerOK(); // check to see if power ok   Voltsthree = ((analogRead(sensePinVthree)) /218.0) *5; // or 7 aalso the 218.0 value will chaange to mine specific   if(Voltsthree     Voltsthree=0;   }   Currentthree =(((analogRead(sensePinIthree)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(Currentthree     Currentthree=0;   }   Voltsfive = ((analogRead(sensePinVfive)) /218.0) *5;   if(Voltsfive     Voltsfive=0);   }   Currentfive =(((analogRead(sensePinIfive)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(Currentfive     Currentfive=0;   }   Voltsfivesb =((analogRead(sensePinVfivesb)) /218.0) *5;   if(Voltsfivesb     Voltsfivesb=0;   }   Currentfivesb =(((analogRead(sensePinIfivesb)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(Currentfivesb     Currentfivesb=0;   }   Voltstw =((analogRead(sensePinVtw)) /218.0) *5;   if(Voltstw     Voltstw= 0;   }   Currenttw =((analogRead(sensePinItw)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(Currenttw     Currenttw=0;   }     VoltsVrone =((analogRead(sensePinVrone)) /218.0) *5;   if(VoltsVrone     VoltsVrone=0;   }   CurrentVrone =(((analogRead(sensePinIVrone)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(CurrentVrone     CurrentVrone=0;   }     VoltsVrtwo =((analogRead(sensePinVrtwo)) /218.0) *5;   if(VoltsVrtwo     VoltsVrtwo = 0;   }   CurrentVrtwo =(((analogRead(sensePinIVrtwo)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(CurrentVrtwo     CurrentVrtwo=0;   }   //1st line   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print("                "); //clear the line 1st line   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print(Voltsthree);   lcd.setCursor(5,0):   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,0);   lcd.print(Currentthree);   lcd.setCursor(14,0);   lcd.print("A");     //2nd line   lcd.setCursor(0,1);                  // clear and print second line   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,1);   lcd.print(Voltsfive);     lcd.setCursor(5,1);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,1);   lcd.print(Currentfive);   lcd.setCursor(14,1);   lcd.print("A");     //3rd line   lcd.setCursor(0,2);           // clear line 3   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,2);   lcd.print(Voltsfivesb);     lcd.setCursor(5,2);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,2);   lcd.print(Currentfivesb);   lcd.setCursor(14,2);   lcd.print("A");     //4th line   lcd.setCursor(0,3);           // clear line 4   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,3);   lcd.print(Voltstw);     lcd.setCursor(5,3);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,3);   lcd.print(Currenttw);   lcd.setCursor(14,3);   lcd.print("A");     //1st line   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print("                "); //clear the line 1st line   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print(VoltsVrone.);   lcd.setCursor(5,0);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,0);   lcd.print(CurrentVrone);   lcd.setCursor(14,0);   lcd.print("A");     //2nd line   lcd2.setCursor(0,1);                   // clear and print second line   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,1);   lcd.print(VoltsVrtwo);     lcd.setCursor(5,1);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,1);   lcd.print(CurrentVrtwo);   lcd.setCursor(14,1);   lcd.print("A");   }

Asked by icey.hood 2 years ago