how to make a fish tank?

What is the standard size for the fish tank glass that sold in the market. how to cut the glass into pieces. how to glue them up. calculation for the require strenght of glass if posible.

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How do fish drink\urinate?

I now it's a dumb question but I was wondering, if they live in water, can they drink ?

Asked by Quest for Questions 8 years ago

how come fishes eyes pop out? Answered

How come whenever your using live bait and you reel the bait back in the eyes on the bait fish are always bulging sometimes it will only be one eye sometimes both

Asked by BIGHAIRYDUDE 6 years ago

My fish hit its head on the tank and the skin is a bit falling off and under its white. Will it be okay?

I'm a bit worried. Will it heal back itself? Or do I have to give it any treatment? Anything natural, I have at home, if it needs treatment?

Asked by LemonLily 9 years ago

Rough White Buildup around my fish tank?

I had a beta fish for a couple of months, and every time I did a water change, rough white residue was on the lid and around it on my desk. Sadly he has passed away and the white rough residue is on my wall and every time i try to clean it, it comes back.  If anyone knows how to clean it properly or if you can tell what it is and how it happened as well as preventing it. Please comment.

Asked by LaurynY 1 year ago

do both the betta fish have to be the same breed to breed them? Answered

I bought a betta fish(male) and a female both of them were the cheap ones and i would like to breed them so help! oh and one thing my male betta is very nice because i put him in my tank with guppies,tetras.loaches,algea eaters,ect. and he never chased any of them i put my female in there and he never chased her and she never chased anyone.but now iset up a breeding tank so i would like to know if they have to be the same breed to breed them cause i dont know what breed they are.                                                                                                              THE PIC SHOWN IS THE KIND OF MALE I HAVE

Asked by pianolover10124353 5 years ago

how do i mate platies or mollies? Answered

I really to have some fish babies, and i need a little help, i have a five gallon tank,and i have a silver molly, a crimsicle molly (sorry if i spelled it wrong) and a red wag platy, if i should get different type, tell me. I currently have all females, and my red wag platy is sick, so i figured hey, exchange it for a male, and fulfill my dream

Asked by bassmonkey 9 years ago

Have you ever made a coloring book for kids?

I am looking ot make a coloring book for kids for our outreach program. Is this the type of program i am looking for to create one. 

Asked by jarit1976 6 years ago

how long untill my sunburst platy gives birth? Answered

I have been able to see the babies eyeballs inside the mothers stomache for about 4 days now she also looks like she swallowed a marble and is swimming up and down the wall of the tank she also doesnt seem to have much intrest in food how long will it be untill she gives birth? oh and she also has the white ball near her anal fin

Asked by trinad954 9 years ago

concentrating fish oils?

Is there a way to concentrate fish oils? or even an effective way to "harvest" fish oil?

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago

Fish? Answered

Dose anyone have a good recipe for Fish and chips using Haddock   

Asked by emit 7 years ago

Who here has fish ?

Who here has fish? if you do have fish, what kind? I have two panda corydora catfish, a betta fish, and a gold mystery snail in a twenty gallon tank. if you do have fish what are there names?

Posted by iman 10 years ago

how do you tan a fish skin as in turning it into leather?

Looking for ways to tan a fish skin as into leather

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Posted by jaybird1 10 years ago

How much space does a betta fish need? Answered

And do they need heaters

Asked by Aqua-Man 9 years ago

How do u take care of a betta fish ?

How do i keep the water the right wormth

Asked by dsmith136 5 years ago

fish babies :P !!!

OK so today I went to my local fish store and got 3 new silver mollies and some plants for my community tank, and after I floated the bag and was about to strain the bag to get the fishes out I noticed little fry in the corner of the bag. After I put the silver mollies in the tank I put the fry in my floating fry net. 9 little baby mollies :P <

Posted by Shadowmang 9 years ago

Question about cleaning fish

Does anyone here just fillet them without descaling or gutting them?  I have descaled them first then fillet them but was wondering it is was wise to just try and fillet and not worry about descale or gutting them?

Asked by Rainh2o 8 years ago

what is the best way to cook grouper?

They are 8oz filets.

Asked by 9 years ago

If my female black molly starts giving birth should I seperate her or leave her alone? Answered

I cant quite tell if my female molly is pregnant or not, but the last time she gave birth the babies were eaten because she had them in the aquarium. If she starts giving birth should I immediatly mov her to a separate tank? I dont want to disturb her. help!

Asked by trinad954 9 years ago

how to fish?

I want to know how to rig my pole to catch a fish. And different ways to fish

Asked by Fawn Sunday 8 years ago

Housing Betta fish information?

Is housing a Betta fish with other fish (of other genus and species) in a pond with no borders advisable? If so, with what other fish can they be housed with?

Asked by h4xx0riffic 8 years ago

fish tank decoration

In my fish tank, is it ok to put in fired clay pots as decoration and fish hiding places?

Posted by carrierpilot1357 10 years ago

what is the best fishing bait that works ?

What is the best fishing bait that works.

Asked by jbend 6 years ago

How do I make a water tight fish tank out of wood? Answered

It must be fish friendly

Asked by Marzfisch 5 years ago

I can't identify this fish. Please Help!

I have a question about fish....I don't know if anyone can answer it though... I found a fish once while fishing in southern Indiana, it looked very similar to a pike, I was fishing with a dry fly on the top of the water, the fish went under it and sucked it in. Does anyone know what kind of fish it was. And I already know it wasn't a catfish.

Asked by pagosapig 7 years ago

fish? Answered

If you keep fish in fridge for one month dose the taste goes ,how many days can you keep fish in fridge

Asked by Jastab 1 year ago

Help me find a use for my old aquarium (without fish)?

Hi :) I have an old fish tank / aquarium that's the tall polygon-style (like this - never seem to have much luck with fish sadly, so I'd like to find a non-fish but decorative way to use my pretty glass fish tank. I like candles, plants, pretty stuff like that.Any and all suggestions would be very much appreciated, thank you :)!

Posted by hsteel 10 years ago

Is it safe (for the fish) to use hot glue to put together glass for an aquarium?

Will it harm them in any way? That's all I really need to know. Thanks!

Posted by Sunbanks 10 years ago

post pictures of your fish!!!

Post your pictures of your fish!! For the start, I'll post mine These are my 5 goldfish, in my 1st tank which is a 5 gallon. I will post pics of my 2nd tank soon! As you can see, its really hard to take pictures of them. So its ok to be a little blurry.

Posted by Mudbud 8 years ago

transistors with leds?

New to led lights thought about using on fish tank the one post says to use resistors why is this necessary when using a transformer from alarm clock?

Asked by budman95 6 years ago

how to make tuna salad?

Asked by dobbermbp 8 years ago

Instructable wanted &quot;How to build a Fish Tank&quot;

I have been browsing through all the fish tank instructables and I thought that they were rather rubbish to be honest.... I want an instructable to build a decent tank in a rectangle shape with the dimensions of Height: 12" Length: 20" Depth:14" (Dimensions do not have to be followed but appreciated if they are and dimensions do not include lid space) If there is also any specific thicknesses needed for the tank to hold the capicity of water this would greatly appreciated if stated. I would also like the person who choses this project to use links to websites for the materials/tools (preferably English GBP currency) Any links to what types of fish are work well together would also be a bonus. Thanks in advance to anyone who will write the instructrable for this.

Posted by wazzup333 9 years ago

how do you make home-ade aquarium ornaments?

I have wanted to make homeade aquarium ornaments for my fish tank but could not find  out how to can anyone help????

Asked by sonicsizer 6 years ago

jaguar cichlid help(fish)? Answered

Ok i want a fish called a jaguar cichlid and i was wornding what kind of care it and food it would it need and the tank size and other stuff one how to care for it also what type of water does it need (my teacher has one and it lived for a few years and its in a 8 gallon tank) also i do have a meduiam sized tank

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

Fish Curry

Ingredients: Servings: 6-8 Units: US | Metric 2 lbs fish fillets (best with tilapia) 2 tablespoons garlic paste 2 inches gingerroot 5 teaspoons mustard seeds 4 bay leaves 1/2 tablespoon coriander powder 5 medium shallots or 2 medium onions 7 red chilies 1 tablespoon cumin seed 3 teaspoons turmeric powder 3 tablespoons salt 2 big tomatoes oil, to deep fry fish 3 cups water Directions: 1 In a grinder grind the onions, ginger, 2 bay leaves, red chili, mustard seeds, cumin seed all together. 2 Preserve some cut pieces 1 cup) of onion. 3 Cut small pieces of tomatoes. 4 Make small pieces of fish fillets, about 3 inches in length. 5 Clean them properly if you are using the whole fish and make it into small pieces. 6 Take a big plate, put the fish in it and sprinkle 2 teaspoon of salt, two teaspoon of turmeric powder and the garlic paste. 7 Mix all of them properly. 8 Allow to marinate for 1/2 hour. 9 Take a pan or a wok (preferable), heat it and put oil to deep fry the fish. 10 Once the oil is much hotter, fry the fish, 3-4 pieces at a time, 3-4 minutes on each side. 11 Keep all of them in a separate plate. 12 When all the pieces are fried, clean all the black residues from the oil in the wok with the spatula and put 2 tablespoon of fresh oil in the it. 13 Then put a pinch of cumin seed, a pinch of mustard seed, 2 red chili, 2 bay leaves, a pinch of aniseed (all together is called panch-phoran) and allow them to splutter. 14 Then put the cut onion pieces and allow it to just a little brown. 15 Then put all the ground paste,tomatoes,left over turmeric powder and salt to taste. 16 Keep stirring it until the paste becomes a little brown (it takes around 10 minutes). 17 You can also identify it by looking at the wok, that the paste will start leaving the oil and paste will now no more stick on the wok. 18 The paste is now perfectly fried. 19 Now pour 3 cups of water to it, or as much thick gravy you want. 20 Once the gravy comes to boil, start dropping the fried fish pieces and allow to boil for 15 minutes. 21 Switch off the gas. 22 Use coriander leaf for garnishing. 23 This dish should be served with fresh steamed rice and squeeze some lime some juice on top.

Posted by joyachowdhury 3 years ago

Where can I find a clear acrylic pipe about one foot in diameter?

I am planning on building a fish tank, so I need a clear pipe about a foot in diameter, between two and four feet long (but it can be cut, of course) I'm in the UK, can anyone give me an idea of where i'd get it?

Posted by chimpanzeeboy 8 years ago

I have an injured goldfish, what happened, and how do I care for him? Answered

I have a single goldfish, around 4 1/2 inches long and two high ( including fins). He is in a five-gallon tank with a short, long fake rock and roman ruins, as well as a pipe leading up to the filter. These do make it a little cramped, but it doesn't seem too bad. I just noticed that he has scales sticking out of his side, which look like they're being pushed out by a translucent-ish shpere, which was large and round a little while ago, but now looks a little deflated, and almost clear in one spot. I just changed his filter, put in the proper amount of stress coat, and am planning to clean the tank shortly. What's going on, and how do I remedy it? It's pretty urgent, and any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Asked by mad magoo 9 years ago

TV Aquarium

Ok, I'm thinking of turning an old TV/Computer screen, CRT, into an aquarium. If so would anyone be interested in me making an instructable about it? Please tell me if there is already an instructable about this. Thanks.

Posted by TerminalDragon 7 years ago

greenest possible aquarium?

I was given a 50-ish gallon aquarium and stand, and would like to get it up and running in the most environmentally friendly way possible. I have purchased some gravel already. Help! And thanks!

Asked by fought piranhas 8 years ago

Is it in bad taste or against the rules to enter a documented slide show in a contest? Answered

I built a life sized audience controlled animatronic salmon complete with night vision eye cameras for a local museum a couple years back.  Thought if this was allowed I could enter it in the kinetic contest.  Video to follow

Asked by iminthebathroom 7 years ago

Any ideas how to keep birds from raiding my outdoor pond? Answered

I have a small [3 ft * 2 ft] outdoor pond w/fountain .Would like some goldfish for added color.But everytime I stock it the birds clean it out in a day or two.Tried a mesh cover but just took longer for them to poke holes in it.Any suggestionsThanks

Asked by a4a47105 9 years ago

What instructable to make with salmon?

I'm making something with salmon tonight. Give me some ideas on what to make. I'll take pics as I go, and if it turns out good I'm gonna do an "ible" with it. I'm just stumped right now. I have some ideas, but I keep coming back to honey roasted salmon, what I usually do with salmon, but I want more ideas. Hurry! It's 4:00 pm right now, I need to decide what I'm doing by 6:00. Stephen

Asked by oldanvilyoungsmith 7 years ago