push fit Plumbing Fittings

Shark bite, proline, etc.    They seem to work fine in places that have plenty of room... the sort of places that I'd have no trouble with a solder fitting. But in locations that I almost have to work by braille, places so tight that getting a torch in is nearly impossible, the places that an $8 press fit elbow seems suited for,  in those locations, the press fittings  leak like seives!  Then the release tool wont release the fitting, and it is a huge headache to tear apart. Do they leak if pushed in too far?  if slightly out of alignment?  and if one is in a location where precise alignment isnt gonna happen, Then what to do?

Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

A old coat

I have a really nice Plugg polyurethane snowboarding coat that doesn't fit me anymore but I want to make something out of it. Wearable if possible. Thanks.

Posted by Yerboogieman 8 years ago

Should I post this?

I'm about to undergo a diet (well, somewhat) and exercise regimen to get rid of all this excess fat I've gained over the last 4 years. I'm pushing 198, and I really don't want to break 200 at 14 years old, even though I am 6' 1". I've got a 40" waist, so my gut is big. I'm slimming down mostly because my dad is big and is at risk for becoming diabetic, and I don't want to follow him down that road. Oh, and looking good helps too. If I get my fat % down far enough, I might give one of those "six pack abs" iBles. The regimen was created by me, just from things I've read on the Interblag and been taught in Health class. Sure, I know there's Kiteman's Law, but I really don't know, or think, that my way of going about things would help somebody else, and if it did, do y'all think Instructables is the right place for it? That said, perhaps a forum topic would be best, or a slideshow? I could set it up like Rachel did with her polyphasic sleep experiment, updating it whenever possible. I just want to know what y'all think, really. Anyhoo, thanks!

Posted by Bran 9 years ago

Fitlight trainer using arduino

I want to make a fitlight trainer with arduino. I want to make it with leds and LDR ligtht sensors. A random light pops up and when you hover over the sensor it sets it to LOW and then another random light pops up and over and over. Can anyone help me with this idea? I have the code for one light: int LDR = 0;     //analog pin to which LDR is connected, here we set it to 0 so it means A0 int LDRValue = 0;      //that’s a variable to store LDR values int light_sensitivity = 20;    //This is the approx value of light surrounding your LDR void setup()   {     Serial.begin(9600);              pinMode(13, OUTPUT);      } void loop()   {     LDRValue = analogRead(LDR);      //reads the ldr’s value through LDR     Serial.println(LDRValue);       //prints the LDR values to serial monitor     delay(50);        //This is the speed by which LDR sends value to arduino     if (LDRValue > light_sensitivity)       {         digitalWrite(13, HIGH);       }     else       {         digitalWrite(13, LOW);       }   }

Posted by JordyK4 2 years ago

Snap-fit design

Hello all, The left panel in the image I have uploaded represents aluminium frame, 1mm thick. What I would like to do is design another aluminium or plastic piece that can snap into the inside of this frame (something like the right panel in the image). The frame, once positioned in, would be a permanent fixture. I have looked at different kind of snap-fit joints but I'm not sure on what's the most appropriate design in terms of simplicity and functionality. Another issue is calculating the actual dimensions of the snap-fit joints. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Posted by Ribenaisnice 1 year ago

An alternative to sit-ups? Answered

Are there any harder alternatives to sit-ups that require little or no extra equipment?

Asked by SirNoodlehe 6 years ago

Cosplaying next August, any one else?

Hey every one, huge making project coming up for me (in terms of time, not size) because I'm going to SMASH! Cosplay Convention, Sydney, Australia in August 2010. I'm going with a group of friends from my school as Vocaloid characters and I get to be Kaito! Would any one else in Australia be going? Any way, it should be awesome and I'm excited like hell even though it's 9 months away. I'll keep every one posted on how the out fit's going, I'm going to see if I can get the wig off eBay next week. Then we're all going to Spotlight (fabric store) a little after christmas to get a tonne of the same fabric, but different colors for each character. Then I'm doing the scarf, then the pants, then the undergarments and then the coat. Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated, I'm not amazing at sewing but it should turn out alright, I'll probably start the coat about 6 months from now because I don't want to grow out of it before the convention! By the way, any tips on dying my hair / getting a wig of bright blue? And also, dying my eye brows? (God, this'll look weird at school...) Update #1        18/10/2009 More pictures. I've added some drawn pictures (mine) of my design, you can see the front and back here. First picture: Another cosplaying Vocaloid group, but no Gakupo or Megurine Luka. I'll be the one at the back left. Second picture: SMASH! convention logo.

Posted by Kryptonite 8 years ago

Instructables needs a Fitness category

I was browsing and thought that we really need a fitness category or contest because instructables is really about making stuff and and a huge part of fitness is making stuff to maintain health.

Posted by jcsuperman 5 years ago



Posted by AK1928 6 years ago

High Pressure Oxygen Fitting?

Does anyone know what type of fitting/threads are used on common high pressure oxygen gas tanks used for welding/cutting.

Asked by seedorfj 3 years ago

The best fitness plans?

Hey, ive been researching a lot of different fitness trends and exercises, and i was looking on how to combine them into a fitness schedule. I prefer bodyweight exercises with minimal equipment (jogging, planks, push-ups, etc.). i am fairly fit as it is, but like i said i need a plan. I go for 3km jogs twice daily, and every 3 days i do over 100 push-ups.

Asked by Shadowwalker2551 3 years ago

Looking to manufacture a piece of fitness equipment

I am looking for a manufacturer to help produce a new piece of exercise equipment. A professional prototype is needed. 

Posted by Vin723 3 years ago

Does the inner diameter of the ring fit on the socket ? Answered

I wonder if the ring will fit on the body of the socket since the inner diameter has the same value as the outer diameter of the socket?

Asked by Moschtertaart 1 year ago

American light fittings, working in a UK house

Im fitting 2 external light fittings purchased in the US in a UK house. The fitting have an inbuilt PIR sensor.  Most fittings of this type here are designed to be wired straight into mains voltage but given this has a built in PIR sensor could that cause problems on the fitting working in the UK? US mains voltage is 110-120v @60Hz UK is 240v @ 50Hz Im trying to find the best option to ensure they work so would 2 such fittings still work on UK current if wired in series with a 150w DC output transformer when they run 2 60w bulbs or Is there some other solution I am not thinking of ?

Asked by Bob909 1 year ago

Gas engine bike fit Answered

Can I put my gas engine in the back of my bicycle. I bought it and even though I measured(not good enough it seems)it will not fit.

Asked by mphillips13 6 years ago

Lama v3 Rc heli Does the extreme tail boom fit the stock chassis and skids?

Does the extreme tail boom fit the stock chassis and skids?

Asked by camb00 8 years ago

I need something that fits the discription!

Please upload a project suitable to this group!

Posted by maeve 10 years ago

Gobs of Globs? Answered

In this and many other projects, I get 'globs' from the extruder,Of course. these interfere with the fit on a "Fit Tester"An suggestions?Alex

Asked by cdninoh 1 year ago

How do you build a skateboard that will fit three people?

I think it would be really cool to be able to build a skateboard that could fit two to three people. It could be something like a toboggen, but with wheels.

Asked by acall995 6 years ago

tap and die do not fit together

Hi...this is also posted in the "community" forum, sorry for the duplication. For the bolt/nuts I have that are cross threaded or damaged I bought a tap/die set. Then I dropped it on the floor and it's all jumbled up. And the sizes on the taps/dies are very small....hard to see. So I thought I'd match them up by fitting them together but none of them fit together (die/tap). I'm curious, shouldn't they fit together?

Posted by mark815 3 years ago

How do you adapt a phone jack to fit the phone cord?

I have a phone jack in a bedroom but have never used it. Now I want use that phone jack for my DSL line but the phone cord for the DSL line doesn't fit. The phone cord seems too big to fit into the jack. Do I have an old jack and newer cord? Can the jack be adapted to fit the phone cord?

Asked by iwiwaki 9 years ago

jewelry box fittings

I am making my daughter a wooden jewelry box and want to spiff it up with brass fittings - corners, edges, etc. I can't find a supplier. All local stores have cabinet fittings ( drawer pulls, hinges, etc.). Any suggestions? If I bought thin brass sheets would I need special tools to make my own fittings? i want nice sharp 90 degree angles and curved edges.

Posted by lhomeniuk 6 years ago

Fitting Horse Swing to a Tree?

I have a horse swing for the kids brought some years ago and now come to fitting and find no instructions on how best to fit to a tree - any ideas? If i just tie it to one point on the tree it folds up and twists, not swings - before I try and fool around, would be nice if someone could advise the best? Thanks

Asked by 9 years ago

Has anyone made a Fitness Anywhere TRX themselves?

Has anyone tried to make one of these themselves? Somehow I don't think this is $150 dollars of material.http://www.fitnessanywhere.com/

Posted by doc.walsh 9 years ago

Is there any spoke nipples that can fit 11 AWG spokes? Answered

I'm currently in the process of building a 48" bicycle wheel. The spoke size is 11 AWG. Is there any nipples that can fit this diameter spoke?

Asked by T_T_ 4 years ago

Mens Dress Shirt into womans fitted dress?

I want to make a mens dress shirt into a fitted dress...i want the style to stay the same! how would i go about taking it in...with out ruining it??

Asked by 8 years ago

New Light Fitting Smells Of Fish When Hot

Hi, I have just fitted a new light fitting. After it gets hot (60 Watt filament bulb) The room smells of fish. I believe that the smell is coming from the hot plastic, probably from the plastic that holds the shade in place. I don't want to reduce the wattage, The label on the connector says it is rated for 100 Watts. How can I get rid of the fish smell? Thanks

Posted by anon_private 2 years ago

Will 700x35c tyre tube fit in my bike 700x28c?

My tyre says : 28-622 (700*28c-28*1 5/8*1 1/8) I'll attach photo tube Will it fit for my bike?

Asked by Eui seokJ 8 weeks ago

Is it possible to fit a charging coil to a pull start honda engine to charge a 12v battery?

Is it possible to fit only a charging coil to a pull start honda engine to charge a 12v battery without having to fit the whole electric start kit. I am wondering if this is the only thing needed to make it charge a 12v battery or are there other things in the kit that must be installed to charge a battery.

Asked by legend4930 3 years ago

Skinny brass tubing that fits inside 1/2 in CPVC ? Answered

I'm looking for skinny brass tubing that fits inside 1/2 in CPVC. It needs to be air tight but still slide without too much force. (and where to get it)

Asked by DBMods 7 years ago

Is lap swimming an outdoor sport?

I know that lap swimming is usually indoors, but would it count as an outdoor sport?

Asked by ddlucas 24 days ago

Why wont a 5.47 gb file fit on a 500 gb usb external hard drive?

I am trying to transfer an mpeg file that is 5.47 gb to a 500 gb usb external hard drive for use on a different computer. Why wont the file transfer. It says it is too big to fit on the hd and it wont fit into a compressed zipped folder.

Asked by TOCO 8 years ago

HELP PLEASE motorised bikes How To Fit Fit a multi cog

I am trying to find how i can fit a multi cog to my wheel and as it is not your normal set up and i need it just like the picture, how to do it Herdan.com a Nth American own the bike and i can't get thru as my emails get rejected and i can't get thru and they know how they did it ....these pics explain better what i want Thanks Any one .........................

Posted by maccaorgordon 10 years ago

Will this GPU fit in my computer? Answered

As recently as January I've bought a new GPU for my HP Pavilion Slimline (2009). It works great (AMD Radeon 7750) however, my PC is coming up with problems here and there. If I however choose to change computers, I saw this one that has decent performance, but the GPU is terrible. It's a low profile but doesn't do well on BF3. On my current computer and GPU I'm able to run BF3 on Medium graphics perfectly no lag at all. I would guess maybe 40FPS. So my question is, if I were to buy the HPE H8 1360T desktop pc, would my AMD Radon HD 7750 GPU fit in the HPE H81360T? The Radeon came with 2 different holders for the back and I used the smaller one, but would the larger one fit? I measured it as about 4.75 inches. If it's too small, are there any custom fittings to make it fit? Would my GPU be compatible with that PC? Thanks! (Im buying it from shopping.hp.com too for about $720)

Asked by knexpert1700 4 years ago

Has anyone tried: FitBrains ?

We provide brain exercise that is fun, engaging and personalized. Fit Brains has created a unique brain fitness experience that makes it easy for people to incorporate brain work-outs into their daily lives. With Fit Brains' games, it's healthy to be addicted!FitBrains Link

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

How would I make my normal ipod headphones fit better in my ears? Answered

Ok my headphones for my iPod always fall out of my ear is there anyway to fit them better

Asked by ps3king1 9 years ago

Would a 12" Cold Cathode light fit anywhere IN an Xbox 360?

I currently have already installed 4" cold cathodes but was wondering if 12" lights would fit.

Asked by Steeps5 8 years ago