Pita? Naan? Answered

I was wondering if these flat breads are more like pita (that you can open and stuff with goodies - gyros/donairs) or naan (that you can tear apart and scoop up goodies). Can't wait to make these for myself as I'm a sucker for breads with garlic baked right in. I just need to purchase another cast iron skillet. I used to have a great 10" one, but it got lost in all of my moving I've done over the years. :(

Asked by MarkM407 1 year ago

making a weedeater bike? Answered

The link below is a clamp that holds the engine on a weedeater bike. the good thing about this clamp is that you dont have to permanantly keep the motor fixed on the rear tire. you can cycle on flat roads and when nearing uphill, you can engage the motor with just one push of the clamp handle.    can someone with a mechanical knowledge make a video on how to make this clamp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZCfYu7e730

Asked by modtrend 2 years ago

How do you braid illustration on the cover of "Leather Braiding"-by Bud Grant?

On the cover of the book "Leather Braiding" by Bud Grant it shows what appears to be a six strap flat braid with a two strap braid going down the middle.How do you do that??I do not see that braid anywhere else in the book.It pisses me off cause that's why i got the book!!Thanx for any help or clues.

Asked by itchman 8 years ago

Turntable speaker with piezo speaker glued to make-shift horn? Answered

I'm wondering if I could take a piezo speaker, glue it to the bottom of a make-shift gramophone horn, and wire it directly to the RCA output cable of a turntable. Would this blow the piezo speaker? And I'm not sure if it's called a piezo speaker or not, but it's the small, flat circle, I think it may be called a piezo element.

Asked by josh1324 6 years ago

spray paint shoes

I needed to change the colour of a pair of synthetic upper boots for a costume party, and this what I did. Firstly, I used spray paint. Even though I had sanded the surface, the paint would not adhere. In desparation I then used cheap acyrlic paint. Did the job superbly. The only problem is that acyrlic paint dries flat (no shine) but luckily my DH had Gloss Medium in paint box.

Posted by jas59 4 years ago

Convert a picture of a structure into plans for its surfaces?

I saw a program to do this, but when I tried to purchase it, it had been acquired by another company and taken off market. Essentially, a photo showing two sides of a structure allowed calculations to be made, and then represented as two "flats". I think Railroad Model Craftsman (magazine) laid out a manual approach to this. Electronically, you would be able to reshape the surfaces as well; e.g. bricks.

Asked by Doc Holliday 3 years ago

How can I make my own bicycle trainer out of cheap materials?

The cheapest one online costs $80!!! It's basically a stand for the back wheel of your bicycle, plus some kind of resistance on the wheel to simulate real riding on flat or hills. I need to stay in shape even when it's too cold or windy to ride outside. thanks in advance!

Asked by laurenmendoza 9 years ago

What type of security tag is this? Answered

Hello, Could anyone tell me what type of security tag this is? I have Googled and Wickipediad en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_tag  around the subject looking for,  'induction coil security tag',  but I mainly find information about the flat strip type. I'm new to electrickery so I am guessing it is an induction type of device? Also, is the green component a capacitor? ...um...  Thank you.

Asked by FriendOfHumanity 8 years ago

My New Knex Slide Ation Oodammo Pistol

So this is my new slide action oodammo pistol that i made today, i made it in about a hour or two, so uh tell me what you think of it and i might post it if you guys want. I havent tested thew ranges out yet but im guessing around 35-40 ft flat.=)

Posted by bigdylan91 8 years ago

outdoor steps down a steep slope cheap

Steps down a slope so that we don't have to cut grass there, and also we have a tendency to slide down it!!! this area is near our back porch is flat for app. 4 feet then drops about 6foot over another 8-10 foot area. want to do this cheap but looks nice. we have 6-8 concrete pavers now and several smaller pavers

Asked by 9 years ago

I need help designing a simple outdoor wheelchair for an adult that reclines flat to become a bed.

I want to design a simple outdoor wheelchair that reclines flat to become a bed. This is for my disabled brother. Unfortunately, I can't weld, so extra points if it is made out of some parts that don't need welding. I want to take my brother camping, but he tires easily and needs to lie down. I am going to use a small pop-up awning with sides to create a little bedroom for him when he needs to rest, but I need help coming up with this chair design. Seems simple but all sorts of practical issues are stumping me. It should go over typical campground terrain. I could buy "Wheeleez" fat tires for a million dollars but my bank account does not allow that.  Likewise pre-made wheelchairs that become beds are exorbitant.  Thank you for any help you can provide!?

Asked by cjkip 6 years ago

Small Radio-Activated Alarm / Key Finder

Hi Guys, I'm quite new to electronics (I'm a programmer by trade), but I'm a quick learner. I want to make a sort of radio Key-Finder (similar to something like this), but I'd like the "receiver" end to be rather small in size.  I'm trying to figure out how to go about starting something like this, but I would really appreciate some direction. Some questions: 1.)  Are there products that I can take apart and re-purpose for this? 2.)  Could something like this, for example, be a starting point for the radio "receiver" end? 3.)  I imagine that I would need at least a small battery (flat watch battery?), perhaps a small flat Piezeio-Electric buzzer (like one of these?) and the radio receiver. 4.)  Is this a project that needs something like an Arduino board to handle any logic? 5.)  Can I re-purpose a car alarm remote for the "remote" piece? Thanks for any thoughts and direction. Dan

Posted by thefonk 5 years ago

Need help finding a suitable white plastic stick . . .

I have a project I'm working on and I need help finding the plastic version of this: http://factory.dhgate.com/toothpicks/gl160-sandwich-picks-88mm-750pcs/box-p41597072.html or this: http://www.webstaurantstore.com/wooden-food-picks-flat-750-box/999R823.html I have been searching and searching and searching for about two days straight and I got nothing. I've looked up craft sticks, stir sticks, swizzle sticks, food picks, appetizer picks, cocktail picks, fruit picks, sandwich skewers, dental mixing spatulas, you name it. It doesn't have to be exactly like these examples, it just has to be white, it has to be plastic, it has to be flat, and it has to be about 3.5" to 4" long. I know I've seen something like this before but I just can't put my finger on it. What better place to ask help than the most resourceful group of people on planet earth?

Posted by ammonihah99 6 years ago

Need help with Led project (time sensitive)

Need help with Led project (time sensitive) Hello I am currently working on a project that has less than 3 weeks till the suspense date. One aspect of the project I will be adding some LEDS. I want these LEDs to flash. So I got the following stuff for this project: LED Flashing kit MK102 by Velleman from Fry’s Electronics 100 rectangular flat clear 2mmx5mmx7mm LEDs (DC 3V 20mA) 400 DiCUNO 3mm LED assorted colors Forward Voltage: R/Y 1.8-2.2V B/G/W 2.8-3.2V Max Current: 20mA The issue: Ok so I want to take the LED flasher kit and instead of using the two supplied red LEDs I want to run two series of LEDs. One series will have two flat clear LEDs and one clear 3mm LED. The second series would have one flat LED and one 3mm clear LED. I have other colors but I figure if I stick with the clear LEDs, it makes everything simple and I will simply paint the LEDs the color I want. I would like to use all the other circuitry that comes with the kit and simply add each series where you would normally add the two red supplied LEDs. This kit runs on a 9 volt battery. So, I am assuming that I can simply replace the supplied resistors that come with the kit with ones that account for the LEDs I want to use? I am attaching the diagram from the kit for clarity, I hope this is making sense. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Posted by 11b30b4 10 months ago

Soundproof Sleeping Closure

Hello fellow instructables :) Right I need some help and advice on a design brief to help fix my problem. Problem - I live in a ground floor flat and there is 1 flat above me, 2 scum bags occupy it, a couple of 22 year olds and they have obviously never been taught consideration for others and they bang and thrash around all through the early hours of the morning. When they bang on their bare wooden floor it sounds like a heavy metal dumbbell coming through my ceiling and it wakes me abruptly and its ruining my life :( I've complained to the council the past 18 months but there not interested. They have not put any carpet down in their flat in the last 18 months and it looks like they have no intention of doing so (they can afford fags n booze tho), plus they have a baby due any day now, great.. so now there making their problems, my problem. Solution - The only thing I can think of is making a soundproof sleeping closure, a large box like a 4 poster bed but all sides solid made out of a layer of MDF then insulation then more mdf, but I have some questions before I start. How would I get adequate air in and out ? Would this even stop the banging on my ceiling waking me up ? or would it still penetrate the box ? How would I control the temperature, would it be too hot in there ? Something like the image below but more solid with a door. If anyone has any experience with this or input or any good ideas I'd be ever so grateful. Cheers in advance. Matt

Posted by mattdiy 4 years ago

Interview with IKEA on Sustainability

I knew about IKEA's cutting of costs with flat packing, but it's cool to hear them talk about dealing with several different issues of sustainability. ideas: - save on resources, save on environment - looking to use more renewable energy, even producing solar and wind energy themselves. Goal of 60% renewable by 2009 - thinking of biofuel transport - trying to get more local suppliershttp://www.grist.org/news/maindish/2007/02/27/ikea/index.html?source=biz

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

how to get the + & - wires in the right place

Hey y'all I'm makin a cell charger out of a generic wall brand and dont know how to or where to find the wiring diagram for the lil biddy flat type plug on my lg "dare". Its smaller than a mini usb . I tried to make the usb charger how ever my usb cord does not have the same colors as indicated in all of the "how to's posted here ?.

Posted by kiwiboy1964 8 years ago

DIY Table Fountain help

I'd like to make a do-it-yourself table fountain with a whisper power filter fish tank pump. any ideas or websites that might help? i'm thinking i'll glue a bunch of flat river rocks in, like a 'vase' kinda thing that the pump will fit in. and then put the rock 'vase' & pump in a 4-6(ish) inch deep glass dish and fill that with water and more rocks............ any input would be great!

Asked by 9 years ago


I have a 12dc sever fan installed into and old fridge to be made into a jerky dehydrator. what i need is a simple TWO POWER WIRE IN and TWO FAN WIRES OUT speed controller as the fan empty's the air from the fridge in 2 seconds flat. what i need is a controller with three speeds and an OFF. i can make one very easily from a detailed schematic but please keep it simple

Posted by joypad 7 years ago

Can I use "borrowed" satellite internet over a distances? Answered

My sister has satellite internet. Is their anyway that I can use her access if she gives me her PW and all that info in a manner to where she and I can both use her access I live approximately 5 miles from her and it's not flat land! If so what would i need  and how would I do this please?

Asked by tazmaniac_37752 8 years ago

how to install permanent air jacks on each tire side operated by 12v compresor system to lift car and change a tire.?

The idea is to install pneumatic jack on each tire. to lift the car when a flat tire occurs. one side at time, the system need to include security system to avoid unintentional or accidental operation when the car is moving. also the system could be hydraulic operated by 12 volts pump

Asked by 9 years ago

collecting sun light using a parabolic reflector and piping it into the flat....is there anyone who tried? Answered

...my idea is to collect sun light with a parabolic reflector( e.g. an old satellite dish covered with mylar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mylar ) and piping it through optical fibers from the roof to my room. of course...there have to be a lense to concentrate the light.....anyone built stuff like this? reposts are welcome!

Asked by soeren89 9 years ago

How can I reprogram a talking birthday card to say something else?

My daughter gave me a talking birthday card. I thought it would be neat to reprogram it to say something else and give it back to her. The card has a little printed circuit board(1 1/8" X 1 1/8"), a small speaker ( 1 1/2" approx.), and a flat battery (like a watch).

Asked by bruceissmart 9 years ago

Chandeliers based on my Instructable now available

My instructable has been happily very popular, but I received a great many requests for completed chandeliers. I've made several design revisions and given it a name...the Grandelier. It's a one of a kind prop chandelier especially for special events. Large. Packs flat. Lightweight and simple to assemble. Available with a few color options if requested. http://www.grandelier.com

Posted by davidandora 4 years ago

Lightweight Speaker Enclosure

Im coming up to the third (hopefully waterproof) upgrade of my longboard mounted speakers. Im looking for something pre-made like a square pipe or storage box etc, that i can use as an enclosure that has flat ends large enough to mount 6.5" PA speakers onto, is no wider than 8" and no longer than 2ft. It needs to be as lightweight but rigid as possible. Any ideas/links?

Posted by ambientvoid 7 years ago

A revolution in laptop mice?

A company called Simtrix has had a go at restyling computer mice to make them more laptop and tablet friendly.The Slider curls around the thumb, with buttons handy for the forefinger, and uses the laptop's keyboard as the mouse mat.The Triped is similar, but aimed at tablet users - instead of a flat base, it has three points that can work together as a base for the mouse, or individually as styli with different functions.They look good, but do you reckon they will catch on?Video of mice in use (BBC)

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Instructables for sale (updated).

After a number of requests, I am now selling two of my recent instructables on my Etsy shop: Both my Serenity Suncatcher and The Mule are now available as "flat-packs", packed along with illustrated assembly instructions. UPDATE - I have also added model X-Wings and TIE Fighters to the store! Since we're talking "Etsy", are there any of my other laser-cut projects that you'd like to see available?

Posted by Kiteman 2 years ago

Flowering plant identification

I live in Chicago, IL and have a plant in my garden that I can't identify.  It is a  perennial.  The leaves are smoke-green and look a bit like marijuana leaves.  The plant drapes over and is covered in single yellow blooms that close up at night time and reopen each day.  Each flower has five flat heart shaped petals.  There is no odor to either the plant or the flower.  I will try to attach pictures to help with identification.  Thanks!

Asked by karenlayer 8 years ago

How do you re temper a spring? Answered

I have and old shotgun that has a worn flat spring. It's a hardware store brand so i can find a replacement part . If i could re temper it to a better springiness it would have the power to in engage the primer.As of now i get about 12 good shots before i have to stop and let the spring recover.

Asked by Coffee bean 9 years ago

3D printing something totally Round?

Hi everyone.  I have ordered my 3D printer and in the mean time, I am building my files I will be printing.  1 of them is rounded and has no flat surface.  How do I go about printing this?  Do I need to create a base to print it on or will the product I use to make the bas sticky be enough?  Any help to this beginer would be appreciated. K

Posted by kwrcst 3 years ago

Slide up /down wall mount for flat monitor/tv

Hello fellow builders! Title says it all. I would like to build something like this project: https://www.instructables.com/id/TV-Lift-Cabinet-in-under-three-hours/ but without the motor and closet.  I would like to attach a monitor to a metal plate (or rails). This plate has to be attached to a wall and be able to slide up/down that wall vertically. I will manually pull it upwards (weight monitor is 10 pounds max) or push it downwards. And it has 'stay' in the position I pulled it up to, but sliding up/downwards has to be easy. But there's one catch: I do not want to see rail's or something on the wall ABOVE the monitor when it is in its downwards position. Also it would be nice if it was as sleek as possible. Does somebody know what kind of sliding mechanism I could make/buy that could be suitable for this task? I've done a lot of asking/searching but no one seems to have any usable tips! Many thanks!

Posted by Sogree 7 years ago

"Blinking Eyes" LED circuit. ?

A timer circuit that'll turn LEDs on and off in an approximation of eyes blinking. Ooooon-off-on-off-oooooon-off-oooooon. So, this coming Halloween, I've got a dozen or twenty of these timers, running pairs of red LEDs, about eye-width apart, that are poked through a piece of cardboard spray painted flat black and set in shadowed areas around the porch. Maybe a couple of sets of them covered with ping-pong ball halves to make the "eyes" bigger.

Asked by allen 9 years ago

How can i recharge my phone battery while on the run?

My phone is used very often and after 3-4 hours of continual use it goes flat. I need to be able to keep it going for all day, but sometimes i cannot get home in time and it will die before i can recharge it. Its a Motorola V9 and its of much importance to solve this problem otherwise i will have to buy a second battery.

Asked by 8 years ago

wireless camera

I have a (PC- LCD  flat computer monitor, it is a Dell 17"  that only has a VGA connector,  and I have a First Alert Wireless Security Camera(s) two. Model: A-560. My question is, What accessories do I need to connect the wireless receiver to the monitor so I can monitor what is going on through the cameras. Thanking you for simple instructions on how to do this. And what to buy. you can E-Mail me at: epro122@gmail.com Again, Thanks

Posted by eljero 5 years ago

How can I prevent a envelope pillow cover from popping open on the back?

I have made two of the envelope pillow covers and on the back the opening does not lay close and flat like the picture shows.  My thought was a tight fitting pillow would cause the opening to split open but both pillows fit loose and still the opening still does not stay closed. Any ideas on what is causing the gap?  Any ideas on how to prevent it?

Asked by BonesOneil 6 years ago

I'd like to take apart a DVD player/screen and have it work without the casing?

I'd like to take apart a DVD player, ideally a flat screen dvd player combo and still be able to use the player - but have the computer elements exposed any suggestions? I am looking for any suggestions as to how to take it apart to which players might be the best, I don't need large screens - am also looking at portable players and currently trying to take apart an insignia

Asked by wwischer 8 years ago

can i switch a boost mobile sim card into an unlocked blackberry tour 9630 phone or will there be complications?

I have an unlimited boost mobile phone, I like the flat rate fee and service but would enjoy a better phone like a blackberry. I have heard several different answers about whether i can exchange the sim card and use the blackberry with my boost mobile account. If anyone could answer with explanation of complications or limitations.

Asked by 8 years ago

Halloween blinking eyes LED project

A pair of red LEDs which blink in an approximation of the glowing red eyes of some baleful critter lurking in the shadows behind me as I hand out candy to the kids. I figure to poke the LEDs through a piece of cardboard sprayed with flat black paint. Half a dozen sets of light would make for a pretty scary pack of, well, something. Just the thing for Halloween. I don't have the technical background to do this but it seems like it might be fun and cheap.

Posted by allen 10 years ago

Marbles,Marble Cheese, MARBLE STONE ! and brick.

A friend of mine is in the construction business and he has collected a bunch of crap. ( he knows i collect crap) So I got two big boxes of flat marble from my friend theres about 60 slats of stone in there. What should I do with them ? Along with that we got some old (really really really old bricks (1850)) about a thousand of the things what should I do with emm ?

Posted by littlechef37 10 years ago

I am learning to solder and have a few questions. Answered

I am learnig to solder and I wonder if it was safe to use lead free plumbing solder or lead free silver baring (97% tin 3% silver) solder on rings and bracelets made out of copper and the like? Second, has any one here know of people making their own solder. By that I mean meting down the tin, copper and silver then pouring and pounding flat? thanks. Ernest

Asked by easeemann 7 years ago

Small, wireless, non-bluetooth keyboards.

I own a 1st gen kindle fire. I use it alot, and bring it to school everyday, and was trying to figure out how to get a keyboard for it. It doesn't have any bluetooth but I have it rooted and as shown here custom kernel can get you far http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F79sLcFwTU. I was wondering if anyone knew where to acquire a keyboard about 7" that is almost flat and doesn't use bluetooth but is still wireless. 

Posted by lfarley 5 years ago

What is your favorite Pi project

I happened to log onto ADAfruit today in the 10 min that they had some of the new (and sold out everywhere) Raspberry Pi 2's.  I picked one up because I'm curious about the new Windows 10 (mobile if I understand correctly) support...that and they are flat out awesome. I want to know the your favorite Pi project.  Either one you've seen or build.  Links are encouraged!

Posted by More Cowbell 3 years ago

PS3 Jailbreak 4.31 Working Please Help?

I have a ps3 4.31 and have been wanting to jailbreak it so i can mod skyrim but every jailbreak i try either needs a password that dosent work or just flat out dosent work ive been trying to do it through my droid razr android but might be getting a flash drive please help me best way would be through my phone please help.

Asked by slimshaddy 5 years ago

I want to make a tiny hot plate

I am trying to make a hot plate about the size of a quarter to 50 cent piece. I am going to wire in a dimmer switch for temp control, I would like even heat so I dont know if nichrome is the way to go-I'd love to use some sort of flat type resistor but havent found anything on line that seems fesible. Also I would like to use a plug in power suppy. Any ideas?

Posted by yoss974 9 years ago


I've got a leftover FOLDABLE KEYBOARD for an HP iPAQ (circa 2002) -model G750- that I'd love to use with my current laptop (an HP). This is a wired device with a broad, flat connector - not a USB terminal.  Anybody had any success in converting this or this type of device for use with full-sized current model laptops?  Maybe its a conversion plug or an adapter??  If you know where to get one these I'd like to know. Thanks, KEY~

Asked by KEYTURNER 6 years ago

How to make a Harry Potter lighting scar? Answered

A grandson will go as Harry Potter. I would like to make a scar to spirit gum to his forehead. As a kicker I plan to put an smd LED under the appliance. Powered by a flat cell in the hair and fine magnet wire for conductors. So far I was planing to use a glue gun to form the scar on a tin can for simulated forehead curved shape.. Any suggestions on a better material or kit will be greatly appreciated !

Asked by iceng 4 years ago

How can I make a power supply for cold cathode lights that would normally go into a computer power supply? Answered

I'm looking to put some cold cathode tubes behind my flat screen LCD tv and my computer LCD. I was going to pick up the Dioder lights at IKEA until I saw they were $50 for a set of 4!!! Any ideas? Is there an instructable that I missed? Thanks all.

Asked by Joaquin9 9 years ago

How can I display text on a regular LCD computer monitor?

I am looking for a portable way to display a simple menu on a regular flat panel computer monitor for my mobile ice cream truck. Can an arduino do this? If not what kind of micro-computer do I need to look into? I am looking for something like a portable, digital photo picture frame but better (and hopefully cheaper). 

Asked by martinbrown3 7 years ago