Sanding by hand? Answered

As I'm just starting, and won't spend much money as of now, any tips on using sandpaper manually (how to hold, keep entire surface flat, keep sandpaper flat, etc)?

Asked by AlfredoJ 10 months ago

How to mod a ps2?

Modding a flat ps2

Asked by alewisnyc 8 years ago

How can I get my landlord to maintain the flat I rent? Answered

I live in the lower of a 2 flat and have had so many problems that the landlord will not address.  The latest is a leak from above in the my kitchen.  How can I get him to repair real issues?

Asked by pksmart 8 years ago

I have artwork painted on flat wood hardboard. What are some good ways of hanging them?

So the painting s are on flat hardboard. I need to figure out some good ways on hanging them up. My old way was way ghetto. shoot me some suggestions here.

Asked by 9 years ago

can I make my norcent or nec pc monitor into flat-ish TV

How can I make my norcent pc monitor into a flat-ish TV, aside from buying a composite to vga converter. Already have a Pc to tv converter? is there any way to hack the converter or Huffff...the actually lcd screen?

Asked by jimboa2020red 6 years ago

Is a CRT monitor just any one that isn't flat, but with a bulge at the back? Answered

It would be great if it is, because I have 2 or 3 around and want to make the electric levitation device.

Asked by XOIIO 8 years ago

is there a way to turn your flat computer monitor into a tv without a cable box? Answered

I have a dell flat screen monitor and i wanted to turn it into a TV to hang on the wall, but the olny problem is that i don't know how. and i also don't want to spend a lot of money. is there anyone who can help me?

Asked by ctm53 8 years ago

Flat Wall Plug Adapter? (for DIY extension Cords)

There is an extension cord (3 wire) which has a flat wall connector - great for tight spaces.  I've bought some over the years (about $12 each at Amazon) - but want a supply of the plugs so I can make my own custom/length cords.  I looked at a few electric parts places but no luck.  Any ideas/sources for a less expensive flat plug adapter? One option  is to replacc the wall outlet with a recessed outlet - but that does not work for me. thanks

Posted by 222fbj 7 years ago

Vizio [VA22L FHDTV10T] flat screen TV will not stay on?

I have a 22" Vizio TV that powers up, Vizio label turns white then blue screen comes on for just a second and goes black but label stays white. The TV is only a few years old and I was using it as a monitor for my computer. Is this an easy fix? or will it cost more than it's worth?

Asked by colron22 2 years ago

How can I make a lifesize head that folds flat for transport?

I want to make a life size head or skull which folds flat for transporting but is 3-d for displaying goggles, helmet etc at steampunk show and tells. Any ideas? Has anyone ever tried to make home made inflatables ? If so, what materials and how to make the seams?

Asked by greensteam 9 years ago

how do you hook up/ use the flat square 4 pin leds? Answered

I've never used them before but I need them to be flat and bright and they match the description...

Asked by rockandjay 8 years ago

how to hook a dtv converter to a flat panel computer monitor to make a lcd tv?

I have a magnavox dtv converter, and would like to hook it up to a lcd computer monitor to make a cheap tv.

Asked by handyhippie65 9 years ago

How to attach a flat weight sensor to a voice recorder? What kind of sensor to use and where to buy items?

I'm making a prototype the size of a door mat that when stepped on plays a voice recording. What kind of sensor would I use and how could I make it activate a voice recording (it needs to be flat)? Where might I buy the needed items? The sensor would need to be activated after 1lb of pressure was applied to it.?

Asked by mrobyn22 5 years ago

flat plate evacuated solar panel

Hello, I am trying to figure how to make an evacuated flat plate solar thermal panel ( sort of this one: ). Main problem so far is how to keep air out (vacuum) . What sort of o-ring should I use ? Would it be possible to use Arduino to control internal vacuum and act a vacuum pump to keep it balanced in time ?

Posted by gabdab 8 years ago

Can't epoxy metal, help appreciated. Answered

I'm trying to epoxy two pieces of metal together, I'm mixing the epoxy the right way but once it hardens the piece breaks off, any suggestions? I'm gluing this flat piece of metal to the nut that's glued on the viewfinder.  The nut stays on the viewfinder with the same epoxy so I'm confused about why the other metals won't adhere, should I sand the pieces first? By the way I photographed the wrong side of the flat piece, the side showing has prongs, the other side is flat, the flat side gets glued to the nut. This is a viewfinder from an old Mamiya press camera, not sure what kind of metal it is.

Asked by buffysissy1 6 years ago

how do i clean flat tv screen?

I have been afraid to put any thing on the screen to clean it. but i think it needs a cleaner used on it . please let me know what to do.  thank you very much . shirley

Asked by lou1622 6 years ago

can anyone direct me on how to get a computer monitor to work with my wii?

I would like to use a flat monitor with my wii to make it more portable , would like to use a 20 or 22 inch lcd if possible.

Asked by exoticken 9 years ago

Cutting leather? Answered

I tried to "engrave" with raster laser cutting on a surface of a large leather piece, but it started to curl and warp. I finally blue taped down the edges to keep some of it relatively flat. What would you recommend I use to keep the leather flat and down during the whole laser cutting process? Double-stick tape?

Asked by jeanniel1 1 year ago

Glueing leather to wood? Answered

So what kind of glue would you suggest to adhere leather to flat wooden panels?

Asked by Grimm10169 1 year ago

Clamps make instant tables out of any flat object

The clamps are secretly table legs. Clamp four of them onto a scrap piece of wood and PRESTO! it's a table! A great temporary solution before you put the real legs on, because who wants clamps in their living room? Link

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

How do I break open a flat ps2? Answered

I need to know how to break open a ps2 and cant figure it out, its an old one i had and its bugging me, i have the whole security screw kit and i need help! thank-you

Asked by Earths_hope 8 years ago

What is the best way to cut an semi circle at the end of a flat piece of steel? Answered

I have a a 100mm wide piece of flat steel and i want to cut a perfect semi circle at the end of the steel to make it look nice. I dont have a plasma cutter and im wondering how to get the perfect semi circle shape.

Asked by legend4930 5 years ago

Circular Needles & Stockinette Stitch? Answered

Would it be possible to make a lesson on knitting flat with circular needles and knitting the stockinette stitch?

Asked by Not_Tasha 1 year ago

Help! My fingers wont straight flat

It's been this for a long time, just noticed it when i Compare my hands with someone. I really wouldn't ask this to how to straighten them hard flat and fingers joined. But my Commander in CAT(citizenship advancement training), and many of my fellow cadets noticed it too. I told my commander that it's been this since i was young, he said to flatten it to a wall, its more than 2 weeks on pressing it to the wall and my fingers are flat, except when i lift them off the wall. i got some pics below, tell me if you need more from other angle or something :) Now every time i salute, my fingers is always noticed. Any help? (they even called me tentacles because of it) Cheers!  -aye

Posted by hindmarauder 3 years ago

how do you flatten a wine bottle?

I have a number of wine bottles that I want to melt flat

Asked by 4obrien 7 years ago

broken flexible communication flat plastik stuff soft circuit between camere lenses and it's cpu how 2 fix?

Is it fixable or where can I get only the kinda wiring track- soft circuit bettheen cpu of camera and it's lenses SEE ON PICTURES  email:     astan-art-fx

Asked by this time use more propane 8 years ago

Make your own philips screwdriver?

If I want a flat screwdriver in an odd size, I can take a piece of metal, heat it, pound it flat on one end and file or grind to shape; something within reach of even the clumsiest blacksmith. Is there some trick I'm missing that allows similarly simple home construction of a philps-style screwdriver? Or are they part of a plot to allow only factories to make screwdrivers :-)

Posted by westfw 11 years ago

which is the best metal rod-flat metal bender-shaper from HF or other source

Hi, i have been looking at the rod/metal benders at harbor freight.  I just want something that i can use to bend small pipes and rods i scrap from thrown out lamps, scanners, printers, I want to be able to make hooks and anything that i need. able to bend flat  pieces of  metal would also be handy. HF has a couple 25% off sales, and i would like to pick one up that also wasn't to big, Are they any decent one out there for around $100? 

Posted by escapefromyonkers 4 years ago

Airfoil vs. Flat Wings?

I built a model airplane which is rubber band powered. At first I built the wing of the shape of an airfoil and I can assure you that the shape was perfect. When I tested the plane, it just kept on going and going straight with very high speed but never took off. I guessed that the weight was more. So, after removing the weight it still didn't take off. I then used just a flat piece of cardboard for the wing with a slight tilt, so that it would deflect the air downward and produce the upward thrust. I then tested the plane, and even though the wing was heavier than the airfoil one and the plane moved on the ground slower than before maybe due to increased drag and weight.....the plane took off just beautifully just after a few seconds of launch!!! I don't know what was the reason, the airfoil shape was perfect, the surface area of the both wings was same. I guess that flat wings produce more lift.....I doubt that the airfoil produced any lift at all, or maybe they require significantly higher airflow over them than flat tilted wings to produce a fair amount of lift...can you tell me what could be the reason?

Asked by Wisaam 4 years ago

What is this tool used for?

The slots align and are approximately 1/4-inch in diameter. The smaller piece has rollers and slides across the flat piece.

Asked by FredrickF 2 years ago

Does anyone know how to make that hard flat pulled taffy you can only seem to find at fairs? Answered

I've been searching everywhere to find this recipe and how to make it hard, I know it's from salt water toffee, but I'd like to know how to make it hard and so fast as they do at the fair. The fair seems to be the only place I ever saw it.

Asked by TaffyCrazy 8 years ago

Iphone headphones with flat cable, how it look inside, the conductor? Answered

This is the headphone photo. . I want to cut the cable to make them shorter. How it looks the conductor , because i dont want to start cut them before i know everything about them. I dont want to destroy them !!

Asked by danyelo 4 years ago

Screws with Round Washers

Do the round washers need to be used when screwing a flat screen TV to the base for tabletop viewing? The washers came with the screws in the small plastic bag. Where do the washers go? Do you screw them on the end of the screws after you have attached the base? Can you just leave them on the screw as they were in the package before you attach the base?  

Posted by prinze1 5 years ago