Best of both worlds (LED technology)

People working under Professor John Rogers of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have managed to combine the robustness of inorganic LEDs (the kind we use so much here), with the physical flexibility of organic LEDs.They have devised a new mass-production method that allows large numbers of small LEDs to be picked up by a robotic arm and embedded into a wide variety of other surfaces, including glass and rubber.The LEDs are bright enough that they can be spread out far enough to be transparent, paving the way for displays built into windows.This is not new science, just new engineering. What would you do with it?BBC storyUniversity of IllinoisThe BBC picked the story up from Science magazine.

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

How to build flexible-neck light?

Hi, I am trying to build flexible-neck lights. By flexible neck, I mean like those USB laptop lights that bend in all directions. What material is the flexible neck made from?  Where can I but this? Thank you.

Asked by CanCB 7 years ago

Flexible metal cable?

Hi,I'm looking for flexible metal cable similar to that used in this product: cable has a flexible metal sleeve which can be manipulated into whatever shape you want and holds its shape.Can anyone tell me what this cable is called? I've been searching online for days and I haven't found anything similar SadAny help would be appreciated!Thanks

Asked by 9 years ago

Flexible LEDs to boost biomedicine

Nature News is reporting today on the development of thin flexible sheets of LEDs which could be used for medical diagnostics, or even implanted in the body to use with light-activated drug delivery.  Besides these uses (obviously cooked up for the grant proposal :-) ), the clothing and other DIY uses seem fantastic! The interesting thing to me is that these sheets are made with conventional semiconductor LEDs (surface mount) and the flexibility of the leads is handled simply with extra lead lengths to pick up the slack. The original paper is being published in Nature Materials (Kim, R.-H. et al. Nature Mater. doi:10.1038/NMAT2879 (2010).

Posted by kelseymh 7 years ago

Looking for Heat Resistant Flexible Material

I am trying to find a heat resistant material that is flexible... I am trying to make a pull down shade to attach to a tension rod, that will make my home more energy efficient... This means It will also need to be thin enough to roll up into a small roll... It needs to be reflective or at least block out all the sun... I work nights and sleep through the day, and have trouble sleeping when the sun gets through...

Posted by BadBobbo 10 years ago

New flat flexible speakers

A new kind of speaker has been designed by engineers at the University of Warwick - a flat one!From"A groundbreaking new loudspeaker, less than 0.25mm thick, has been developed by University of Warwick engineers, it's flat, flexible, could be hung on a wall like a picture, and its particular method of sound generation could make public announcements in places like passenger terminals clearer, crisper, and easier to hear."Projected uses include applications in advertising, automotive, and public address systems. Link

Posted by Lithium Rain 9 years ago

Are there any inexpensive ways to make a material flex/contract when an electrical current is applied to it? Answered

I'm working on a small-scale prototype toy and it would be nice to have the ability to apply a charge to a piece of material and have it flex or contract. I kind of see it working a bit like a mechanical solenoid (and that is a possible option here although they would have to be tiny!) in that if the material looks like ____________ to begin with, when you apply a charge to it it becomes like __/\__ (excuse the poor ascii art!)

Asked by ProfessorFalken 7 years ago

flexible pipe/tube that keeps shape when twisted: how is it called?

My headphones' mic is flexible like this: You can bend it anyway you like and it (sort of) keeps its shape. What is this thing (the pipe/tube) called? Also, where can I get something like that of a larger size, or, are there instructables on how to make your own?

Asked by evolvingsoap 5 years ago

Flexible PCB rewiring

Hi,     I'm working on a project where I want to strip a 'roll up piano' down and take the rubber keyboard innards which feed into the electronic sound unit and get rid of the floppy rubber roll up piano keyboard and replace it with a standard PC qwerty keyboad. I got used to using a qwerty keyboard for playing tunes already and want tomake one that is stand alone that I don't need to connect to the PC to play music with. That means I need to take all the connections that you can see in the photos I uploaded and re connected each one to a key on the keyboard.  First of all, I don't know if pressing the rubber key on the roll up keyboad 'completes a circuit' and therefore prompts the electronic unit at the end of it to play the sound or if it 'breaks the circuit'. These units have two flexible pcb sheets as you an see in the second photo so when the rubber key is pressed they touch (although they all seem to be pretty much touching anyway). In an old casio solid keyboard I have there is a hard pcb and the piano keys touch a small rubber disk (much like is what under qwerty keys) to the pcb.   would it be better for me to take a razor and painstakingly slice up the flexible plastic which the pcb is printed on then lead them to the innards of the qwerty keyboard I'm going to modify or would it be better for me to just chop the flexible pcb off and use some kind of very thin coppe wire to feed dirctly into the unit and to the underside of the qwerty keys?   Any guidence would be appreciated.    

Posted by poita 6 years ago

Materials question? Answered

I know it is possible to by "flexible plywood" or "flexible MDF" - sheet material that can be rolled up in a single direction, whilst remaining rigid in the other. However, I have only found versions that roll with a minimum radius of about 15cm / 6". Does anybody know of a similar material that can be rolled with a much smaller minimum radius, say only 5cm / 2"? It doesn't have to be wood, any easily-worked sheet material will do if it can be rolled in one direction whilst remaining rigid in the other will do.

Asked by Kiteman 6 years ago

IS Poly corbanate plastic is flexible?

Can any body tell me that ,whether the poly carbonate is flexible?If it is flexible, please tell the life time of the flexible PC

Asked by suresh product engineer 4 years ago

Anyone know a source for "GorrillaPod" type materials? Answered

I've been searching for a cost-effective source for "GorrillaPod" type parts.  Could be really helpful for many projects.  The closest things I'm able to find are    A bit expensive for many purposes.              Seems like lengths are generally limited to 5.75 inch segments. Both of these products seem very good for what they are intended.  The loc-line looks like it can be joined - so maybe that is a good one. Is loc-line stiff enough to behave similar to gorillapod? It would be really nice if we could snap together pieces to make what ever lengths desired. Maybe this already exists and I've just missed it....  

Asked by bobzjr 6 years ago

Does anyone know a way to make sulfur castings more flexible and not as brittle?

Hi, I just posted an instructable on how to make super cheap strong sulpho plastic here>> and I want to know if anyone has heard of a plasticizer for sufur castings. The plastic is already very strong, but I would like it to be more impact resistant so that it doesn't chip.

Asked by galaxyman7 8 years ago

Flexibility in Polyster Resin, which palsticizer?

I want to make a mixer of unsaturated polyster resin, cobalt, hardener and want to add some plasticizer to get the flexibility in finish product like a paper, which plasticizer shud be added and in what ratio. Can this be mix by a wood rod or a mixer is required.?

Asked by mpoddar 8 years ago

How would I make this metal bangle bracelet/arm bangle?

I am wondering what materials I would need to make this bangle and how to make it. I know I could probably use a variety of different metals. I am looking for something that will be sturdy and durable but also lower in cost. The bangles pictured are made out of copper and 24K gold plated. Thanks!

Asked by xokailey23 4 years ago

What are these flexible moldable metal coils called and where do I get them? Answered

Hello guys, I am doing a project for a laser show and I need something flexible and moldable to holdup the lasers in a specific positions. I am looking for something like a flexible tube. Something like this. You see that phone holder attached to that metal bendable and moldable coil thing? I need that. I need to know what they're called and where I can find them, and hopefully in different lengths and thicknesses. Thanks!

Asked by cammcmillen 7 years ago

Flexible & Cuttable Solar Cells

Hi everyone,  I found this video about Flexible and Cuttable Solar Cells: Does anyone have experience with them? I would like to do some energy collector balloon with them. Cheers!! 

Posted by poldarko 2 years ago

Best flexible touch screen display modules

I'm looking for recommendations for flexible touch screen display modules that I can buy in small quantities for a personal project.  I'malso curious about the tradeoffs between OLED and LCD displays.  Ideas?

Posted by colinmcd94 3 years ago

What flexible rubber can i use that will stick to ceramic to make it shock proof?

When the ceramic is broken it does not fall apart completely because its bonded with rubber

Asked by abigailjade 8 years ago

Looking for some kind of flexible plastic

I'm looking for some kind of plastic or other material that I can use to make Chinese take out boxes. Does anyone know of anything I could use?

Posted by jadesoulcry 9 years ago

WANTED: 3mm flexible plastic fiberoptic filament

Dear friends: I am looking for 3mm flexible transparent fiberoptic filament. I recently got one of those 'LED shoelace' kits off eBay and I have use for the fiberoptic filament itself, not the LEDs and driver circuits. The filament is very flexible, somewhat rubbery in texture. I believe it's polyester or silicone. It's not a wonderful light conductor but it will work for my purposes. I have attached an image. The filament is the exact diameter of a T1 LED. Any help in finding this stuff would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by loopy-garou 6 years ago

Why is a sponge easier to bend when it's wet? Answered

A cellulose sponge  (and even a plastic sponge that doesn't seem to change size when it's wet) is much more flexible when it's wet.  What's happening?

Asked by mole1 6 years ago

How can i be more proficient in traditional karate?

Do you know of any training methods that can help me increase flexibility speed and power? Any scientifically more efficient ways to train?

Asked by 9 years ago

Tightening the joints of a flexible tripod

I have a Targus Grypton - the small, original version. It's basically a Gorillapod Original clone. It worked great before, but now the head joints have loosened to the point that the tripod is virtually useless. Anyone know of a way to increase the friction so it works again?

Posted by MePerson 8 years ago

IWhat's the most flexible, clear or translucent white, plastic tubing? Answered

I'm working on a multicolored mask with EL wire and want to string the wire through tubing. I need tubing that's got an ID of .5" (at least), and is preferably frosted (translucent) white (though clear will work), and quite flexible. I had originally thought of using Nylon-12 flex tubing in a natural color, but I'm not sure that the natural color is translucent. Does anyone know of a specific product like this?

Asked by BretMattingly 8 years ago

How can I construct my own flexible clamps for macro photography?

I am trying to figure out how to construct my own Wimberly clamp style flexible clamp for macro photography and for holding reflectors etc. The US McClamp range look great but I can't afford the shipping fees! I can get hold of individual A clamps but need to get flexible stuff to connect them so I can clamp one end to a table or tripod leg and the other to hold a plant stem or reflector in place.  It needs to be be sturdy enough to use outside in a breeze. Any tips for where to get stuff and how I can put clamps together (I'm UK based)?

Asked by InWales 8 years ago

Robotic fly, er, flies!

This is rather cool, especially the way they engineered the flexibility of the wing.

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Has anyone ever mated flexible solar panels to vertical window blinds?

If you think about the amount of square footage that your average window or sliding glass door has, that's a LOT of potential space for solar panels! Are there any manufacturers that do this or has anyone here posted something about this?

Asked by javajunkie1976 6 years ago

Flexible EL Display, Recirculating Gravy Fountain, USB Nintendo Gamepad

Flexible Electroluminescent Display Recirculating Gravy Fountain USB NES Gamepad Easy Backpacking Stove Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake Letter from the Editor Glowing LED Tube DIY Thanksgiving Enter the RM 100 Contest Inner Tube Skull Purse Around the Room Marble Track Electronic Beehive Scale Xbox Kinect TV Mount DIY CMOS RAM Memory Guitar Neck Repair Blender Fish Tank Bottle Cap Antenna Protector - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

Posted by randofo 7 years ago

broken flexible communication flat plastik stuff soft circuit between camere lenses and it's cpu how 2 fix?

Is it fixable or where can I get only the kinda wiring track- soft circuit bettheen cpu of camera and it's lenses SEE ON PICTURES  email:     astan-art-fx

Asked by this time use more propane 8 years ago

Light(ish) and non flexible.

I am toying with the idea of putting together a non flexible notebook case. I really liked the look of my Timbuk2 sleeve and other sleeves out there, but they always leave out adequate support to prevent flex when in a messenger bag. I am pretty sure that being flexed across my back while cycling with a good amount of weight pressing on it killed the motherboard (twice!) on my old notebook and would like to avoid it again. I need some materials suggestions though. I need a non-flexible material to act as plates to be sewn into the outside covering of the case. Ceramic plate would be ideal, but the things that I have found are anti-ballistic and ridiculously expensive. Plate steel would work but it is heavy. Anyone out there with experience with plate steel or aluminum that can tell me how thin I can go without flex, or maybe some advice on materials that I haven't thought of?

Posted by triplenine 11 years ago

more flexibility with authoring Instructables

Hello, Is there a way to put images in the middle of text in a instructable step?  I seem to only be able to put the images at the top.  That's not very useful. There's no way to drag and drop an image where you want it. There also doesn't seem to be any html tag option - it seems Instructable go rid of that button, although I see Instructables from people that tell are using that button.  What's going on? Thanks, Eric

Posted by electronichamsters 3 years ago

flexible light rope or similar light moving device

Am searching for method to replace old or upgrade new idea for creating safe toy which allows child to operate from control box or reistat the movement of color lights through safe tubing- similar to light rope but changable through speed and direction. Mostly speed. Enough rope to shape into any form. thanks, west virginia kate

Posted by west virginia kate 10 years ago

solar charged bateries?

Anyone thing this kind of thing can be done?,250000598,49301285,00.htmim not sure if flexible solar panels are avaliable

Asked by minus273degrees 9 years ago

how i make an info desk? Answered

How i can make a flexible info desk (for small events) that i can hold it any where in a simple way ?

Asked by medozz1 6 years ago

How much heat is generated? Answered

I want to enclose 20-25 feet of LED strip in flexible tubing. Do you know how much heat build up I will have to deal with?

Asked by wtf1999 5 months ago

Flexible Urethane Foams

So I was looking for a way to make a new seat cushion for my car (driver's seat is starting to decompose). I was looking for a memory foam or some other flexible pour-able foam.I came across this: also contacted smooth-on for advice on what density foam I would need for a seat cushion and bolster (from inspection - the factory seat cushion was made from a pour-able foam cast in a mold).In any case -- just passing this info along. Not sure if anyone will need or use this - but I keep a list of suppliers just in case someone I know is looking to do something ;) If anyone else knows of another supplier -- let me know. I probably won't go this route ($100+ for 1 seat cushion is a bit steep) but it may be an option :P

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

Gluing PVC sheet: Can you identify 'this' glue? Answered

I am gluing black pvc sheet - I presume its pvc, although not 100% certain, it has that distinctive 'new beach ball' smell to it.  I'm prototyping right now, and I want to do more stuff like this - and will likely post an instructable - trouble is it walks a fine line of 'family friendly'/sfw. Either way; I used Lepage Flexible Plastic adhesive.  It worked quite well, and has proven to be quite strong and flexible so far...Works like a contact cement, but stays very flexible.  No mention on the packaging exactly what type of glue it is though.  My question:  What type of glue is this?  Characteristic acetone volatile smell, works like contact cement.  Package says apply, let dry to touch ~10-30 minutes then close surfaces.  I find it's dry to the touch within a minute or three. (extremely dry climate + warm room I was working in). Rationale:  It's expensive, 4 bucks for 30mL, and I'd rather have a can-container to dip a brush in.  At the hardware store they have plain-ol contact cement, but the transparent/flexible aspect of this is must. Thanks in advance!

Asked by frollard 8 years ago

Display multiple softballs

Can anyone please help? I am looking for a way to display several softballs for my daughter. I was hoping to find a way to mount a length of flexible clear plastic tubic, approximately 10" dia. on an arc and have an opening in the top to insert the balls and have them then roll to either side. The balls have stats written on them, so I would want to be able to manipulate them afterwords so the writing would be visible. My first problem is find 10" dia. flexible clear plastic tubing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Posted by feign 10 years ago

Needed: instructions for a cheap lightweight solar laptop charger

Challenge: Help me build an ultralightweight solar charger for my laptop. I would like to use a flexible panel. Any ideas?The wall charger's output is: 19.5 V 3.34 A

Posted by longhaulbicycler 11 years ago

Someone to paint a white, strong & flexible ring from Shapeways

Hi, I would like to buy a ring from Shapeways but before buying it in silver I would like to buy it in plastic to see if I actually like it on my finger so I was wondering if someone would be able to paint it for me. The main colour would be silver with a little bit of green and blue on the face.  As for the paint I was thinking of enamel or acrylic depending on which would last longer. Would anyone be interested in doing this? Side note: Would I get a better response by having this thread in the Art section of this forum?

Posted by jezym108 4 years ago