Coil / Gauss Gun Question

Hi, I want to build a coil gun and i was wondering whether or not this design would work? For the battery i was thinking of using a 9volt, the multimeter is there so i can know when the capacitors are  fully charged, and the two switches on ether side of the battery is so i can disconnect it before i fire.

Posted by shadow4742 7 years ago

Questions about Magnets

Can an electro magnet have more gauss than a neodymium of the same size?  I was just thinking about robots and advanced prosthetics. One issue with them is they require rather bulky motors to get the lifting and holding capacity we often require. So if power wasn't an issue and you could make a small elecro magnet that has more gauss/a stronger magnetic field than a neodymium magnet. Than we could make strong and smaller motors.  Just a thought. Discuss!

Posted by mpilchfamily 3 years ago

I need to make a powerful electromagnet that I can plug into a normal 120 volt outlet. Any suggestions?

The more powerful the better.  Also, try to make the answers simple and straightforward if you can.  I don't know very much about electromagnets thanks.

Asked by hotchilidog7 8 years ago

Building a full auto coilgun

I've been working on this project for about a year now, the first stages of the design started like 5 or 6 years ago. It is a full auto 19 stage no-capacitor coilgun. The accelerator is 3ft long! It will use an advanced coil timing system that should allow more efficient acceleration. The custom 3d printed magazines will hold about 90 shots, maybe a little more. It should be capable of firing at a rate of several thousand rpm but I might tune it down to ~500 rpm to keep it cooler running and make the ammo last. If you want to read more about this design you can see the page on my website:!em-guns/cwjy Here is a video showing the current progress on the coilgun:

Posted by Jaycub 3 years ago

what is the average gauss of a hard drive magnet? Answered

I just was wondering 'cause I have three#

Asked by nerd7473 5 years ago

What types of magnets to use for generator? Answered

I am building an electric generator similar to one found on a wind turbine.  It will be turned by a number of things; the main purpose is just to generate electricity.  I need to know what type of magnets to use with the coils, should I go for one with greater pull force of more gauss on the surface field?  What other specs should I take note of?  Any help would be appreciated! 

Asked by crocboy 7 years ago

What part of a coil gun generates the most heat, and how much?

Im building a single stage handheld coilgun, and im being cautions of heat issues, (because burning myself is less than fun) so i was wondering which part (ie the coils, or the caps. etc.) generates the most heat so i can whack a heatsink or cover over it.

Asked by - Jordz - 8 years ago

Gauss Rifle with electromagnets? any ideas on how to wire up a series of small e.m.s?

My thought is this; if you had a series of electro magnets lined up to make a gauss rifle who could you A) make electromagnets small/strong enough and B) either wire it or program it so that they turn off/on in a specific pattern. For those who don't know, what I'm looking to build will look roughly like this but using electromagnets instead

Asked by Jakyl 6 years ago

What capacitors would be better for a coilgun?

I have two sets of capacitors i could use for my first coilgun, and i was wondering which set would be better and why?(2200uF - 16 volt) or(120uF - 330 volt)

Asked by - Jordz - 8 years ago

how can i make a railgun with a taser?

Theres lots of instructables about how to use capacitors for it, but i have a high powered stun gun, with more volts than any camera circuit capacitor bank. 1,800,000 V or 1800 KV. i know there has to be a way to do this. considering a camera capacitor only has about 330 V.

Asked by mikmkt93 8 years ago

How can I improve my coil gun's coil? Answered

My coil is made of 22 gauge wire and the inside diameter is about 1/8 in. It's 1 3/4 in long with about 7 layers. The ammunition is a little over an inch and fits snugly inside the coil. How many more layers should I make it, and what else can I do to improve it?

Asked by cardboarddude 5 years ago

Looking to make a Magnetometer (ie, Gauss Meter)

I'm looking for instructions to make a magnetmeter so I can measure my speakers. I have a few hard drives in my HT setup, and I want to make sure they will be safe with new placement, especially with the center channel being right underneath them. I found the following: it's kind of expensive to build: $70US+Is there a cheaper solution?

Posted by groverblue 11 years ago

Electromagnetic and Magnetic Levitation

Hi! I am setting up a levitation system and need to estimate the amount of voltage and current that is needed for a 2" dia. coil to produce 4800 Gauss. I don't have any restrictions/requirements on the core, number of turns, etc as long as it would produce 4800 Gauss with a 2" diameter. How can this be calculated? (I have spent a lot of time googling for such information, but I am pretty confused and didn't find how to calculate this) Thanks!

Posted by J50Nunlimited 8 years ago

Arduino high voltage capacitor charge indicator?

I made a 330v gauss gun and wanted a way how to know when capacitors charge, at first i took an led and resistor, that worked but is kinda boring. I want to use arduino and lcd to display percentage which should look more cooler. How should I measure the capacitor bank voltage with arduino? Should I use voltage divider? or there is a better way?

Posted by spudziuvelis 2 years ago

Building an electromagnet. Help anyone?

Hi all. I'm looking to mess with ferro fluid but I'm wondering exactly what kind of magnet I'm going to want.  From what I've looked up anything under 3000 gauss and I might as well get a rare earth magnet.  So obviously we move to electromagnets.  Basically what I'm looking for is help to create an electro magnet with these three criteria maximum gauss, minimum effort, and moderate safety.  I'd rather not have it get hot and burn myself.?

Asked by djvbb12 8 years ago

need help for coil gun

I want to make coil for coil gun.i have 21awg copper wire (0.7mm), 250v 10000 microfarad capacitor.How many layer for the best velocity ? 

Asked by Rendydevara 8 years ago

120v AC to 120v DC

Basically I want very strong electromagnets for a gauss rifle that I can power from a home power outlet... Disregarding safety and efficiency, would a 120vac-120vdc bridge rectifier do what I want it to do? Maybe? Hopefully?

Asked by ColinF14 2 years ago

can i power a coil gun with 11.1 v with 4400mah with a c rating of 50?

I have 2 x 11.1. volts 2200mAh in parallel which gives me double the current but the same voltage. will this power a multi staged coil gun?

Asked by icey.hood 3 years ago

Could a miniature plasma reactor be possible?

If so what gasses should be used and what gauss magnets should be used to help contain the plasma? I also would like to know how much energy it would feasibly produce and if that energy would be more than the amount put in. Finally, what coils besides a field coil should be used?

Asked by nerd7473 4 years ago

How can I do a Very Strong Electromagnetism device?

Hi, I want to do a electromagnetic device, that must be like a cilinder, because I will put a "armature" to protect that. I need 7500 Gauss, or near this. I dont know how materials is necessary and the wire, spins, turns. If I do anything wrong is possible that  device will be very hot and dangerous. This device can not be very big (can be 20cm  and diameter like a 2,3cm). Voltage is not a problem. Tks.

Asked by sidjunior00 8 years ago

Which One sohuld I do?

I would like to pick and do my science project early, and I'd like to know..Which one should I do? I have a project form science buddies, which involves a gauss meter to measure the difference of volts generated between ceramic and neodinium magnets, but I also saw the magnetic leviation topic, and might want to try that. so, which one, or, what other project should I do? also, I must get a result in measurable numbers.

Posted by wolf555hound 9 years ago

How could I build an EMF pump, or EMF generator to generate levels of electromagnetic field in a small room? Answered

As a lot of people know, electromagnetic fields have been associated with hauntings, and some theorize that entities use these as power sources to affect things on our plane. I've seen these things being built and sold on the internet, even being run with a 9V battery and emitting 300 gauss in an entire small room. How could I go about building one of these units?

Asked by RUSHAVED 7 years ago

12kj coilgun project

Hello I am working on a new coilgun using 15 10000 uf 400v 17200 ma capacitors. The accelerator is 5 stage, while using 3 caps per stage each stage will have 2400j of energy. I will be posting updates on this forum every month or so. my current setback on the project is charging what I am wondering is what input current and voltage and output current would I need to charge 3 caps decently fast. once that is solved I will line up 5 in parallel to charge all (1 per stage) if I need to line up a greater amount of a lower rated circuits I will.

Posted by ThinkDesignConstruct 3 years ago

can i power a multi stage coil gun with 22v lipo with 2200maH?

I know i'm late on the coil gun band wagon but its still interesting to build. i have all the parts to make the gun (circuit wise) however with my power source, i don't know how many turns i have to do for best efficiency.. i have 18 AWG wire i intend on making my projectile 1" long and 7 mm Diameter. so the the coil diameter will be 7.5-8  mm.   thanks for help in advance, even a simple equation is welcome

Asked by icey.hood 3 years ago

My trigger switch keeps breaking on my coilgun please help, how do i fix it?

I am not sure what rhe joules and what not are, i have 4x caps with 420V and 100uF and 1x cap with 330V and 120uF. the gun works fine, i have 6 layers of 22 gauge coilabout an inch long. i have gone through 1 momentary button, 1 small switch and one big high voltage switch for the trigger. what do i neecd to do to make my triggers last. i think they are melting inside. too many amps? how do i fix this. before they break they smell bad and have late trigger reaction.

Asked by mikmkt93 7 years ago

How to convert Car subwoofer (Soundstream SPLX 152 HX) for home theatre use ? Thanks

SPECS: Impedance 2 ohm (Dual Coil) Sensitivity 91 dB Fs (hz) 35.96 Qms 6.476 Vas (ft³) 87.56 Cms (mm/n) 0.0794 Mms (g) 247.1 Xmax (mm) 13.00 Xmech (mm) 19.50 Piston Diameter (in) 13.19 Sd (in²) 136.6 Qes 0.503 Re (Ω) 2.95 Z (Ω) 4 BL (Gauss) 18.09 Rms Power (watts) 1,250 Qts  0.467 NO (%) 0.78 1w/1m SPL (dB) 90.95 Voice Coil Diameter (in) 3" Impedance (Ω) DVC 2Ω M-vd (ft³) 0.298  

Asked by Xenu11!! 5 years ago

23 stage no-capacitor full auto coilgun

  *********I have updated my design since posting this topic. The video is the more current design than what is written below.**********    I came to the conclusion that using capacitors to provide the power for a coil gun is a stupid idea. A bold statement I know. The reason is that they are big and heavy, take time to charge, and need charging circuits. Also, the sharp rise in current that comes from capacitors is bad unless you are making an induction style coilgun, because the induced currents will hurt efficiency.    If coil guns are ever going to be a practical hand held weapon it will need to be lighter, simpler / less delicate, and more powerful than what you will find on the internet if you look up coil guns. A rate of fire that is competitive with conventional guns will also be needed if a coil gun will be used for anything other than target shooting or maybe hobby hunting. So I designed a coilgun to meet these requirements. Visit my website for a full explanation of the design:!em-guns/cwjy     I realized that a coilgun would not be a practical infantry weapon until batteries are more advanced anyway, so that just adds to the list of why capacitors are out. It will be powered directly off of the batteries, and have many coil stages. This allows a very high rate of fire. To get that rate of fire with capacitors you would need several capacitor banks charging at offset times, so after each bank fires another is just finished charging. That would be terribly bulky.    The lower voltage from the batteries will give comparatively slow current rise in the coils which normally would make the coil timing weird. I plan to use an unconventional coil timing though. All the coils will be activated at once, and the coils behind the projectile will be shut off as it passes them. This will have several advantages: -The coils will only be powering up for a split second at the beginning. Most coils will already be at full power when the projectile gets to them (that is not the case in most coil guns). -Induced current will not be any issue. -Since the coils will all act as one coil, the projectile will be drawn toward the center of all the coils that are on. Timing of the shut off of the coils will not need to be perfect.    This will be a pre-tuned passively timed system. I want to use a small adjustable electronic timer for the switch-off timing. This will require some work in the initial adjustment of the timing, but even actively switched coil guns (with optical sensors or something) require that. the advantage of a passive system over an active system is cost and simplicity, and you can pack the coils tighter on the barrel if you are not putting a sensor between each stage. That matters with 23 stages! As I said check out my website to see more details and pictures for this and other projects:!em-guns/cwjy

Posted by Jaycub 4 years ago