what is the use of a petrol in a generator?

The major function of petrol and the passage of the petrol in a generator

Asked by jabal23 2 years ago

how to make a bike powered generator?

I want to make a stationary bike that generates power for tvs game systems chargers etc

Asked by mclovin7596 8 years ago

110v generator maybe 230v?

Just won a generator on ebay (Subaru Robin MG 750) it is a 110v generator (looking at the 16A yellow socket) and the voltage. however on the side it says 220v-50HZ  It has 6 cables comming out the generator: Red Blue Black White Green Green

Asked by ddeacon1 4 years ago

How to build a mini high voltage generator?

I opted to make a mini high voltage generator for my project this semester. Anybody can help me or provide documents for it???

Asked by shounakghosh18 5 years ago

Hook a generator to the house

What is needed to hook a generator up to the house and basicall only have to buy what energy the genrator does not create? I have a free fuel source from time to time and was wanting to take advantage of it.?

Asked by andy1917 7 years ago

Can I build an Emergency generator?

I have an old 30hp brushcutter motor (Einhell SBC) with square drive. Can I use this to build an 230V AC emergency generator and, if so, what would I need in the way of an alternator.

Asked by Old codger 5 years ago

What gauge is best for a Dynamo generator and can it work with a magnet from a hard drive? Answered

I am try to make a dynamo generator and i am new to this. I dont know what gauge of the coil to get if it will work on a hard drive magnets

Asked by tobyscool 7 years ago

can i use motor to run the small generator instead of fuel engine?

I want to know which card i will use to control the voltage and frequency and speed.

Asked by geminiyasir 2 years ago

how do i turn a normal dc motor into a generator trying to use a treadmill motor plz help?

I am trying to turn this tyreadmill motor into a generator and am not having much luck if possible what items would i need to make this work

Asked by killerofkillers 5 years ago

self sustaining power generator ??? possible??

I hear some news on the TV. i don't even known it that's true ??? i can't say where i hear it , because i forgot !!!!

Asked by pauljohnramos86 6 years ago

generator voltage is too high ? any propositions?

I have a generator, that has an exciter capacitor. the capacitor is dead and nothing as usual was written on it? i changed the capacitor by another one (45 microfarad) but the voltage was too high, i tried then 25 microfarad yet it still too high ? nearly the same (264 V) or a little bit less.  any propositions?

Asked by hkassem 6 years ago

Dose anyone know how to make a emp generator? Answered

I have been looking for plans for a good emp (as in electromagnetic pulse) plans for months. I need it to be small, but effective. Also I would like it to create a field for a little while and not just a quick blast. Any  suggestions of where i could find plans for some thing like that?

Asked by Tobor 2.0 7 years ago

Generator from scooter motor

This project came about because someone cut the power line going to my house. The power company was slow to fix it, so I cobbled together a way to charge auto batteries for my invertor. The generator is the motor from a discarded electric scooter ( model MY1016 from JX Motor Co., rated 24v input and 2750 rpm). I removed the motor, it’s drive chain, and sprocket wheel and attached it to the frame of a discarded bike. The pictures show the details. By cranking furiously, I can charge a 12v battery with about 3/4 amp of current. There is a small epoxy rectifier to block the battery from driving the motor. This thing was made from parts on hand and cost me only the assembly time. I don’t have any sources or price lists.

Posted by ShutterBugger 8 years ago

Pre-purchase questions of a petrol-driven electrical generator - cos you guys know best! Thanks!

I have a caravan in a remote location and I've got round to thinking of buying a petrol-driven electrical generator. I'm figuring on using this with an ethanol (E85) fuel. I'd really appreciate some help if you can to any parts of my queries. I have looked around on Google for advice but there's a lot of conflicting stuff as usual and I know you guys are good. My normal max load is around 4,500watts but I have security HID lights which have a huge inductive start for a few millseconds - how will a suitably rated generator cope? Do I always add a 20% margin to the generator capacity so for a 4.5kW load I should get a 6kW machine? Or is it not 20%? Given that the machine will be outside, I don't want to annoy the other caravanners, so if I build a sound-proofing box with just an outlet for the exhaust, could I expect the noise to be reduced signifcantly, given a lot of noise will be coming from the exhaust itself? The machine has a tank of 15litres but I want to increase this safely - how could this be done, if at all? Safety is paramount (naturally) but then so is convenience. Do you have a generator? If so, what do you wish you knew beforehand or any regrets? What kind of maintenance schedule is there and is there a performace improvement for modding the air-intake to a larger filter like for cars and bikes? Many thanks for reading my question and thanks for your time to reply.

Asked by kevinhannan 7 years ago

How would I build an electric generator with variable torque? It's my understanding that P=T*rpm, but that T is const.

I am interested in retrofitting a spiinner bike to produce electricity. The spinner currently uses brake pads to adjust the resistance. There is plenty of energy being 'lost' in the form of heat due to the brakes. I would like to be able to adjust the resistance of the bike without losing energy in the form of heat. I understand that gears are a possibility, but I would prefer to be able to adjust the resistance in a continuous manner. Any ideas? I've considered a CVT (continuous variable transmission) design, but this would be quite difficult. I've aslo wondered if the relative motion of a disk with permanent magnets to a disk of stationary coils would vary the resistance. I'm not sure what the range of variation would be however. Any suggestions or insights you might be able to offer would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Asked by fivespacemen 9 years ago

I have a Kraus& Naimer rotary switch model A233 C32 and A307 A11 combo and need help wiring it.

480Vac to 240Vac  is the voltage I'm trying to get. Please help. Thanks

Asked by kmac69 5 years ago

Ok, I need a diode bridge to change 110 ac to 110dc.. So I plug it in and go..

Hi Everyone,  I really need some smart person with common sense to answer this... I just want a very simple easy way to plug into a wall socket and transform the 110AC to 110DC...I will be using this for a very large hydrogen generator... very low amp draw.... I know I need a diode bridge with maybe filters before and after the bridge...   So, now I need to put that together... I can not find a site that has one premade...   So, I would be very appreciative to anyone that can offer a web site for parts with part numbers and a diagram or instructions to put it together..   I am a Journeyman Carpenter for anyone that needs advice..  Thanks in advance.    I would be willing to purchase it from anyone that wants to make it for me.. Bryan    

Asked by bboyden 8 years ago

Is there a way to convert a generator into a arc welder? Answered

Is there a way to convert a generator into a arc welder?

Asked by stevnmilr 9 years ago

how to wind coils to generator?

I am willing to make home made generator what is best shape and way wind the copper coil

Asked by pattadkalanil 8 years ago

can i use a PMBLDC motor as a generator?

Can i use a PMBLDC motor as a generator? if so what would be the power and voltage generated by a PMBLDC motor which has a 12V and 40w rating?

Asked by arun84 4 years ago

Can we couple a motor and generator?

Can we couple a motor and generator(or dynamo, small scale) so that we can get the battery charged again? If any means possible can we amplify the power generated from the dynamo?

Asked by GouthamG4 1 year ago

bicycle generator

Has anyone ever tried to build a generator that would fit inside the bottom bracket of a bicycle using the spindle thats attached to the cranks and pedals? seems it would work better than the ones that rub on the tires.

Posted by oldcrowrich 10 years ago

Generator from induction motor

I have an  induction  motor  with  three  wires  so  I  am  now  interested  in  how  to  make  the  generator  of  the  induction  motor ,  and  what  I  need  from  the  parts  that  made  the  induction generator .  Induction  motor  is  40W  and  230  V.  Sorry  for  bad  English  if  i  wrote  something  wrong

Asked by mrgaman 7 years ago

Hey everyone, I amworking on an HHO generator, have all of the specs, not sure how to procede, any suggestios?

I am not sure how or where to hook the generator into a car, and I have also heard that it is important to use a pulse generator into the unit to control power flow does anyone know where I can find more detailed concerning the installation into an engine, as well as information on how to build, or buy a pulse generator?

Asked by Loki1978 8 years ago

Bicycle generator for lighting a led strip?

I want to make a bicycle power generator for a fair. I want to make two of those in such a way that the one who pedal faster get more number of led bulbs turn on. Can anybody help me with this kind of project. 

Asked by mick_ralte 3 years ago

How do you make a bike generator?

Specifically to charge a TV, Ipod, not those little LED bike mount lights. Really, like charging an airsoft gun or something.

Asked by PKTraceur 9 years ago

Electricity generation through turbo jet aero engines?

I have few turbojet aero engines, which are not use able on aircraft now. i want to use it for electricity generation for domestic purpose. if some one can advise me on this issue. cost effectiveness may not be considered.?

Asked by dildarkhan41 8 years ago

Bike generator

Any ideas on how to make a electricity from old bike to help cut down on electric bill similiar to a solar panel? I know this has been done before. Email me at hoverrusa@gmail.com

Posted by swolenoggin 9 years ago

Windmill Generator - why won't a small brush-less motor work as a windmill generator?

I bought a small brush-less motor that was designed as a motor for a small RC plane. I tested it by spinning it with a drill. I was surprised to find that the motor did not generate much in the way of voltage. Why not? It's too bad - many small brush-less motors are so nice. No brushes, ball bearings, and low cost. I would have thought that forcing a brush-less motor to spin would have generated power. Thanks for any insight.

Asked by jimk3038 8 years ago

Bicycle Generator upgrade for a rig

Okay- My boyfriend thinks I'm absolutely crazy, but I would like to modify the bicycle generator a la this instructable. I was hoping to have some way to attach it to an axle of an 18 wheeler tractor. Then the trouble would be hooking up the battery to a generator so we wouldn't have to pay for gas to power the ac and tv when we're sitting still. I'm hoping some good mind out there would have some tips! Many thanks!

Posted by amariusd 9 years ago

why do commercial wind turbine generators use horizontal axis fans? Answered

I thought if they used vertical axis turbines then there would be no problem with wind direction, so there must be a reason, does anyone know?

Asked by pleb 8 years ago

self excited self powered generator?

I have a portable generator (tiger diesel generator's alternator of 220v 750 watt rated power output) connected to a 1 hp ac induction motor using a pulley-belt system. The rpm of both the alternator of the portable generator and the ac induction motor is 2800 rpm so the size of the pulleys that i used are almost the same. Initially when i bought the generator i tested the output with a digital multi-meter and it checked right.(working powered by the diesel combustion engine). But i have coupled it with the ac induction motor i can only draw out 12 v ac at around 1 amp. I tested this from the same out put plug of the original generator. so I'm wandering what went wrong. Any one have an insight to this I would be grateful for your comments!

Asked by nahom.ghawariat 8 months ago

Is is possible to build a mini generator for my 3V adapter?

I have a 3v adapter I use for small electronics when I don't want to drain the batteries. Is it possible to build a mini generator to plug the adapter into when I'm on the road? So I don't have to use up so many batteries? Some kind of super battery I guess.

Asked by buffysissy1 8 years ago

Can I backfeed energy produced by a bike generator into my house through a 110 outlet?

My friend rides her bike for hours on end. it is like a mouse on it's wheel. Can we generate electricity and feed it into the wiring to lower her electricity bill? I guess we would need a power inverter and someway to safely feed the power into the grid.

Asked by OmiSan 8 years ago

wind generator ?

Has anyone had experience in using magnets to help propel a horizontal wind mill or vertical wind turbine .what I mean is putting them in a circular series where the north propel against the north creating , forcing or helping the windmill to move in a circular motion?

Asked by junkyardenergy 8 years ago