Anything you want to give away?

I will accept almost anything you haveto offer. In return I might send somthing to you.

Posted by Loganbo 6 years ago

10x 3 months Pro membership give away for free- (All given)

I just realized that I have loads of pro membership to give away. I’m giving away 10 x 3 months pro memberships. Anyone interested   please leave a message here. I’ll  send you the gift code by private message. Only to those who have posted at least one instructable and not a pro.(Will be giving away more soon)

Posted by 786Ayesha 4 years ago

Give the gift of making a bit less often if possible!?

I know Xmas is coming fast and people might still need gift ideas, but I could really do without a popup reminding me that I can give the gift of making every time I load the page. Seeing it once is fine, seeing it twice might help if you missed the first one, but what are the other times for? I mean, I got it now, I really do so how do I get rid of this "reminder" on the screen?

Posted by Downunder35m 2 years ago

4 X 1 Year Pro-Membership Giveaway! (DONE)

Anyone want a 1 year Pro Membership for free? I'll be giving away 4 X 1 year pro memberships to 4 different members of instructables who are not pro and have posted at least 1 instructable (ible). Post a comment on this forum and I'll PM you the gift code :)

Posted by Muhaiminah Faiz 4 years ago

He won't give free cookie

He won't give free cookie!

Posted by lil larry 7 years ago

I am going to give up Instructables...

Hell no! I will never give up Instructables! However, I am getting far too addicted to Instructables and I cannot concentrate on my projects... So I need to take a break from instructables, that means I will be inactive for a while, maybe about a week or two.. I will begin being inactive when it passes 12:00 AM in San Fransisco.So, bye to everyone who likes me... ;-(UPDATE:I am back!

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago

Have a heart and help Abigail heal.

Long-time Instructables member supersoftdrink and her family have been through a lot the past six years: her daughter has had four open heart surgeries and her husband suffers from anxiety & depression. A GiveForward campaign has been set up to help them get back on track and we hope that you consider donating.  If you'd like to learn more about congenital heart defects and how they are treated, visit her Instructable on how doctors treat a hypoplastic heart. 

Posted by tinaciousz 3 years ago

Give Away "won" Membership Passes?

So I keep getting free memberships thanks to the guides I'm writing. Heres the problem.  I think I have like 8 years built up at this point.  I was wondering if I could "gift" one of the free memberships I received today to a student in my class?  I've got a code for a 1 year membership and a 3 month membership for the most recent guide I wrote, and I've not redeemed either of them. Just trying to spread the love to a middle school student in oder to encourage him to use the site. Thanks! Joshua

Posted by BrownDogGadgets 5 years ago

Proper Etiquette for Giving Away Free Pro Memberships?

I am genuinely curious... What is the "proper etiquette" for giving away free Pro Memberships that you have to someone else?  Should you just give them away at random? Should you ask your followers to share your 'ibles and once you get to "X" views then you will select a person at random to give a 3 month or 1 year pro membership away to? Do you try to promote your YouTube channel, website, or Facebook page in exchange for a random drawing?  What is the best or most respectable way to approach it? I don't want to be discourteous to others (or my followers) by presenting a "rude" or "distasteful" request for giving away some of my Pro Memberships. Thanks in advance for the wisdom and tips! :)

Posted by Meglymoo87 2 years ago

Film Canister LED Flashlight Kit

I am selling my Film Canister LED Flashlight Kit. The Kit Includes: #Film Canister #5 ultra-bright white LEDs #Push switch #3V battery #wire #solder +instructions on building the flash light You will need: #soldering iron #electrical tape #wire cutter Cost: The cost of each kit will be $12, whit out the cost of shipping! When you tell me your location I will calculate the cost of shipping. Payment: I DON'T have PayPal so you just send the money to my address. When I receive the money I will send you the kit! What to include in PM: # Name # Amount of kits you wish to purchase # Email address (legitimate email address please) Once I receive your PM, I will send out the request to your email, and then you can purchase the kit. Once I receive the payment, I will ship the kit. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message. Thanks!!!

Posted by comodore 9 years ago

if i get a pc and give to someone and they have blockers on there pcs would i need to get a blocker for the new pc?

If i get a pc and give to someone and they have blockers on there pcs would i need to get a blocker for the new pc?

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

some one please give me an idea...? Answered

Hey i recently hit a brick wall with anything building related i want to make it onto the freaking featured list once ...before i just stop posting in general which probably wouldn't mean much lol but still i need ideas for an average/above average builder some one please help me out here

Asked by aceLED 8 years ago

If you answer this question with "no", will I give it the best answer? Answered

If you answer this question with "no", will I give it the best answer?

Asked by shadowninja31 7 years ago

Giving a good intro? Answered

I was wondering about a good intro

Asked by madeline.kline 8 months ago

Offset for revolve not giving full profile? Answered

I've been having trouble getting the offset tool to give me a full perimeter for the bottle shape. Sometimes it will give the bottle ridges side and not the top and center, other times it will give only the center, top, and bottom, or it will just give a single random line. Could you explain a bit more on how to use this feature?

Asked by InfDeath 1 year ago


Why is ibles going downhill i can stay loged on even for 5mins and cant post on orange borads or even join a group!

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago


I have recently entered my instructables in many contests and if i win , is it safe giving my address to instructables plz answer i am new here !!!

Asked by Dr_Cosmic 2 years ago

How do I give a foot massage?

Does anyone have any tips on how to give a decent, amateur foot massage? Thanks!

Asked by SVECERE 8 years ago

give me a circuit with the "manual charger" for hand use only...please thanks?

Give me a circuit with the "manual charger" for hand use only...please thanks?

Asked by enjel 8 years ago

can you give me cool cmd tricks? Answered

Give me cool cmd tricks and your email and I send you $50

Asked by 916253 8 years ago