Glueing Plastic Syringes

Hi. Most of you know the plastic medical syringes  (Terumo is a popular brand).  They are made of a plastic that I have not yet found a glue to work on. Can anyone offer some suggestions? A list I have tried includes Contact cement,  Super glue, Bostic Vinyl cement,  Sil-poxy, Epoxy-Resin 2 part (Araldite) So we are moving into the area of the exotics Many thanks Dave 

Posted by marcwolf 8 years ago

Joining carpet pieces

I'm looking for ideas on how carpet pieces might be joined together into a whole (e.g. rugs made from carpet samples). The gaffer tape solution which is posted all over the web in tutorials isn't strong, only lasts a few months and doesn't work well with small carpet pieces.  I've successfully sewn carpet piece in the past with fishing line (so the stitches are strong and invisible) however this technique only works well with larger pieces due to the time it takes and amount of work.  Has anyone here tried any other techniques and been successful with both large and small carpet pieces?  My other idea was to use wood glue to glue the pieces to a hessian sheet.  I haven't tested this but the hessian base on most carpet pieces should merge well with the hessian sheet. thoughts or ideas appreciated.

Posted by garrettlynch 1 year ago

What is the difference between PVA glue and Elmers glue? Answered

What is the difference between PVA glue and Elmers glue?

Asked by threadbare 8 years ago

glue gun trigger not "gripping" the glue?

When I push the trigger on my dewalt glue gun the trigger moves but doesn't "grip" the glue to push it forward. Any ideas how to get it to grip the glue?

Asked by dvoss3 5 months ago

Gorilla Glue? Answered

What kind of glue does gorilla glue fall under? Also, are there any adhesive/glue options that are fairly natural and fume-less?

Asked by jcramer 1 year ago

How glue can be used ?

Need Glue for my next project, please suggest glue solution. Thanks!

Posted by RajenderK4 1 year ago

How to glue silicone to leather ? ?

Hi I need to glue silicone to leather, i've tried to glue it with various glue but it always comes off... is there any known way to glue very good , silicone to leather ? thanks! :)

Asked by giorgiomartini 3 years ago

How to glue silicone to leather ?

Hi I need to glue silicone to leather, i've tried to glue it with various glue but it always comes off... is there any known way to glue very good , silicone to leather ? thanks!

Posted by giorgiomartini 3 years ago

Which Glue? Answered

Can we use another glue such as non-chemical (like organic collagen containing) instead of PVA Glue?

Asked by lotus_3b 1 year ago

Which glue??

I want to attach pieces of tinfoil on chicken wire for my project. Which glue to use and it will be outside!? Thanks 

Asked by ChristinaT45 1 year ago

Is there any type of glue made for styrofoam?

I'm working on a school project where I have to layer pieces of styrofoam but all the glues I have tried (hot glue, spray adhesive glue) have corroded the styrofoam way to much. Is there a special glue that will not eat away at it? Thanks!

Asked by DELETED_afw11 9 years ago

How non-toxic is CA glue? Answered

Hi gang, I know CA glue (Krazy glue, Cyanoacrylate) is solvent based, and inhaling the solvent is bad for you, but how safe is it after the glue cures? As I understand it, after curing the glue is basically a plastic.  Can I use it in a baby's crib (Assuming it's allowed to cure)? Thanks!

Asked by Morgantao 3 years ago

How do I glue sand to styrene

Styrene glues

Asked by MarkB711 16 days ago

Gorilla glue? Answered

Hey Mike what's your opinion on gorilla glue ? Ever used it for wood ?

Asked by deluges 1 year ago

how to repair hot glue gun? Answered

..because it doesn't work. the gun is hot but it doesn't squeeze out the glue anymore. the trigger is hard and 3/4 of glue stick is still in the tube.

Asked by Karletto555 8 years ago

i need to glue aluminum foil to presswood. ..what glue should i use?

I need to glue aluminum foil to presswood. ..what glue should i use?

Asked by polarbyrd 7 years ago

hot glue damaging any part on a disposable camera circuit?

Such as the transistor or other devices it is a small hot glue gun

Asked by xproplayer 9 years ago

Polyurethane Wood Glue.? Answered

There was another instructable in this newsletter where the maker used polyurethane wood glue. Have you any experience with this waterproof wood glue? My biggest hassle with wood glue is it seems like ... Elmers with better marketing. :)

Asked by queenopearls 1 year ago

How can you remove krazy glue from plastic? Answered

   One of my model rocket fins was broken so I used some Krazy glue to fix it, but some of the glue got on the piece that screws into the bottom to hold in the engine so now I can't get the engine back out. -__- so I need to know how to "unglue" the two pieces. thanks every one. ThePunisher'sAprentis

Asked by Everett_McKinley 6 years ago

Metal on Metal Glue

Is there such a thing? What's it called?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

Super Glue? Answered

I was disappointed not to see Super Glue included in your list. Do you plan on adding it later?

Asked by ChadPennebaker 1 year ago

gorilla glue

How strong is gorilla glue? I am trying to make my knife stronger by putting some gorilla glue on the tang of my knife and putting it into a wooden handle. Would this make for a super strong hold?

Posted by Pat Sowers 10 years ago

What type of glue is used in converse shoes? Answered

What type of glue is used in converse to glue two layers of canvas together, and the canvas to the rubber sole? Thanks alot for all answers :)

Asked by Lizander 8 years ago

Elmers Glue + Super glue =?????

I was making some stamp glue where i mixed some Elmer glue and vinegar. but wanted to see Wat happens when i mix Elmer's glue, vinegar, and super glue. like in 10 seconds the solution turned into a rubbery solid which took the form of the container. can any body tell me why this happened. it held its shape and slightly reminded me of molding silicone. it wasn't sticky and came out of the plastic cup easily.

Posted by chrischavez 9 years ago

Glueing leather to wood? Answered

So what kind of glue would you suggest to adhere leather to flat wooden panels?

Asked by Grimm10169 1 year ago

Is there any way to make hot glue more elastic?

I'm planning on casting some objects out of hot glue with a mold, but hot glue is a bit too stiff for the result I want. Is there anything I could mix with the melted hot glue to make it more elastic?

Asked by montso 7 years ago

What is the best glue for gluing glitter on plastic?

I was working on a project and i needed help. What is the best type of glue to glue glitter on plastic. What is the best sealer? I was thinking mod podge but i was wondering if i can use it for the glue and sealer. Any advice?

Asked by Ilovepandas123 1 year ago

what kind of glue for this project? Answered

I have to glue a little mirror on a speaker (cardboard cone) and since the speaker will be moving with sound (lots of vibration) i wonder what kind of glue i should use

Asked by pbergeronronronron 6 years ago

How to dissolve wood glue of a brush? Answered

After I used a brush to apply Gorilla© wood glue I forgot to clean it and, I need to know if there is a solvent that can remove the wood glue of the brush.

Asked by blkhawk 6 years ago

Is there any way to glue plastic to fabric?

I want to glue a plastic ziplock bag to cotton/spandex fabric, is there a particular glue that will do the job or any other method anyone can suggest?

Asked by nigelwclifford 6 years ago

How to glue patch?

I want to glue several patch to my sons backpack but dont want to iron then. Can i just use a good glue to set them? Thankyou

Asked by 8 years ago

How can I remove gorilla glue? Answered

I got this glue on my hands and ipod and i'm wondering if anyone knows a way to remove it.

Asked by DoctorDv 5 years ago

tape or glue? Answered

I use a heated glass print bed. Is tape still ok or should I continue using glue sticks?

Asked by dkimbril 1 year ago

Dried Glue? Answered

Any tips for cleaning up stray glue drips after it's dried, or is it just a utility knife and elbow grease?

Asked by 3dawgnight 1 year ago

Does Hot Glue Like To Swim? Answered

Is hot glue a good choice for a fix that will be exposed to water? Thanks!

Asked by Paige Russell 1 year ago

Is it possible to use hot glue as an adhesive for LTD stirling engines? Answered

Is it possible to use hot glue as an adhesive for building low temperatue difference (LTD) stirling engines? I was wondering because I do not want to buy epoxy or other expensive glue. Will I be able to use hot glue, or will the glue melt from the heat of a cup of boiling water? 

Asked by Zippo1234 7 years ago

Glueing Plastics Together? Answered

When I say plastics, I mean more specifically, LEGOs. I'm glueing them together because I'm trying to make LEGO headphones, so I would need something permanent. I've heard people using cyanoacrylates and clear plumbing glue (anyone heard of Oatey?) I thought about using hot glue, but I'm not sure if that would give me the bond that I'm looking for. Would Gorilla Glue work too? Or would it be a bit of an overkill? I simply need a glue that will hold the LEGOs through enough wear-and-tear to last, and no discolouring of the pieces. And when I glue, should I glue the sides of the pieces together, or put glue around the dotted studs on the tops of the bricks? Any other glues or advice that you could enlighten me with would be greatly appreciated. :)

Asked by Justin Lam 7 years ago

hot glue molding?

Is there any suggestions to the best way to mold hot glue like you do with clay and also adding food coloring to make it colorful?

Asked by Caroline Kershaw 8 years ago

Whats the best type of glue?

Whats do you think is the best type of glue for wood? The one that would dry the fastest and be the strongest?

Posted by Weallliveintheyellowsubmarine 10 years ago

Which Glue/Adhesive Should I Use With EL Wire? Answered

Which Glue Should I Use With EL Wire? I want to glue some EL wire to glass, Which adhesive should I use? Which ones can you recommend? It would also be the best to use a clear adhesive My preferred ones are: Super Glue (cyanoacrylate) Hot Glue Clear Silicone

Asked by Yonatan24 2 years ago