Growing Veg indoor from your smartphone

Hey guys! My name is Aga, and I wanted to post an update about the project I shared a while ago. So we were looking for ways to make hydroponics fun, easy, interactive and beautiful so everyone can start growing the freshest food on earth even if they know nothing about gardening or have very little time and space.Of course we would rather garden in sun but for most of us it`s simply impossible. We are still early stages but at least now it looking good. haha! Check it out our new landing We are gearing up for a Kickstarter and if our vision resonates with you would love your support! Also: check out our blog - how far we have come from the initial prototype and here is me telling a bit more about the project straight from China: Thank you guys! Would love to connect with you and know what you think about the project Aga ps. this is not the spam, we are a bootstrapping startup and would love to share our solutions with the community!

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can I go to Indian store and buy mung beans and Sprout them, Answered

 will I get sick because it may be contacted by mice etc and can I just wash them for it?

Asked by celalboz 7 years ago

What is the best kind of light to use when growing plants indoors without any sunlight?

I am wanting to grow a plant or two in my basement, and was just curious what the best artificial light to use is and how to go about doing it.

Asked by CowGuy 9 years ago

Check Out my New Instructable

Check out my how to instucutable on growing peppers, its not quite guerilla gardening, but its awesome! Propagating PeppersThanks!thenear1send

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beet woes :(

 it is my second time in a month seeding beets and having them dwindle on me....i am in zone 8; planted radishes and cauliflower and they are doing well but the beets are not making it... Any suggestions?Thank you!

Asked by miriana1981 8 years ago

Growing Grub

Here in France we suffer a lot with doryphores (Colorado Beetle). For the last few years I have grown my potatoes in straw which does seem to have reduced the number of beetles I've had to put up with. 1) A week or so before planting time (or, if you want to try and conserve water do this in winter), break open a few bales of straw and lay the wedges - tightly together - over your spud patch. 2) Soak for several days until saturated. (if doing over winter then forget this stage. The rain will do it for you) 3) Lay seed spuds over the soaked wedges and cover with loose straw. As the spuds grow just "earth up" with more loose straw 4) From time to time check the bottom is still damp. Water if required. I find that I rarely have to water 5)To harvest, or if you want just a few New Spuds, lift the loose straw and take what is wanted. 6) After all the spuds have been harvested you can either leave the straw in situ and re-use next year, dig it into the ground or move to a manure/compost heap to finish rotting down. Sorry I haven't got any pics. I didn't think of taking any as I've used this method for a few years and I've also broken my camera when I had a fall. Haz

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I know you can take moss and yogurt or buttermilk and blend together. Then pour in grout in between outdoor tiles.

Is there a ratio of moss to liquid? Any other tips on this process?

Asked by Sandra Sue 8 years ago

What kind of board/setup would i need to control lighting power and add timers??

Im quite new to electronics bought a bunch of capacitors/resistors/diodes etc like a year ago with 2 picaxe 08m kits and a breadboard and never touched them since i bought them. Was wondering what kind of board i would need that could control lighting duration with a timer for my indoor "tomato plants" From my current knowledge im pretty sure an arduino board would be best. Help would greatly appreciated and a link to some tutorials about electronics would be very helpful too. Sorry for my grammar I'm not a native English speaker.

Asked by MahFlower 6 years ago

AirDrop Irragation

Anyone  ever heard of this airdrop irrigation. Sounds pretty amazing, in the vid he talks about producing 1 liter h2o a day with a small one he build at home. I'm thinking the fan could be replaced with a sun pipe.

Posted by Arias Bolt 5 years ago

Growing pumpkins primarily FOR THE SEED. What variety do you recommend? Answered

Is there a particular variety of Pumpkin that produces large, plump seeds for roasting?  

Asked by bajablue 6 years ago

plastic bottle mold

 iv been growing stuff in plastic bottle and i notice that i get mold growing inside  has anyone else had this problem?

Posted by joeymmeezz 8 years ago

some thoughts

A couple quick observations from a web dev which i hope can be of use to you as i love your site: considering the state of the world economy, actually the general state of the world, and the recent interest in gardening, i think that agriculture, or gardening, or growing food, or whatever you want to call it should be one of the main topics in the top nav. right now it sits uncomfortably between 'food' & 'life'. the help-> feedback was difficult for me to find because i did not equate feedback with help, i think 'feedback' should be in the left pulldown along with forums, marketplace, and help, and then you could even break it down into different feedback categories. the google ads are styled exactly like the rest and are right up the top before everything else. they got me the first time, and that's all well and good, as you deserve the $$. maybe it's too aggressive though, and may annoy people, even if subconsciously over the long term. maybe just reducing their font-size and arranging them horizontally would strike a good balance? best, _c

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Will grass change color like most flowers do if it grows in dyed water?

I am trying to create an eco-column for science class. My idea must be unique and I was thinking about dyeing the water and hoping that a fast-growing plant, my only idea is grass, would change colors like some flowers do. At first, I was researching white carnations because they definitely change color but realized that it would take too long to grow from a seed. If grass won't change color, are there any other fast-growing plants that will? 

Asked by sminnite 1 year ago

i need to grow mini shrimps to eat in my house, what are the challenges if I want to eat them? Answered

I know I need a tank, air pump, water circulation setup, food (what kind?) brine shrimp (can i eat them?) what kind of water (distilled, salty, tap water?) success rate, danger of myself dieing because shrimp  got sick ? what is the time to grow them like one inch each? is it worth the trouble has anyone grow and eat them yet ? thanks I'm poor and hungry plus  I like shrimp..

Asked by celalboz 7 years ago

is there anything special that should be done to seeds/beans (from my own plants) before planting them?

I plan to plant a bunch of different veggie plants in my backyard and have been shopping for cheap organic seeds. i have a bunch of them and have started growing them in an indoor greenhouse, but for later as i replant i was wondering if i need to do anything with the beans or other seeds before just putting them into the pots.

Asked by evan_124 9 years ago

Arduino can control the temp, humidity, light, CO2 into my greenhouse?

Hello, can anyone tell me if Arduino can control in a greenhouse these parameters? - temperature - humidity - CO2 - light ..? I need for a temp, humidity rate, CO2 rate and so on the Arduino activates different tools in my greenhouse. Thanks!

Posted by NeroInferno 8 years ago

I'm Done

Hey everyone in the knex community, I have come to say that this message isn't pleasant. I am done with building knex guns now. I have focused more on real life and I am planning to join the military. I want to serve my country for a few years after 1 year of college. I don't want to play with knex or toys anymore, and I will focus on more important things.  So, thank you all for your consideration, especially my subscribers. You are all great people. After some time, you won't see new CODawesome knex guns. i know that I am not a popular instructables user, and I know that many people will be like "ugh, no one cares!"  This is a message for all to those who supported me in the past. Well, goodbye knex guns.

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Does anyone know of a VERY fast-growing vine? Answered

My family is looking to get a little more privacy in our yard, but our municiple codes are pretty tough (read: anal) around here, so basically our only options for privacy fencing are slats (upwards of $1500 for our fence) or vines. So we are looking for some VERY swift-growing vines to plant. does anyone know any vines like this? hopefully something that will grow in a hot climate. and did i mention fast?

Asked by cyc4015 9 years ago

are my Cayenne peppers growing

Are they growing? properly 

Posted by minecraftpotato 3 years ago

how can i grow crystals?

I want to grow crystals, additionally i want to grow crystals in a particular shape ive seen it been done before however i can not figure it out. Does any one have any insight?  thank you 

Asked by puregoldner 8 years ago

I want to make an easy earth box, or grow box. Thanks?

I want instruction for making a grow box.

Asked by cmhall6 8 years ago

Molds for growing gourds? Answered

Do you have any videos on two part molds for growing gourds in?

Asked by Gourdnewbie 1 year ago

how to grow sweetpotoattos?

Planted in a raised furrow, do I cover the vines, or let them grow on there own?

Asked by drit 8 years ago

I need a cheap fast growing pot plant for science experiment? Answered

Hi everyone. Recently I have got a school assignment for the holidays that requires to make changes to a organisms environment, and make observations and write a report about what affect the changes have on the organism. I have decided to see how dayley water amounts affect a plant species. I am planning on setting up a planter box, with many divisions. I will then give plants more water than others, form dry to completely saturated. I will be measuring the plants heights dayley, and also be comparing the root systems of them after the experiment has completed. The aim is to see how the plants adapt and find the optimum water content. I need to decide on a common, available, cheap plant, that will grow fast enough that I will get some decent results over the 2 week holidays. Any ideas?

Asked by David97 4 years ago

how can i make my hair grow faster?

I recently cut it and now i regret it, i want to get it to grow long fast!!!!!!!!

Asked by pianolover10124353 5 years ago

How do you make your hair grow faster?

Other than extensions, that is...

Asked by Julibopper 9 years ago

how to grow a pineapple indoors/ how long till it grows?

I am trying to grow a pineapple indoors for my son's science project. Does anyone know how long this takes or have any pointers?

Asked by marthaphillips 6 years ago

Growing Mushrooms

Next year I will probably will try to grow Oyster mushrooms and maybe Shiitake mushrooms. Does anybody have any useful tips?

Posted by Masterdude 9 years ago

Hairs are growing ultra fast? Answered

I just had a haircut 3 week ago, and noticed that my hairs have grown atleast 1 inch long now. my nails also grow very fast, is this normal, or is there something that is going wrong?

Asked by ARJOON 6 years ago

tomatoes growing up?

My 2 hanging tomatoes (celebrity's) are growing in a big u. will they hang down from their own weight/gravity eventually? should I assit them?

Asked by deadeye1122 9 years ago

White mold on algae?

Recently (as in for a few weeks), my bowl of algae has developed white goop floating in it. It looks like flour, and sticks together like flour. I (intelligently, I believe) have not tasted it, but it or something else in the algae smells terrible (well, worse than how terrible algae already smells, lol). I'm worried because Im donating samples of this algae to my middle school to use for experimentation, but a few, um, white things got in the samples. I really want to know what this stuff is. If anyone wants pictures, I'll upload some,. but basically it looks like flour and floats on top of the algae.

Asked by Rotten194 8 years ago

Growing tomatoes in houston texas?

What bugs, funguses should be watched for

Asked by moebeth 9 years ago

can anyone send me link for growing plants in old jeans? Answered

I want to know ,how to grow plants in old jeans.i am adding images.

Asked by balodabazar 5 years ago

How would I grow a giant crystal formation?

I have a 3 foot height by 1.5 foot width rectangular container of which i intend to grow a crystal formation in.  Does any one know how? That wont be toxic and wont dissolve?

Asked by puregoldner 7 years ago

a mushroom growing on the cap of another mushroom, why?

This autumn I found this  boletus that had another small boletus growing on his cap, it looked too weird, but really cool. I was wondering if was a kind of mutation or just one growing on top of the other  'cause I never see something like that before.

Asked by marcellahella 5 years ago

Garden - Greyhound Topiary - First Time Animal Topiary Help?

I would like to grow my wife a greyhound topiary, I am wanting to grow a plant through a metal frame. But I am running into a few problems. The frame is 92cm x 114cm x 27cm and will be planted into the ground in full sunlight. (UK Midlands) The first problem is what plant to use. I do not want to use moss. I have looked into Box, Yew, Pyracantha and Privet but have no experience on what would be best growing through the frame, Im not too fussed how long it would take to grow. But I do have lots of time to prune it so a faster growing variety would be better. The second problem is where do you grow the plant into the frame? Do i get 4 plants and and grow each leg? Or one leg and grow down the others? Or do I grow through the middle of the frame and grow down all 4 legs? and keep the main steam woody. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you in advance.

Asked by NuclearGreyhound 2 years ago

how to grow tabacco?

Iv been looking around on ilbs and i noticed thats theirs not an instructable on growing tabacoo and i was thinking maby some one might be nice and make one

Posted by lil jon168 9 years ago

Is anyone growing their own coffee, say around the 38th parallel? Answered

I read conflicting reports on the internet (imagine!). Some may actually do it outside. Anyone here know?

Asked by yunggie 9 years ago

mushrooms growing in my garlic plant? Answered

i have an indoor garlic plant and little mushrooms are starting to grow in the soil, is this something i need to worry about? what should i do?

Asked by embochner 6 years ago

how do you grow cactus /succulents in diftwood?

I have  a peice of driftwood I attached to my stone fence  and  would like to grow some cactus or succulents in it but need to know how.

Asked by babyruthwhit 6 years ago


I hope my mom doesn't see this, its going to be her birthday gift hopefully ;D. I was looking around instructables for good projects for my garden-loving and food-growing mom, and noticed several hydroponic systems. They all looked nice, but I noticed one thing: they all used the nutrient-film or submerged plant technique. I'm no expert, but this seemed bad for the roots. Rot, anyone? I recalled a system I had seen at Walt Disney World in the distant past (OK, 4 years ago :P), where plants roots passed through a nutrient-laden mist. This seemed a better solution to me, allowing the best nature of hydroponics to take root (no pun intended lol): supplying the roots with nutrients while allowing them to breathe and supporting them. I thought about how to create the mist and it hit me: a hose sprayer. Most sprayers nowadays come with an adjuster nozzle to change the flow, so if one were to move it to "mist" position, tape down the handle and attach it to a large submersible pump on a timer, you have a cheap aeroponics system. I'll be writing an instructable when I can, so stay tuned for updates.

Posted by Rotten194 9 years ago