How many of you know how to play guitar i bet i will school you all

Posted by brando the commando 9 years ago


Who plays guitar?

Posted by T-man 10 years ago

Guitar Builders

Any Guitar Builders? Upload your guitars.

Posted by Sparrow40k 8 years ago

Basic guitar instruction?


Asked by poolprof 8 years ago

Where are Gibson guitars made? Answered

 Where are Gibson guitars made?

Asked by adamgillies 8 years ago

favorite guitars

Whats your favorite guitar

Posted by petethecactus 9 years ago

guitar cable polarity?

On a guitar cable what part is positive?

Asked by michoi 8 years ago

custom painted guitar

My guitar that me and my friend painted:) So now I`ve got a unique guitar

Posted by schpeglar 5 years ago

Guitar Stand

Is it possible to make a stand for a guitar out of knex?

Posted by Rock n Roll 9 years ago

Guitar usb cable ?

How make Usb-guitar cable?   

Asked by deemgood 7 years ago

Welcome to the Guitar Group

Thank you for joining the Guitar Group, where you can post instructions on how to play, your guitars, and more.

Posted by nerfer192 10 years ago

Do Gretsch guitars work as acoustics?

I want a new guitar and I love the Gretsch guitars, and I was wondering if they work like they are acoustics.

Asked by resophonicguitarist 7 years ago

What guitar is this? Answered

Http://      the red/orange guitar  is it a gibson? 2:20 is solo    that guitar sounds soo good

Asked by la-main 8 years ago

Famous Guitar Pictures

. I've noticed that there are several guitar players on here, so when I found these pics of famous guitars, I thought y'all might be interested.

Posted by NachoMahma 10 years ago

blind melon guitar tab?


Asked by twistdbnny 8 years ago

How to find and use guitar triads?

How to find and use triads on a guitar in different keys and different inversions

Asked by Sandwalker 8 years ago

can i make a microphone in to a guitar pickup?

Can i make a microphone in to a guitar pickup?

Asked by orionskys 8 years ago

The Villianizer: Steam Punk Guitar

The Villianizer: Steam Punk Guitar

Posted by Ph3nomin0n 9 years ago

how to tune a guitar by ear for beginners? Answered

I am a beginer guitarist and have just got a guitar so any ideas on how to help me tune my guitar by ear.

Asked by skydive102 8 years ago

What is the best songs on Guitar for a begginner

What is a easy song?

Posted by Slayer7 9 years ago

Simple guitar amplifier?

Just curios, is it possible to build a (very) simple guitar amplifier out of  2x2N2222, a 8 Ohm speaker, a battery and some resistors? Note: I have a guitar cable with another and cut off.

Asked by MaracKoMarac 5 years ago

Building a synth guitar

Does anybody know if it is possible to take some components out of a keyboard, link it up to the pickups of a guitar and make a synthaxe out of it?

Posted by AerofoilAAAA 8 years ago

how do you repair a guitar with a busted front?

The front of the guitar is broken on the edges and it's a electric\acoustic guitar so how do i fix the busted volume controls?

Asked by 8 years ago

Adjusting the truss rod inside a guitar?

 I'm trying to adjust the truss rod on an acoustic guitar, but the bolt isn't on the headstock, so it must be inside the guitar. But the only thing I feel on the inside of the guitar is a small hole the size of a small screw, please help.

Asked by adamgillies 8 years ago

Search for "guitar" gets an empty search page.

If I and some others search for "guitar" we get and empty result even though I know there are guitar items that should come up.

Posted by Re-design 7 years ago

which famos guitar song would be easy to play ?

I am learning how to play the guitar and what famous song would be easy to play.

Asked by jbend 5 years ago

guitar chords for cater 2 u?

I need to know how to play cater 2 u by passion on the guitar please if you can help do.

Asked by maliyah 8 years ago

guitar pedals and pedal bords? Answered

What i really mean is how to they all connect into one guitar and 1 amplifeir

Asked by DELETED_JAZ97 8 years ago

guitar hero drums white plugs?

What are guitar hero drums white plugs that connect to circuit board what are they called? any part number for it?

Asked by bubbadamage 5 years ago