How many of you know how to play guitar i bet i will school you all

Posted by brando the commando 9 years ago


Who plays guitar?

Posted by T-man 10 years ago

Guitar Builders

Any Guitar Builders? Upload your guitars.

Posted by Sparrow40k 8 years ago

Where are Gibson guitars made? Answered

 Where are Gibson guitars made?

Asked by adamgillies 8 years ago

Basic guitar instruction?


Asked by poolprof 8 years ago

guitar cable polarity?

On a guitar cable what part is positive?

Asked by michoi 8 years ago

custom painted guitar

My guitar that me and my friend painted:) So now I`ve got a unique guitar

Posted by schpeglar 5 years ago

Guitar usb cable ?

How make Usb-guitar cable?   

Asked by deemgood 8 years ago

Do Gretsch guitars work as acoustics?

I want a new guitar and I love the Gretsch guitars, and I was wondering if they work like they are acoustics.

Asked by resophonicguitarist 7 years ago

favorite guitars

Whats your favorite guitar

Posted by petethecactus 10 years ago

Welcome to the Guitar Group

Thank you for joining the Guitar Group, where you can post instructions on how to play, your guitars, and more.

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What guitar is this? Answered

Http://      the red/orange guitar  is it a gibson? 2:20 is solo    that guitar sounds soo good

Asked by la-main 8 years ago

Guitar Stand

Is it possible to make a stand for a guitar out of knex?

Posted by Rock n Roll 9 years ago

Famous Guitar Pictures

. I've noticed that there are several guitar players on here, so when I found these pics of famous guitars, I thought y'all might be interested.

Posted by NachoMahma 10 years ago

Simple guitar amplifier?

Just curios, is it possible to build a (very) simple guitar amplifier out of  2x2N2222, a 8 Ohm speaker, a battery and some resistors? Note: I have a guitar cable with another and cut off.

Asked by MaracKoMarac 5 years ago

which famos guitar song would be easy to play ?

I am learning how to play the guitar and what famous song would be easy to play.

Asked by jbend 6 years ago

Lead guitar

Ok, Danny posted his "lead guitar" instructable, and he won't let me edit it, even though i have tried before, so should i make my own????

Posted by Metal4God 10 years ago

how to play songs by avril lavigne on guitar?

I would like to now the chords for avril lavigne songs

Asked by skydive102 9 years ago

the knob on the guitar tuner key fell off what can i use to fix it?

I dont have the money and i love this acoustic guitar what can i use to fix it?

Asked by lizbeth00 3 years ago

what can i do with a broken guitar?

I have a guitar, but it falls and get broke by the back side, i dont know what can i do with it, i want a original idea to make something with it, thanks

Asked by 9 years ago

what type of guitar is best for a biginner?

I want to learn how to play a electric guitiar but what ype is the best to start with?

Asked by Don,t try this at home 7 years ago

Guitar Song. What da you think?

This is an original composition of mine. Hope you enjoy! Please leave feedback. Thanks, Paul

Posted by paulplaysguitar 10 years ago

if i plug my guitar into my amp then to my computer can i get effects for the guitar through the computer? Answered

such as distortion and what not, sorry if it sounds stupid but instructables is an awesome resource for answers, any help is greatly appreciated.

Asked by blacjack1 7 years ago

How can I turn a crappy electric guitar into something functional?

My ex left this beat up, crappy guitar at my house and rather than toss it out, i would like to upcycle it into something useful. any ideas?

Asked by 9 years ago

What's the best way to look after my new guitar? Answered

Well...It's a brand new Marteniz acoustic guitar (steel-string) and I was wondering what sort of things could I do to it to keep it in the highest nick possible?? I've got a case for it (a hard-case).

Asked by Instructable04 6 years ago

Trying To Make A Guitar Music Player

Hello, I have a very cheap Crescent Guitar with a bent neck. I had the idea of trying to turn it into a Ipod music player. The soundhole is roughly 3 1/2 inches. I don't know if the pod will be powerful enough for the speaker. Do i have to buy a small amp?

Posted by Sharpie6 5 years ago

Can't find name for guitar accessory

My guitar teacher and I were talking today about Fade to Blackwe were talking about the solo around 2:45 and he said they might be using a somethinginstead of pickingThis item supposedly creates a continuous ring, he said it might involve a magnetbut I can remember the name of it

Asked by Chicken2209 9 years ago

Anyone know a good guitar for about $200-$400?

I woud really like a les paul style. I like to play alternative, rock & hard rock, and blues. Id prefer not to have a floyd rose tailpeice because ive had bad experiances with them. Ive looked into telecasterrs and dont really know much about them. I tend to play darker stuff and want a guitar with a dark tone.

Asked by octopuscabbage 8 years ago

can pickup works without magnet?

Why we use a magnet to build guitar pickup....?can use other thing to replace the magnet?

Asked by wide coverage 9 years ago

How to plug up stop tailpiece holes on a les paul guitar?

Looking to install a Bigsby B-7 vibrato on a Les Paul Style guitar, but one of the holes for the existing stop tailpiece is exactly where one of the Bigsby screws is supposed to go. What would be the best way to plug up the holes left by the stop tailpiece so that the Bigsby can be attached properly?

Asked by 8 years ago

How do I tune a kramar striker. Its a floating floyd rose tailpiece with a locking bridge. any tips to help?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I dont really like the guitar but id just like to know how to tune it.

Asked by octopuscabbage 8 years ago

how to make a distortion/pedal? Answered

If you could make a very easy instructble on it it will help show wiring nd ake it for a preschooler to read.

Asked by DELETED_JAZ97 8 years ago