Please send me good ebooks for learn linden script. I am in a beginning stage. please help me.

Posted by addharmawansa 7 years ago


This thing is broken i cant publish any help needed thanks

Posted by fishcatcher 10 years ago


Hi people just discovered this forum the other week and im stuck and need help with something.   any kind people know what the actual name of those octopus bubble tripod camera stands are ?   you know the ones which pop and click together and can grasp hold of things.   i know there called octopus bubble something or other but that's the name of the tripod , cant seem to find the name of the actual legs.   anyone help or even know what in talking about ?

Posted by fatburt 3 years ago


Does anyone want to help with my new site

Posted by nick.z 11 years ago


I cant change my screen name

Posted by atennyeve 9 years ago


Wat is the termalujy for kne xguns thast usd most?????i wunt tu udnrstad teh insterctbles more

Posted by DJ_AWESOME 8 years ago


I am a beginner and i want to learn how to be as good at making crap as you guys are.... my house has no materials whatsoever and even if it did, i wouldnt be able to make the stuff on this site.... how do you practice for this stuff? help please!!!!

Posted by sweepy 11 years ago


No matter what i try i cant seem to load pictures so im not this stupid grey head can someone help?, i know its un-grouprelated but some of u guys have pics and i want one, its pissin me off

Posted by --Thatguy-- 11 years ago


I really, really, really need ideas for what to outside... I have a friend who is my age (12-13), I am not playing with fire, no g-friend, no drinking (these 'no' things mean i cant), and I have a 25 foot rope tied to a tree in my backyard... and lots of mud... and ballons (non-water)... ideas!!! please!!! Thank everyone who has posted and/or will post!

Posted by ellomate56 10 years ago

Help help help Answered

I need help! Im trying to get rid of two pictures, due to legal reasons, when i do this, it says the pictures are in use! What do I do, help me out ASAP? Jenna

Asked by FlatLinerMEDIC 5 years ago

i need help

I need help with a lego gun.

Posted by themoonatic 10 years ago

help me ?

Why can not publish my statement

Asked by rint 7 years ago

knex help

If anyone has a trigger design that I can use for my gun it would really help. also if you could help me with a clip that would be awesome! thanks

Posted by leem1994 10 years ago


I don't know how to do anything on this site! Can someone at least tell me how to disable my account?:(

Posted by LiveitUp! 5 years ago

cant add stuff to groups

Help please

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 9 years ago

Typo on How to Help Out page

On this page here, you have a typo in your own name! Spell check! Help Authors with their Instrucables Think you know what makes a good Instructable? You can share your insight and help authors make their work the best it can be by offering support in The Clinic.

Posted by sophsterm 2 years ago

the box wont pop up?

Plz help me

Asked by mak7740 6 months ago

helpppppp!? Answered

Can someone help me make  portable ipod speaker(s) PLEASE!

Asked by bleyslikesmakingstuff 7 years ago


Ok. So I got this sweet new flashed based 4g creative zen mp3/mp4 player. I can't use it! I have 2 computers, an old windows 98 and a newer one running fedora core five. Please help! It doesn't even work with gnomad. And on the 98 it says it doesnt support that windows! Please help!

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 10 years ago

My Instrutable is not showing up!!!

HELP! I published my first instructable today and its not showing up!!! i don't what is wrong!! HELP

Posted by ShadowGemini 6 years ago

how do you log of?

Please help someone else is on my account

Asked by rhysc7 8 years ago

JPEG images

My JPEGimages keep changing to GIFimages after I have Uploaded them. HELP!!!!!

Posted by SLDxRaPiiDZz 7 years ago

i need to help me

I need a manual for an old sewing machine made ​​in Pavia NECCHI 7297 series. Help me or guide me where to find this manual. My wife loves this Sewing Machine and want to learn to sew. If you have a wife like mine please help me solve the problem without my ears catch. Thank you very much.

Asked by diaconu 6 years ago

need help

I want to start doing several of the projects that are here but i wanted to know if someone can tell me what i'm i going to be needing example leds resistor(what resistance) etc.......... its cuz i'm goin to order them online from some site please help

Posted by larry_kyo 10 years ago

CDS Cell Help

I need help with a project I am working on. I need A list of parts and a simple diagram for a CDS circuit cell that will turn on a LED(s) when there is no light. It is a circuit that will be powered by a 9 volt battery, and will power 2 5mm LEDs. If you can help me, I will give you credit in the instructable.

Posted by XOIIO 9 years ago

I need some serious help identifying this tool.

Can anybody identify this? It looks to me like an angle grinder but i cant find one ounce of info on it. Thanks in advance.

Asked by CurtisD20 7 months ago


Hello, I have the rippen rocket set and i added a customized chainlift on it but i can't figure how to get the chain going on the track. I keep trying but the chain gets stuck on the knex guide.

Posted by rexdino5 9 years ago

Help me please for to download pdf

Help me please. I would like to download the pdf files and -Controlling-a-Raspberry-Pi-Robot-Over-Internet / but not able to register premium account files need urgently pogmogite please

Posted by АлексндрЛ 5 weeks ago

i need help to make a video game can anyone help me?

Hi my name is arshya and i want to make a video game but i do not have the experience because i am 13 but i already have a idea i just want to see if it is possible to make it so if any one can help we can work as a team if its possible to make my idea, we can get it together than maybe we can split everything 50, 50. so if anyone is interested just email me at

Asked by arshyamohebpour 4 years ago


I have recently created a website offline which is about 1 mb in size. my next step is to upload it to a webserver so that others can view my website. i have registered a domain name at for free. can any body help me to upload it to a perfect webserver ?my website also contain images . i want that images to be displayed in it.  please mail me at

Asked by Soumya Kanti Sar 5 years ago

help me with this thing

Hello, I allready have the budget to make ahuge robot. You see, i am interested in making a huge bipedal robot. This robot would be similar to the robot usedin The recent movie avatar. Alli need is some help. - can i run 12 wheel chair motors with batteries ? - can i charge the batteries at the same time while they are in use ? - can i use a small engine to charge the batteries? - what are the other alternatives for movements ? - can some one help me with the design ?

Posted by arylic 8 years ago


I had a missing instuctable, but i recovered it. Also, how long does it usually take to get it posted? Is mine not good enough?Here it is.Please comment on it.

Posted by thatmantheuser 9 years ago


Okay so this is where you would come to get help on any type of Homework assignment.... Jump in and get all the answers you are looking for.

Posted by Director Shadow 6 years ago

i want to know about alpha-beeta pruning?

Its related to artificial intelligence. please help and don't give me answers of

Asked by akhilkhandelwal 9 years ago

My Instructable Isn't showing up...

I added my instructable to the group (here) but its not showing up in the list of projects under the contest... help please!

Posted by icinnamon 10 years ago

Finding a person's profile

I'm new to inscrutables today because someone told me to find their stuff on here but I can't figure out how to search for their profile.  Can someone help me?

Posted by jminshall1 4 years ago

Instructables veiw count error! Answered

*Please help* I have posted two instructables, and it says I've only posted one, and my total veiws count only applies for one!

Asked by PotatoCoffee 6 years ago

how to make dhosha?

The south indian food dhosha

Asked by wasimbari 8 years ago

WHERE is the aspie quiz?

I can not find the quiz....

Asked by Lisadenisek 5 years ago

how do i inbox people?

Asked by corriemac3 6 years ago

How do you get the description box when making an Instructable?

It wont show up and I dont know why.. I need help fast!!!

Asked by Mr. Awesome-est 6 years ago

how do you get your instructable featured? Answered

I'm kind of new to this site and I want to know how to get my instructable featured.It will help a lot if someone answers.

Asked by tech dawg 6 years ago

help me there is something wrong with my laptop and my dest top

Ok i just got my laptop back last night and i got home and hooked it up to the wifi and its wroking fine but now i cant get on my dest top or my ipad it says there is a code i have to put in or soemthing like that and i dont know what to do. i can get on my other computer and play games and stuff it just wont let me on the internet at all it comes up that i have to put a code in plz help me

Asked by misty10210 5 years ago