can we use any ic as a switch if yes then how ?

I want switching witha ic

Asked by anshu pati 2 years ago

IC Answered

I'm using an ATmega328 for a projekt and was wondering if I need to use a resistor for the input voltage? Thanks, Sofus Christensen

Asked by Balls of Kevlar 6 years ago

What is the LM1778N IC and is there an alternative to it?

What is the LM1778N IC and is there an alternative to it? Need two for this circuit: Can't find anything about it online. Thanks, Edwin

Asked by Eddiepers 7 years ago

What IC would I use?

I am looking for an IC that well take an input power and put it, to 1 of at least  3 output pins based on how much input power there is.

Asked by severson626 7 years ago

Need help in ICs

I m making a project for my college. I m finding somw difficulty in getting ICs of it. So ne of u know ne good company website from where i can get free samples of ICs. Plzz tell me . I m from INDIA.

Posted by ankit_dus 9 years ago

ransformerless Power Supply circuits

Pls Suggest some IC name for transformerless Power Supply circuits of 12VDC

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Hai sir,          i am udhaya engineering student.i have one doubt ............ HOW TO INSERT A PROGRAM IN INTEGRATED CIRCIT?         please send me about this details...

Posted by udhaya anandh 4 years ago

How do we integrate several transistors inside an Integrated chip?

If it is done by soldering, how would we solder such millions of transistors inside such a small chip?

Asked by DivyaManjari 5 years ago

Avr, Arduino, ic...

I am new at electronics and I would like to knew more about AVR, Arduino, IC and others microcontrollers, so could someone give me site about it or make instructable whit codes, programming boards and pins.

Posted by Dantex 10 years ago

outputs for dtmf decoder ic?

How to get 16 outputs from a mt8870 dtmf decoder ic  will this circuit works ?

Asked by Mayoogh_Girish 3 years ago

How to know if the given component is IC or Transistors?

Most od the IC and Transistors look alike. and just by looking i can't tell if it is transistor os IC. i need some help.

Asked by bishal 9 years ago

How can I program into an IC chip?

How can I program into an IC chip?(I want to program the steps and time delay with my own device)

Asked by theinlinaung2010 7 years ago

I need a sub for a TL082 IC

I am trying to build a bass specific 3 band  equalizer, and the only schematic i found uses a TL082 IC, would a TL072 work as a sub? if not what chips would?

Asked by fatfoohy 8 years ago

how can i increase the number of pins on a given IC?

I am planning to make a project.i wanted to know how for the IC i am using,i can increase the availaible pins. there is an existing IC,so for each of its pins,i want two more pins using just that one IC. so how do i go about it?

Asked by prachi.d 6 years ago

Best IC Calculator Question

I am looking for a chip just like the ones used in any calculator that does multiplication addition and subtraction. THe device i am looking to build has to be as thin as a credit card have a 8 character segment lcd and only be able to do addition and subtraction. so i need to be able to have buttons" 1 to 0 + - and = and . "nothing more. i looked at some attiny ics but they require a another ic to drive the lcd. also the the data entered need to stay in if the power of the ic goes out. most calculators have only one ic, any idea what the best ic for this application will be? thank you in advance. i need something this small. Thank you

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Hi everyone, i need good low power amplifier ICs for speaker . Which IC can I choose?

There are requirements about amplifier IC for speaker :   - Sound quality must be good because I like non-lyrics musics and rock   - Very low crossover distortion and noise.   - Low power (   - Output impedance 4Ω or 8Ω   - With bass booster I hope someone will answer ang give me a circuit diagram of this IC ( I need stereo, not mono or bridge ) Finally thanks a lots to people ! ( I'm not good at English, sorry )   

Asked by Nikolai Petrenko 3 years ago

i want 2 make a project by using ic 741.. coz it is given by our colg... plz help me...?

Project shud nt b complicated n expensive....

Asked by sandyee501 8 years ago

Can you help idenify IC chips?

I am trying to identify 3 IC chips for possible use with the project. They areall from cd drives for old PCs. 3414A   964N     JRC Manufacture by TOP-G Model #: BCD E520C 565 973 JRC Mitsumi Model: CRMC-FX4824T The headphone piece was seperate of the main board (as well as the next one) and is labeled Mitsumi 74-4602A 5216  3YB Matsushita-Kotobuki Model: CR-563-B Seperate board label: LMJB0187B I have had zero luck finding these but I've never had any luck finding IC chips.

Asked by Andale_The_Great 7 years ago

How to order parts for this circuit?

I'm a new to building circuits and trying to help my son with a school project.  Here is the circuit to hack the wireless doorbell into snail mail notifier (  I'm lost here though it appears to be a simple circiut.  (attached the circuit as image file) Please help me with ordering parts and the proper sequence to solder them. Thanks in advance. - Al

Posted by thousandeyes 4 years ago

Help out with a Solid relays idea and make it an Integrated Circuit design?

Hello,  I have been tinkering with the idea of being able to press 4 buttons in a or any sequence and have a set of LEDs light up showing which button was pressed first, second, third and so on. I was able to do this with plenty of solid state relays (kinda like a 4x4 matrix of relays) and four switches I can turn on various LEDs (1 thru 4 for each button) in each row to signal which button was 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. But what I would really like to figure out next would be to this same thing but with an IC or some kind of micro controller but I have no idea where to begin because most of my research to do this so far has taken me nowhere...people have lots of ideas on the Game show type buttons and lights deal but not for what I am doing. Game show just shows and locks 1 button and like and I need to be able to make connection between which button was pressed in what order.  Any help or further direction would be great.

Posted by netgoo2000 3 years ago

Help with ST72F324 micro controller?

I need to read the software program from this chip used in control equipment . The original manufacturer is no longer in business but issued a software update before going under. I have an updated control board and if it's not code protected I can then update other equipment still currently in service. I don't want to spend to much as I'm not sure if it's readable? The control board has a 10 way programming IDC socket on board to allow software updates... so I just need to link to this by the simplest / easiest method possible.

Asked by appolo 9 years ago

How to copy any microcrontroller ic?

Want to copy microcontrollers used in different circuis.  

Asked by sanjaydc 8 years ago

Find Name IC off board China?

Help me. i can't know name type IC on this board.

Asked by nam07dd 5 years ago

Snap Circuits IC's, can I get the same functions in a small IC?

Hi. My kid (and I) have recently started messing around with Snap Circuits. We have a specific project in mind and want to design the circuit using Snap Circuits, then shrink it to fit in an Altoids box. Question: Is there a direct facsimile available of the integrated chips in the Snap Circuits box? Meaning, the same input voltage and current, where I can assemble all the matching components to my Snap Circuits circuit (switches, resistors, capacitors), and then just switch in the new (small) IC for where the Snap Circuits IC goes. This would also help with troubleshooting. Any thoughts? Here is the Elenco supplied schematic description of the Snap Circuits' IC: Thanks!

Posted by BBBMMM111 3 years ago

Help identify small IC chip

- Found in LED light assembly  - DIP package with 5 gull wing leads in the 1,2,3,4 & 6 positions, as referenced below 6____5____4 |                      | |__________| 1         2         3 - Top says "TF98" - Bottom says "S354" - Small, about 1mm X 2mm

Asked by shuo888 6 years ago

Wanted: OpAmp IC's (those with 8 pins and two OpAmps inside)

Hello, Would it be possible for someone to send me some OpAmp IC's (8-pin DIP) with two OpAmps inside? (for free? :) ) They don't have to be power OpAmps, but just regular OpAmps with a Vccmax of at least 20V. I need them for some PWM projects I have. If you are interested or if you want some more information, please send me a PM :) Thanks in advance, Electorials

Posted by DELETED_Electorials 6 years ago

need suggest low voltage power amp ic? Answered

Hello . i need some suggest on choosing power amp ic.My project requirements are: -Low voltage : 9-12v (can be run with a 9v battery) -Good sound quality -Output power : ~2w -Small size  -Easy to find  Thanks ! Sorry for may bad English!

Asked by login721 6 years ago

i want programmer for 89c51 or 89s51 with software?

I want ic burner circuit (isp ) with isp software pls send me web site addres and circuit dig.

Asked by vijaysinha 6 years ago

Help identifying old magstripe reader IC 5C05 6D1 61

I’ve been working on a homebrewed magstripe reader circuit for a project and it just came to me that using an IC from an existing reader circuit would be a ton easier than amplifying the tiny signal and making my own circuit to interpret the signal. The trouble is, I have the chip but there doesn’t seem to be any datasheet for it available online (that I can find, at least). Hoping someone else might have some info and would be willing to share~ The only labelling on the chip is in two lines, the top with “5C05” and the bottom has “6D1 61”. There is also a manufacturer’s label on the chip the IC is on, “SR&D”, which appears to be an audio equipment company but didn’t help my in my search. Preemptive thanks!

Asked by Dakky 7 weeks ago

How to make an ASIC from a FPGA? Answered

I am starting to play around with FPGAs, and I want to eventually make my designs into a permanent IC. Is there any company that will od that for me? All that I've heard of are companies that take designs to mass produce them, and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I only want one or two ICs, and I want to pay a price that makes sense with the design (simple designs cost only a little, then the price goes up as complexity increases). Is there anyone that does that?

Asked by FloppidyDingo 2 years ago

Any soldering tips for soldering a VQFN-16 IC? Answered

Its tiny, ≈ 4mm, has 16 pads Have to try to hand solder it. have some really thin solder i think its .2mm? Or should i go with more of a heat gun method (would have to buy a cheap heatgun, would hairdryer work??) chip might also go by 16-VQFN 16-HVQFN, 16-SQFN, 16-DHVQFN its chip TPS61090- both on digikey and mouser thanks

Asked by astroboy907 7 years ago

Is there and IC that splits input voltages to 8 or 10 output voltages in sequence? Answered

Not sure if that was the right way to ask the question. But, heres what I what I want to do: Using a 9V battey. I would like to light 8, 10, or perhaps more LEDs, not simultaneously but one by one in a sequence. And in asking that, I was going to use a 555 to turn that input signal into a square wave, then perhaps an integrator to make that squarewave spike then dim out. What I am trying to make is a "jar of fireflies" for my daughter. I would build the above circut, maybe two in the same house. So that each LED flares, dims over a moment, goes out, then the next LED starts in sequence. So, is there a IC that does something like that. And secondly, would an integrator (R-C-Ground) work with that DC supply? Thanks in advance for you help and advice.

Asked by Asmodean_7 7 years ago

Help with old parts identification

I need some help identifying some old parts... Google didn't find anything that I could tell. They are: 1) AMI 8029vi C11262 (Some sort of old dip style IC chip) 2) DIS1283 8004 (This is some type of display but I can't seem to find anything on it. Wanted to see if I could hook it to an Arduino??) Thanks for any help. Mike C.

Posted by mbcharney 1 year ago

Using Common Cathode Instead of Common Anode rgb led with IC?

So I'm trying to do this: and I realized that I have the wrong kind of led..the author says you have to "adjust the connections" but I don't really know how. Right now my led will glow but not change colors. Does anyone have experience with this?

Asked by njaber 3 years ago

I need a simple schematic that inverts, and/or lowers the pitch of an analog audio signal? Answered

My latest attempts with a bunch of Op Amps has failed again to give me decent results. I would like to be able to lower the voice of someone high pitched, in order to sound more like mine or lower. Can anyone find a pin out and data sheet for the obsolete dedicated IC that does this, namely the WIN8072?

Asked by Goodhart 9 years ago

Is there a way to wipe an EPROM that's packaged without a window?

Seeing the post on about opening up IC packages with a propane torch reminds me that I have a few salvaged EPROM microcontrollers and chips that were, for some reason, packaged without a window to erase them. I'm wondering, for the sake of ingenuity, if anyone knows a way to wipe these and reprogram them. I've read that x-rays might work, but I have no access to an x-ray machine.

Asked by pharoah 9 years ago

help with a 555?

Hi, to make a long story short i don't want to have to go into the cupboard and turn on my amp every time i plug it in, it has a button on it that needs to be pressed about 5 secs after power is turned on and then left like that, could i take a feed off the power supply, connect it to the 555 or another ic and make it activate a transistor 5 secs after power was applied? i only need it to do this once every startup, i don't want it pulsing on and off and it needs to be as simple as. thanks, luke

Asked by ljarrald 7 years ago

Advice required for audio playback from an IC

Hi All, I'm new here so go easy on me :) I need to throw together a circuit to play an MP3 when a switch is closed (Think musical greeting card rather than iPod).  The fundamental issue is a lack of knowledge re: mp3 playback on ICs. Is there a handy light-weight MP3 playback chip kicking around? Presumably I'll need to provide memory, an amp and various other bits. Does anyone know of an SoC that does something this already? I've seen the SOMO-14D ( but it seems to be very low quality and temperamental. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, any recommendations? > Quality is important-ish - I know it's never going to sound like my Technics sound system but I'd like it good enough that a non-audiophile wouldn't complain. I'm guessing I'll need at least 128Kb/s for semi-decent audio. > Format doesn't have to be MP3 as long as the quality isn't _too_ low and there's an easy way to convert. > Small size (form factor) would be nice but isn't required. > If needs be, I can get PCBs etched _relatively_ inexpensively so that's not a major consideration. > Any suggestions for a good quality, small speaker would also be appreciated. Skills: I've got a degree in Electrical & Electronic engineering (but haven't touched a circuit since Uni) Budget: ~£300 tops (I'm hoping for considerably less) Time: Within a month or so. Many thanks in advance Basic

Posted by Basiclife 6 years ago

How to store and play an audio file in a very simple circuit?

Maybe a better way to put this is: how does something like a talking McDonald's toy or a singing toothbrush store and play audio files? Is storing a 4 minute song possible this way? Much thanks.

Asked by TheIronHobo 1 year ago

Help Making 6V regulator?

I need to power one of my projects for which I need a power source. I require 6V,which will require a lot of batteries. So, I decided to make a regulator and supply it through my 12V DC transformer. Please if any one of you can give me a schematic of the same I will be gratefull.

Asked by pranjal12 5 years ago

what i can use to replace MPF102 ? Answered

Hello , i making the little gem mk2 ( the problem is i cant find any jfet mpf102.I have some other transistor, witch i can use to replace the mpf102 ? 2n3904 2n3906 2sa1015 2sb564 2sc1815 2sc2222 2sc945 s8050 s8550 s9013 s9014 s9018  thanks!

Asked by login721 6 years ago

microcontroller help? Answered

I have a few MSP430F5438IPZR microcontrollers from texas instruments, and i was wondering how to program them. I've seen things like the ghetto programmer and was hoping that i could do something similar. yes i am new at microcontrollers, i have done nothing with them, but would like to start. any help would be appriciated. MSP430F5438IPZR data sheet thanks EDIT: i would like to know how to connect it to the computer and then program it.

Asked by matstermind 8 years ago

Automotive Power Loss Annunciator

The photo shows what I'm dealing with: a sound module ($2.50 including shipping from China) and an automotive auxiliary power cord (cigarette lighter.) The sound module has a "play" button at the end of the yellow wires. The "black box" has two tasks:                 - detect loss of power on the 12V cord                 - momentarily connect the two yellow wires (as if the button switch had been pressed.) So far I’ve been told that some sort of relay and a timer could be involved, but since I’m not a Electrical Engineer, I don’t know the specifics. I know that in the automotive world, there are big, bulky relays, but I'm wondering if there are relays in the integrated circuit world? I really need specifics like part numbers and circuit diagrams. Thanking you in advance for your help.

Posted by willy41 4 years ago

What does this chip actually do? Answered

Its labeled MACH210-15JC-18JI I've looked over the data sheet, and it says: 44 Pins 64 Macrocells Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) compliant 32 Outputs 64 Flip-flops; 2 clock choices 4 “PAL22V16” blocks with buried macrocells So, it holds data bits with flip flops? In the specs it says D or T type flip flop. Its programmable, but what does it mean by that, how would you "program it" it has 44 pins, and some I/O. What do you think the applications of it are? I have the pinout, but that doesn't really do any good if I can't figure out how to "program it"... It can run at 133MHz tops, but if this was memory there would need to be a section that says when to read/write on rising or falling edge of said clock. It doesn't say that. EDIT: So.. what does High-Density EE CMOS Programmable Logic mean? Sorry for the questions lately, just trying to figure stuff out

Asked by Mudbud 5 years ago

Micro Controler Help? Answered

Hello, I just got a micro controler IC (i think), just the chip, and I want to know what I can do with it. The text on the chip reads as follows: 7CYA5KK G4 M430F4260 REV A It was a free sample I picked up so it didnt cost me anything, and its from texas instruments. Any cool projects or ideas would be great! Thanks!

Asked by TXTCLA55 9 years ago

Where can I buy the CDT3460-02 IC?

I need it for my TeaLeds. It's an IC chip with 3 legs (like a transistor), and it's function is to give a flicker light effect to a LED (to simulate a candle) and don't need programing.

Asked by becava 9 years ago

Current in IC chip

Hello, It's a bit stupid to ask (I think), but essential to me. From all schematic I readed over intructables I never saw anything or anybody that cared for that. If a IC have a maximum and minimum current to respect ie: 6mA to 10mA, do we even care? Do I need to limit the current somehow? As I said, every schematic I readed never added any resistor or talked about anything relate to limiting the current on the VCC for the integrated circuit. I'm currently building a device that use one 555 timer IC in astable and a few others IC and they are all connected in parralel to the power suply. Thanks

Posted by sxdemon 8 years ago

TOYS with LED's

Hi, I recently bought one sword with LEDS and I want to know how they control the LEDS (it have different patterns of lighting). They use a PIC or IC ? I open the sword and have a very small PCB board with the IC cover with a black solid coating my questions are: The toys use and IC or PIC? What is the difference between IC or PIC's? They control also the voltage of the LED (different color of LED have different voltage)? The PIC/IC is programmed in which language? Where can I found more resources about this topic ? thank you for any help Chris SWORD

Posted by christoys 6 years ago