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I has some ideas I would like to put out there so here they arecat emoticon smile thing shown here-> :3 a punk idea.. well u know how there's steam punk and cyber punk how about medipunk all medieval stuff

Asked by Articas 9 years ago


I really need ideas for an Instructable. Can anyone help me?

Posted by grundisimo 10 years ago

How do you create a thing? Answered

By thing, I mean those things with all those related (And awesomeface!) stuff.My ideas are bursting to be born! :) P.S. My category is what it is, but I think this a workshop kind of thing.I dunno why :L

Asked by EnderToby 5 years ago

Cross Marketing Idea for Instructables

I was checking out the instructable for the coffee bag wallet and had a great idea. You know how grocery stores have recipe cards seeded around the store? I think  Instructables should hook up with Target stores and make recipe cards of  recycling crafts,  placed in front of the product areas. In the past I have seen Target run a recipe card campaign on their own, versus relying on product manufacturers to place the cards and i know they are a perfect fit for the demographic of both this website and their market. Imagine how many altoids tins, coffee bags they could move!!  Another idea - Ikea! - How many times are those lack tables used in projects? Tons! for Ikea, an instore "re-craft show" would be super cool! Did anyone ever see all the marketing that Gallo wines put into bottle reuse - or their booth at Makerfaire? Made me go out an buy a bottle... It's all win-win!

Posted by boarderline 7 years ago

making things out something u would throw away ?

I enjoy making things out of something i would generally throw away . Im getting ready to make a instructable on one of these things im talking about . Is there a site where u can find more things like this and get more ideas??

Asked by coolbeansbaby68 8 years ago

Knex ideas? Answered

Please give me some ideas to make things out of knex.

Asked by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

good non automatic spitball gun ideas

Please give me some non auto or semi auto spitall gun ideas will give idea credit

Posted by blah42 8 years ago

contest entries ideas?

I saw many contests on this site but coudent find ideas for them so ideas for contests like the spy , robot, remote control,green tech challenges are apritiated

Asked by robot1398 6 years ago

wanted ideas For m........

I need ideas to make 1800 dollars by April so hit me up with some ideas and PS babysitting does not work or car washes

Posted by the doctor who 5 years ago

Airsoft Ideas

Besides having a war, I need ideas of things to do with airsoft guns for my brothers b-day party.

Posted by Thelonelysandwitch 9 years ago

how do you suggest a contest idea ?

How & where do you go about suggesting a contest idea ?   mary ann

Posted by colt711 6 years ago

Instructable ideas from me

You know that Kinetic sculpture contest thats on now? Well, I've had a number of ideas for it and there are some I don't really want to do, but that doesn't mean they're bad ideas, it just means I can give some ideas away. Here's the idea: * { } * { } * { } * { } * { } * { } * { } * { } Build a giant bristlebot! Its a fun idea for an entry, it could be big enough to add a chair to and ride or it could be so big that its taller than you. The idea is free to anybody to use, take it and run with it! (also I'll be giving away more ideas in the future as I have so many floating around)

Posted by The Ideanator 7 years ago

here are some great ideas for knex weapons

If you need some ideas for knex guns please make this one because these guns are two hard for me

Posted by The ironman 7 years ago


I need some idea that seems like it was the first thing to a second graders mind when you asked him to write a story. I can't tell you why. Also acceptable a paranoid 80 year old man. I need your ideas quick!!

Posted by tomonto 10 years ago

who do I contact if I have a video game idea? Answered

I have several ideas that I think would make good games.

Asked by nerd7473 6 years ago

Contest Ideas

I think there needs to be a contest about things rising up, like a TV that is hidden at first then with a remote it will rise up and then you can watch. Users will be challenged to use there creativity to think of ways to incorporate this idea.

Posted by Blechmen 5 years ago

Any Good Ideas?

Has any one got a really good weapons I can put on my battle bot?? 

Asked by 95styles 8 years ago

any ideas?

Dang, i got nuffin. ok, i need a new idea for a new 'ible. my hobbies and interests are: simple computer operations (up to the upgrading ram point), basketball, music, games, humor, and crude weapons for starters

Posted by coolz 10 years ago

Knex ideas

Hey guys, it's me again. I decided to make this forum, as many people have awesome knex ideas, but arent experienced enough to make it, don't have the pieces, or anything else. Or maybe you have an idea that would be cool, and just suggest it here, people will see it and maybe pick up on it and decide on trying it out! Share your ideas, models, concepts and anything else! Your ideas can be anything, from small thing such as small model cars and ball machines to full auto mechs and awesome motors(V4, V8 type motors). Happy building!

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

New Contest

Is there anyway to suggest a type of contest for the site? I would love to see some great DIY wedding ideas.

Posted by czintx 8 years ago

'Ibles ideas

There's been a lot of interest in Tesla floating about the community, with some of his more popular accomplishments (or claims depending on who you ask). What I'd like to see happen now is for some new ideas to crop up. In the interest of being thorough, I'll say that the Tesla turbine (and quite a few uses for it) has been done a few times over, and the wireless power is one of the more popular goals as of late. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not trying to dissuade anyone from exploring any ideas that have "been done." Rather, I would just like to see what can be done about some of the other ideas, like ball lightning, the earthquake machine, or even an exploration of his work in radio, or any other topics. So, to summarize, if you know of any of his ideas/claims/patents/inventions or whatever, feel free to at least post the idea here, and if you feel obliged, give it a go in an 'ible. Cheers, and good luck!

Posted by BorisTheSpider 9 years ago

Beautiful reuse ideas

Inhabitat is in the middle of its Spring Greening Competition and now has a list of finalists up that can be voted on. There are lots of great ideas for inspiration here. I especially liked the pendant lamp made from poptabs and the inner tube bookshelf (big surprise, I know). Another design that looks good and oddly familiar is the vase made from a light bulb. But really, they're all worthy of a look. Spring Greening Competition

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

I need craft ideas for how to re-cycle about 20-30 rolls of wallpaper, Many crafts would not work since glue-back. .

You need to submerse in water to activate glue on back. . Got them at a flea mall for $1.00 per roll and some are beautiful.? 

Asked by bythepiece 8 years ago

I have a idea for a movie

You know how people are remaking movies that had come out a long time ago? Maybe some one has thought about this one..."One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest." Originally played by Jack Nicholson...perhaps he can do a cameo, but I was thinking of John Malchovich as the main character. What do you think?

Posted by mbakerhollister 7 years ago

Help with some Project Ideas

For my one of my Mechanical engineering classes i have to make something for a final project and I can't think of anything to make. It just can't be a weapon and should incorporate multiple manufacturing processes (milling, turning, casting, threading, shearing, sawing, shearing, bending, etc.) I was thinking about building a tall bike, but I'm not sure i'll be able to find two bikes to use.

Posted by adamhakon 10 years ago

Ideas for ible creators

Once in a while I come across a web site with interesting products for sale. Some of these products look like the type of "builds" that appear in made out of ordinary or throwaway materials for a nominal cost. This week i looked at which was featuring "home" products in the "Winter Chalet Style". Some of the products are fairly expensive. I'm sure some of the people here could duplicate/simulate such products at a reasonable cost.

Posted by olrob 4 years ago

inexpensive DIY outdoor girl birthday party ideas Answered

I want to make my daughter birthday one she wont forget. my only problem is... im a single mom of 4 teen boys and my daughter chevelle-8.  money is real tight but im not above making as much of it as possible. this is the first year that she wanted a birthday that was girly. she wants a frozen theme party. i need some ideas of diy eats, deco and anything u might be able to help me give her a great party. we have invited her class and her baseball team.  please help!!!

Asked by rreise 3 years ago

Any project ideas for a 21 year old unemployed high school graduate?

I have an unemployed 21-year old high school drop-out son, who has been in rehab several times. His dad is letting him stay with us, temporarily, despite my saying I want him out. (Son's room-mate is suddenly all excited about being a Jehovah's Witness -- my son's pagan lifestyle is not jelling well.) Being co-dependent and all, I am trying to find some kind of project to keep him busy and act as "barter for rent". We live in a culture-starved, neighborhood covenants enforcing, Republican or Die, suburban neighborhood. Backyard. Already have a shed -- although it's probably going to need to be replaced sometime. My son is very good at barbecueing. Any ideas?

Posted by LauraGrimes 10 years ago

Makeing things at school

I opened this to get some ideas for things to help pass time in school and make it more fun and exciting. I any kids or adults that know of anything I can make in school with basic materials such as. Pens,pencils,tape(scotch),string,pencil springs,ets. Please give us bored kids something to do in class.

Posted by timekiller 10 years ago

What should I do for my science fair

Well, I have to get a science fair project, I am 12, and so is my partner... We need tohave our Hypothesis and Purpose in by November 24th I think. We are thinking about the LIghtning Globe on here, or, another thing called the Kane Effect, or something else, any ideas/

Posted by cutecat13 10 years ago

Pimp my Backpack, please?

My mom got me an LL Bean rolling backpack for school, and I'm thinking of ways to make it cooler...if that's even possible for a rolling bag ;) I've already thought of doodling, putting on buttons, etc. but I want ideas that I'd only hear on instructables :) I'm also considering using the "boom bag" instructable, so tech suggestions are fine.

Posted by mariariaria 9 years ago

What to do with caster wheels?

I have three caster wheels, 4cm in diameter, and don't know what to do with them.

Posted by Roger-X 8 years ago

Anyone have ideas for a (soon to be) defunct laptop?

Hello everyone! I have recently gone from lurking on instructables to throwing some replies in and decided to take it a step further and start my own topic. My apologies if I post this in the wrong place or for any other faux pas. Getting to the point. I currently have a hp touchsmart tx2 which I might have dropped a time too many and is starting to make all kinds of sounds that you really don't expect from a healthy laptop. I think this would be an indication that it is only a matter of time before it craps out on me so I have started shopping around for a new laptop. The only question that remains is: What do I do with a dead laptop? I am thinking of re-purposing the swivelling touch screen and take the rest apart for part but I am curious to know what interesting ideas the people on the interwebs might have. So let me hear it, What would you do with a dead laptop? The more creative the better! (although some degree of feasibility is of course welcome).

Posted by FoolishSage 7 years ago

What is a good gift for my sisters?

I have 3 sisters age 4, 8, and 10. I need to find something to make for christmas for them. Also I am very stupid when it comes to LED's

Asked by c_man4colts 8 years ago


           Hi, I am new to the Instructables Community!  If you have any suggestions on what I should make, I will be glad to try my best.  Also, I am not the best creator, so It may not have the best quality.  But I will still try my best. (P.S. Also, I only work with K'nex)                                                                                                                                                                                        Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                               Neon__Knight

Posted by Neon__Knight 6 years ago

What can I get my mother for her birthday when my budget is $20?

She doesn't like big jewlary. and her necklace chains have to be long so she can slip them over her head and she doesn't wear earings or rings. She likes to read and she is obssed with eeyore and has just about everything you can buy that has to do with him. I need help!!!!

Asked by tinkerbell21 8 years ago

Ideas for 50 Cents

Spotted on the streets of NYC is this gumball machine that's been converted into an idea dispenser. For just fifty cents you get an idea in a plastic container. No word on how good the ideas are or if anyone's found them valuable. The photographer sadly did not buy any of the ideas for sale.Are ideas hard to come by? How much would you pay for a good idea? Idea Machine

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Need ideas for new gun

Help me im running out of ideas for a new gun-help wAnted

Posted by jayro707 10 years ago

Webiste ideas needed!

Does anyone have any good ideas for a webiste? It doesnt have to be profitable, let me know...

Posted by petersnoboard93 10 years ago

whats some good ideas for instructables? Answered

the title says it all. ive got a couple of ideas but i dont think there very good.

Asked by andyweigl 7 years ago

Knex vehicle project ideas?

I am quite stuck for fresh ideas for knex vehicles so I was hoping anyone could give me new ideas!! or you could just give me a few features that ive not already made to concentrate on. ^_^

Asked by jingo69 7 years ago

Knex building ideas

Hey guys i want to build something big out of knex no guns cause theyre not big but anyway i need help coming up with ideas so go ahead and comment any ideas. thanks!

Posted by KnEx FrEaK 1 5 years ago

Can anyone supply knex rifle ideas?

I need ideas I'm 10 and dont have that much knex to work with since the knex company has mabye 2 sets that have the pieces i need to make guns anyone got an idea?

Asked by brainiac120 7 years ago

Epic Science Fair Ideas? Answered

I am not a big fan of doing a science fair project, but I would love to do something big and fun with minimal actual work. Does anyone have an idea?

Asked by aarobro56 8 years ago

Ideas for an easy 'ible in tech? Answered

I am really interested in electronic stuff, and all I really have been doing since I got my instructables account is commenting and answering. Any ideas?

Asked by MatanSilver 9 years ago

Ideas for old phone?

My parents were cleaning out the attic, and they found an old phone. it is like the one in the picture only without the rotary thing (it has buttons). So they gave it to me to take appart. Any ideas for what I could use it for?

Asked by schoonovermr 7 years ago

Any video game ideas?

Hello, I am making a game and I have ran out of ideas. I has hoping that maybe some people might have ideas they would want in a game. It has a building aspect to it like minecraft, or terraria. The game Is about a merge of time lines, like Medieval knights and gulf war soldiers. I don't really want a whole new plot, but small ideas like enemies or other little parts.           Also If I use your idea, I will tell you and if its implemented in the game i might even pay you.Thanks you!

Posted by theodore665 6 years ago