I need stepby step plans to build a 2'x2' thermo vacuum box can anyone help?

I also need to know how to build heating element for this size box and where to purchase the plastic. Thanks

Asked by 9 years ago

Inserts ? Answered

How do you make inserts especially for angle/bevel setup?

Asked by rawbirth 1 year ago

There is no way to insert HTML?

Is there really no way to insert links into comments anymore?

Asked by KDNTECHNICAL 3 years ago

how to insert picture in instructables ?

I want to insert my craft also with pictures but i'v tried many times still not able to insert it

Asked by meowthecutecat 6 years ago

how to insert html?

How does one insert html into an instructable? Do I have to put som tags before and after the code or something?

Posted by leevonk 11 years ago

Setting a bevel? Answered

I have to remove my regular insert when I tilt my blade. I was surprised you did not mention removing the insert before tilting. Maybe that is just a thing with my saw and my insert.

Asked by the norm 1 year ago

want to install a glass insert in a steel exterior door the house is brick & the door is not standard size

Want to install a glass insert in a steel exterior door the house is brick & the door is not standard size

Asked by art42 7 years ago

How do you insert a profile pic on this?

Idk how to put a picture for my profile on this.

Asked by miinecraftfreak44 6 years ago

Is it possible for non pro members to hide / insert a link?

I'd like to make it so that I say a word such as "this" and when clicked it goes to a web page. I know it used to be [www.website_here.com words here] to make it work, but nowadays... well, it can frustrating to have to insert a huge link. Thanks in advance.

Asked by Kryptonite 8 years ago

Single LED, single battery module for inserting in a small wood sculpture?

I'd like to find a source for a self-contained LED unit with battery and switch for inserting into a carved (turned, actually) mushroom. An AAA battery would almost be too large but would be ok for lack of anything else. Something cheap, with a pushbutton switch on the bottom, that would fit in the stem of the mushroom. Any leads would be appreciated, thanks!

Posted by kenearlg 2 years ago

embed a slideshow into a instructable?

Is it possible to insert/embed a slideshow into a instructable, and is if so how do I do that? Thx for the help already

Asked by D_zeno 7 years ago

Rock substrate to place in experimental flume

I plan on making an insert that goes into an experimental flume.  The frame of the insert will be about 3" x 24" and will be constructed of acrylic.  Onto the surface of the insert i will affix a rough bed of stone/rock.  Stones will be ~ half-inch diameter.  Does anyone have guidance as to what type of material (epoxy?) I should use for the base of the flume into which the rocks will be placed?

Posted by Jeff MacDonald 1 year ago

Soldering iron on without tip inserted?

Well, this is the second soldering fiasco I've documented on Instructables. I recently got a new tip for my soldering iron, but when I inserted it, I forgot to ensure that it was inserted all the way. When I turned the iron on, I gradually smelled what seemed like burnt plastic and resistors. I turned it off after about 3-5 min. of this, not realizing that the tip wasn't inserted. What did I just do to my soldering iron, and what did I inhale for a short period of time? 

Asked by The Manic Puppeteer 3 years ago

Threaded Brass Inserts, 6-32, Sonic Weld, Press or Solder.

Add threads to new projects as well as modify or repair existing products. If the plastic you are using can be melted with a soldering iron you can place the insert on the part you want to add threads to. Then heat the insert with a soldering iron and press in to the part as the insert melts the plastic. Try with and without pilot hole. Excess plastic can be cleaned up with a dremel tool. You can also try soldering the inserts to the surface of metals that can be soldered such as copper and brass. Add these as threaded standoffs by soldering to bare copper on you circuit boards. Just the right color for steam punk projects. This part can be pressed into some materials with the right size pilot hole. Get them here: 50 pieces for $9.00. Free shipping: http://www.ebay.com/itm/50-Pieces-Brass-Threaded-Insert-6-32-Ships-Free-/130947172652?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e7d0f492c#ht_96wt_1084   12 pieces for $5.50 http://www.ebay.com/itm/12-Pieces-6-32-Brass-Threaded-Insert-Free-Shipping-/130947489203?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e7d141db3#ht_115wt_1084

Posted by luxstar 4 years ago

I am trying to sew pant inserts on a pair of too tight pants, getting stymied ?

I am trying to sew an insert on the outside hem of pants that are a little too tight. My fabric is a triangle shape & I am just trying to get the seams matched up correctly & wondering if there is someone out there that can help me, give a little instruction. I am stymied & already spent a long time working on this...thanks..

Asked by narniamermaid 7 years ago

add images to a guide intro

I've made a guide and I need to insert two images in the intro. When I create the guide I'm able to insert images, also more than one, but I don't see them in the preview. Maybe I can insert only one image which goes as the cover of the guide? Thanks!

Posted by andrea biffi 5 years ago

How Sharp are Carbide Insert SHIMS? Machinists, never used these so I need help! Answered

I have a few secret upcoming projects in which I plan on using carbide turning inserts. Both for woodworking and metalworking projects, but not machining - their intended use.I was wondering if anyone has any experience using these. I was looking at buying square inserts, but I can find only shims like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/292307002360 . Do you know if these are even slightly sharp? I mean, can I scrape wood with them with my hand, not in a milling cutter? Will they cut wood?If not, I was thinking about getting something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/173054401114 or https://www.ebay.com/itm/391346000853How sharp actually are these actual carbide inserts? Will these be able to scrape hardwood if I for example, hold them with pliers and scrap them across wood?Thanks!

Asked by Yonatan24 4 months ago

having trouble inserting a youtube video to a instructable.

 Has anything changed when adding a video to a instructable ? i click on the little link icon and it asks for the url . I do it and it doesnt show up..

Posted by coolbeansbaby68 3 years ago

How can i insert photos in the text ? Answered

Hi! I am writing an Instructable and I want to Insert photos in text, Is It even possible? ( I am not a pro member) here is a good example in this Instructables . https://www.instructables.com/id/Building-a-DIY-Quadcopter-A-Complete-Beginners-Gui/ If anyone knows how to do this I would greatly appreciate your help! :)

Asked by Team Dogoman RC 2 years ago

*Insert Cuss Word*!

My 360 just Red Ringed for the second time! Right before the four day break too! Right when all the good games have come out! CURSE YOU 360 REAPER! (Ironic that this is what I went as to a Halloween party.)

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

how to embed an image in the instructable?

Hi, i cant figure out how to insert or embed a photo in an Instructable , i can only add them to the top . i already tested the HTML code : but it only appears in the editor , when i preview the instructable  it does not show , and when i reload the editor page ,even if i save the instructable,  the embed photos disappears. please help if you have any idea  thanks

Posted by amgworkshop 3 years ago

HOw to Raft? Answered

Is a raft something that you have to design yourself or is it something that can be inserted for you?

Asked by olvegrn 1 year ago

building a chimney?

How do i build a chimney and fireplace without using commercial inserts

Asked by theibanezz 8 years ago

How can I prevent SQL-injection in PHP?

If user input is inserted without modification into an SQL query, then the application becomes vulnerable to SQL Injection, like in the following example: $unsafe_variable = $_POST['user_input']; mysql_query("INSERT INTO `table` (`column`) VALUES ('$unsafe_variable')"); That's because the user can input something like value'); DROP TABLE table;--, and the query becomes: INSERT INTO `table` (`column`) VALUES('value'); DROP TABLE table;--') What can be done to prevent this from happening? Thanks!

Asked by valeriavetralla 3 years ago

PS3 Phat disk drive wont let disc be inserted?

Ok, I just finished fixing a friend YLOD and the disc drive unfortunately wont work. There are these two grey bars blocking it in the drive bay. Anyone know why this could happen?

Asked by Krayzi99 3 years ago

How to insert addtional holes for brackets in a wooden entertainment center?

I want to add additional holes for the shelf brackets in my entertaiment center. The current holes are either to high or low for the placement of the TV. Please let me know if and how I can add additional holes for the brackets?

Asked by ighome 8 years ago

Is it possible to color the font in an instructable? Answered

I'm improving a published project over the weekend.   I'm thinking it might be nice to use colored font (for distinction) on the specific improvement/changes/inclusions. Is this possible using the rich editor or by inserting html code? If it is possible, what color would you recommend? 

Asked by bajablue 5 years ago

Links in the instructable editor

Hi, I'm writing an insrtructables and I can not insert any hyperlink.

Posted by andre72 2 years ago

Using bold automatically inserts spaces

I did a quick search and didn't see anything, so my apologies if this has already been reported: I am finding whenever I use bold to highlight words in my documents, an empty space is getting automatically inserted at the end of the word. For example, if I end this sentence with a word in bold and the turn off bold before using the period, there will end up being a space between the last word and the period which I did not put there and can not remove.

Posted by puzzlebox 7 years ago

Rain Barrels

I have inserted a Sump Pump through the top of my rain barrel. I have a 6X10 inch screen tightly fitted in the barrel which I remove to insert the pump. Now my wife can drag the hose around the yard to water her plants and garden and to water the grass.

Posted by diff95 6 years ago

"Invalid formatting" error when inserting link

. When trying to insert a (valid) link to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_order_(United_States) , I get the following error msg:Invalid formatting in the comment.. Getting rid of everything after the "r" cleared it up, so I'm assuming it's the parentheses that trip the error.

Posted by NachoMahma 9 years ago

Troubles embedding Youtube video

I am using the embedd code that youtube gives, and when I insert it into the instructables editor I can see an outline of where the video has been inserted. When I preview the page the video does not display,not even an outline. Does anyone have any ideas of what is going wrong?

Posted by ynneb 7 years ago

How do you insert an image into an instuctable using the HTML Function? Answered

Ok, so I'm working on a step in my upcoming 'ible and I want to have the image in the text, but I'm not sure if that's even possible here. If so, can somebody tell me? Thanks.   :D

Asked by knexinventions 49 3 years ago

How do I insert video files onto my Instructables? Answered

For demonstration videos, I just want to place the file to avoid placing videos on the web. What kind of video files are accepted, and how do I make them if I don't have the video options?

Asked by username252 7 years ago

Resolve? Answered

Thank for the course !( i have open nu the file,..with " insert" of course.But at the beginning that was a problem ( ? )I have not understand what & why ?Greetings

Asked by claudiof2 1 year ago