Computer picking up interference from other electronics?

I have a weird problem: when I turn off my floor fan, my computer wakes up from standby. I have tried a different fan, similar problem happens, except when I turn on the fan. I have previously ignored this problem, but my computer started acting weird and eventually failed completely. I found a bunch of capacitors in my PSU are blown. I recapped and it's working again. What is causing the problem, and are there some fix? (not using a fan is not an option) My setup: outlet cheater plug                                                                       ^                                                             power strip The second power strip is used due to length constraints. Here at college dormitory each student only get one ungrounded socket, hence the cheater plug.

Asked by Anonymity 2 years ago

How can I read accurate analog values on Arduino A2D? Answered

I am running an 8x8 screen from the 5v supply on board an arduino (controlled by the arduino via shift reg's). I am also trying to read an analog value over one of the analog pins. I have noticed however large variations in the analog read value, enough to make it near useless. I get the same problem to a lesser extent without the screen on but still rendering it next to useless. Normal resistors seem to be absolutely fine giving a near constant value, but using photo-transistors produces the error, as does reverse bias LEDs. Any Idea's whats going on or how it may be fixed? p.s. When the screen is on the interference is cyclic, looks like a relatively steady (frequency) sine wave. The rate of the interferences wave seems to vary with how long the display sequence is (basically its display, read, display, read loop). When doing a read I have tried with the screen both on and when the shift regs Output En is low (effectively off) - still getting the cyclic interference. Interference when all that I am doing is analogue reading appears random.

Asked by andy 8 years ago

Guitar Amp Static

Following up on my other thread with soldering, I managed to get my circuit for a distortion pedal all wired up.  I've got the clean end working, and nothing at all on the distorted end, but I'm not concerned about that just yet.  On the clean end, I get a really annoying buzzing sound, like when you turn the amp on with a cable plugged in with no guitar on the other end.  What would be cause of this?  Possibly outside interference since I haven't actually put this into an enclosure yet?  This is the schematic I followed.. and the sound from my amp is similar to this.. No, it's not the amp that's the problem because it works fine without the circuit.

Posted by MGZero 8 years ago

Hearing a dialup connection on a FM car radio?

My mum was driving to uni and we hear a dial-up connection over the radio twice or three times, on 103.50 FM to be exact. A little while ago i rang my mum and she was in the same place and suddenly the phone goes silent and it starts making all different tones. What's happening? What's causing it? Why's it on the FM band

Posted by thermoelectric 9 years ago

Can permanent magnets cause interference when placed alongside cables? Answered

I'm wondering if I can safely use neodymium disc/button magnets alongside cables without causing interference? I know that interference can be induced from an alternating magnetic field e.g. transformer coils, but not too sure if a magnet in a fixed position would have the same effect? There's a project that I have in mind that would use these magnets to secure a fabric around cables holding them together. A single 5mm button magnet on one edge of the material would attract to a metal disc embedded in the opposite edge. The cables will mainly connect to audio / visual equipment so it's important to avoid any interruptions or distortions of the signal along the way. Can anybody help?

Asked by DELETED_Alexdlp 7 years ago

pump capacity / electrical interference

I am building a custom watercooling system in a confined space, with the pump motor close to the processor. for the pump, I intend to use a thin centrifugal pump with a centeral brushless motor based around a re-wound cd drive stator, but don't know what the power required to move enough water is, especially with small bore pipe (2 X 1/4" also, when positioning the pump, how far away should it be from the main board to avoid causing interference, as the pump is essentially a large spinning magnet with several amps going to it. I'm guessing the motor should be as far away as possible, as well as the supply cables. thanks for the help.

Posted by The Skinnerz 7 years ago

PICAXE Electronic interference?

I have solved the problem by making two changes.Firstly, a 22k resistor was put from I/O 2 to ground.Secondly, I had to modify the program to be the following, and accept any value as an input as long as it was not 0. The new program is shown below:main:low 1 'discharge led on Pin 1input 2 'make pin 2 an inputreadadc 2, b1 'read pin 2 using ADCif b1 > 0 then flash goto main 'loop back roundflash:'led sequencehigh 1pause 100low 1goto mainI've been having a bit of an odd problem...I'm trying to use a PICAXE 08M with a touch input, so a user touches a wire or bridges 2 wires and the uC responds based on the program, at the moment, turns an LED on.Now, Initially, I've tried a few things, until sort of by accident I noticed that using the program I was, the LED turned on by touching the input pin of the PICAXE, with nothing attached to it except one short piece of wire. I know the human body has certain capacitive qualities, but I wouldn't have thought it would be enough for this. The LED started turning on when I got close to the breadboard it was on, never mind the wire.I tried moving the board, while I had my finger on the wire, and found that when I got a certain distance from my laptop (About 1 ft or so) the LED would go out, and not come on again. Strangely, it does the same when my laptop is turned off!So what I was wondering is, what could my laptop be doing that enables the PICAXE to get an input from seemingly nothing? Could it be some sort of EM field from it? Incidentally, the same thing happens close to my TV.The code i'm using is below.main:low 1 'discharge led on Pin 1input 2 'make pin 2 an inputreadadc 2, b1 'read pin 2 using ADCif b1

Posted by whatsisface 10 years ago

Powering a car audio amp with a PSU: Interference when laptop is charging but when unplugged interference is gone?

Hi, I hooked up 2 car speakers and a sub to a car amp using a PSU. There's a constant interference emitting from the speakers when the laptop (which I'm using as a source for music) is plugged in and charging as well as the PSU. This stops when I unplug the laptop. Any suggestions about what can be done? This is the original instructable that I was looking at. Unfortunately the maker couldn't solve my problem. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Asked by jarrod_93 4 years ago

do welders of any and all types interfere with implants such as defiberlators and or pacemakers ?

Do welders of any and all types interfere with implants such as defiberlators and or pacemakers the doctors say yes they can and will but the companies say they can not ever interfere or reset settings?

Asked by rayfalcon 9 years ago

analogue destructive interference device?

I was hoping to learn how to make a machine that would allow me to put it down, push a  button and no longer hear beyond it.  it would be ideal for doing interviews at conventions.  I was also hoping to  have it made so theres no computers involved, just older electronics, so it would, in theory use less power.

Asked by ketrovin 1 year ago

does a solar panel interfere with a qi charger? Answered

I was wondering if a qi wireless charger could still charge if there was a solar panel in between the qi receiver and the charging pad. I was wondering for a phone. If you have a phone with the wireless charging capabilities then would making a solar case to charge it interfere with the wireless charging? I know that qi cant go through metal but is a solar panel made of metal?

Asked by pucksurfer 3 years ago

Is floral paper waxed? Answered

The floral paper link goes to floral waxed paper. If this is correct, doesn't that interfere with the absorption of paste?

Asked by rmyott 1 year ago

Can anyone design a device that would interfere with cars stereos within 10 feet or more? Answered

Can anyone design a device that would interfere with cars stereos within 10 feet or more?Yes, I would like to bother back the drivers who play the music so loud that they wake up my kids sleeping in our car, as they drive by.Any idea is appreciated. If I can get my music in their stereos, even better, but if I would just get white noise in their stereos would be great. Thanks

Asked by scalin6 6 years ago

Gobs of Globs? Answered

In this and many other projects, I get 'globs' from the extruder,Of course. these interfere with the fit on a "Fit Tester"An suggestions?Alex

Asked by cdninoh 1 year ago

How to measure light wavelenght? Answered

Please, don't say 'with a waveleghtometer' . This is a Physics 'practical problem', and I'm thinking interference.

Asked by gruffalo child 7 years ago

Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard interference ? Answered

Hi, I have a mouse and a keyboard from different brands connected by Bluetooth to my RPi. The problem is that when I move the cursor, the keyboard stops working, and when I type something, the mouse stops working. Is this normal? Also, there is a lightning on the top right of the screen, what does it means and does it have anything to with my problem?Thank you!

Asked by JoséLuis MV 1 year ago


What do you think the laughing mans main intentions were? and could the same interference or ideals exist and work in todays society? yea. i know is offbeat..

Posted by last_decoy 9 years ago

HDMI to USB convertor?

Can anyone help me out......... i wanted a HDMI to USB convertor for my Plasma Tv. which has no USB interferance....?

Asked by hotncold 6 years ago

cold cathode light totally interferes with my IR remote control!!!

I have a view-box for looking at negatives that uses cold cathode tubes as the light source--whenever this light is on my IR remote control for my wifi radio does not work--i have isolated it to EMI from the light not the light itself. when i covered the peripheral area where the wires and 2 ballasts are with 2 layers of heavy duty aluminum foil it drastically reduced the interference. i cant practically use the foil. Does anyone think ferrite snap cores from radio shack will work? if so-- where and how many should i put?--really need help--i have little electronic experience--

Asked by roccosiffredi 4 years ago

window inside panel mount? Answered

Can you mount a solar panel in front of a window but on the inside?or does it need to be on the outside? can the argon gas that's in between the 2 window layers interfere with the charging?

Asked by Salamyman 6 months ago

AC EMI filter in my car ? Answered

Is it possible to use an AC EMI filter in my car. have a lot of interference coming through my speakers. was given a new EMI filter, thought I'd try used it.

Asked by talicohen 4 years ago

Challenge Mitch

Is there some aspect of woodwork that you would like me to explain in an instructable?   I'm by no means a woodworking oracle, but I do like a challenge, so have a good discussion amongst yourselves and see if anything comes out on top.   I'll keep my eye on things, but I don't want to interfere.

Posted by WOmadeOD 2 years ago

Tesla coil output? Answered

Ok I'm experimenting with tops and linear transformers for therapeutic effect these seem to be the best combo so far could some aproximate what kind of signal is being out put with a step up linear transformer 4:1 and does it just feel good to me and disruptive to telecommunication it doesn't interfere with wifi

Asked by wiccakingkamui 4 years ago

Glass covered solar trough?

I have seen a lot of designs for solar troughs but I have not seen any with a glass cover on them. Why not? I want to build a solar trough to heat water for the hot tub but I need it to be able to shed michigan winter snow without filling with snow and wondered if the glass would interfere with the operation

Asked by Rainh2o 8 years ago

External Camera

I was thinking of buying an external Camera for a laptop even though it already has an built in cam. I would like to use the external so that I can point it toward a table surface and use it for animation purposes.  I was wondering, would  the external interfere with the other? Thank you for your answers. -T.T :)

Posted by Treasure Tabby 4 years ago

how to control arduino uno with smart phone using wifi module?

I want to do a quadcopter which was controlled by smartphone & arduino with wifi interference between them...... can u guys tell me how to connect arduino uno & smartphone & wifi module.

Asked by uday kumar44 3 years ago

Adult Swim and Interference Inc - This NOT the work of the GRL

An advertising agency managed to shut Boston down with a guerrilla marketing campaign gone bad. Inspired by the GRL (the people behind LED Throwies), Interference, Inc, whose website appears to be blank right now, created some LED-based graffiti to promote a cartoon. Our friends at the GRL were not impressed, and posted a response here.Like a dog in heat, a producer/reporter from Inside Edition tracked me down earlier today hoping to find, and I quote, "a techie willing to explain these light-bulbs attached to magnets that are all over Boston." I tried to explain that the GRL and LED Throwies had nothing to do with it, but perhaps subtlety is lost when you're hot on the trail of a story. Carl, if you're out there, these are the links you weren't interested in getting from me. The people who actually are behind this posted the video below (which was removed by the original author, but reposted by the GRL). I grabbed it from here.There are lots of very interesting questions around this whole issue: When does art become advertising; how can we as "techies" educate those around us as to what's a bomb and what's art; and who is responsible for actions like these that shut down a city? The artists? The corporation that put them up to it? The government for making itself and the public so paranoid? In any case, join me in watching how this unfolds.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

How to use batteries in a Series-Parallel Combination?

   Is it possible to use 4 AAA Duracell batteries instead of 2 AA batteries if I were to put it in some form of Series/Parallel combination? Would it keep the same voltage and stuff to not interfere with the electronics of something but just increase the time between changing batteries? What would the layout look like for this? Thanks Instructablers!

Asked by ranaakamarth 7 years ago

Is it possible to step up the voltage of square wave ac coming out of a function generator from 5ppv around 10ppv? Answered

I'm trying to use a square wave function generator for the purposes of inductively charging a cell phone. Also, would magnetic shielding be necessary for this application or is the magnetic field weak enough to not interfere with the phone?

Asked by phillystealth 8 years ago

Concept of the system for protection against hail tracking PV power plants Answered

Hello, I have a big request for you. Do you have something of the literature on the "Concept of the system for protection against hail tracking PV power plants" (desirable and protection from the snow; and wind). The respective literature I needed so that I could write a seminar and thus lay the course Project- power plants at the Technical University. This is literature that I found: , but i need a little more information about "system protection, as well as system control and external anti-interference measures. External interference includes weather influences, such as wind, sand, rain, snow, hail, and salt damage"->this text is from the link above. Thank you very much! Kindest regards! Mario

Asked by MarioM28 2 years ago

Any ways to block the EM waves from my solid state Tesla coil?

Hi guys, I'm working on a small solid state Tesla coil (Slayer exciter) and every time I test it, the internet router stops working and peoples don't really appreciate it when it happens. The router is about 25-40 feet away but my brother's computer is in the same room about 10 feet away but is connected with an Ethernet cable that might act as an antenna? I know that all the touch lamps in the house goes crazy so I really need to find a way to stop the EM waves to interfere with the electronics in the house. I thought about putting the coil in a earth grounded metal cage but have no idea if it would work and if there is any other ways to do it. Any help?

Posted by Electrospark 3 years ago

Title in Primary Images

Dear Instructables Authors, Does anyone find the current trend of putting the title of an ible in the primary image as visually offending as I do? The format of the site puts the title right below the image in a concise and legible manner that doesn't interfere with the image of the project. Why clutter your image with unnecessary (often poorly chosen) typography? Please stop. Sincerely, Aesthetically Repulsed

Posted by Brooklyntonia 3 years ago

ATi (AMD) GPU Problem Answered

I recently recieved an XFX Radeon HD 6850 card after reluctantly switching from nVidia. My previous card was an MSI N8400GS 512MB DDR2, and wasn't up to spec with the latest games. I installed teh card using standard procedures (grounding myself, carefully removing and inserting cards etc. I have determined it isn't a problem with my setup or power supply, as my system specs exceed all of those required by the card. The only one it didn't meet was PCI-E x16 2.1, mine is on;y 2.0, but I'm told it is backwards compatible, and it wasn't listed as a requirement (only pci-e x16). I have installed the drivers from the ATi website, and uninstalled my old ones. The crd does not run hot at any time, so overheating isn't a problem. The problem is I sometimes heat interference on the headphones, even though I'm using a separate sound card. I also get digital interference on the screen (I'm using DVI). When I try to put any kind of stress on the card (run-in tests, benchmarking, or gaming), the display driver stops responding multiple times, the interference increases, and sometimes the system halts and I have to reset. I can't think of any good reason for this problem other than a faulty card, but I bought it brand new @ factory sealed, with no modifications or over clocking. Any idea what the problem might be?

Asked by andy70707 6 years ago

Telephone amplifier schematic? Answered

Hi, I saw this cool thing on Make; an instrument that picks up remote signals and makes noise. This link shows the original product: I hear the product is a telephone amplifier with a coil as an input. I would like to know if there is a schematic for the amp that someone new to electronics could work on. Its really interesting stuff. Thanks

Asked by phillyj 8 years ago

Hall effect sensors: how close can two magnets be without interfering?

Suppose I have several magnets and I want to use the same number of Hall effect sensors to read their polarity. Each sensor would be within 1-2 mm of its intended magnet. How far apart would the magnets need to be to avoid interference? I'm looking specifically at the Melexis US5881.

Asked by ThomasB164 2 years ago

Can you use standard choke inductors as electromagnets?

I am making a project where I need very small electromagnets to attract and hold a small metal flap closed when the circuit is turned on. Flap is about 1cm from the magnet and returns to this position via a spring when the circuit is off. In theory is it possible to use inductors used in electronic circuits (for interference suppression etc.) as an electromagnet? Thanks.

Asked by laquermonkey 8 years ago

how can i make a 2.4ghz wireless security camera hard wired? Answered

How can i make a 2.4ghz wireless security camera hard wired? i get a lot of wifi interference (and my wireless network gets blocked completely) and i just want to run direct RCA line if possible instead of buying 5 new cameras.?

Asked by yousokwesi 9 years ago

Could I boost the reception of my car radio by putting a dish at the base of it? Answered

My car's radio is pretty old and most of the radio stations where I live are miles away, so interference is very common. I happened to see this instructable on boosting wi-fi reception: and was wondering if this could be mimicked for my car antenna by putting the strainer dish at the base of it.

Asked by Funk_D 9 years ago

Converting an RC Helicopter to a wired one.? Answered

Hello all, I am currently involved in a competition for my school and my question is as follows. We are utilizing an RC Helicopter and I was wondering if it is possible to convert one to a wired one? As in there is a physical wire connecting the controller and helicopter and it is using that rather then and frequencies to control it. The reason being there is going to be a huge amount of students also using RC Helicopters and we wish to eliminate any possible interference.

Asked by nicksam112 6 years ago