So if I was going to make a big antenna say 15ft tall and use an itrip to run it. Would it be able to support that big of an antenna. If not what would I do so it could. Seems like I might need some sort of amplifier and help on where to get one would be great.

Posted by thejrb 10 years ago

how do you make your own iTrip?

I would like to know how make my own iTrip. I could buy one but this would be waaay cooler.

Asked by 8 years ago

Anyone have a wiring diagram for a griffin itrip auto (2008 model)?

My wiring has ripped out in a few places on the board of the griffin itrip auto 2008, and i cant seem to find a circuit diagram anywhere online. i found one dead link, and the rest werent helpful (2010 models were posted).  specifically, my yellow, orange and red wires on the button side have broken off.  anyone know the order in which i need to resolder them?

Asked by kamikaze33 6 years ago

What is the highest legal power for an FM radio wave generator in the United States? Answered

I am building a project that transmits FM radio waves about a mile with frequencies capable of being picked up by a normal FM radio. I know that those little iTrip connectors for the iPod can legally generate FM signals capable of being picked up by a car's radio antenna, but a mile of transmission seems a bit excessive to me. Would such a device be illegal? Does anyone have any links where I can find such information? Thank you.

Asked by Technicolor 6 years ago

how can I build a Wireless Display/Transmitter that don't need a receiver?

On my school's cafeteria there are 3 big HDTVs. What I wanna do is, at lunch time that everybody in in there, hijack the 3 tvs' signals and replace them with a funny video. (Also, later on I can use it on my own house) I don't know if you've heard about those headphones that you put on and they catch the signal from the nearest TV so, at night when everyone else is sleeping you can listen to it without disturbing people. I was thinking about using something like that! Of course, doing the opposite. I don't know what's the 'official' name. Some people call it a 'low power transmitter' and other people call it 'Wireless Display (WiDi)'. Hopefully you'll know and if you do, please let me know. I just want SOMETHING like the iTrip, you know? That the radio station IS the receiver so I won't have to build the actual receiver. I want to build/buy a transmitter that will adapt to my laptop or my iPhone so when I click play on a video, it will show on the nearest TV or TVs without the necessity of them having a receiver. That the actual TV, tv's signal, channel, whatever IS the receiver so I can carry it around without the necessity of putting something on the other end whenever I wanna watch something on a different TV. I'm really hoping I made myself crystal clear and didn't confuse you. I'm also hoping you could give me your advice, or if you have a better method.

Asked by madcap17 6 years ago

Can I hardwire a wireless fm transmitter to a car radio aerial?

What is the difference in the signal of a wireless FM transmitter and of a wired FM modulator (plugged into the aerial socket of a car audio head unit)? Is it simply one of signal strength? I googled the antenna in my Griffin Itrip universal and soldered a simple 34" wire antenna onto it. This did improve the signal quality. However as soon as I drove around in the real world, interference came in, station and car engine electrics. This happens at all quiet areas of the radio spectrum. So, could I fit a coax cable from the Griffin and hardwire it to the aerial socket of my car, probably a Y connection keeping the car aerial. And yes, I'm too cheap to buy a real wired FM Modulator (£70) or a new car head unit (£700). Would this in any way 1) improve audio quality, 2) avoid interference, or 3) blow up the stereo. My car is a Vectra (yes I'm that cheap), so the aerial is at the back or I would have tried simply wrapping the antenna around the aerial for a good old bodge.

Asked by mensanation 6 years ago