how do you build a laptop?

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how do i locate a stolen laptop?

Laptop was stolen and had no tracking program that i was aware of. it was a newer dell studio laptop, gift from dad,

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build me a laptop?

Can someone hold my hand and either build me a laptop or direct me to a "best" source?

Asked by muzzy man 8 years ago

old laptop screen

I have an old laptop that I was wondering if I can still use the screen without the base thanks

Posted by wangdoodle5 10 years ago

I am looking at new laptops and was wondering if Answered

It is possibly that with an hdmi connection from laptop to tv can i watch a dvd movie on tv screen and surf net on laptop screen?

Asked by lemur 8 years ago


I want to purchase a laptop for my daughter. 15 inch screen, win xp, fairly fast. What is your opinion of Dell?

Asked by tmckinneyebony 9 years ago

how to hack school laptops?

the msn messenger on the school laptop dont work cause dey blocked everything in it so how can i make it work?

Asked by lebo1 7 years ago

Laptop power cord?

How do I find out which part of my power cord is bad?

Asked by jillsmith37 7 years ago

Can I use a laptop mouse for a computor mouse? Answered

I have an old laptop mouse (a little pad thing that I took out of an old laptop) and I was wondering if I could wire it up to use it for a computor mouse.

Asked by DIY Dave 9 years ago

Can I use an old laptop screen for a computor monitor or TV? Answered

I have an old laptop screen and I was wondering if I could reuse it for anything.

Asked by DIY Dave 9 years ago

how to swich my x50z laptop on off remotly?

My x50z laptop booting swich goes malfunction  very often  it never swich my laptop on .so i need to jump the start swich and use a remote control transmitter instead  maybe by any usp system

Asked by mays 8 years ago

Old laptop Project

I have an old laptop I've recently taken apart and i was wondering... How can i convert the HDD to a portable storage device? and How can i convert the LCD screen to a monitor or a normal TV?

Posted by Haiomaster343 7 years ago

One laptop per child?

So i saw this story on 60 minutes a couple days back. One story was on having one laptop per child. so they tested it in a 3rd world country. It seemed like a great idea.and no need for electricity to charge the laptop they had hand cranks for it which also seemed like a great idea. So do you think having one laptop per child is a good idea

Posted by Easy Button 10 years ago

My laptop will not connect to internet but desktop does?! Same network too!

So for two months my laptop just WILL not connect to internet and I'm 12 so I am like OMGGGGG this is so dumbbbb. So I really need help connecting it. My desktop works but not my laptop and they're on the same network so I dont know whats wrong.. My laptop worked two months ago and connected fine. :\

Asked by ktennyson 5 years ago

What kind of laptop should I buy?

I am going to buy a laptop for college. I want something that can handle programs like autodesk and sketchup, and has a decent battery life. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!

Asked by William930 6 years ago

How to "clean" a laptop? Answered

My kids used my laptop, and after that some crumbs most be stuck under the keys because a couple of them are really hard to press. How can I clean it? The canned air doesn't work and I am thinking on dissassemble it and clean it inside. Any suggestions?

Asked by alexc922 9 years ago

Laptop Battery.....

My Laptop battery  for some reason is being all fluky. I plugged the laptop in, so it can not run off the battery, but it still did. So I plugged it in somewhere else, and the laptop was/is  still running off the battery. I turned it off now, but I don't know what's going on. Can someone help me?                     Also, the green light an the power cable is on, but the computer isn't registering it (The power I mean). I can't even turn the darn thing back on.

Posted by kenizl86 7 years ago

HP NX9010 LAPTOP dismantling?

After removing all visible case screws I still can't gain access to the inside of my laptop. The DC power socket is intermittent and I need to replace it. The top and the bottom sections will partially separate but still held somewhere. Don't want to force it open. Can any one help please.

Asked by appolo 9 years ago

dust under my laptop screen?

I have a pavilion dv7 and i have some spots on my screen and it looks like it could be dust. is there anyway i can take the screen apart for i can clean it? thank you

Asked by 8 years ago

Do you know a good laptop? Answered

 I want a new laptop. Any suggestions? I am tech savvy, so I know what all the specs mean, I just need a pointer to which brands and models are quality ones. I am also on a budget. I don't work, so I just get allowance. Any help is accepted.

Asked by KaydenST 8 years ago

Toshiba laptop screen?

Hi From Scotland Hope someone can help I am not a complete novice I do some repairs to family members desktops but never tried a laptop, so the its a Toshiba Satellite A200-27U the screen is black I have tried on a mionter and everthing  works fine so is it the Lcd or something else I could look any help would be welcome . Alibole

Asked by alibole 7 years ago

how to disasemble/reasemble a gateway mx 6439 laptop to fix the dc power jack?

My laptop will charge the battery but will not run on ac power, i already tried new power adapter sill did not work. i know it is the power jack. I am a computer tech but have never taken apart a laptop so i need a diagram with pictures please so i can fix it myself.

Asked by trishb 9 years ago

What is a good laptop to buy at a good price? Answered

Hi. I am trying to save up for a laptop, and I'd like to know where I can get a pretty good one at a decent price (can't buy off eBay or Amazon). I want one with at least 4GB of RAM and a hard drive with at least  200GB. Does anyone know where to get one on the cheap and how much it costs? Thanks, TheOneAndOnlyMissingno.

Asked by TheOneAndOnlyMissingNo. 8 years ago

firends can u tell me if we can upgrade this model laptop with a 2ggb memory ram of ddr3

I asking this because i want to upgrade if possible my laptop with a i5intel processor. can this be possible to upgrade with a 2ggb memory ram of ddr3

Asked by franklain 7 years ago

Can anyone help get into my laptop I have a windows 7 HP?

I forgot my password and I don't have the disk that came with it . Is there any other way I can get Into my main account without deleting everything 

Asked by BriyanD 3 years ago

How do you use your tv as a acer aspire one laptop screen?

I have an acer aspire one but my screen is cracked and need help on how to get there without using the mouse(because of course I cant see anything.) 

Asked by lowdown112 8 years ago

looking for any software where you can use instead of laptop on\off switch?

My asus x50z laptop onoff swich would never start the machine although it is only 6 months old where i baught from germany {which reflects how bad tha asus is} anyway this switch change will cost me too much specially i am no more in germany and even in my country jordan we dont have any asus representitive office to repair .i dont wont to discribe how hart it is to sign uo with asus they asked for laptop serial no. and product no, which are all scrubbed off  tha laptop      ''''''''please help me how to get thoseNo.s   and how to opoerate my laptop without using the switch   thank alot

Asked by mays 8 years ago

Why will my lap top not accept the Key security code, but my Ipad does?

I have a compaq laptop that I am try to connect to wifi, but it will not reconize the security code I key in.  I also have my Ipad, and it accepts the security code.  What can I do to make my laptop accept the security code?

Asked by daleavell 5 years ago

any good ideas for a free standing portable and easy to store away laptop stand/holder/desk??

Any good ideas for a free standing portable and easy to store away laptop stand/holder/desk??if possible give me simple but creative ideas for this project. it is for my junior cert. it has to be made from wood and if u wanted to you could add in glass, aluminium, perspex etc. please reply a.s.a.p..thanks for reading.!

Asked by JPB981 7 years ago

why does my laptop only connects to my home wifi and no other wifi ?

Hello im using adsl connection in iran  and recently after installing a new game my laptpo only connects to my home wifi router and no other wifi or hotspots i tried updating drivers and turning off the firewalls or disabling my antivirus but still it only works on my wifi at home and nowhere else plz help tnx

Asked by reza zr1 2 years ago

what to do with 2 broken laptops

I have 2 broken laptops, one doesnt start and i think something got split on it so i think the motherboard is fried but i suspect the screen, HDD and Memory is ok. the other works fine, boots up but the keyboard and track pad are not working, the USBs work so i can plug in a USB keyboard and mouse and use it that way, or i can use synergy so i can use the keyboard and mouse off my main computer and effectively use it as an extension of my main machine. any ideas what i could do with them, other than pack them with explosives and video the results lol

Posted by n1cod3mus 6 years ago

how open back panel of ACE EXTENSA 5620z?

 how to open back panel of ACER EXTENSA 5620z

Asked by dista 8 years ago

Does anyone knows how to fabricate a power adapter for a DELL Inspiron 8100 Laptop?Help!?

My DELL Inspiron 8100 power adapter is long gone and i've been scouring around to buy one unfortunately i failed so I've been thingking maybe i could ask the community in Instructales for advice.I someone is their very inventive who could impart his ingenuity to as a pity.

Asked by jovenhatsjr 8 years ago