I wonder how to make the easiest regular laser?

I am trying to make my own easy handheld laser, but other stuff is just not working.

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If you cant get the lens cap off a laser what do you use?

The top cap where the laser lens are will not come off

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can any one pls tell me the limitations of laser alarmsecurity system...

 i;m thinking to make a security system using UV instead of laser.....................can any one pls tell me its proper operation and d drawbacks of laser alarm security system............

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I'm looking for info on how to make burning lasers.

I have a laser diode from a laser pointer pen and I also have one from my old laptop. the laser pointer is an Apollo laser pointer. the laptop laser is from a Gateway M360 DVD burner. can anyone tell me how to turn one of or both into burners?

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Power to create a Laser Induced Plasma Chanel Answered

I am planing on making an electrolaser and I am wondering how much output does a laser need to creat a Laser Induced Plasma Chanel.

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Can you connect lasers and LED's?

Can you connect LED's and lasers in a series/parallel circuit with a transformer? How would the math work to figure out what kind of resistors I need? Keep in mind I am a beginner when it comes to LED's and no almost nothing about lasers. Just trying to figure this stuff out for some home projects. Any help would be amazing =)

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is this safe?

I'm working on a nerf-laser-lite mod. Is it safe to take apart the laser lite I got at the dollar store? I'm 11 so my mom won't let me until I find out. Any ideas??

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slimline ps2

Hey all.  im new here, so forgive me if this question has already been asked. I have an old, slimline ps2, and i was wondering if there was anything i could do with the laser that reads the disks?  it kinda looks like the laser from an XBOX 360, so can i do the same projects with a ps2 laser?  Or are there any other already existing things that i can do with it, specifically with the laser diode? thanks for any help! --knightly insane

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Which Lasers Flashlight on Everbuying should i buy?

links: http://www.everbuying.com/UltraFire-WF-501B-SSC-P7-CSXO-3-Mode-900-Lumen-Memory-LED-Flashlight-with-Strap-p-24295.html http://www.everbuying.com/Fenix-TK12-HA-III-Cree-Q5-2-Mode-280-Lumen-LED-Flashlight-Set-p-27782.html http://www.everbuying.com/200mW-532nm-Adjustable-Green-Laser-Pointer-p-22062.html http://www.everbuying.com/30mW-532nm-Blue-Beam-Laser-Pointer-p-27799.html  

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Why hasn't anyone built the anti-mosquito laser defense system yet? Answered

Http://techblips.dailyradar.com/video/mosquito-killed-by-a-laser/ According to what I have been reading the designers of this, found the parts on ebay for less than $50 making me want to scream"Tony Stark built this in a cave! From a box of scraps!"  I know the main issue is the software (which is based off of a missile defense system.) however all the parts are here LED/perimeter detector - Check have seen an instructible on this before Laser capable of shooting down mosquito- Check. we had a hand held laser pointer that some guy bought in the army that could cause a beret to smoke .  But It cost a bit more than $50 I believe. Turret for Laser- Check, this is easy enough of a build. Software to use laser on - questionable.  It was designed by a guy who made missile defense systems and the star wars system, but there is probably someone that smart on here Other viable replacements  like a motion detector/heat detector etc- Check, though its tunability to killing mosquitos is questionable. Summer is coming soon and this could be the coolest light show ever.

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How to calculate resistor size for lasers in parallel - for dummies

I have four laser modules taken from laser pointers. Normally each module runs off of three hearing aid batteries in series, 1.5 volts per battery 4.5 volts total. I want to run all four laser modules off of two D size batteries which are 1.5 volts each 3 volts total in series.The problem is they will not light up when connected to the two D size batteries in series ?  When I use a power supply they will light up even at only 1.5 volts  ( although dim ) up to 5.5 volts,after that they become permanently dim, with the brightest at 3 volts. It seems like I have to limit the amps not necessarily the volts. Each module has its own resistor  - the # on it is 680. When I measure the resistance it shows 68 ohms. What do I need to do to get this to work ? There must be some way to simply figure this out.... By the way I have about 40 more laser modules and I might like to use them all at once to make say..... an unquestionably visible turn signal bulb for my truck or maybe a very illuminating flood light for my backyard .... If I can figure this out the possibilities are endless !            

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Hello,  I do not know very much about electronics in general but I would like to make a circuit that allows me to run a group of " LED "  lights, maybe ( 6 to 8  ) in PARALLEL.  I would also like to do the same for hand held " Lasers "  ( 3 to 4 ) in PARALLEL. To make it more complicated, I would like to be able to use the same power source to run both groups at the same time. I would like to be able to turn either group on or off independently while using the same power source. The power source will either be --2  D cell -- or -- 4 AA -- batteries. Normally each LED uses 3 hearing aid batteries. This is the same for each LASER pointer. I think each hearing aid battery is about 1.5 volts but Im not sure what the amperage is. I would like to do it as simple as possible. I hope I can get all of the parts at Radio Shack. I have no idea where to start, any help would be appreciated !

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Observing single photons (may be future Instructable)

In a thread on building a DIY Geiger counter, I mentioned that it's possible to do an experiment to see single photons directly with your eyes. This is a lab we did when I was an undergraduate, more than 20 years ago. I haven't done the setup myself since then, so I'm just going to describe it; if I have the opportunity run it again, then I'll make an I'ble.If someone else decides to tackle it, please feel free to write it up yourself!The human eye detects light via a family of proteins called opsins. Different forms of photopsins are sensitive to different wavebands, which is what gives us color vision. Rhodopsin is sensitive mainly to greenish-blue light, and provides us with monochromatic night vision. Rhodopsin works by changing its conformation when it absorbs a photon; that change of conformation allows ions to flow through the rod cell's membrane and generate a signal. The signal from each rod cell is processed through the retina and passed to the visual cortex, where a representation of the visual field is constructed.Human rhodopsin has a quantum efficiency of about 25% (there's a 25% chance a single photon will be absorbed and produce the rod-cell signal). By comparison, cat rhodopsin is more than 90% quantum efficient. 25% QE is sufficiently high to be observable -- a source of single photons can be seen by a dark-adpated person with normal vision.You'll need a steady source of well-collimated photons. A green laser pointer (~532 nm) will do nicely. But how many photons does it generate? A wavelength of 532 nm corresponds to 3.53×10-19 joules. So a small 1mW laser pointer puts out 2.8×1015 photons per second (watt = joule/s). How do you reduce that to one photon at a time? With filters. An ND3 neutral density filter reduces the output light by 10-3 compared to the input, so a stack of just five ND3's in front of this laster pointer would result in (on average) just 2.8 photons per second! A stack of four ND4's would give you 0.28 photons/s on average.If you don't have neutral density filters, you can make a decent approximation, by stacking sheets of black trash-bag plastic. To make this work you have to measure the attenuation yourself, so you'll need a photodetector, something which gives an output (voltage, resistance, current, whatever) proportional to the intensity of light.Once you have your single-photon source, you need to set it up in a completely dark room. If you have access to an old-style photographic darkroom, use it. Otherwise, use thick (3-5 mm) black felt and gaffer's tape to seal any windows and doorframes. Put the laser on a table or stand pointed at your face, with the stack of NDs (or trash bags) in front of it. If you're doing this by yourself, you may want to have a piece of tape set up to hold the pointer's button down. Otherwise, your lab partner will take care of it.Sit in the dark for 20 to 30 minutes. This will seem like forever, so you may want something to help you keep track of the time. A standard CD will be about half finished, or you can get through ten pop sons on your iPod, when your eyes become dark adapted.Turn on the laser. You'll see intermittent flashes all coming from nearly the same place in your visual field; if you turn your head, the location will move in the opposite direction. If you've used filters to get down to a few flashes per second, POV will make them easier to see. At less than one photon per second, you'll see them individually.

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why do lasers have colors and how can they have colors? Answered

the title basically says it all but the point is what change when they have color? does this make them more powerful? and one of my friends told me that green lasers were more powerful than other colored lasers. is this true? and what is the component that makes it have a certain wavelenght, so a certain color? I want to thank you all for your answers and you have all helped me a lot understanding lots of things about laser. Once again, thanks everyone :)

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How to build circuit for (2) small laser pointers switched from one transistor used as a switch.?

I am building a device with two 5mW lasers 3.5 volt switched by a sensor and transistor switch. When both are in the circuit only one is on. what is the proper way to switch two lasers from one sensor/transistor?

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Laser soldering

So im making a  laser spirograph (https://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-Spirograph/#step1) and i just got my laser diode to come out of its case, and i was wondering where i should solder the red and black wire as it does not look like the one in the 'ible. the laser diode looks like this one here http://10mW 532nm Green Laser Module (3V 11.9mm)  (i would take a pic of the diode but i cant find my camera!) the only difference in the diodes is that mine has a black button instead of the red. Oh and one more thing is that it has to bypass the use of the button. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!

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How can lasers not in the infrared spectrum create heat? Answered

If infrade light is the only kind that carries heat, then how can other wavelenghts burn stuff?

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i was just wondering that like that laser alarm system can a cell phone be attached with a photo cell

I was just wondering that like that laser alarm system can a cell phone be attached with a photo cell and when some 1 cross the laser the cell phone send a SMS or some thing like this and plz keep it in ur knowledge that this stuff should be able to built at home thanks !?

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can a cd burner diode from a computer burn a match?

Self explanatory from question

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5 5mw lasers powered by one 120V outlet

Any comments or advice on making this happen? Im looking at buying five of these....http://z-bolt.com/MODR-red-laser-module.htmland hooking them upto a wall transformer off of a 120V outlet.

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Regulated pwr supply using one pwr source to supply 3 lasers w/ diff amounts of V and adjstable mA (info in Details)?

I am working on a multicolored laser unit combining 3 different colored lasers (violet, red, and green) and i would like it so that they can all be supplied with power from one source (such as a AC-DC wall transformer). But each one runs at a different amount of mA's and Volts. I cannot figure out how to get the exact voltages and mA's that i need to run each laser from one power source. here is what the circuit needs to do: --- Use one power source to simultaneously supply 3 lasers with constant voltage and adjustable (using a POT) current. --- Be able to continue to supply constant voltage and current to the other lasers if one is turned off (i dont want the mA or volts to suddenly rise and blow one laser if i turn the other off). --- Use 3 seperate POTs be able to individually adjust the mA delivered to each laser (all of them will run at max mA and if i want to turn down the green i would up the resistance of one of the POT's to reduce the mA flow to the green laser) the 3 lasers that i will be running each have different power specs. below is the max power that i will want to run each laser at. the voltage delivered to each laser this circuit must always remain CONSTANT. the mA's delivered to each laser must be able to be LOWERED from the below specs using a potentiometer or variable resistor. 6V 120mA 4.5V 420mA 3V 340mA If anyone could figure out a circuit or design that delivered these 3 voltages and the same or similar ampages to the lasers from lets say a 12v 1amp power source (it could be more or less as long as i can buy it online), i would be eternally gratefull. i could allways change the resistor and POT values to make the mA's match what i need exactly. I have been looking for somebody to help me out with this and i can find absolutely nobody who knows how to do this. thanks for the time. -Jakob

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WickedLasers Unleashes 1w Blue Laser Upon the Masses, or All Your Lightsaber Dreams Have Been Fulfilled

The good folks at Wicked Lasers unveiled their latest handheld high power laser: the Spider III Pro Arctic packs a blistering 445nm, blue, 1W beam that can SET YOU ON FIYAH for a mere $197.97. Wait wasn't the last one like 2 grand? Yup. Go check it out yourself, the website is loading slowly, presumably trampled under cyber foot as loads of people go to drool and purchase theirs. I'll wait. ... Yeah, it is real. Yeah, I want one too. Lasting 2 hours on a single charge, and sporting a scifilicous anodized aircraft aluminum body, this beauty packs quite a punch, apparently it is capable of setting bare flesh on fire almost instantly. Ouch. Now I REALLY want one. Who needs a gun when the tactical laser will make any offender scream and run away?

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ignition lasers

Does any one happen to have an oxygen Iodine Laser by any Chance?? If so tell me how u made it...tnx a bunche...

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Full Spectrum Lasers

Hey Everyone, Recently I have been looking at different C02 laser manufacturers to see if there was anything that was affordable but still of professional quality, and I stumbled accross Full Spectrum Lasers.  I am wondering if anyone on the site has any experience with their products and their customer service. The reason I am asking is because their prices almost seem too low; comparable Epilog lasers seem to cost at least twice as much.  I know that Epilog is probably one of the biggest names in the industry and have apparently been around the longest, but I don't see how that alone could cause such a price difference. So basically, if any of you have had good or bad experiences with Full Spectrum your knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Nathanael Scheffler

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How do I go from 6V to 5V?

Hello there helpful forum! I have this costume I'm making for halloween. I'm using LEDs and lasers and things, and I'm a real new guy to electronics in general. I have a problem because I can't use the AC adapters that they come with for power. I need to have a simple way to make this battery powered so that it's portable. The AC adapters provide 1500mA of power at 5V. What is the simplest way to make (or buy) a portable battery system? It needs to be only a couple of pounds in weight, at most. I have these big 6V lantern batteries. What's the simplest way to drop the voltage to 5V? Also I don't have time to order any thing by mail. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

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Is it possible to connect multiple grounds or (-) into a switch while keeping the power sources and outputs seperate? Answered

Heres a picture of the concept i need to know i would be doing this with more power sources and outputs is it possible and is each battery's power isolated from the others even though i can switch them both off! This is vital because im working with diodes and one burst of power and flush goes my money any help is appreciated greatly. Thank you!

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Lasers vs LEDs in the deep ultra violet spectrum, and focusing?

I am currently trying to research this topic as I am looking into building a stereolithograph 3D printer. I have been searching for some time now with not a whole lot of answers. This is not my area of expertise so I could use some input. I have found lasers in the range of 256nm wavelength but it is going to cost me an arm and a leg. Even at the price range the UV lasers are only outputting at most 1W of power. I have read that UV curing resin is most reactive in the range of 265nm and that is why I have been searching for something in that ballpark. I have found some companies that manufacture LED in that wavelength but then the problem is going to be trying to focus the light down to a fine enough point. I am trying to design a 3D printer that is in the high resolution range. So, my true question is. Does UV curing resin react best with the 265nm vs the 400nm range as I could just a blu-ray laser. If it is better at the 265nm range, could I possibly be able to focus enough light from a couple of 3W leds down to a small enough point to cure the resin where I want it to be. The other idea is taking a UV laser in the 400nm range and focusing the beam down to get me fine but quick set up time in the resin. Or possibly multiple Lasers

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Where to go If I want to implement one of the step-by-step Instructables in Germany - Augsburg ? Answered

Dear All, I will be in Germany for like 4-6 months within the next 3 weeks. I don't know anything there so I wanted to ask: 1) Will be the tools expensive there? (like bread boards, PCBs, Multimeter, etc) 2) Is it something handy if I have a design (like Bed design in one of the Instructables) to go somewhere and get it done? like carpenter or CNC or something? 3) Where should I go if I wanted to buy some circuits or electronics parts or get some metal or steel to be cut into certain design? I hope the questions are clear! I just want to do some instructables while being there. But suddenly I remembered that I don't know where to go there to do or buy these stuff! so I thought there must be someone who knows it all in this large helpful community for sure :D Thanks in advance ^_^

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what kind of laser is used in laser printers?

what kind of laser is used in laser printers?

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Laser Tag Hacking

I've been toying with this idea for a while, but I can't go anywhere with it until I get some programming experience (I'm taking a class on it next year, so I'll be able to do it then). I was thinking of this as a potential way to cheat at laser tag (or make it more interesting at least). get a microcontroller, a photoresistor, and plenty of cheap laser diodes with collimators, lenses, etc (a bunch of cheap laser pointers would work for this). use the photoresistor to have the microcontroller "learn" your laser's signal (so that you can get credit for your tagging), and then reproduces that signal at the press of a button. put all the lasers facing outward in a ball and presto, a laser tag grenade. just wondered if anyone could think of a good way to do this.

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What fun project can I do with around 300 Liconix high powered laser lenses Collimator ,optic lenses, Optic Filter..etc

Old Neighbor of mine was a Senior Laser Technician for Liconix about 10-15 years ago probably still works there. Anyhow he always would always be working on lasers Argon, Helium, Krypton, and his classic cars and overtime his family became sort of family to me. I would watch in awe as he worked trying to learn as much as possible. So I would help him work on his cars or Fix a PC for him here and there or take care of his son. I was only 13 at the time, but he was nice enough to give me a couple lasers for helping that his work was going to discard, some helium, Argon. I had to give the Argon back though because he sold his house and was moving to a better neighborhood. Plus it kept blowing the fuses in my parents'house from the power load. PGE was getting angry cause for some reason the street light sensors in my neighborhood were somehow getting burned out all the time *shrug* I don't know how and had to keep repairing them. Before he left he gave me some extra tubes for when my others eventually died. Most helium and tons of lenses of various sizes which are all tucked away in a box. In my dad's Garage of Death yeah he's a pack rat. But I found a couple of the lenses when I came to visit that I had sitting around the house and thought to myself time to dig the box out, so I'm slowly digging my way to it. Just don't know what fun project to do with all of it other than making a Laser Beam of doom or putting them on Sharks with fricken laser beams attached to their heads I also have a Fresnel lens from a 45 inch rear projection TV. Any Idea what fun project I should make with all of it ? I bet it would make one hell of a laser pointer for my Celestron GPS-GOTO C11 Telescope haha.Thanks for any idea's.

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can i convert a normal laser to burning laser?

How can i convert a normal laser to a burning laser??

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How can I make a line laser out of a laser pointer?

I need to make a line laser from a laser pointer .cheap and fast need the line laser for a project.

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how to make a blue laser?

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Laser scanner laser diode

Can I extract a laser diode from a scanner. If so will it be as strong a if I got one from a DVD burner/player?

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Dream Box of Goodies? I have a box full of circuit boards, motors, gears, lasers, power supplies, LED displays from several VCRs and DVD players, as well as internal parts from a DirecTV DVR with Tivo (not including the hard drive). All circuit boards contain chips, resisters, capacitors, etc intact on the boards. If you have interest in this or can point me to a place where I can get some value out of this lot, please let me know. Would most like to sell all together, but will consider selling piece-by-piece. Or maybe someone could direct me as to what parts to salvage. At this point, I have removed the boards and mechanics from the the enclosures in order to save space. I have recycled the steel/plastic enclosures. I am in the Dallas, TX metropolitan area. I would appreciate any offers or constructive advice.

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how to turn a laser pointer into a laser cutter?

Does any one know how to turn a regular laser pointer into a laser that will burn somthing when you point it at it?

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Laser pointer upgrade

Can anyone help me find any way to upgrade a simple laser pointer to a burning laser?

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How do I know if I need laser googles for my laser? Answered

How do I know if I need laser googles for my laser? From what MW is it recommended to use laser safety googles? Are there goggles that fit specifically for a color of a laser? My laser is a 50MW Green laser Thanks in advance :) This is the laser: http://www.ebay.com/itm/12mm-10mw-30mw-50mw-100mw-200mw-532nm-green-dot-laser-module-driver-spring-wire/311028329241?hash=item486abbab19

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can you replace xbox philip laser with a normal dvd laser?

I dont konw if u can replace your xbox laser lens with a normal dvd laser.

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how to make a burning laser but i don t have knowledge ?

i make an own homemade burnig laser to i laser the cocroach to avoid a laser and to produce a fire and discover the laser gun

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how to make a laser pointer?


Asked by ball413 9 years ago

DVD laser?

Could I use a DVD player laser as a pointer? (IT CAN'T BURN ANYTHING!)

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how to built a powerful laser gun?

How to built a powerful laser gun?

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