chrisymas lights

Can anyone tellme what i need and hw to synchronize my christmas lights  that wont break the bank

Posted by elissa11 7 years ago

How can I use red led lights? Answered

I just wondered if you could make something out of led light. thanks for  anything.

Asked by THECHINABOY 7 years ago

Homemade bike lights? Answered

I am trying to make a front light for my bicycle and I have my electronic part right but, I need to find a reflective background for it but I don't know where I would get it.  

Asked by sf49ers 4 years ago

How can you easily make Christmas lights blink?

In the old days there was a gizmo that plugged into an outlet that you then plugged your light set into that made the set blink on & off. It's so simple that it isn't made anymore. All I want to do is make an LED light set blink on & off. I don't want computer control. I'm unemployed & can't afford light-o-rama.

Asked by jsigetich 8 years ago

Wat is EL wire?

In the info about the lights contest I saw EL wire  I guess it's some kind of light, can you help me?

Asked by henkmans 8 years ago

How many led lights can I power with 5v 2000mAh power bank?

I'm a guy who tries everything. Not an engineer or electrician but I would like to make a DIY camera light using LED strip and one or 2 5V powerbanks. Please advice on how to go about it.

Asked by ShingaiG 1 year ago

can i build this? Answered

Can i build this device? it uses a xmas light controler. for example: lo_ok down. and here is a schematic

Asked by vodo 9 years ago

would anyone here know how to make some cool looking coloured patio lights for really cheap?

I was thinking of converting a string of clear x-mas lights, and maybe using recycled plastic pop bottles for shades. They make some half sized pop bottles that look like they would work perfectly. I'm not sure how they could be painted/coloured though. Maybe just brushed onto the inside of a clear plastic bottle ? anyone tried this ?

Asked by johnny q 9 years ago

what can we do with ballasts and starters?

I have ballasts and starters of an old flourescent bulb for i was able make it work after i used circuits from busted CFL's now is there some way we use this in another purpose

Asked by jovenhatsjr 9 years ago

Why are there lights under the steps of an escalator? Answered

I was on a escalator and noticed lights underneath the step. Why are they there ?

Asked by Quest for Questions 7 years ago

looking for sound activated light?

This light I'm looking for had a spinning T inside with leds along their length that would change with sound pressure, shinning on the screen covering the front of the light. One of the simplest lights I have seen. Schmatics would be very helpful.

Asked by misterneal 7 years ago

Christmas lights question? Answered

Is there anyway to set up 2 strands of christmas lights so that when one is on the other is off and then they switch every couple of seconds.?

Asked by kevman0044 6 years ago

police lights

How about the police lights, like the one's you attach to the front grill saw it in transformers when the authorities come to pick up shia laboeuf

Posted by pratikashwekar 9 years ago

Were to find Plastic fuses for christmas lights?

I got christmas lights that dont have standard fuses they have plastisc fuses anyone know were to find them?

Asked by sid111 5 years ago

How do you repair the light sensor on a solar light that won't turn off in the daylight? Answered

I have one solar light that will not turn off in the daylight. There doesn't appear to be anything obstructing the sensor. The rechargeable batteries are being completely drained and will not recharge when in this particular light. I can recharge the batteries using a battery charger.

Asked by 8 years ago

How do I turn tap lights into blinking led lights?

Please help! I found a Youtube video of a deadmau5 head with led lights from rave gloves moded to regular tap lights. Only the user who made the head doesn't tell you how he did it. Does anyone know how it's done? Thanks for you help. Here is the link:

Asked by Rindo 6 years ago

looking for a light chaser circuit or someting that I can get a string of lights to come on one after the other.

Want to be able to get lights to come and chase each other. Have seen them on signs would even accept a program on the computer that you could use to control them.

Posted by Demascus 5 years ago

What type of relay/switch that would make to lights blink?

I have 2 battery opperated rope lights and I want to make them flash back and forth. They are both 6 volts and 6 feet.

Asked by theboygenius 5 years ago

What are these lights coming from the hood/bonnet of the Mini?

In this video (it's really short), near the end, the Mini is driving through the woods with dancing horses projected onto the trees from what look like lazer lights on the hood of the car. What are these lights? Can I get them?

Posted by Ninzerbean 5 years ago

What is the best 10mm LED light for distance?

HI I'm making a LED torch and i have purchased some 290000 mcd LED lights.I think i will put them in a ring inside the torch which will allow me to see clearly in front of me.Then i thought i could put a long distance light in the middle would allow me to see out further  but i am unsure of what LED light is best for this task.Basically i am after a LED light that shines really far.

Asked by Mattdog123 6 years ago

Please help!!!!

I am new to the site. First of all I would like to say that this site is great and it has a ton of helpfull information. My question is that on the tail lights of my car I have led lights. It already has the circuitry for to do its job of getting brighter when you hit the brake and it comes back to less bright when you have your parking lights on. The tail light has 2 sections 1) the park/brake light and 2) the turn signal. I would like to make my turn signal section to light up some what dim when I turn on my parking lights and then when I activate my turn signal to flash brighter. Is there anyone who can help me with this? I tried connecting to my parking light wire to see if it would work with a resistor but it did not. HELP!!!!

Posted by Domnican21 9 years ago

Can LED's in Gemmy Kaleidoscope Light be replaced?

I'm trying to re-purpose a Gemmy Kaleidoscope Green LED light bought last year for outdoor christmas lighting. Is it possible to replace a couple of the LED's in it and make it a multi-color unit (RGB) instead? Here's what the innards looks like. Not sure where I can get the LED part numbers to look them up. Thanks for any help.

Asked by joe_renaud 6 months ago

Can I use an RFID reader and card to activate lights?

I was thinking of putting some string lights around the top edges of my room. Near the entrance, I want to wall mount an RFID reader in an enclosure so that when I wave the card in front of it, the lights would toggle on or off. I was also considering putting a second reader near my bed so that at night I could turn the lights off while sitting in bed. I would really like some help on how to do this because I don't have a clue on how to allow the reader to control the lights. Also, the lights will probably be ones that plug into a normal outlet, just in case anybody was wondering.

Asked by xlivewire7x 8 years ago

bike lights, turn signal and visibility lghts

Would like to enlarge the pictures about the above subject. It seems to be a great way to let 4 wheeled missile drivers see you in front of them and know what you intend to do.

Asked by pemmy 9 years ago

Fairy Lights

Hi I have an idea but dont want to buy stuff and its a bad idea in the end. Now is it safe to put christmas lights in a pvc tube that has drill holes. With an opaque plastic cover. I would like the holes to be of different sizes and in random locations or in a wavy idea. I am not sure of how to mount to a wall horizontally or vertically. I like the idea of led;s because they make no buzzing . Maybe someone got any ideas? Thanks 

Posted by enoted 7 years ago

Under Desk Lighting

I'm getting ready to purchase a desk with frosted glass surfaces ( and want to add lights of some sort under one of the surfaces so that I can use part of the desk as a lightbox for sorting negatives and slides.  I'm guessing that a fluorescent fixture of some sort would be best, but I need ideas on mounting (there are rails along the front and back of the surfaces that have around a quarter-inch clearance from the rubber offsets that hold the glass), what kind of light to get and how to wire it.  Anyone have any ideas?

Posted by LeftyRodriguez 8 years ago

Colored Fluorescent

Hi there, My first time posting here, but have been reading the website for a long time. Recently I have been fascinated with lights and light art. I have been a fan of Dan Flavin for awhile and love the way he uses fluorescent lights.  One question I have is, how do I achieve colored fluorescent lights? I have done a bit of research and a few people have suggested cellophane wrapped tubes, but I'm concerned that this might burn / melt, and may look slightly amateur?  Any help would be much appreciated. I have attached a couple of examples below. L

Posted by litelunch 5 years ago

Led Christmas Lights

I have an idea but have no idea if it would even work. I would like to make a led string that can be two different colors. The idea is that I put the lights up in October and they are purple and orange for Halloween and then as Christmas approaches I can change them to green and white. That way I can put lights up one time and do it when it is still warm out and my neighbors wont think I'm nuts. I know I can weave two lines together and just switch plugs but that isn't complicated enough. I like to do things that are way more complicated than it needs to be but are really cool when they are done. my wife loves it.

Posted by brianv512 8 years ago

Help me build stadium lighting for my foosball table

I work at a little marketing/web agency.  The job is sweet, but the foosball is epic.  We have internal league games among the 15 of us, but we're going to go intercollegiate this winter and the foosball table need some polish.  I think some epic stadium lights would fit the bill nicely.   Here's some parameters I'd like to work within:  * They should look as close to the real thing as possible - no shortcuts when it comes to the aesthetics (Google images here). * They will probably have to hang from the ceiling. * They should be bright.  Not necessarily blinding, but brighter than average.  Definitely not feeble. * I'm thinking 2 sets hanging above either end of the table and safely above head-height.  That probably puts them about 4-6' away from the surface I want to illuminate. * We can probably spend $40-80 on materials.   * I doubt we will be doing any electrical work to accommodate these, so each one needs to run off a single, probably very long, cord.   The real crux for me here is the lighting - I'm really not familiar with lighting.  I'm sure I'm looking at LED lighting, given that I want to have many lights working from a single power source, but I'm worried that after I spread the available watts out over a large number of lights I won't be able to get the kind of intensity I'm looking for.  And I'm wondering how much I would need to spend on the kind of light that I need for this project.   I'm imagining that the frame of the light will be some kind of small diameter metal conduit.  I'm not sure what the best way of linking the conduit together would be though.. Ideas are warmly welcomed   : )  Cheers, Micah

Posted by sing1ejack 5 years ago

led light tether for a ballon?

I saw this at a burning man event... a 50ft string with leds all the way up, they must have been rgb leds because the string would change color and flash patterns and sequences. all held up with a ballon. Has anyone ever seen something like this? how would I build one? (maybe shorter like 25ft.)?

Asked by adampog 8 years ago

New to LEDs, need to wire lots of them

I've never worked with LED lights before.  I'm putting on a show and I want to have lots of little points of light in space in a dark theater.  I'm talking hundreds of them.  I considered fiber optics, but that started looking way too expensive.  Is it possible with LEDs?  Is it expensive?  How to I learn how to do it?

Posted by CameronS56 1 year ago

need to know voltage for blue/red flashing leds what size resistors I need do I need capacitaor 9v battery

I'm making a red/blue flashing led bike light with a 9v batt what resisitors I need there are eight lights installed in a circle canister Plastic. The lights already flash when connected to a battery, what is the voltage for those kind of 2 ccolored leds. Thanks a LOT GUYS KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK i'M A BIG FAN FOR 1 YEAR NOW YOUR SITE HAS KEPT ME SANE pAUL

Asked by Zhenghui 8 years ago

Pulse Sensing Heart Pendant

Hey Guys, I would like to create a pendant that would light up from my heartbeat, that I could give to my girlfriend for valentines day, any idea how i could do this?

Posted by Ahren07 3 years ago

automatic switching of street lights by using ldr and relay

 hey me and my friends were ton a project of automatic switching of a street light depending on the brightness in the surroundings. so we decided to use an ldr(light dependent resistor). here in this circuit ldr has low resistance in brightness(only few ohms) and very high resistance in complete  darkness(nearly 1M ohm).so the transistor Q1 becomes on in day times and Q2 becomes off and hence the relay remains in NC(normally closed) state and the lamp will not glow. at night the transistor Q1 becomes OFF and Q2 becomes ON and hence the relay goes to NO(normally open) state and the lamp glows.and the sensitivity of the device can be varied by adjusting the potentiometer  now i just want to know are there any defects in this circuit so can u please help me in knowing the drawbacks and correcting them and i want to know whether i can connect a relay in place of a fuse as shown at bottom

Asked by spartans 8 years ago

Can I wire 2 LED strip lights with separate switches onto my PC? Answered

Hi.  I installed 2 LED strips in parallel to a molex connector (Pic A) in my PC case.  Now, I would like to add separate switches for each strip. Can I do it as depicted in Pic B? Is it possible and safe to supply them with only 5v? *The LED strips are both 12v 3528 LEDs (blue & white).  However, I do not know the current nor power requirements of the strips. Thank you.

Asked by HopeF12 1 year ago


I wanna use some 5mm white leds as a head lamp for my bike... The battery is 12v So how many leds colud be connected for a bright light and also tell if it is to be connected in series or parallel for longer battery life

Asked by Shakir Hussain 6 years ago

lawnmower headlights?

I have an older snapper like this and need to know if anybody has an idea how to hook headlights to it? thanks in advance.

Asked by kdf.inc1969 5 years ago

Would a 100 watt RGB led floodlight be as bright as a single color 100w?

I'm looking at high power colored flood lights, single color would be ok but the added flexibility of RGB would be great. I was wondering since color changing leds are made of three leds if I set it to blue would I get only a third of the brightness as the same wattage in single color blue?

Asked by firestars 4 years ago

Led light

I'm struggling understanding what im really needing and could use some guidance... I'm tring to build a underwater fishing light that has 36 3watt green leds.  I'm going to only be powering them when the engine is off and the batteries aren't being charges... it will run off a standard 12volt marine battery... the led specs are ' green (510-530nm):DC Forward Voltage:3.4V~3.8V Forward Current: 700mA'.  what would be the best way to power these leds... im assuming that I need to power in series groups of 3. but with such a wide voltage of 3.4 to 3.8... do I just shoot for the middle? do I use 12v in my calculation or do u use like a 12.5 or 13 like it sometimes checks.... Can I get by powering it with just resistors or do I need a led driver? I have entered my data in some of the calculaters online and it says I need a 2.2 resister but gives warnings... and doesn't say what watt resistor... does it matter... first project ... confussed to say the least thanks

Posted by laltec 2 years ago

How do I wire LEDs?

I am trying to wire some LED lights for a set of iron pipe and distressed wood bookshelves.  From other questions I've read regarding LEDs, I conclude that I can use 18 gauge wire from the transformer to the fixture.  Can I run regular wire to the transformer from the outlet, and can I go approximately 15' from the transformer to the fixtures?  Also, can I just wire the transformer and tuck it away under the bottom shelves, and will something like a doorbell transformer work?

Asked by JeffL35 2 years ago

18v dropped to 12v?

I want to limit two 9V battieries, in serial to 12v. I want to run a cold cathode off em, if the strain is too much, I'll join two parralell sets of two 9v batteries in the circuit. Anyway, how do I do it? I can't find any 12V regulators at all, and I don't know what sort of resistor I'd need, is there one that would limit it to 12V, with the standard 9V battery ampage? How could I archive this? Thanks.

Posted by Josho 9 years ago

Disecting Strobe FX

Hello all you LED inventors I have a few questions for you....One of My Favorite LED toys ever is the Stobe FX LED wand(which they dont make anymore) they used to be ten bux each NOW they are like 75 a pair on EBAY....What I would like to do if possible is collaborate with some one that knows electronics and might beable to hel me recreate the effect but Modify it for durability...The wand has 30 mode and 2 buttons one turns it one and one changes the color 15 original modes but if you hold the CHANGE button it send orignal into slowest too fastest mode...I have some "dead" soliders that I can use for "POI" like to practice my FIRE arts.. Neighborly Yours Dave

Posted by hrdcr4lf 9 years ago

Just picked up a strip of LEDs...need a power supply for them

I just bought these by accident (One-Click and I figured instead of returning them and getting my money back, I could actually use them around my room. The only problem is, I'm not too sure how to actually power them. From what I understand, they require a 12V 5A power supply. Is there anything common I might have in my house that I could use to power these? If not, where can I pick one up cheap-ish and with fast shipping? Edit: forgot to mention I own a Dioder kit from IKEA, would it be possible to use the power supply from that? The label on it says 12V, but only .42A so I doubt it.

Posted by ZachI1 3 years ago

A sport coat that has hundreds of little lights sewn into it.

I once saw a local musician play the guitar and sing in a small venue. For one song, they dimmed the lights on the stage almost completely, and the sport coat he was wearing suddenly "switched on" and he had hundreds of tiny little light beads sewn into the jacket that you could not see before. They were not string lights, like for a Christmas tree. They seemed to be much more LED like, and bright, and most of all, small to the point of being invisible.  I hate to be a copy cat... but I want to make a jacket like this too. I do not care if it is portable. i.e. if I have to plug it in, that's fine. Anyone have any ideas for where I might start?

Posted by Dolmetscher007 3 years ago