How do I open a linksys router without destroying the case?

I have a WRT54GS router and need to get to the inside of it. There are no screws that I see. How do I get in?

Asked by jgeekw 9 years ago

How can I make a network camera?

I have a router a linksys and I have a webcam. Does anyone know how I could hook it up so that I could plug the camera into the router and connect to the signal with a laptop and watch the feed?

Asked by steve-lane 6 years ago

Linksys WRT120N Un-boxing

It was time I replaced my aging (and case-less) Belkin 54G+ router with a newer one, I've been having lots of problems with disconnects lately, and also with computers on my network not identifying correctly under my DHCP client list. Although I thought it was just one of my computers fudging up my network somehow, after replacing the router, all the computers seem to show up properly, although I still haven't powered up my server yet, but that's another story... I'm not holding my breath, but this new linksys router seems to be a great improvement over the belkin. Not only that, the linksys has a Plethora of options compared to the belkin, everything from some rather advanced wireless settings, to bandwith and QoS management (basically I can set higher priority to one computer on my network, than the rest of them). A lot of features in here that not most people will use, but I will now get the chance to monkey around with. Anyways, I always get thinking, after I unwrap a new toy and play around with it, how I wished I had taken pictures while it was still in packaging and whatnot. So this time I finally did. I also did a bit more cable management and mounted everything on the wall behind my door. The wires could be neater but it's much better than it was and gives me some more space on my server rack!

Posted by Punkguyta 8 years ago

Which wireless router is better? a Cisco Linksys wrt110 or a Linksys wrt54g v5 running DD-WRT? Answered

I have both routers, both yardsale items, and I know that the wrt54g is a little older but which is better if the wrt54g is running the DD-WRT firmware instead of it's natural Linksys? Also anyone have any suggestions on what to use the second router for? link to the wrt54g on link to the wrt110 on;paginate

Asked by Shadow13! 6 years ago

Found an old linksys wireless-b broadband router!

It's new and it works. Any ideas on what to do with it?

Posted by sardines454 11 years ago

Wireless Networking (ROUTER) HELP!!!

I am interested in purchasing a new router because the one i have is old and does not meet my standard anymore. There is one thing i need to know and that i do not understand. On my router for the amount of computers online at once it only says 4, how do i know or how do i find a router that can support more that 4 computers!! If you were wondering i have about 8 things that continuously use wireless networking.

Posted by rickick 10 years ago

Help :-(

Unfortunately, i believe i have uninstalled the wireless driver for my hp desktop computer. i have attempted my own searches for something online, and failed. i believe im using a linksys adapter and don't have the cd for it. does anyone know where i can get the driver for an HP, linksys, or whatever it may be. i am stupid

Posted by alvincredible 10 years ago

How would you remove the two antennaes from a Linksys WRT 54G Router. Can range extending antennae then be added.

Our router has some limits on its range. I know on some similar products, the aerials can be unscrewed and then replaced with range extending antennae. Can this be done on this Linksys router and if so, are there suitable antennae that would do the job and so enhance its range.

Asked by pbeck14 9 years ago

Is this wireless router good for lag free gaming? Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54GL .

I want to buy that router but I want to know if its good for lag free gaming.

Asked by winslow121 8 years ago

Anyone know of something to replace a RP-SMA wifi antenna?

I am missing the antenna for a Linksys PCI card in my desktop and I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to replace it. Thanks

Asked by michaeld1 9 years ago

Can Some Help Me

I Have a linksys usb ethernet port. And a wii. i dont wanna spend 40 bucks on that usb thing or nintendo wifi usb,so i was wondering if i could make this work with it?

Posted by nameless 10 years ago

were is the best place to download wordlist for kismac?

Well i wanted to test out kismac on my linksys router but it uses a 64 bit wep and i wanted to know were i could download the wordlists for kismac

Asked by Goomanhimer 9 years ago

My internal wireless connection on Compaq Presario V5000 laptop somehow stopped working. ?

It also lost its Linksys connection but I reinstalled that.I may have deleted something when I deleted temporary files etc. Any suggestions?

Asked by 9 years ago

Can I use dd-wrt as a client and a repeater at the same time? I have a Linksys WRT54GS router.?

I want to use it in client mode for my audiotron and as a repeater at the same time.

Asked by evanwehrer 9 years ago

Is it possible to build some sort of wifi signal relay station? Answered

I have a linksys Wireless N router which doesnt seem to have the power needed to reach all corners of my house... It also has no antennas (and i don't have money at all so a wifi usb thing isnt an option) so none of the guides here about wifi boosting dont really work. So i had an idea about how to fix this but had no idea how to implement it.... Here's my idea: build some sort of relay station to extend the range R=router @=relay L=Laptop )=signal R) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) @ ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) L Is this possible? I have an old linksys router with two antennas if that helps

Asked by quellek2 8 years ago

Exterior Wifi Super Antenna

I need to build a dish for a friend so he can get WiFi from about 200 meters. I have several dishes to work with my problem is the antenna will be at least 30 feet from the computer. I will use this linksys usb  i would like input on the idea of a usb to cat 5 to stretch the usb cable? should i power the linksys from a powered hub ? the build will be posted on instructables when done and i will give credit due. my parabolic gets about a 14 db increase from a WiFi usb thumb it just puts the thumb into the sweet spot of the dish and is not for the outdoors. I an open to any and all suggestions tomorrow i will post what my db are from the site .

Posted by bikerbob2005 6 years ago

What to do with random stuff?

So I have lying around the following items: An rc car (all the components work, i just shorted out the battery, and they don't sell replacements here) A DVD player (The motor that spins the DVD around burned out, I tried to replace with a motor that was the exact same size and everything, and now it is behaving funny) a satellite box (it's good, we just cancelled our subscription, so they took our antenna) an lcd screen that I too from its casing (BTW, how do I tell which pin is which (I have a multimeter, but it doesn't really help in that matter)?) A Linksys wireless router (including the wall adapter) An old phone ( look here: A Pirates of the Caribbean alarm clock that is supposed to project the time onto the wall when you push it down. A dismembered remote from a different remote control item (I only have the remote for that one) A fishing reel that I haven't been able to put back together Miscelleny av wires, wall adapter, other wires So where I am going with this, is, what totally awesome machine can I build with this stuff?

Asked by A-Nony-Mus 7 years ago

how do let roomate use signal from my sprint internet card?

Like i got this sprint internet usb and it gives me internet but no one else i have tryed to pick it up on roomates computer with linksys network adapter with speed booster i have two of them and a netgear 54 mbps wireless router wgr614v5 which i plugged into my computer(desktop) and tryed to bridge the signal with my sprint card so i can pick it up on roomates computer with the linksys network adapter but no luck not sure how to do it but would like to know could someone out here please help me wit this signal prob or mabye even suggest a better way of doing this again thank you for listening

Asked by ghost420 8 years ago

can i use a wireless router like a regular router without broadcasting the signal out? Answered

I want to use the linksys 2.4 GHz wireless G router with a 4 port switch. I want to connect three computers to it and not wireless. If not , is there a way to limit the range of the wireless signal to the confines of my home?

Asked by vargasr66 8 years ago

I need this answered - wireless with Itouch

Not sure of another forum to post this at so im looking at you guys! of this, Will it work well with the ipod touch? no connection problems? Please tell me also if u have a ipod touch on it!

Posted by Killa-X 10 years ago

Why does my internet go down once or twice a day? Answered

My internet goes down once or twice a day and it doesn't come back on until I do a power reset of the wireless router (unplug and plug back in). While this is not really a big problem, it gets kind of annoying. My computer is connected via ethernet. The router is a Linksys WRT54GS.

Asked by jasper28 9 years ago

want to power my ADSL during power cuts Answered

I have LINKSYS wi-fi ADSL. which takes input power as 12V, 1000mA. We have daily 2 earth hour power cutsI also have 12v, 4.5Ah battery with me. So i want make use of it to power my ADSL during power cuts. Please help what all i need to do.?

Asked by chinnuabhi 5 years ago

Port forwarding over ad-hoc possible??

My linksys wireless router wrt54g v3. Stopped working and after 6 hours with tech support ive decided to throw it away. ive set up an ad-hoc network but i keep losing connection and ports arent making all the way to the last comp. if anyone knows how to portforward without a router let me know please!

Posted by Noblevagrant 10 years ago

Everything connects to wifi but my PC.?

I recently moved into a new apartment and after receiving the code to the wifi that is included I started connecting all my devices. My xbox 360 connected flawlessly as well as my Droid 3. But my PC simply will not connect, I am running Windows 7 64bit with a Linksys AE2500 wireless adapter. Quick note: I have checked that IPv4/IPv6 are set to automatically set to obtain IP Addressees and the DNS Server.

Asked by CBriere91 5 years ago

Cheap wireless between desktop PC in basement and RS232 device upstairs?

Device upstairs has -RS232 serial port on which is sends and receives data periodically.PC in basement has:-RS232 serial port-USB-connected to home WiFi RouterThe device and pc communicate at 115bps ... currently via a long serial cable.Basically i need a wireless rs232 link  (between serial port of the device, and serial port of the PC)orsome sort of hybrid link (between serial port of device, and  PC  ..via wifi or bluetooth)Cheapest solution i know so far, costing about $40, is for a hybrid scenario: buying a used and cheap  Linksys WiFi Router WRT54G, hacking it to add changed firmware (it's Linux open source), adding serial port to it and connect my device to it + write custom program that runs on the Linksys router that sends the serial data to my PC...Might be cheap solution but very scary to me, because i'm only used to writing code for Win32 PC platform. I know next to nothing about Linux.Any other ideas?

Asked by tintino 8 years ago

Cheap wireless between desktop PC in basement and RS232 device upstairs?

Device upstairs has -RS232 serial port on which is sends and receives data periodically.PC in basement has:-RS232 serial port-USB-and is connected to home WiFi RouterThe device and pc communicate at 115200 bps, currently via a long serial cable...which i'm trying to get rid of.Basically i need a wireless rs232 link  (between serial port of the device, and serial port of the PC)orsome sort of hybrid link (between serial port of device, and  PC  ..via wifi or bluetooth)Cheapest solution i know so far, costing less than  $30-$35, is for a hybrid scenario: -buying a used and cheap  Linksys WiFi Router WRT54G from Ebay, -hacking it to add changed firmware (it's Linux open source), -adding serial port to it ..this basically turns it into a Linux PC with built in Wifi and Serial Port. -write custom Linux program that runs on the Linksys router that sends the serial data to my PC...Might be cheap solution but very scary to me, because i'm only used to writing code for Win32 PC platform.  I know next to nothing about Linux !   Any other ideas?

Asked by tintino 8 years ago

Can I network my two computers to share internet provided from a USB Aircard?

I have a desktop computer that is running XP and a laptop running Vista, I purchased a wireless card for the desktop and a wireless router, both are Linksys N capable, and I have a wireless printer. What is the best way to network these devices where I can use the printer and the internet on both compters? I know a little, but am still very new to networking. Is it even possible with a USB aircard?

Asked by 9 years ago

Can I network my desktop computer with my laptop and share internet from a USB Aircard?

I have a desktop computer that is running XP and a laptop running Vista, I purchased a wireless card for the desktop and a wireless router, both are Linksys N capable, a wireless printer, and internet is provided thru a USB Aircard. What is the best way to network these devices where I can use the printer and the internet on both computers? I know a little, but am still very new to networking. Is it even possible with a USB aircard?

Asked by 9 years ago

Best point of connection for my external "Cantenna"? Answered

I have a "Cantenna" I built for my old laptop and it (the Cantenna) works GREAT!. I would like to connect it to my new USB wireless network adaptor (Linksys WUSB600) for better reception on my new laptop. I'm trying to determine the best point of connection (on the usb circuit board) for a short pigtail coax wire to connect my "Cantenna". The usb adaptor should have its own built in antenna on the circuit board but I don't know where it is after examining it.  

Asked by rpurinton 7 years ago

is there any way to make your own 5vdc~ 25 Amp power supply?

I don't have a 5vdc~ 25 Amp power supply unit. I need one for my Linksys router. Just asking if it was possible to build your own. Besides i get to learn about volt, Amps and watt , that's supposing i don't fry my self by electrocution. Can any one help my, no...! Not to electrocute my self. to make  or build my own 5vdc~ 25Amp power supply. Your expertise will be of knowledge well past on. TNX

Asked by bow21 5 years ago

How can i network my 2 computers to share internet connection, when my internet comes from a Yagi USB antenna

Computer 1 has windows vista, and gets internet through YAGI Computer 2 has XP Both computers have unused ethernet cards Have router- Linksys WRT54G Computer 2 has PCI wireless card, but picks up only 1 signal, not useable signal ? is this even possible? im network Stupid by the way. Need it spelled out for me?

Asked by jefletch 9 years ago

How do I find what wireless cards are compatible with my ubuntu computer?

        I have a computer that is running ubuntu that needs a wireless adapter.  I bought a Linksys wireless USB adapter, but ubuntu won't run the installation software.  It shows it as a drive that I can open, but I can't run the installation process.  I installed WINE, but am not sure if it will work for this application, although I am very new to WINE's use.  Recommendations on how to make this adapter work are appreciated, or, if it will not work then a recommendation to a website with a list of ubuntu-compatible wireless hardware is appreciated.  Thanks! 

Asked by mad magoo 8 years ago

How to uninstall and reinstall a network adapter? Answered

My title is a simplified version of my problem. I accidentally clicked uninstall instead of disable on my wireless network adapter. I don't have the CD to install it. My WLAN adapter is a Cisco Linksys WUSB54GC Wireless Network Adapter version 3. I've uninstalled the device multiple times but when I reinstall it, it simply says 'The name is already in use or a service display name' and then when I go back to device manager it says the name of the adapter and then a #14 and the next time I attempt to reinstall it, it says #15 then #16 and so on. What I am doing is I'm going to device manager, updating the driver software for my adapter, then clicking 'Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer' and then clicking 'Have Disk' and choosing the netr system information file. After that, that's when it gives me the name is already in use or a service display name error. I've reset my computer a couple times, searched bing and google a lot and got similar problems but none specific to my situation. Please help, I don't recall trying to install or uninstall in any certain order so my mess there could have corrupted something, maybe. Thanks!

Asked by knexpert1700 4 years ago

cant connect to home wifi?

I have a sony vaio laptop (vpc226fm) running windows 7 with bitdeffender. my isp is frontier fios  its always worked great for me until 3  days ago. now it wont connect to my router and when it does connect it says limited access or no internet access. all other devices connect fine(except my dads identical vaio). my network gadget said ext ip: status 12007. i can connect to other networks(theres an unsecured linksys in range) but god its slow. ive tried resetting my router several time as well as resetting the ont box in my garage.

Asked by randal.mccorkle 3 years ago

My laptop will not connect to my home network and defaults to unsecure, outside network. Why?

For some reason my laptop will only connect to an unsecure linksys network and not my own personal, secured network despite entering the network key and the fact that other devices connect to it seamlessly.  It simply always defaults to this unsecure network.   I've already removed and added my home network as an attempt to troubleshoot the issue, but still no luck.  The laptop simply always reverts back to the unsecure network.  My home network has more bars and is listed on the top of the list for preferred networks.   The laptop in question is at least 6yrs old.  Runs on WindowsXP.  Is a Sony.   Is there something I should do with the drivers or how it is configured.

Asked by kristenl 5 years ago

Internet WIFI noob. Need some advice.

Hello, all. I have a coax (TV antenna) cable outside coming in the house and I'd like to connect a WIFI antenna ( either yagi, omni, cantenna) to it, instead of TV. I'd need an adapter (N to F?) for it. Now, once the antenna and cable are hooked up, what do I need to transmit the internet WIFI signal throughout the house? Modem, router, both,? I have a spare Linksys WRT54G router with Ethernet IN and OUT. IOW, what other gear would I need to have WIFI throughout the house? The WIFI would be used for laptops and desk comps. Thank you

Posted by poconoman 6 years ago

convert 5v DC to 3.3v DC?

Hello would somebody help me with this please, I am not much of a "electronic" kind of guy so this is a big problem for me. I lost the power adapter of our office router WRT54GC (linksys) and my boss has his finger cross on me. I only knew of its power which is 3.3volts 2A DC. From my location, it is very unlikely to obtain a replacement or an equivalent adapter. I have salvaged a power supply of and old printer that gives off 5.0V 2A DC but the router would not run with this voltage. I will really appreaciate it if somebody would be able to help with a step by step explaination on how to lower the 5v to 3.3V . Thank you very much.

Posted by gincasty 8 years ago

Unable to filter searches

When I try to search the instructables website I'm not able to alter the scope of the search. My searches return comment, forum posts, etc rather than just instructables. The search type combo box reverts to "All" and doesn't work. If I use the whole site search (top-right corner of the page) it does limit the search to instructable articles, but if I use the navigation links (Next, page 1, etc), the search again reverts. I was also unable to search the forums to see if this had been reported by others. Here's my platform: Windows XP SP3 Firefox 3.5.3 with clean profile Also tested with Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 Cookies enabled Javascript enabled McAfee Security Center (Antivirus and Firewall) Linksys BEFSR11 Router Comcast cable internet

Posted by tinkertime 8 years ago

How to network Windows Vista and Windows XP? Answered

OK, I have (for now)  2 Windows Vista Laptops (wireless) 2 windows xp laptops (wired) 3 Windows XP desktops (wired) 3 Windows CE compaq evo thin clients (wired) ((not necessairly important)) Well I want to network these in an file sharing fashion, so I can share media, files and printers. I am using a 8 port Netgear hub and a Linksys Wrt54GS version 7 (I think) that are bursting at the seams. Unfortuatley  my Vista laptops refuse to join my network, I have tried to make a netowrk disk from my XP computers and transfer it to my laptops but with no avail. Any help would be appreciated (with the exception of DAMN U HAVE ALOT OF COMPUTERS, that gets alittle tiring)

Asked by bwpatton1 8 years ago

Router help

Well a yesterday I was browsing the Internet as usual then i click on a link and it says "address not found" now i find this strange. i look at my internet connection which is wireless. it says my signal strength is excellent. so i go take a look at the modem all the lights are on OK everything good. but for some strange reason i can't connect to the internet. i disconnect the Ethernet cord from the router and i connect it to my laptop. and now i can browse the internet. strange but i don't understand what has happened.i have a linksys wrt54gs v7 router (with this firmware DD-WRT v24 RC-5 (11/22/07) micro)i know its the router because i connect directly and the internet works. if i connect to a port on the back of the router it says i am connected but it still doesn't work.i changed the firmware after i couldn't connect

Posted by chrischavez 9 years ago

test RJ45Cat5 to USB Female

I'm new to this forum. I need some instructions. I have an RJ45-cat5 male to USB female connector that I bought for 3 bucks. I've tried using it to connect my HP 1050 j410 USB printer to my Linksys WRT54GS (wireless) router so I can have a network printer. (The Desktop is directly wired to the cable modem and the to the router.) It doesn't work, but I don't know if it's the connector itself, or that the printer will not communicate with the router, directly. Is there a way to test the connector with another piece of hardware to determine whether the connector is actually any good? BTW.. I can't determine from HP, whether the 1050 j410 USB printer can become a network printer. Should I just go buy a USB print server for 20 bucks, or whatever? I'm using an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop with AMD-64 processor. Thanks to you for the best advice. Shobuz99

Posted by shobuz99 6 years ago

making a cheap wifi antenna fast....

Please help...I've gotten all confused with everything I've been reading.....Will anyone tell me what is the best & easiest & cheapest way to make a Wireless Wifi antenna? I also need to know if I will need to plug the antenna into my laptop or will my Dell Insiron 1521 laptop just pick up the signal or what ad if I need cables what are they called and where can I buy them. I purchased a gsky  usb high power wifi adapter 802.11G but it doesn't do much good at all?  I'm on a very limited budget most would consider me poor but I make it and I'm happy but gosh I just need to pick up my internet across the street in a concrete building to keep an eye on my ebay account (trying to earn money for x-mas)  I have a linksys wrt45g router....well I just need advice please from anyone who will help and I will surely give a badge. Ty...TY...TY

Posted by mel5656 7 years ago

wifi issue

I PURCHASED MY MOTHER, who lives 200 ft from me, a DSL subscription to share. The phone company innstalles a WESTELL 327w router and I have a sony Vaio VGN-NW310F laptop.  Even though we had no clear line of sight, I still occaisionallyy got one and RARELY 2 bars.  The 1st thing I did was bought a Hawking HWUN3 wifi booster which plugs right into my USB. Great idea in theory, but it made no difference and was possibly even worse.  Plus, Hawkings Customer service is absolutely heinous, pitiful, and incompetant.  So I returned it. Funny...when i bought, it took 5 minutes for them to extract the money from my account, but 6 weeks to return it..but I digress. I then upgraded the antenna on her router with a LINKSYS HGA7S 7dba antenna which helps a little, which is to say I get 1 or 2 bars more relliably. I can get email but the signal is still too iffy to do much else. question is this:  I am willing to mount something outside and run a USB cable inside, or is there something INSIDE that will pick up/amplify or carry the signal to the laptop - either by means of a USB cable or not?  Also, is there software required? I am a disabled vet and this laptop is one of the few things I have, so I need help!  I'd prefer responses to my email,  (and that's a zero after the 'b', not the letter 'o'. what can I do to get  a stronger AND more reliable signal?  As Ferris Bueller's teacher Ben Stein would say..."Anyone?.....Anyone?....." What's my best option here, folks?  Also, if there is a better place on this or any other site to post this, lemme know!!! Jim

Posted by jb0579 8 years ago

Home Security (take two) Windows or Ubuntu? Server or Desktop?

I've had a little experience with the security system setup from my last post, but I moved, and I'm going to try something different. Should I use Ubuntu Desktop or Ubuntu Server for webcam monitoring? I'm a Windows user who would like to eventually learn how to use Linux as well as i can use Windows. But in the meantime, I'm about to set up webcam monitoring in my house. I've got a few USB webcams, and one LinkSys wireless webcam. I'll obtain the monitoring software from a third party. I need an operating system that can handle processing four video streams as well as running the security software. (I'm also going to use remote admin software so that I can have a "headless" setup.) I'm currently running WinXP Pro (Corporate) on a machine with an A.M.D. Athlon rated at 1.02 Ghz with 2GB RAM. A friend of mine recommended that I use Ubuntu Linux, which I think is a great idea. The problem is that I don't know if I should use the Desktop or Server edition of Ubuntu. Also, since the rest of my network (and family members) uses Windows, the remote admin software I use either has to be cross-platform, or be Linux compatible with a web-interface. So should I use Ubuntu Server or Ubuntu Desktop? Or should I stick with Windows? Also, as far as the webcam security software is concerned, I need software that handles multiple streams and has options for motion detection, record on event, notification through email, and a web interface (HTTP server). Also, FTP options would be nice to have, but are not required. Any suggestions for this? (Win?/*nix)

Posted by NozeDive 9 years ago

Home Security

I'm planning on setting up a simple home security system for my home. I was thinking of using Wireless IP webcams, placed in strategic locations, monitored by software with a motion sensing function. I would tweak the sensitivity and add null zones as needed. I would probably only use two or three cameras to start out, and have the software save ten or twenty seconds of video when the motion sensor was triggered. EASY. Once I have the motion sensing bugs worked out, I'd like for the software to email/text message me. I think most of the security programs for webcams out there can do this. I've had good experiences with one program that also let you run an image server so you can view current images through the internet. The TRICKY part is how I would like to set up the network of wireless IP webcams. What I was hoping to do is have one machine that was dedicated to running the cameras. My goal was to use my two wireless routers so that I could have two seperate networks, one for the cameras, and one for all the other devices (laptops, desktops, game systems, printers). My question is, do I connect the router for the cameras to the computer that will run the security software, or do I plug that router into the router for the other devices? I've never worked with two of these small LinkSYS routers at the same time, so I'm not sure if I should be trying to create some sort of network bridge, or if I would maybe connect the camera router and camera computer via the WAN port of the router, since all of the camera images would be displayed on a image/web server running on that computer, accessed from the internet via the other router. Also, I've never worked with wireless IP webcams, so if there is any sort of quirck that I should know about that your average instructables user couldn't figure out, any help or advice with that would be much appreciated as well. Thanx Tony P.S. Eventually, I'd like to add in a strobe that would blink and a siren that would sound for a short time. I think I could figure this part out with "Pico Servers" and some relays.

Posted by NozeDive 9 years ago

Long Range Off the Grid WiFi Repeater

Hello Everyone,  I've got quite the project that I am undertaking and I am looking for a bit of advice. This will be my very 1st forray into long-distance wifi, as well as off-grid power resources, so Im biting off quite a bit at once! I have a friend who has been helping me with the research who has a much firmer understanding of both electricity and hardware, but he will be out of town for the next week and I would like to get a bit of progress on this while he is gone. SO, I shall consult the hive mind known as the internet. Alright, this project consists of creating an uplink between a remote shed, and a home in a nearby city, with a broadband connection. The rub, there is 10,000 ft mountain range in between the two. We have a site were we can put a repeater node at approx. 10,000 ft elevation, that has wonderful line-of-sight to both locations. However, this site is very remote, and will have to run off the grid obviously. The distances are as follows: Home to repeater: 3.96 miles (thats with Google Earth following the contours of the          mountain/valley, not sure how to make it just do a straight angled shot, so thats a rough estimate) Repeater to Remote shed: 2.68 miles (same issue) Background environment info: shed has generator + 60w solar array with 3-4 deep discharge lead RV batteries at 7400 feet. Has spring fed running water, which could be utilized for power as well, as obviously its always running. Repeater location is at 10k, as stated. Moderate to high winds very likely (data from peaks of similar altitude in the general area show gusts ranging from 40-60 mp/h, temperature ranges of  averaging 7 to 90+ for a the later part of July and August (F). Obviously, its very possible to get soemething below this, though the lowest Ive ever seen at the shed has been -15 (f), I would say most winters we could get a few nights that see temps below 0, but not often. Equipment Ideas: So to pull this off, we have come up with two ideas for the network equipment, which I shall discuss 1st, then I will show you what we have come up with for power.  - Network    - Repeater Node: rb433 wireless access point ($99.00)         with 2 r52h mini PCI wifi chips ($59.00 x2)         2 8-18 inch satelite dishs converted for long-range WIFI use (20.00 x2) OR instead of a rb433, we could use 2 WRT54G Linksys routers like this. (I also have 2 BEF 801.11b routers that are legacy to the WRT54G. I would like to use this if possible! Now, I know that this later choice would increase power use by about double. From what I have been able to find, the WRT's would at anywhere from 4.2w to 8w of power. Anyways, I like this later choice because it would be significantly cheaper for the equipment, but do you have any other ideas? I know that the RB433 would work great, but its rather expensive all said and done after I throw up the power as well. Plus, if it takes a lighting strike, its out of commission, and 2 cheap linksys routers are much cheaper to replace! Anyways any input here would be great! - Power  so power to the repeater node is the real challenge. We crunched the numbers and came up with something almost exactly the same as below: From the datasheets, a routerboard will draw between 6-10W. So design for 10W. Over 24 hours you will need 10Wx24h = 240 Watt.Hours of power. For 7 days, you need 7x240Wh = 1680 Watt.Hours. A single, large deep cycle 110Ah 12V battery gives you about 1320 Watt.Hours of power, almost meeting the requirement. Now, to look at the solar panels: A good rule of thumb is to install 6 times the wattage that is drawn by the device. This is because only about 8 hours a day in sunny weather gives you maximum power output from a solar panel. So the other 16 hours you need to draw from the battery. (So already you need 3 times the wattage drawn by the device to break even each day) To generate 1 full day of extra battery power per sunny day, you need another 3 times the wattage. This is how we arrive at 6 times. 6 x 10W = 60W. So at a minimum I would recommend 60W of solar panels. That qoute comes from and which is a project from a guy in South Africa almost exactly the same as the one that we are working on. The numbers came out to be about the same (Though they were a bit different when we calculated for the WRT54G option.) so, 60w of power generation to keep a decent charge on a battery. Now, we have a 60w panel at the shed, which is rather large to take up to 10,000 ft and place on the side of a mountain, and given the consistent wind element up there, we are hoping to do a hybrid system of both solar and wind. This is where things get tricky. A perfect balance, or even a more wind heavy balance would be great, such as 30-40w wind 20-30w solar. That keeps the panel size down, and uses a power source that runs 24/7. A Faroun Savonius wind turbine seems like the best system, but the controller to prevent overcharging etc is where I get nice and lost, having breached into very unknown territory.,129060.html This looked at 1st like a good, cheap system to use a controller board for the wind, but my question is would the controller board that comes with these solar panels (see below) work for both. That below is the setup that we use more or less at the shed, with some mods, such as a better alternator. So, can a small, 30-50w wind turbine and generator be built, with a small solar array to power this thing? I dont care if we have some down time, this is primarily going to be used as a system to get a weather station with web cam to send in hourly photos during the peak hours. I can have the system at the shed shutdown automatically  using some cron jobs in linux during the evening to conserve power. When there are people at the shed, we would like to be able to get a good enough wifi connection to use a wifi device (such as an android phone or ipod) to use as a voip phone in essential communication. The teenagers aren't going to be chatting with their friends for hours, but we would like to be able to put a short call through in case something goes wrong, or we just need to get ahold of someone at the shed or in the city. Next the equipment at the shed should be comparable to the repeater node,  sans 1 antenna and just some low power embedded system. We would like to get a webcam and weather station hooked up on this end, but that can wait for upgrades later if needed, if power doesnt allow it. like I said, a simple water turbine could be used (something similar to the wind turbine perhaps?) and even another wind turbine could be built to add extra power dedicated to running any system at the shed, though I dont think the wind is quite regular enough to be viable here, but if its cheap, we could throw it on anyways. equipment at the home in the city is simple, just use an extra laptop or desktop we have laying around to be server/router, hook up antenna to this, broadcast connection, run the weatherstation/webcam web server off of this. So, thats the plan, but load of input is needed to try to come up with this. We hope to try to keep this sub $1000.00, but the budget could go higher. This is DIY at its finest! Thanks in advance for you help!

Posted by kydan 8 years ago