Hi, I am a member pro., but I can not download projects. My pro membership is not active?

Posted by asonmez62 4 years ago

can't be a member?

I am choosing sign up now but nothing's changing

Asked by 8 years ago

Do You Feel Like A Part Of The Forum Yet?

    What I mean by that is do you feel most people around the forums who use it on a daily/weekly basis recognize your username, Avatar posts and have generally have a personality pegged to your online identity? If you don't feel this way, are you bothered by this? Or do you generally not have any interest/care about people giving your posts more thought/attention than just a first time poster/unknown poster?     For me I feel I've been here for a while and built up a large enough post count full of unforgettable humour and amazing advice (ok I'm stretching that part quite a lot :P), and I feel I've gotten to know quite a few individuals on here where I'd be a lil sad when/if (I'll probably be posting here for another 50 years) I stop posting. I guess you can call me sad, but I enjoy having an online identity in this forum, and I also appreciate the characters and great people who make this site work.

Posted by Lucywu2012 7 years ago

New Member!

I successfully convinced a friend of mine to join! :DUpdate! Friend is now friends!

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

Wrong Member Date! help??

So, i just got this member account last month.. which was January of 2010. it says that i have been a member as of June 9th 2009. will this shorten my time as a member?  i just got this account last month.

Posted by ploky123 8 years ago

Pro Member

How can i become a Pro Member, paying by mobile phone. I don't have a credit card,i want to pay by mobile!Can i?

Posted by geodan88 5 years ago

Feature request: member search

We used to be able to search for user names. Can we again, please?

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

What means being a member?

I would like to know about the take over of instructables by some company.... 

Posted by AleGSM 6 years ago

Different colours & stats in members info tags

p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0.0cm; font-size: 12.0pt; font-family: Times New Roman; } div.Section1 { page: Section1; } I have noticed that different members have various colours as a bottom bar on their avatars, also that there are differences in the info & stats in each one. Would I be correct in believing that these are some kind of indicator as to the input of each individual member & that the colour & stats will alter as the member becomes more involved such as publishing ibbles & leaving ratings?

Posted by Nostalgic Guy 7 years ago

Instructables member 'Nepheron' has left the site

Member 'Nepheron' has decided to withdraw from the community, unexpectedly. He deleted most of his instructables and removed information from the rest, rendering them useless. The only one left is Sugru metal casting. It mentions on his profile that he no longer wishes to participate in the community... Has anyone talked with him or have information on why he left?

Posted by nickodemus 7 years ago

Disclaimer regarding member "DJ_AWESOME"

I would just want to make a disclaimer here.I AM NOT AFFILLIATED WITH THIS GUY!  I did not make the account, someone else did.  If you still don't believe me after I just made a disclaimer with all caps, just don't bother.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

how to find an instructable member who has not posted any instructable yet? Answered

Suppose a person made a account and i want to send him massege or talk to him.but he has not posted any instructable and i dont know where he posted comments.then how can i find him?please answer.

Asked by argha halder 4 years ago

cost for promember? Answered

Cost to be a promember.  I cannot find the answer any where on the site.

Asked by cezbs 6 years ago

I am new

Hi, I am maria hall. I am new to this forum discussion.

Posted by Maria Hall 8 years ago

Hello i am new here

Hello everybody i am new here its a owner for me that i am part of this forum this forum is very informative

Posted by printcosmo123 5 years ago

I'm pretty new at this so how do i instructable? Answered

Even though my account says I joined in august '08 i just customized it today(it's the family account:) ).

Asked by unanonymous 7 years ago

logged in but automatically logging out

I've been reading instructables for two hours now, I can click thumbnails to see full pictures, I can download PDF's, I can write comments... but each time I go to I'm automatically logged out, I'm no longer able to enlarge thumbnails, I can't download the PDF an it doesn't even accept my correct login name and password. As soon as I go to another subject I'm logged in again automatically.

Posted by Maggy160 8 years ago

My One Year Ibles 'Versary Today

How time flies. It's been a year since I have terrorized this joint with bad puns, sarcastic cartoons, created ibles of giant stuff, stepped on someone's toes, made acquaintances with great people, etc., etc. and I have so much more to do. Winning Getting free stuff along the way is not bad either.No point to this topic but I encourage you all to use your imagination and make something cool. Be sure to post or share. Thanks to everybody for the fun ride.Brooklyn, New York chapter, not really, they thought I was too smart tough...

Posted by caitlinsdad 9 years ago

A member is copying other member's instructables

hstough101 appears to be copying other members instructables and posting them as his own.  His instructable "Dome Lights" uses the same photo I posted in  His other two instructables have photos that look very familiar as well.

Posted by knife141 4 years ago

cant open pdf files just become pro member

just become pro member so could open pdf document but when click on pdf get link asking to become pro member! HELP!!!

Posted by anjewlique 7 years ago

How to accept members for a group?

Hi, i have a group (Electronics Projects) and i need to accept new members. i click accept, but nothing happens. HELP!!!!!!! THANKS!

Asked by sci4me 7 years ago

what does membership get me?

What is there about becoming a member that is special?  What can a member do that someone else can't?

Asked by whisperonthewind 6 years ago

New member interest

Hey there this is AcidBass just wanted to see what kind of things are new members interested in and Lonewolf and I can see who we can get you in touch with (someone that is into the same things you are and maybe is more experienced).

Posted by acidbass 7 years ago

who was the very first (non-employee/intern) instructables member

Who was the very first Instructables member who was not already an employee or intern of instructables? are they still around? if yes then what was their last instructable? if not then who is the oldest active member and what was their last instructable/comment?

Posted by budsiskos 10 years ago

searching for members by interest doesn't work

When you click on an interest that someone has listed, it takes you to a blank page. (Apart from the usual header and sidebars.)

Posted by ganglion 7 years ago

I hope they're paying to be members

I hope Dremel are paying for their membership, because otherwise it's the most blatant spam I have seen here for a long time.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Has anyone heard from Lateral Thinker ?

I haven't heard ANYTHING from him in quite a few months, no emails, no updates here (nor in FB, etc).  I am hoping everything is ok with him. Member info

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

New Member Need Help Please!!!

Hi I Just joined 2 days ago and need help with understanding this website. I joined because I love to learn new things and 2 of my sister's want to learn with me :), one wants to learn to cook and bake with me and the other want's to learn DIY, Crafts and Making new things. I guess what I want to know is if there is anyone willing to Message me or Explain things??? I don't know much. I would like to Know: Do you have to make things and post them to stay on the website? What if I do upload an Instructable does it have to be original, something I came up with that Nobody else has done?? What is a Community???   Am I even in the right place?? Did I talk to much?   

Posted by BlueDragon92 3 years ago


Hi, I'm sort of new here and this is my first post in the forum (obviously). I just thought I'd pop in to say hi and let you know that I've been lurking here for quite a while and I think you've got an awesome community!

Posted by cryophile 9 years ago

Does Instructables Still Give Out 3 Month Memberships When Featured? Answered

I was recently featured, which i am very happy about, but i was wondering if they still give out the 3 month pro memberships like they did in the past. I haven't received any codes in my email or inbox.   

Asked by joey99 4 years ago

i paid for 1 month pro membership but the charge on my card is 1 year!!! how can i cancel?

I paid for 1 month pro membership but the charge on my card is 1 year!!! how can i cancel? last week i decided to get a pro membership, so i just wanted to try it for 1 month and that's what i did!! '' click on 1 MONTH membership'' but it charged 49 dlls on my card!!! i want to cancel because i don't need it !!! i just want to pay for 1 month!!! help me please

Posted by silvia2012 6 years ago

Say hello to Debra, here of her own free will...

Debra's been frustratedly watching me float around 'ibles on my phone and computer for some time now and somehow instead of just hating me and instructables got interested and joined.  She's also my girlfriend, which means she's been subjected to my ible based ignorance quite a lot, but at least gets stuffed peppers out of it. Odd facts include that the sign on process will work on an iPod touch, you can't write topics on Android machines and only skyfire will load up the rich editor but will only write source, pages can be saved when building an 'ible. but that's it.   Basically I'm barely at the computer any more, being kind of mostly homeless so the rare occasions when I'm back are usually publishing 'ibles and doing serious computer things like getting amusing photos off the phone. 

Posted by killerjackalope 7 years ago

How do you be a pro member? Answered

I am wandering why some people have pro signs next to them and how they get to be a pro?

Asked by oscarthompson 8 years ago

What does subscribing to a member do? Answered

 I've noticed the subscribe button on peoples instructables, what does subscribing do? i need a straight forward answer.  

Asked by Apple_4_life 8 years ago


I want to ask that weather a person not a instructable member can give votes to an entry

Posted by amansinghaljpr 3 years ago


 How do I add instructables to my favorites page? when I try and do it it tells me I ahve to be a pro member, but I know people who aren't pro members and they have favorites

Posted by Apple_4_life 8 years ago

Can not download PDF as a Pro Member

When I try to download the PDF for the 4x4x4 LED and depress the download, I get asked to login. So I log back into, try again and get asked the same thing.  So some how I'm in a loop. I running on a Mac Snow Leopard, Safari

Posted by clemc 7 years ago

How does this not get kicked off the sight? Answered

I found a member recently named asshole_1234. I am not sure if this is acceptable on a websight that many children look at and are a part of. I discovered instructables in third grade. I just thought that I should bring this to somebodys attention. Is this not ok, or am I insane?

Asked by freeza36 6 years ago

Big ad for ace hardware on the top of the page?

Hey... when did that get there? How long will it be there for? I liked it better when it wasn't there.

Posted by kcls 8 years ago

DIY Storable Tubular Extendable Member (Tape Measure Style Extendable Robot Arm)

Hello, I am on an FTC robotics team, and often robots are required to lift/reach objects. This year, a challenge was to reach up and grab onto a pullup bar; the robot then completed a pullup. One common method this year was to use a tape measure; the tape measure was unwound using a motor, remained rigid due to standout, and was then wound up, lifting the robot in the process.  I am now in the offseason and I want to improve on this design. I found that a very similar mechanism to the tape measure has been used for extendable antennas on spacecraft. I would like to create a similar mechanism. The main difference between the tape measure and the STEM mechanism is that the STEM extends a tube. The tube is rolled from a sprung piece of metal. The piece that I am looking for is a material that could be flattened, but would retain its tubular shape like on the STEM. Does anyone know of any types of pipe or tubing that could be cut lengthwise and possess this springy characteristic? Is there anyway to create a material like this? Thanks, icecats

Posted by icecats 2 years ago

How to refind a lost comment?

Hey Instructables. I just noticed that I had an email saying, I have a new comment (see below), but I can neither reply to it, nor does it show in the comments list of the instructable. What happened? I tried to search for the member directly but apparently this ist not possible either. Please help me to recover the comment. Cheers Nozebra MAIL: Hi Nozebra! To view all your comments in one place please visit your Comment Tracker: --------------------------------------- From: funnyfate Date: Dec 30, 2014. 11:33 AM Subject: Really cool! Silly question, but what font did you use in the cover image? Or is that hand written? I can't tell!(I mean the text that says: "Cutest X-Mas Tree Muffin") reply: --------------------------------------- Cheers, Instructables Team @ Autodesk To turn off these notification messages, please visit your preferences:

Asked by Nozebra 3 years ago

Pro Patches Not Transferred

I received a Pro membership for being featured, so I was using that for the 6 months or however long it was supposed to last. I waited for it to expire so I could renew my regular paid membership, which I just did. However, none of my patches transferred, I only had the 15 that I was supposed to get for the one year membership I just paid for. Before I had at least 20, so I should have about 35 now. This same thing happened before when I waited for my paid one to expire in order to use the one that I won, I had to contact Instructables to get them back. Is there a way I can get all of them back again, and maybe change it so that you still have the patches even when the membership expires?

Posted by dark sponge 7 years ago

Giving away a 1 year Pro Instructables membership!

I'm giving away a one year Pro membership.  Why?  I won one in the Homemade Holidays contest.  I plan on continuing to support Instructables with payments every two years.  So I want to share the love.  Here's how to get a chance at winning.  Your account must have been created on or prior to January 18, 2010.  I don't want people creating fake accounts. You must not already have a Pro membership. You must have at least one Instructable published by midnight Pacific time on January 24, 2010.  It does not need to be new - it could be years old.  (It must meet the guidelines here - in other words, have original photos, decent writing, and reasonable organization.  If you want to know if yours will qualify, post a link to it in the comments below and I'll give you feedback.) Subscribe to me!  (Just click on the orange box over there ---> ) On Sunday, January 24th at 11PM Alaska time I will tally all my subscribers, eliminate pro members, and then do a random drawing.  I'll make sure that the other criteria (no duplicate entries, "worthy" Instructable, etc.) are met and will announce the winner here. Photo by my brother Kevin Dean. Sorry!  This "contest" is now CLOSED. The winner is... II.13 I used the random integer generator at to select a number based on my subscribers.  Thank you to my new subscribers. (I guess if you want to you can unsubscribe from me... but if I win another I'll probably do this again... and no matter what I do my subscribers will have a shot at it.)  For anyone interested, I added 63 new subscribers.  I benefited by interacting with some new people, checking out some different projects - some really undervalued ones too! And of course, thanks for the Instructables staff for letting me do this!

Posted by zieak 8 years ago

Gift exchange entry

My skills include: reusing old stuff to make new stuff, cooking, baking, knitting, sewing (these last 2 at a very basic level) What I'd like to make for someone: a wallet made out of a coffee bag (not my idea, copied from an instructable here) I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): S I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: yes What I like: alternate uses / creative ideas What I don't like: I do not like stuffed animals. I absolutely can't have: nothing Type of thing I'd love to receive: anything is fine Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? No. My country of residence is USA. Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: Yes, I am 34 years old.

Posted by sufairlie 7 years ago

I can download PDF's as a free member

I've been here since April of 2009, and I've stayed updated to what the site in general has been doing. Ever since the "pro" account launch, I've kept reading over and over that you can't download a PDF as a free member and that only "Pro" members have access to this feature. I, however, could still download PDF's w/ out having to sign up for a "Pro" account. Are there exceptions for old-in-a-way members or something? I'm just curious as to why this is so...

Posted by nutsandbolts_64 6 years ago

How old is Instructables? Answered

I want to know when ible's was created, and maybe who was the first member and the first Instructable?

Asked by TheChemiker 8 years ago

Instructables Member Cards!

Hi, gmjhowe here.Well i had eaten my sandwich early, and i was kinda bored during my lunch. So i decided to make full use of my work computer producing these lovely 'members card'I figured that we all love this site, and would be proud to carry a member card around. Also if you print many of these off they can be used as pseudo business cards, great if you want to give somebody a link to all your projects!I also have now added a generic card, for people to hand out that just has the normal web address on! (thanks skate for the suggestion!)Now, this is how it works, i have the full artwork files, done in Quark Xpress, anybody is welcome to have these, just PM me.Anyone else who wants one, just hit a comment below, listing how you want your name, the title you would like under your name, your 'member since' date, and your member page.Also add the image that you would like.I will reply with a comment, with a nice pdf file for you to print off and use!I will then work my way down the comments, first come, first served.Thanks again, Gmjhowe(ps, ive also included a .pdf file of my member card, so you can see what quality your getting)(pps, yes i am providing these file for free, it just might take a while to complete)

Posted by gmjhowe 9 years ago