Not ableto discontinue my membership...please do this for me or advise.....thankyou!

Posted by cat1163 5 years ago

pro membership status?

How can i check on my pro membership status

Asked by redfox106 7 years ago

Double charge for membership

I was charged twice on the same day when I signed up for my membership!  How can I get this corrected?

Posted by xenagirl 6 years ago

Membership cancellation?

​I signed up for a two year membership.  It's coming up to my one year and I haven't used your site yet, it's just not met for me.  I could like to cancel my membership, what do I need to do?

Asked by Tiaangie 11 months ago

Changes to Legacy free memberships?

I have a legacy free membership. Up until yesterday I was able to download PDFs. Now I cannot, even though I am signed in. Have there been changes made to these accounts?

Asked by huginn 3 years ago


PRO membership ended

Posted by fran52 4 years ago

Pro membership

Hello everybody... I have purchased pro accaunt, I mean that I have bought 1 month membership for under 2 dollars (sorry for my english) but in my new accaunt there I can see that I have purchased for 1 year?? So I have paid 20+ dollars? How is that possible? I have clicked on 1 month membership for under 2 dollars why do I have to pay for 20+ dollars? Thank you

Posted by kordy 7 years ago

What does the one time charge of $49.95 get me?

Premium membership says 49.95/2 years one time payment, exactly what does that mean?

Asked by Kodiak_MI 10 months ago

Why does instructables require membership to see all pictures?

The pictures attached to various steps are used to illustrate the process being described. They even are tagged with helpful notes to follow the instructable. With multiple pictures, only one picture is shown in detail with all the pictures below it in thumbnail form. A simple click would enlarge a thumbnail. It used to be that unregistered members could view all pictures, however, it seems that now, registration is required to view any picture beyond the first. Why the sudden change? This is worse than when viewing all steps on one page was removed. That removed a feature from non-members, but did not hide any of the instructable. This does.

Asked by 9 years ago

Is it possible to become a pro member for only one month?

Is it possible to become a pro member for only one month?

Asked by Hellosim5377 8 years ago

Is it possible to become a member for only one month?

I just want to know if its possible to become a member for only one month.

Asked by Hellosim5377 8 years ago

If I sign up for one year do you automatically renew or do I have to cancel?

Please tell me before I sign up for a year do you renew automatically or do I have to cancel at the end of year if I decide not to renew?

Asked by feltgarden 7 years ago

Instructables Membership?

Is the istructables pro membership worth the cost?

Asked by Sean_Voodoo 8 years ago

Pro Membership

Anyone who wants it.  Its a 3 month membership.  code: suppose96honor

Posted by DoStuffRight 2 years ago

Pro-membership gift

Hi! I received a 1 year gift membership and a 3 month gift membership that I thought would kick in this month, but I noticed on my bank account that you have debited me today for the membership fee.......why? craftydabbler

Posted by craftydabbler 6 years ago

Paid Membership

I have auto pay for paypal turned on and have paid but it isn't showing pro-membership on my profile page.Can you check into this?

Posted by happywreniam 5 years ago

Changing Membership To Another Credit Card

How do you go about paying for current membership with another credit card????

Posted by silverfox666 6 years ago

Canceling Pro Membership

I have looked and looked and I can not find anywhere to cancel my Pro membership. Can someone help please.

Posted by rolandc 7 years ago

Pro membership not showing up

Hi I bought and paid for a Pro membership and it does not show up.  How can I fix this Thanks Chuck

Posted by Talever 5 years ago

Cancel Membership

How do I cancel my 'instructables' membership? as well as block emails. I tried to change my email alerts but there was an 'error' on the page???

Posted by 1crazymama 8 years ago

3 Month Pro Membership? Answered

So I got a free 3 month pro membership from my Instructable,, being featured. But then I got another email saying that I got another free 3 month pro membership. So when my first3 month pro membership expires, will I be able to use the other 3 month pro membership or do they both count as 1 3 month pro membership all together?

Asked by BLUEBLOBS2 6 years ago

Transferring Pro Gift Memberships

I have received two gift memberships for being featured, I'm a prepaid annual member with autorenew, can I transfer these to another subscriber?

Posted by egbertfitzwilly 7 years ago

Pro membership

Hey! If any one of you wants a pro membership. Please tell me . It is first come first serve policy as I have only 1 left. Goodluck

Posted by pranjal12 5 years ago

Pro Membership Committment

I am very confused by the membership options and can find no real explanation of what I would be committing to.  Is it possible to sign up for one month only?  I am interested in a trial basis membership but do not want to be committed to a year long membership until I can feel the site out a bit. Thank you. Kristina

Posted by kstearley 5 years ago

Pro Membership not working

I just paid for a 2 year Pro Membership, yet your site refuses to recognize my Pro status.  I'm also unable to download PDF files.

Posted by 70acres 5 years ago

canceling membership

Can someone on this site please help me understand how to cancel a non-paypal 2.95/month membership?  i really wish there was a clear way to cancel on this site.  thanks, james

Posted by truongja 8 years ago

Pro Membership expired but still shows up

For some reason my three monthe pro membership which was supposed to end on July 19th is still in my current memberships section and I feel guilty about letting this happen!  I have plenty of other memberships but this three monthe has lasted more than 4 months!  Please help me!

Posted by DoctorDv 5 years ago

Giving away a free membership

I have plenty of free membership I have claimed. I also have a 1 year free membership I have not claimed yet how do I give away the one year free member ship.

Posted by Josehf Murchison 6 years ago

Membership laid an egg again

My pro membership laid an egg again. This happened once before where it won't let me do pdf's or anything in the pro fields. Can someone else help? I paid for a 2 year pro membership and it isn't up yet. HELP

Posted by etvanaman 6 years ago

How do I use the Pro Membership to get an Adafruit Discount?

Is there a code I use for the discounts at Adafruit or how do I use the Pro Membership to get the discounts?

Asked by darrenah 7 months ago

When does my Pro membership end?

Hi Everyone, How do I tell when my Pro membership ends? I seem to not be able to find the date. thanks, Greasetattoo

Posted by Greasetattoo 7 years ago

Redeeming memberships doesn't work

My membership recently expired, so I tried to redeem one of my gift memberships by clicking on the link in my account. Its taken two three month memberships, but I have no welcome email, and the site still says I am not a pro member. Clicking the link leads me straight to the home page (FireFox latest, Win 7)

Posted by steveastrouk 2 years ago

How do I activate a won pro-membership to someone other than myself? Answered

How do I activate a won pro-membership to someone other than myself (On instructables)?

Asked by Sorunome 6 years ago

Would like to terminate pro-membership

Hi, I would like to to terminate my pro-membership. I find that I am not using it nearly as much or if at all as I anticipated. Thank you! 

Posted by osketilcreations 6 years ago

Got email telling me Pro Membership will expire soon. You are NOT telling me how much it costs! ?

- BE UPFONT ON MEMBERSHIP COST!? - you just want my Credit Card number?

Asked by Tampaguy 6 years ago

How to make my Instructables files for membership only.

Hi! I am still not familiar with publishing my Instructables. Kindly advise me how to make some of files in my Instructables for membership only.

Posted by Kaeru no Ojisan 7 years ago

Pro Membership expired but still shows up and I can't renew

My Pro Membership has expired but still shows up in my profile. I need to renew but can't find a way to renew.

Posted by eboatman 5 years ago

just to clarify

I was granted a 3 month membership for a featured instructable I did, then I got a one year membership for being a contest runner up, then i got another 3 month membership for another featured Ible. so my questions are these.. do the memberships run concurently (do i now have 18 months of pro membership) or does the largest one override the others (do i only have 12 months)? Do I need to wait until one pro membership is up before entering the next membership redemption code, or can I enter them as I get them and my account will be updated with the additional time earned?

Posted by Lorddrake 6 years ago

how can I usubscribe my pro membership ?

I'd like to quit because you are not what I thought you'd be cheers

Asked by alfasol 7 years ago

Still PRO?

How do I tell if I'm still on PRO Membership or not?

Posted by janicemerritt 2 years ago

How do I pause a pro membership? Answered

I won a 3-month pro membership, but I haven't been getting on Instructables as much. Is there a way I can pause it, that way when I'm more active on here, I can really use it?

Asked by CrayfishYAY 3 years ago

Pro Membership costs

I wanted to get the Pro deciding which was the most cost effective I ran into a problem. #1 is more expensive #2 is the cheapest of the three #3 is said to be the best but in fact is the middle of the two...please explain this so I can decide what to purchase.

Posted by RickG54 6 years ago

Pro membership charged but no access

I bought a Pro Membership and I logged in. I try to access the Pro membership features such as downloading PDF's and it says I need to buy a Pro membership to gain access. I have a Pay Pal receipt for the purchase and the finds were removed from my account. Can someone help out? I already sent in a support e-mail but was wondering if there was a faster way to get this fixed than waiting several days or worse yet weeks?

Posted by Moddedout 6 years ago

CLOSED - FREEBIES! Giving away FIVE 3-month Pro Memberships!

Though this particular offer is expired, I'll soon be offering another. :-) It is that time again, to pay it forward for all the wonderful experiences I've had on this site. I'm giving away FIVE 3-month PRO Memberships. Please allow those who do not currently have memberships to take advantage of this offer. Enjoy! Leave a comment to request a membership, and if you are not currently subscribed, I'll send a link to you for a free 3-month PRO membership. If, once you are a member, you create a published Instructable in the next three months, I'll give you another 3-month membership. First five only, please. :-)

Posted by WUVIE 1 year ago

Pro Membership for Egypt

Hi I would like to have Membership Pro but when I tied to enter my credit card info, Egypt was not one of the countries listed in the country field. Can you please advice on how to become a member while I am from Egypt. Thanks

Posted by vbmsa 7 years ago


Hi I am new to the website and have published 1 instructable and I got it featured I have heard it that if you get an instructable featued you get pro membership for 3 months. Is it correct? And if so please tell me how to avail it? Thank you

Posted by sangeeta singh 5 years ago

Charged for Year Membership

I was charged for a full year of pro membership when I only signed up for a month of pro. I did not even select the year. So I want to know what I can do to get a refund for the year when all I wanted was a month.

Posted by Mythotical 4 years ago