On the subject of Arduino

I am trying to remember, did someone give me this link,  or did I find it on my own?   If I found it,  have any of you 'users" visited?  What do you think?

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

pc based digital clock via parallel port using C language ?

How are you every one?     I have this project and I already have a code and the circuit but i studied assembly language     it's supposed to display the hours and minutes    do any one know assembly and c language so here's the code: TITLE CLOCK.ASM     DOSSEG     .MODEL SMALL     .STACK 0100H     .DATA     PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS equ 378h     .CODE     MAIN PROC     MOV AX, @DATA     MOV DS, AX     CALL RTIME ; READ TIME     CALL DisplayTime ;DISPLAY TIME     MOV AX, 4C00H     INT 21H     MAIN ENDP     RTIME PROC     MOV AH, 02H     INT 1AH     RET     ; CH - HOUR     ; CL - MINUTES     ; DH - SECONDS     RTIME ENDP     DisplayTime PROC     push DX ; was DH     push CX ; was CL     ;     mov AL,CH     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS     out DX,AL     mov AL,01h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL ; enable display     call Delay     ;     mov AL,00h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL     pop AX ; pop CL (minutes)     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS     out DX,AL     mov AL,02h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL ; enable display     call Delay     ;     mov AL,00h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL     pop AX ; pop DH (seconds)     mov AL,AH     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS     out DX,AL     mov AL,08h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL ; enable display     call Delay     ;     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     mov AL,00h     out DX,AL     ret     DisplayTime ENDP     Delay Proc     MOV CX, 00100h     X: PUSH CX     MOV CX, 0FFFFh     Y: LOOP Y     POP CX     LOOP X     RET     Delay ENDP     END thank you for your time and this is the circuit diagram http://www.electvillage.com/upload//uploads/images/qariya_com_adbd174136.png

Asked by lolooo 5 years ago

What Can I Make With a Single Z80 Microprocessor? Answered

I was hoping that someone could give me an idea of something to build with this Z80 chip I found. Preferably something that doesn't require another chip. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Asked by Robot Lover 6 years ago

any z80 simulator ?

Hello, am a student in my final year ,am preparing a project based on microprocessor z80 of ZILOG , i am looking for a software to build my circuit in and simulate it to see if it works on not , i tried PROTEUS v.7, i have ssen also z80 IDE simulator nothing could help me.   so if you can help to find any simulator that includes the z80 microprocessor it will be much easier to work.this is my email : lyes4742@hotmail.com   thank you for answering  

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Hello how I can programming this chips and use in different work like use USB interface with flash disk to read and write data. what is software, and programmer, any help I will be appreciated. Best Regards hosam matar

Posted by hosammatar 2 years ago

Looking for ideas?

I am looking for ideas here from all you "experts" (where an expert is described as - Ex (a has been) spurt 9 a drip under pressure)) Nothing like insulting the unpaid help! before they start :-)  happy New year everyone. OK A friend has a model of a fair ground ride, this is a steam yacht, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp76RTbqqLk he wants to animate this and would like the motion to be realistic at the scale size. He had tried a number of mechanical solutions, cranks etc but they all give a jerky motion and the real thing is very smooth. Any suggestions. I am inclined to think this is a micro processor solution with either a suitable servo motor or similar driven to mimic the inertia of the real thing. ideas folks?

Asked by rickharris 5 years ago

what are the arduino pins on the uno microprocessor?

Ok, i just finnished making https://www.instructables.com/id/Use-an-Arduino-with-an-N64-controller/ and was wondering, what pins on the microprocessor match to which pins on the arduino? i was also wondering, how would you make a driver out of the processing sketch on the ible above marked N64_Controller? i want it to be a driver, not a program. any ideas?

Asked by Krayzi99 6 years ago

Ogden 200 - Teach basic english to India's poor

Hello I am looking for a solution to self teach English in Indian villages using a microprocessor based solution for audio together with a paper book. Learning English opens the door to better opportunities and job skills in poor countries. http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Basic_English_picture_wordlist http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Basic_English_ordered_wordlist http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Kay_Ogden http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_English Requirement : 1. Final product should be dirt cheap ($1- $5) 2. Bilingual audio (English and a regional language) toy with buttons. I am a software engineer, can someone guide me what microprocessor or solution set for my need? Plan to develop it as an open source project.

Posted by anonranger 5 years ago

How to work with digital multimeter displays? Answered

Ive got some old digital multimeters which no longer work. I see their displays lying around and get this urge to make them work and see them showing something (temperature probably?)...... So, well... as you would have found out, I dont know how to do this. I can use microprocessors but how to and where to work them????? God, i need help with relaxing my brain... ;) lol

Asked by pro2xy 7 years ago

Can the CP2101 USB to serial IC be used to connect a microP directly to a PC without an RS232 port and a MAX232 IC?

Sparkfun makes an excellent breakout board for Silicon Laboratories' CP2101 IC. It looks like this board could be used to connect a PC to your microprocessor through a USB port without having to use a MAX232 IC to convert the TTL voltage levels to the serial port voltage levels and then a USB to serial converter. Drivers are available so the PC sees the CP2101 as a COM port so hyper-terminal could be used to communicate with the microP. The 'S' in USB stands for serial, it should would be nice to connect a PC to a microP using only one piece of hardware. Am I right about the CP2101 providing this ability?

Asked by nolte919 8 years ago

How can I programme a AVR microcontroller with this board?

How can I programme a AVR microcontroller with this board? I got this board frm a frnd.....I wd like to knw how can I programme a AVR microcontroller with this board? Will I need a separate usbisp programmer r this is enough..... r a makeshift arrangement can b done....

Asked by chatsbk007 3 years ago

Can anyone help me design and program an LED selector circuit?

Schematic http://tinypic.com/r/21lsfnn/7 I am currently trying to design a multi board circuit (as detailed in the attached diagram). I want one control board with a PIC program which governs the selection of LED's across the three different boards.  Q1 needs to flash six times  .25s on .25s off and then stay on for 10 seconds Q2 needs to turn on and stay on for 15 seconds Q3 has two functions either:                                                     red LED on for 15 seconds OR                                                     red LED on for 1 second then green LED on for 15 seconds Q4 needs to turn on and stay on for 15 seconds I only want one LED option to be on at anyone time across the three slave boards. If anyone can give me any pointers for starting this project I would be really appreciative as this is quite an urgent task. Many Thanks

Asked by cgalmrott 7 years ago

How to program microcontrollers and microprocessors?

I am an Electronics beginner and i really need help...

Asked by sukhmanattwal 5 years ago

Need old Microprocessor CPU chips

I need a bunch of old CPU microprocessor chips for a craft project.  They can be totally non-functional.  I'm interested in the physical package, not working electronics.  I'll pay postage and agree upon a sales price. However, I'm most interested in older chips, the 486's and early Pentiums (586's).  See figure 2 as a guideline.  I need a bunch ( > 30) but I'll buy them one at a time if necessary. All are for an Instructable, so it's for a good cause.  Any advice for websites that are selling to old chips would also be appreciated. Thanks for any help!

Posted by CrLz 8 years ago

beginner looking for info on arduinos Answered

I'm fairly new to the world of DIY electronics, but I would like to start working on projects that incorporate microprocessors.  I've been looking at many of the projects that use arduinos, but I was looking for a little more info on them.  I'm sorry if these are stupid questions but with my little knowledge about this stuff I don't really know any better.   Could a single microprocessor be used in place of an arduino?  Could an arduino be used to program an IC chip and then the chip be removed and only use that for the project or does the whole arduino have to be used? and any other tips you have for me to help me learn more about stuff like this is greatly appreciated. thanks.

Asked by ZachyKras 7 years ago

Can i use an avr microprocessor to output a specific current?

If anyone has some arduino code or something for an attiny 13 it would help alot!

Asked by DELETED_cdousley 7 years ago

i want to make miniproject using microprocessor or microcontroller can you suggest me some?

We have a subject microprocessor and microcontroller ,i want to make a miniproject which would be quite diffrent and would help in clearing our concepts ,it should be simple and not too complex.

Asked by khushboo 8 years ago

UPDATED: I am having difficulties deciding which book to pick from AMAZON

I will get a list of the ones I am considering at the moment soon, and would like suggestions from you all too. Ok, here is my list; I want to pick one of these, OR if someone has a better suggestion....let me hear it:   Backyard Ballistics: Build Potato Cannons, Paper Match Rockets, Cincinnati Fire Kites, Tennis Ball Mortars, and More Dynamite Devices by William Gurstelle Whoosh Boom Splat: The Garage Warrior's Guide to Building Projectile Shooters by William Gurstelle Adventures from the Technology Underground: Catapults, Pulsejets, Rail Guns, Flamethrowers, Tesla Coils, Air Cannons, and the Garage Warriors Who Love Them by William Gurstelle MAKE: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery [Paperback] Charles Platt Getting Started with Arduino (Make: Projects) by Massimo Banzi Practical Arduino: Cool Projects for Open Source Hardware (Technology in Action) by Jonathan Oxer 30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius [Paperback] Simon Monk 51 High-Tech Practical Jokes for the Evil Genius by Brad Graham Mechatronics for the Evil Genius: 25 Build-it-Yourself Projects by Newton Braga 123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius (TAB Robotics) by Myke Predko 22 Radio and Receiver Projects for the Evil Genius by Thomas Petruzzellis The Geeks' Guide to World Domination: Be Afraid, Beautiful People [Paperback] Garth Sundem Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture (DIY Science) by Robert Bruce Thompson Chemical Magic by Leonard A. Ford The Best of Make (Make 75 Projects from the pages of MAKE) by Mark Frauenfelder Theo Gray's Mad Science: Experiments You Can Do At Home - But Probably Shouldn't by Theodore Gray BTW:  I have the one pictured, and actually am not pleased with this particular one.  Which is why I am being cautious....

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New to The Microprocessor World

Hello everyone im new to the microprocessor world but trust me im eager to learn! I have been reading every piece of information i can get my hands on about microprocessors. I just wanted to find out what you guys thought the best place to start was for a newbie AVR Possible ? Just wanted some opinions from the best i know if you have any tips or anything also please fell free to post about them thanks so much guys Alex- AKA Zus

Posted by zus 11 years ago

what components do i need to start programming avr microprocessors?

 i have read  the  instructable www.instructables.com/id/Ghetto-Programming%3a-Getting-started-with-AVR-micro/ and made the www.ladyada.net/make/usbtinyisp/ programmer kit,but dont know where to get the componants in the uk and all the how-tos i have read have been very vague about what you actually do when youve made the kit.

Asked by watson9194 8 years ago

How many AVR projects have there been on Instructables since its inception?

How many of the projects on instructables have used an Atmel AVR microprocessor?

Asked by sylviebarak 4 years ago

i am looking for a switch with microprocessor to operate a servo motor. to use in a puppet or costume character head ?

The servo would be used to move eyes, eyelids and possibly the mouth. Basically I want to operate a servo without using a radio control unit Space and weight are limited. I am a pro puppetmaker and know this kind of device would be very useful. The motors would be operated by a switch in the puppets mouth. In the case of a costume character I want to put a push switch in the perfromers hand and have them operate the mouth.

Asked by 9 years ago

can anyone help build a basic computer?

The fact is pictures use 24 bits. It is not simple to use available microprocessors to make a computer at home. Way too many pins Well I think that a z80 microprocessor and two 8 bit presettable counters could deliver a picture with 24 bits. Did anyone really ask for microsoft? What task would you work on? Example number one 1)  computer division : this is binary number division with check in the loop  that you just drew up. The microprocessor only has about 125 commands that you write down.  A command can be as simple as jump to line 0000 0000 0000 0000 . this can be a simple loop that has to be done or the chip is scrapped.  The number 2)  Is there a picture chip like the commodore 64 has?  Find one. An easy chip.   3) Are there any monitors left?  Did any one ask for those  sounds microsoft has ? Most people should have figured out apple computers earlier.

Asked by halamka 5 years ago

Who Judges the Contests ?

Who judges the contests ? The Sponsors or Instructables ? I ask because I noticed that the Little Bits contest and the Microprocessor contest both have 8 of the same finalists. Does that mean one instructable can win more than one contest at the same time ?

Posted by chris.deen 3 years ago

HELP WITH DC MOTOR CONTROL USING 5 position selector switch Answered

I have to  use a microprocessor MSP430 to  control  speed and direction of aa DC motor using 5  position switch selector.  can somebody help me with how to get started with the hardware

Asked by souandji 8 years ago

Can this computer support Windows 7? Answered

Hey, I've been shopping for a new computer and over all of the results, the cheapest most powerful one I've found is the HP Envy H8 with a AMD 6 core processor at 3.8Ghz (4.1 max). I will put my Radeon 7750 into it too. Anyhow, here is the one I want (Hopefully it hasn't sold yet, but there are many people selling it for this price too): http://www.ebay.com/itm/360718941425. So my question is, if I buy the Windows 7 OEM from Amazon.com (Shipped and sold by Amazon), would this system be able to run it correctly? If not, could I make any adjustments to make it run correctly? Thanks! (Hoping to run Battlefield 3, Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, Roblox, Minecraft, Halo Combat Evolved, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Need for Speed World on it at about medium graphics with at least 30-40FPS).

Asked by knexpert1700 4 years ago

What's an FPGA? Whats an CPLD?

What's an FPGA?  Like what's it compared to a microcontroller?  Please no links to google or wikipedia :P  I mean, from what I've read, it just seems like theyre inferior to a microcontroller, so I don't get why people use them.

Asked by guyfrom7up 8 years ago

how to create high voltage projects (alternative to arduino and 8085 kit)

Hi, I had been working on Arduino and 8085 microprocessor kit. However there are used for low voltage projects. Can someone tell me how to create high voltage projects say creating a vending machine , moving a  door, programming for a high voltage ac/dc motor etc. Thanks

Posted by xshanky 4 years ago

How do i slow down a toy car motor without using gears? i wanna know a simple way!!!

I'am having a to car motor and i'am planning to make a robotic arm, but i don't know how to slow it down? so how do i slow it down without using gears or any microprocessor

Asked by DELETED_zerofreak 8 years ago

vision integrated haptic arm? Answered

Please help me with my project. i have 1 d.o.f robtic arm controlled by potentiometre and aurdino nano. i want to know whether i would need two other microprocessor for vision integration of my robot. or  can i use my nano itself for vision. i am instructed to make a arm which recognises object and picks up.please suggest me about boards,codes to use. 

Asked by bharathi1607 9 months ago

Arduino Leonardo with Flex Sensors

I am trying to build a flex sensor gloves that acts as the input and translate the bend of the flex sensors into output in the PC. But it seems i cant get the coding right. I am using the Arduino Leonardo as my microprocessor. Creating atleast 3 input which operate the right, left and up button to be used in a basic car game. Anyone can help me constructing this project? Thankyou. Appreciated.

Posted by AzrilA 1 year ago

i am new to computer science world my teacher has asked us to design a project with following requirements.. ?

You have to interface one memory device (2816/2716), one input port (DIP Switches) and one output port (LEDs) with 8088 microprocessor. Input and Output devices will be interfaced through 8255 PPI. these are the requirements please guide me through it and it would be lot more if you describe in detail thnku ..

Asked by BismaL 2 years ago

Using Common Cathode Instead of Common Anode rgb led with IC?

So I'm trying to do this: https://www.instructables.com/id/RGB-LED-Color-Sequencer-without-a-Microprocessor/ and I realized that I have the wrong kind of led..the author says you have to "adjust the connections" but I don't really know how. Right now my led will glow but not change colors. Does anyone have experience with this?

Asked by njaber 3 years ago

Need to run a Windows98 platformed program on Wnidows XP. Any suggestions? Answered

I have a portable, single sheet scanner that I would like to use with my laptop. The only problem with this is that the scanner is platformed to Windows 98 and my laptop is Windows XP. The only reason I am looking for this info is that the scanner is so nice to use on the run. One of my former employers had issued a program to the field techs named "SloMo" to slow the microprocessor to allow the Win'98 programs to run on Win 2000 or Win XP. Any ideas?

Asked by Foxtrot70 8 years ago

can i make a portable computer/ --?? Answered

hello, i need help with a project of mine. i want to make a small, open source device with an LCD screen. i was thinking maybe something arduino, but anything fairly cheap is fine. i have; two NINTENDO DS screens, a bottom one and top one. and Altoids tins. thanks in advance. edit- does anyone know if it is possible to run an operating system on an arduino, or just a microcontroller/microprocessor? if so, that's the way i'll go.

Asked by toogers 7 years ago

ESP8266 WiFi Module

You need a separate grouping for this module under Technology This is a Microprocessor running at 80Mhz to 160 Mhz  with 512 kB to 4 Mb of program memory It costs $3 and is programmed with various languages compiled to machine hex and uploaded by a variety of programs to run entirely on its own with a 3.3Volt power supply . It connects to your modem , acts as a modem , serves web pages and sends to web pages and a whole lot of other stuff I have not used yet See here in the wiki for more detail   http://www.esp8266.com/wiki/doku.php

Posted by tytower 2 years ago

it about our final year projcet

I want interface arduino with mp3 shield with 2GB sd card.our project is about communication system which useful for handling of exam neatly  in the college during exam timings.so we use computer as a host and it's wireless communication through which we can send a message to every class room according to our need using ZIGBY hardware.so which kind of microprocessor should i use for all this process.give any idea if your having? 

Asked by chinmay limaye 5 years ago

Would like your thoughts on our development project

We have been developing a pill dispenser that is integrated with your smartphone. We used 3D printed parts and an RFduino microprocessor. This device would allow tracking of medications from the factory to the end user, eliminating couterfeit meds. In addition it would remind you when to take your meds, and notify your doctor or pharmacy via the internet. Watch the video and let me know what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yNBGXBSqLY

Posted by InteMed 3 years ago

Need to run Windows 98 product on Windows XP computer. Answered

I have a compact portable single sheet scanner from 1998 and obviously its platform is Windows 98. I am looking for a program like one I had from a previous employer called SloMo, it would slow down the microprocessor to allow the company's Win'98 products to be serviced by Windows 2000 or XP. Does any one have a source on where I might look for a simular program ? This can be a shareware or purchase software.

Asked by Foxtrot70 8 years ago

Need A Project To Make Halloween LED Eyes

Need to know how to do a project for 4-H kids, ages 9-12 to make glowing LED eyes to light up the night on Halloween. Ideally, 4-8 sets of LED's would blink and glow, perhaps controlled by a simple low cost microprocessor and powered by battery. Options include sensor to activate the lights when someone approaches. Since this project is for 4-H kids, low cost and simplicity are important. Arduino would be great, but need help on programming such a project. Thanks,

Posted by phatguppy 6 years ago

Can I convert This project below " 10x8 LED Matrix + Arduino" into " 8 X 8 LED Matrix " what will i need ?

Hi  check please this project  http://sohilp.blogspot.com/2011/10/tutorial-10x8-led-matrix-arduino.html i liked it but the problem is my teacher doesn't  want me to work with Arduino . she said try to find like this project " Matrix LED" but by using   parallel port + db25 cable + microprocessor    i want to ask you what Material will i need ?  i have to submit the report tmw :(  help me please :( :) thank you 

Asked by layal_1 5 years ago

Good motor for providing bike resistance? Answered

I would like to use a motor to provide a variable bike resistance.  The bike will be turning the motor, and the motor will provide a physical resistance, making it easier or harder to pedal.  My ultimate goal is to make a microprocessor-controlled stationary bike, where the micro can both set the physical resistance of the motor and detect the speed of the motor.  My intention is to use a variable electrical resistance to make the motor harder or easier to turn.  However, I don't know much about motors, so my question is: what kind of motor will work for this?  Any comments welcome.

Asked by FazJaxton 8 years ago

Arduino codes

Good evening Sir, Madam, I am currently attempting to build a circuit for a college module that would use vibration data from a dc motor then send it to a microprocessor before transferring the data via Bluetooth to a pc. I have trawled through numerous sites for the correct components to use but. My question is this. Is there a Arduino code that would enable this idea to be successful? Having never written a code I am somewhat stumped and stressed out to the max. I would be grateful of any help or advice you can offer, Thank you in advance for your time over this, Best regards Mark sheldon

Posted by Shaggy74 6 months ago

CP2101 USB to serial IC

Sparkfun makes an excellent breakout board for Silicon Laboratories' CP2101 IC. It looks like this board could be used to connect a PC to your microprocessor through a USB port without having to use a MAX232 IC to convert the TTL voltage levels to the serial port voltage levels and then a USB to serial converter. Drivers are available so the PC sees the CP2101 as a COM port so hyper-terminal could be used to communicate with the microP. The 'S' in USB stands for serial, it should would be nice to connect a PC to a microP using only one piece of hardware. Am I right about the CP2101 providing this ability?Any opinions would be appreciated.

Posted by nolte919 8 years ago

How to program an Arduino? Need help troubleshooting.

I am having some trouble getting an Instructable (Cat Genie hack) based on an Arduino board to work. This is the first microprocessor project I've ever tried and I am hoping someone here might be able to help me troubleshoot. I figured by posting the question here I might be able to get more help, faster, and from people who have experience with Arduino code. If I can't get it to work with a simple code fix I'm hoping I might be able to put something in the code that will allow me to troubleshoot where exactly the problem is occurring.Instructable link: https://www.instructables.com/id/CatGenie_Resetting_a_SaniSolution_Cartridge/?comments=all?

Asked by DMBillies 8 years ago