How to set up a repeating 5 minute off 10 second on circuit?

The title just about says it all.  I'm wondering how to do this with a 555 timer.  Thanks in advance!

Asked by aarroozz 7 years ago

How do I make a chain rotating around 2 gears complete a single rotation in exactly 60 seconds?

Hello everyone, I'd like to start off by declaring I am new to this website and have little understanding of technology as of yet. If my question has been answered before I apologize, but I haven't been able to find it in the forum. I've recently started tinkering with 3D printing as a bit of a hobby and am trying to make items that are more than just odd looking. One of the things I'd like to create is the following clock found on youtube: Now this clock is made with Lego and its creator has labeled it as a 'proof of concept' as the 'lift' that delivers the ball, which should represent a minute, actually only counts ~55 seconds. For an actual clock I'd like it to have 60 seconds per minute and I am wondering if I can calulate the specs before I spend money on printed prototypes that dissapoint.. So using 2 Cogwheels/gears with a Chain that picks up a ball every 60 seconds (so a full chain rotation) based on an electric motor. I've found several 3-9v electric motors, but all seem to have rotations in the thousands whereas I'd expect to need like a few dozen rotations per minute(?). The clock I am trying to make is smaller than 20cm and I'd like for the chain to span a max 16cm in the final clock. Summed up: 1) How do I decide the right Gear? size/teeth? 2) What Electric motor/power source would suit a very low amount of rotations? 3) How can I time the motor/gears to complete a cycle in exactly 1 minute? Thanks in advance for taking a look ;)  

Asked by RayGroot 4 years ago

I need a 7-8 minute dramatic monologue!?

I'm in speech and 15, and i have come across a problem. i need a dramatic monologue (for a man) that lasts 8 minutes by next week. can anyone please help me! it would be preferable if it was from a book or play. duologue would be nice as well. thank you.

Asked by redsuit09 8 years ago

Energy Revolution

Greenpeace writes:Our Energy Revolution outlines a global plan for a sustainable renewable economic future. It shows us how we can get from where we are now, to where we need to be to avoid a climate change disaster. It was developed with specialists from the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and more than 30 scientists and engineers from universities, institutes and the renewable energy industry around the world.More info on

Posted by comodore 9 years ago

1 minute of labour...

Here is a rather interesting videos, made by the conservative party in the election.... :-P

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

Is there an equation to figure a set amount of PSI to a recognizable, or commonly used force measurement?

What is/is there an equation to figure the speed a projectile travels, based on the PSI or force applied? What would this force be? k/h | fps | m/h | m/min. | k/min.|

Asked by PKTraceur 9 years ago

I'm looking for a high volume, small size air compressor but I can't find a good one. What do you guys recommend? Answered

I need an air compressor that has an EXTREMELY high CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating. It is for an air-powered exoskeleton (crazy idea, I know). It needs to be pretty small, backpack sized if possible, It doesn't need that big of an air chamber (fire-extinguisher sized). Continuous run is a must. Powering it shouldn't be a problem because I will be carrying ~ 30 pounds of Li-ion batteries for running the compressor. I also won't be needing more then ~ 100PSI. Weight is an almost non issue, I wouldn't mind a 20 pound compressor, I'll probably remove the frame anyway, so that will take away some weight.

Asked by bowmaster 8 years ago

Electronic timer

I want to make a timer that sounds an alarm every three minutes, pluss one for setting a seperate alarm for 1 minute.  It is to be used during cpr, (treatment cycles are 3 minutes. 1 minute from shock to circulation check.  Can anybody help me??

Posted by leidulv 8 years ago

NDS-Lite shuts off randomly, sometimes 2 minutes working fine and sometimes 10 minutes then shuts off.

My NDS Lite shuts itself off at random intervals, it can run for 5 minutes very well then it shuts off, other times 1 minute before shut down, it does this randomly, can anyone suggest a solution?

Asked by GeoSilver 8 years ago

Sent -4 minutes ago?

I got a PM from another member and the time stamp said -4 minutes ago. What is this supposed to mean. I know it seems silly but I am just curious.

Asked by blinkyblinky 5 years ago

I want to use a 555 timer to be off for 1 minute, give a brief pulse (about 0.5 seconds).

The circuit is to provide a pulse to a 4017B decade counter to count up to 5 minutes

Asked by ralph4ed 3 years ago

How to fade a led in over 10 minutes, using cheap ic's? Answered

I want to fade in 4 leds over a period of 10 minutes then have then turn off after another 50 minutes or so, voltages of leds dont matter. Any ideas would be great! Thanks Cybot

Asked by Cybot Rules 9 years ago

Time Travel? Answered

Is time travel theoretically possible? (I just watched Minute Men) :P

Asked by joespicnictables 6 years ago

A comment I made literally about 5 minutes ago says that it was posted 2 hours ago.

I just made a comment on this page, and it says it's from 2 hours ago.  Help?  Fix?

Posted by nancyjohns 2 years ago

Resting Dough? Answered

You have a minimum of 20 minutes to rest the dough in the quiz, but the paragraph above the questions says 30 minutes. Which is the minimum time to allow the dough to rest?

Asked by TylerH7 1 year ago

Last-minute scramble!

OK, mea culpa, I started it , and others have jumped on the bandwagon.Add your own link if you're after a few last-minute views for your LED contest entries.(Another shameless link)(Actually, you can tell I'm usually behind the camera, can't you? )

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Time stamps going nuts

Just noticed that instead of the usual hours I now see a lot of time stamps in minutes. Looks a bit weird to see "Last posting -285 minutes ago". I don't mind a challenge every now and then but is it a feature or a bug that we get minutes instead of hours now?

Posted by Downunder35m 3 years ago

Technology; LED flasher

I would like to make a simple single LED flasher powered by a 9 volt battery.  I would like the LED to flash approximately once per minute.  So far with my limited knowledge of electronics the best I have come up with is one that is off for one minute and then on for one minute.  The one I made that flashed once every minute using a large resistor had a very short battery life.  Any help will be appreciated..............................................phil

Asked by toilettank 7 years ago

how to stop flow of electricity within a period of time? Answered

The concept of the circuit is, when electricity is applied to the circuit, it will stop the flow of electricity in 10 minutes. after 10 minutes the flow of electricity from the circuit to the load will be normal. for example my load is a refrigirator, when house electricity cuts off, as soon as the electricity is back, the refrigirator will not work within 10 minutes, after 10 minutes, it will be normal. any idea guys? any help would be very appreciated.

Asked by sai00 4 years ago

NEW: Poetry Techniques in 30 Minutes

Hello, I created a video instructable to impart key phonetic techniques for poetry in 30 minutes! That should be all it take from knowing nothing about poetry to being able to write a Shakespearean Sonnet. Please try it out and let me know how you found it. Would love to know the time you actually took and also some examples of poetry you wrote!  

Posted by SpikedM 3 years ago

Comments "In [insert number here] minutes"??

So recently I've had a huge influx of comments on one of my instructables, and when I go answer them a lot of the time the comment will have the heading "Dangerously Explosive (author) in reply to ___, in [#] minutes" rather than saying "[#] minutes ago". Why does it do this, and what does it mean? Is it just going through a moderation stack, or does Instructables have a comment per unit time limit?

Asked by Dangerously Explosive 2 months ago

Know any 8 minute female monologues? Answered

I need an 8 minute female monologue from a well known movie or play. It needs to have a lot of emotion ( preferably a crazy women having a break down getting angry and then sad and then being calm, or something like that.) If you know one please help :)

Asked by RoseFlowers 2 years ago

RPM of K'nex engines? Answered

Does anyone know the revolutions per minute for the K'nex electric motor (grey one with mains adapter) and the revolutions per minute for the K'nex tethered battery motor (same as standard battery motor I think). Electric one is first picture, battery one is second picture.

Asked by The One and Only 8 years ago

just give us 10 minutes

After we have posted can we have a 10 minute period so we can go back and fix our mistakes? this would be good for all those comments to instructables you post and then look at to find you sound dumb. I mean we've all done it so why isn't there anything to fix it?

Posted by merseyless 9 years ago

The negative "posted X minutes ago" bug is happening again.

In the answers section, the time since some questions were posted has started showing negative times again, as it did recently (towards the end of last year) As of about 10:23PM, GMT, this question: Says it was posted "-3 minutes ago"

Posted by The Skinnerz 6 years ago

Streaming a video with a 20 minute delay?

I'm working on a project where I'd like to continuously record video from a camera and play it back on a projector, but the playback should have a 20 minute delay from the recording. Any thoughts on which tools to use? I'm considering writing something in OpenGL to take video input and play it back, but I suspect there may be an easier way. Thanks!

Posted by kynite 5 years ago

Are there any common timers that are programmable to the second? (my sprinkler timer is programmable only to the minute)

We are using a sprinkler timer to automate the opening and closing of a ball valve by linear actuator. The problem is the sprinkler timer is only programmable to the minute, so it opens, lets water flow for a minute, and then closes. This wastes water as we only need to empy the tank for 10-ish seconds. Any timers that are programmable to the second?

Asked by paulpaulpaulpaul 8 years ago

Home screen washout and printing errors..

I bought a home screen printing kit from an art store but I'm having trouble with a few things and they are: The instructions said to use a 150watt incandescent bulb 12 inches from the screen for 45 minutes. I thought 45 minutes was awfully long so I bought a 300watt bulb and exposed it for 23 minutes. My initial design which was 3 letters at a very large font worked out pretty good but it took an awfully long time to spray out design, it probably took me 10 minutes. I thought the 23 minutes was okay so I used the same time with my next design which had smaller text well my smaller text never washed out even though it looked like it was burned in. I went up to 30 minutes, then 35 minutes, then 40 minutes and I'm still having trouble washing out designs with small letter text. Should I be cooking my screen for longer than 45 minutes? Second question is, when I'm actually swiping my screen does the type of squeegee I use matter? I swiped a few shirts and I'm still not getting a consistant print each time. I'm not clamping my screen down so I know my DIY method is really dirty but I expected better results, should I expect less? Thanks

Asked by TheCallForFreedom 8 years ago

Can't get the stop watch on my Seiko Arctura Kinetic watch to reset. Any ideas?

My Seiko watch has a stop watch that reads to 45 minutes.  It is stuck on 45 minutes and will not re-set.

Asked by yadevol 6 years ago

New grenade

I made this grenade in about uh 10 minutes ( about 5 of those minutes were looking for the pieces ) , anyway this grenade has a pin that you pull in order to work and it will only fire when it hits the ground or you hit the trigger by accident.

Posted by Katarukito 9 years ago

2 Minute Meals -- Your favorite breakfast?

2 Minute meals are fun, but in the morning, if you wake up too late, they can become necessity. I've made "oatmeal" in the past, just a little water and some instant oatmeal, in the 'wave for 30 seconds, and its warm. I call it "oatmeal" because its just instant oatmeal suspended in lukewarm water, it doesn't get gelatinous or anything :P What do you do in a hurry?

Posted by zachninme 11 years ago

mutliple timer relay with min/max time

I am looking for an Instructable on making a multiple timer relay with a changeable min/max time to light 3 different lights. Ex.: 1 to 2 minutes, light 1 at 1 minute, light 2 at 90 seconds, 3rd light at 2 minutes. when light 2 comes on, light 1 goes off, when light 3 comes on, light 2 goes off. Thanks!

Posted by Roger13077 9 years ago

Popcorn...On The Cob?!

I've heard of a way to make popcorn on the cob. I just want to know if what I heard is possible, or if you need a special type of corn or not. Ok, here it is: Freeze a cob of corn for one hour and thirty minutes. Cut off the leafy end Put the cob of corn into the microwave for seven minutes. At three minutes it should start popping. I think it says any cob of corn will do, but I'm not so shure.

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago



Asked by mauricewarebee 7 years ago

Electrical timer for a water heater

I would like to have a water heater of mine turn on and off with a timer.Its important that the range of the timer is from 0 - 20 minutes. its also important that it can switch on an element that will draw 2000 watts. The timer must be a simple dial and knob type not a digital programmable. It can also be a press button for the amount of minutes example: press 7 times for 7 minutes? any ideas Dino

Asked by jollyboats 2 years ago

History of Stonehenge in One Minute

Want to see a recreation of the progression of Stonehenge from nothing to greatness to dilapidated greatness? Check out this video from the BBC and see how it all went up. Stonehenge videovia Neatorama

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

5 minute chocolate cake?

Hi   I made one and it didnt rise at all  in fact it was too dense and dry.Does it require baking powder /baking soda? I like the recipe because it can be made in a jiffy.Could you please help me on this?

Asked by ritz55 7 years ago

Last minute Halloween costumes, decorations, food!

Hot Air Balloon Dilbert Costume Cardboard Armor Super Mario Bros. Halloween Cupcakes Octopus Hoodie Easy Zombie Horde Caution Tape Costume Creepy Bubble Cocktails Toilet Paper Costume Charlie Brown Ghost Freezer Paper Skeleton 5-Minute Domo Kun Doll Guts Serving Dish Giant Spiderweb - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

Posted by randofo 7 years ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 Has 90-Minute Cutscenes

Kotaku: MGS4 Has 90-Minute CutscenesWTF?Hey Kojima, this is a game, not some crap anime show or movie. Tell the characters to shut up already. Jeez.Super long cutscenes...they remind me why I don't buy Japanese games anymore. And that reminds me why I don't buy Japanese consoles anymore.

Posted by Aeshir 10 years ago

When my electricity goes for 1 minute and comes again, i have to restart my Air Conditioner again from remote?

When my electricity goes for 1 minute and comes again, i have to restart my Air Conditioner again from remote? is it possible to make my air conditioner of auto restart mode when electriciy comes? my ac is of hier company. thank you

Asked by nadeemsdk 4 years ago

5-Minute Pie, Arduino Ethernet Board, Home Cooling

5-Minute Pie Arduino Ethernet Board Home Cooling Permanently Set Etch A Sketch Simple Marx Generator Interview: "Predators" Model Maker Lemon Juice Highlights Crystal Clear Ice Wooden PC Case LED Projects Cork iPad Sleeve Seasonal Blueberry Cake Indoor Bike Rack Etching Aluminum Stripe Your Lawn

Posted by randofo 7 years ago

How to write code for an Arduino with the Arduino motor shield. Answered

What would the code for an Arduino, with the Arduino motorsheild, look like to run a 6V 300 mA DC motor? I want to stop and start the motor at a certain frequency (I don't have to reverse the direction of the motor). For example at every 5 minute interval I want it to run the motor for 2 minutes and stop it for 3 minutes. Any help or advice is appreciated thanks.

Asked by thecoonskin 6 years ago

Need something to demonstrate in 3 minutes

For a class I'm taking, I need to make a speech in 3 minutes that demonstrates how to do something. It could be something very simple, but being the person that I am I want it to be at least mildly impressive. My hunch was to do something computing related with my eeepc and a projector, but that idea got nixed. I'm also interested in electronics, though, and I have a lot of stuff in my junk box. Anyway, I'm not asking anyone to do my work for me, this is more about presentation skills. But if you happen to have an idea of what I can do quickly and with minimal likelihood of failure I'd be eternally grateful.

Posted by pharoah 9 years ago