Sound modules?

How could I make my own sound modules like those in greeting cards and toys? And preferably easily, and cheaply.

Asked by Zem 8 years ago

does anyone know how to connect this cirocomm gps module ? Answered

There is  a 8 pins connector with no indication at all  :-(

Asked by rastactivist 5 years ago

MODI: Create Anything You Want with Robotics of Things

Hi, MODI is our new product. For easy understanding about our product, MODI is an easy version of Arduino. You can just connect modules with a magnetic connector. In addition, we provide a coding software tool to make a complex movement, so it is available to make IOT devices, DIY, and toys. Can check on Kickstarter page  Thanks

Posted by luxrobo 1 year ago

change rotation speed | standard clock part

Hi all is there an easy way to speed up a standard clock module part (please see attached JPG picture). - would like it to turn 3 times faster. - can add any extra external circuit - can increase the voltage i.e. 2 x AA instead of one i know v. little about electronics. Also important to know how this will affect the power consumption.... thanks

Asked by oem_odm 8 years ago

gps transmitter chip + tracking software (google maps) possible?

Is it possible to purchase a gps transmitter chip (smallest possible battery) and have it "upload" its locations in real time on google maps? chip and power source should be as small and thin as possible to fit in envelopes or packages.

Asked by chienb 6 years ago

how to attach a Usb mp3 Module inside 2.1 home theatre ?

Please Provide instructions in details

Asked by timzzziii 3 years ago

will a 5v 3A kill my 4-Channel CP2102 Voice Record Playback Module ? Answered

I purchase a CP2102 Voice Record chip and i cant find the datasheet  also i purchase a ICSH030A to go with it i dont know if those chips will "take" the amps they need or just burt out Here are the boards :

Asked by NivA2 1 year ago

Build a 3v Relay Module

Would love a 3v relay module that can be drive by PIRs that output 3v signal.  Thought I finally found what I needed on Ebay, but discovered this is a bogus product that actually needs 5v to be driven. Buyer Beware. Advertised relay PCB as 3v relay. While the relay on the board may trigger independently with only 3 volts, the circuitry of the board demands a higher voltage to trigger the relay. Relay PCB has a EL817 opto-coupler for the input signal, it requires a 5V drive voltage on the Input in order to drive the onboard transistor which controls the relay coil current. With only a 3v drive, there is insufficient current to drive the opto and transistor. The module that the relay is mounted to is falsely advertised as 3.0V because the components on the board need more than 3 volts. In order to drive this relay with a 3v signal device, voltage level shifting needs to take place between 3v device and relay PCB.

Posted by DiyWaterDog 2 years ago

i want to know the arduino program for controlling 2 motors using rf module?

I want to know the arduino program for controlling 2 motors using rf module.i am using a arduino duemilanove & motor driver shield 

Asked by harish.rahman.75 3 years ago

Laser Module Time

So I ruined my second laser diode in a row, and I am just sick of trying to solder on to these tiny leads. I get these things off ebay, and I think they just scavenge them out of broken Bluray burners or something, because the leads on them are tiiiiny. So instead, I think I will just buy a laser module. I found a pretty good 250mw blue one on ebay for 53 bucks. Does anybody know a dedicated hobby website though? One that might have better prices? I don't need a laser pointer, because I already have my own circuit set up and stuff. Any thoughts?

Posted by thedonquixotic 7 years ago

pinouts of an mp3 player module? Answered

I have an mp3 player module whch i took out from a home theatre main unit. I want to know the use of some features or the pins which are given in it because i am a beginner to electronics and stuff. I am using it as a player using headphones because it needs amplifier to play in speakers, but headphones work with medium sound. It has usb and sd card port for input. Also have 3 pushbuttons , play pause, next , previous. It has the following pinouts. Basic ones which I know: +5v  GND L_OUT R_OUT These must be for pushbuttons: P4.1 GND P4.2 P1.2 P4.4 (but there are only 3 buttons)??? IR (this could be infrared remote control) These I want to know what are for??? +5v GND SDA     SCL P5.7 RST

Asked by akki5230 3 years ago

is any GPS module that supports Rinex (receiver independant format) output for post processing ?

Is any GPS module that supports Rinex (receiver independant format) output for post processing of phase  or pseudo codes ? i need to log binary observation data of these modules then change their format to RINEX that can be post process for precise coordinate calculations.?

Asked by gzamir 8 years ago

Can you power a recording module by USB?

Hi i was wanting to know if it was at all possible to power a recording module that you would find in a recordable birthday card via USB as i am making a wall-e and would like the sound setup to be powered by the same usb connection as the rest of my Wall-e Hub. any advice would be greatly appreciated. best regards.

Asked by MonkeyBoy191 7 years ago

OTP One Time Programme

Could any one point me in the direction to purchase greeting card sound module any and all info appreciated. Kevare

Posted by kevare 9 years ago

Laser pointer diode

I was making a laser trip wire, but I was looking online for diodes which I found, by which one would be best to get, I dont care for the color, in fact I am better off with red and the intensity can not put off heat to harm anyone. Anyone have any laser diode recommendations or have a site that I can buy them from?

Posted by bprins 5 years ago

how to build video recording module

How to build video recording module

Posted by kmohan 6 years ago

how to build video recording module?

How to build a custom video recording module for cmos sensor with microsd storage.

Asked by kmohan 6 years ago


Any ideas on how to use a DC INPUT MODULE FOR PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER that will otherwise go in the garbage?  It just didn't have it's factory seal so was written off.  It's an Allen Brad 1746-ib16 and I'd hate to see it go to waste...?

Asked by Golftester 6 years ago

4-DCMotor Driver

Please help me to connect 4-DC-Motor-Driver-Module to arduino thank you

Posted by alisoud 1 year ago

How do you use this relay module?

Has anyone used a 16 Channel 12V Relay Module Interface Board For Arduino PIC ARM DSP PLC? I want to use it to control some solenoids but I have no idea how to do so, I'm looking for a schematic and a code example. I'm a total programming noob. I want to connect it to an arduino duemilanove.

Asked by gradof6b 6 years ago

About boosting battery volts? Answered

 If i use an XL6009 module to boost up my battery for example from 3.7 to 5 volts how it will effect on the battery my battery will drine much faster ?  will stay the same ? 

Asked by NivA2 1 year ago

Wanted: 9 volt light sensor module

Calling all you that know and enjoy making circuits. Here is my problem.  This is too bulky of a solution with a relay switch and 12v battery pack. What I would like is a 9 volt input and 9 volt output.  Actually, whatever the input should equal output.  So if I connect 3 v battery, I want 3 v output.  Right now I need 9 volt in = 9 volt out.  No Relays!!!  Simple and clean circuit board only. The LED can't be soldered to the board.  I need the capability of extending from the board with wire to adapt to my needed projects. On another note, if you know of something already on the market, please send a link.  I will be happy to make the purchase. OH... no modules that need a microcontroller.  Need a stand alone module. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing back soon. The Water Dog

Posted by DiyWaterDog 1 year ago

Interfacing with an LCD display from a Canon multifunction printer?

I recently salveged an LCD display module from a smashed Canon all-in-one printer.  So far, I have been unable to search up any information on it.  The manufacturer seems to be "APEX" (see fifth picture), and the circuit board has a backwards "RU" mark.  Any ideas as to how to talk to it, possibly with an Arduino? If, as I suspect, the module is an OEM part, and datasheets are not available, do you have any recommendations as to how I could try to experimentally determine what the contacts do?  (I got it for free, so It's not too critical if I destroy it...) Thanks! - Infinitevortex

Asked by Infinitevortex 6 years ago

wireless electronic device

I am looking to build a device that can communicate with a phone and through that phone you could turn on or off a light or a siren with fairly long range 20 to 30 meters (60 to 90 feet). Would anyone be able to help regarding this device. I am looking for it be as small as possible. also i wanted this device to run with fairly low voltage dc power source. please help with this  thanks

Posted by sam501 5 years ago

How to reduce range on HC-05 BT module to 3 feet only?

I'm trying to design and build a rf shield to encase the hc-05 bluetooth module in order to reduce the range adjustably. For the first use I want to reduce the range to around 3 feet. Any tips?

Asked by dmagryta124 2 years ago

Problems with Laser Module Diode

So I have a 5mw laser diode module that I am trying to get open so that I can install a 250 mw diode in its place. Problem is, the diode won't come out, the manufacturer glued it in, and I keep buying new modules from different sellers only to find inexplicably the stupid diode backing slathered in glue. Is there a way of getting this thing out? I don't care if the diode is broken, I don't need it, but I want the driver intact.

Posted by thedonquixotic 7 years ago

Custom Built LED Module for Your PC

Have you ever been interested in having one of those neat computers that are lighted inside, but don't want to pay for an expensive computer. Now you can get a lighting module for your PC for as little as ten dollars. I am building LED modules for users to integrate into their PCs. The standard ones have eight LEDs, run off of the standard molex power connector, and beautifully illuminate your PC. However, I can custom build an illumination module with almost any features you want I can even use blinking LEDs. And the best part is they are cheap, the standard module will only cost you 10 dollars plus shipping. These are built with quality parts and are fully tested. The standard module is built with eight high luminosity white LEDs, just like in this instructable I can customize these in the following ways: More or less LEDs. I can use any number of LEDs that is a multiple of four. Blinking. I can make these with all or any number of blinking LEDs. Different breadboard sizes. I can make these with any standard size breadboard If there is a different modification you want then let me know and I may very well be able to do it. Extra modifications may cost slightly more, but they are still significantly cheaper than an illuminated computer cases. Look at the pictures and if you want one or wish to inquire about shipping post or PM me.

Posted by nurdee1 6 years ago

I have a touchscreen module from a Lenovo AIO PC, can anyone help identify the pin-outs?

Recently I salvaged a 23" touchscreen display from a faulty Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z AIO PC. The PC has a faulty mainboard, but the touchscreen display is in perfect working order. I'm trying to use the touchscreen display for another purpose, but I am having trouble identifying the touch module and its pin-outs. For your information, the display is a Samsung LTM230HT03 The touch module is made by HannStar, it has the following markings on the back of the board: HannStar J  MV-4 94V-0  1 01 4 DATQ2TH34C0 REV:C TQ2M10400D1M 3FTQ2CB00W0 1.1.1207.2 On the front of the board is a PXI chip with the following markings: PAP7030GM -B U946QF2C As well as a smaller chip, which is marked as a MX-70G I've attached photos of both sides of the module as well as the label on the Samsung display. There are 4 connectors on the module, CON1 connects to the mainboard, CON2 and CON3 connects to the display, CON4 was not in use. CON1 has the following wire colours in order from pin 1 to 5: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Black. I will greatly appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone can give.

Asked by ThirdEarthDesign 1 year ago

esp8266 WiFi module - stand alone?

So I've been looking at this esp8266 wifi module, which seems to be a popular toy for Arduino users.  I myself am one of those Arduino users and so I bought a couple of these to play around with.  So far they work great with the Arduino, but I read somewhere, I think it was, that these modules can actually be programmed to be used without the Arduino or other external microcontrollers.  I simply wondered if this was in fact true, since I can't seem to find any evidence of it being done.  If it is true, does anyone know of any good tutorials or instructions on how to do it?  I just want to be able to turn on and off a single LED via wifi without using an Arduino or other external microcontroller.  Any tips, links, suggestions would be very welcome.   Thanks ~Dudes

Posted by dudes 2 years ago

Converting a LCD video brochure into a monitor.

I've recently found a video brochure, that consists of a 4.3" lcd display module, among other things. I'm interested in turning it into a second monitor for my computer. Is it possible to connect it through a mini-usb? (other means also welcome) Thanks oukes

Posted by mkieser 3 years ago

how do i set up this 433mhz receiver to trigger a relay?

hello, i am considering buying this( 433mhz rf receiver, to use on my rc tank as it has quite a long range transmission. however, as people before me have stated who have purchased similar rf modules, it has no useable power outputs! which leads me to believe that i have no idea on how to use it, and that it operates in a different way to the a normal 27mhz 2 channel receiver board, standard in all rc cars. recently i have learnt that these require a decoder to give an output, is this true? if so, where do i get one also, will any 433mhz transmitter work to operate these as i already posses one. currently i cant find any information about these, all google will show me when i look anything up with the words 433mhz and module, is ads for chinese sellers selling these. obviously they work somehow, otherwise the sellers would be shut down, i am just clueless as to how!

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 7 years ago

Variable wave laser devices? Answered

Are there any lasers available to the general public capable of changing wavelength? If so, where can I get one? Is there an easy way to make one?

Asked by DIY Emilio 7 years ago

Arduino DFPlayer MP3 player with Light sensor (LDR Module) as trigger

Hi everyone :) Yet another question... So I got my self a DFPlayer mini (mp3 player module) for Arduino, and a nice tutorial on how make it work, but I want to use s Light sensor (LDR Module) instead of a button (I just need play and pause or stop for my gift box) So at the moment if I connect the LDR instead of the button and give it some light, it turns the music on and off constantly/repeatedly because the LDR is constantly sending a HIGH signal, not just once like the button. Here is the question part: How to modify the code, so it only turns on the music when it gets HIGH signal and off if it gets LOW ??? Here is the modified code (I took out the auto play and the next and previous commands: ///              MP3 PLAYER PROJECT /// #include "SoftwareSerial.h" SoftwareSerial mySerial(10, 11); # define Start_Byte 0x7E # define Version_Byte 0xFF # define Command_Length 0x06 # define End_Byte 0xEF # define Acknowledge 0x00 //Returns info with command 0x41 [0x01: info, 0x00: no info] # define ACTIVATED LOW int buttonPlay = 3; boolean isPlaying = false; void setup () {   pinMode(buttonPlay, INPUT);   digitalWrite(buttonPlay, HIGH);   mySerial.begin (9600);   delay(1000);   playFirst();   isPlaying = true; } void loop () {   if (digitalRead(buttonPlay) == ACTIVATED)   {     if (isPlaying)     {       pause();       isPlaying = false;     } else     {       isPlaying = true;       play();     }   } } void playFirst() {   setVolume(20); } void pause() {   execute_CMD(0x0E, 0, 0);   delay(500); } void play() {   execute_CMD(0x0D, 0, 1);   delay(500); } void setVolume(int volume) {   execute_CMD(0x06, 0, volume); // Set the volume (0x00~0x30)   delay(2000); } void execute_CMD(byte CMD, byte Par1, byte Par2) // Excecute the command and parameters {   // Calculate the checksum (2 bytes)   word checksum = -(Version_Byte + Command_Length + CMD + Acknowledge + Par1 + Par2);   // Build the command line   byte Command_line[10] = { Start_Byte, Version_Byte, Command_Length, CMD, Acknowledge,                             Par1, Par2, highByte(checksum), lowByte(checksum), End_Byte                           };   //Send the command line to the module   for (byte k = 0; k   {     mySerial.write( Command_line[k]);   } } Thank you ever so much!!!

Asked by GellertK 1 year ago

Best flexible touch screen display modules

I'm looking for recommendations for flexible touch screen display modules that I can buy in small quantities for a personal project.  I'malso curious about the tradeoffs between OLED and LCD displays.  Ideas?

Posted by colinmcd94 3 years ago

Where can i find information about how modules that run through the mains work? Answered

Do you know of anywhere on the tintermaweb where i could find out how theses modules, such as x10 or ethernet wall plugs, work?

Asked by pyro-jim 9 years ago

how can i use my PIR sensor to activate the radioshack sound recorder module?

I know how to use my PIR sensor to alow power to something.... but now i already have power to my something and i need to to just act as a motion activated switch. im new to electronics and i need help. i also have an arduino.

Asked by XBLmonster 6 years ago

Making your own digital assistant using ardino uno gsm shield Sd card module and VR shield

I am building a personalized assistant or a daily smart reminder sort of which speaks to you. Using the Arduino R3 and GSM Shield: SMS will be sent to the SIM card in the GSM shield connected to Arduino uno and the data fro the SMS will be extracted and stored on the SD card which will be displayed on an LCD screen. All of this will be voice activated and controlled.  Need help with the logic and working of this setup.

Posted by shreyansoswal 2 years ago

yesterday i plugged in power to a circuit and smoke came from it. how do i fix this? Answered

I believe it was a voltage regulator that smoked i think? its really important too!

Asked by Jake Morton 8 years ago

Building a sound reactive lightbus/module visualizer

Hello fellow dwellers!!I am wanting to do a case mod with a window of frosted plexi glass and have LED lights behind it for show. I also want to be able to make them dance to music or whatever goes through my soundcard and cannot find a good instructable for this.What I understand is that you need a sound reactive module hooked up to your lights and have seen these things for sale on ebay, but no info on how to build my are some links to videos who us this tech in lighting:LED visualizerexternal cold cathodsON A DS!!sunbeam lightbusmorelast oneSryy bout all those links : )So if anyone can help me find a DIY guide for something like any of these, or any info that will prevent me from having to buy one and have no idea how to mod it. Thanks to everyone who replies in advance, and wish me luck.

Posted by The Jesus Panda 10 years ago

Shield:FAIL problem in ESP8266-01 with Arduino UNO

I have been working on a Security System project wherein I should get an email if the PIR sensor detects any human presence. I have used an Arduino UNO, ESP8266-01 WiFi module and a PIR sensor. Power supply: Arduino is powered through the USB connection of desktop and ESP8266-01 is powered through the 3.3V pin of Arduino UNO and I have not faced any problem with that 3.3V connection of Arduino. The connection between Arduino UNO and ESP8266-01 are as follows: Arduino UNO ESP8266-01 Rx  Rx Tx  Tx 3.3V  CH_PD & VCC GND  GND   GPIO0 and GPIO2 left open. After successfully uploading the 'BareMinimum' code as found in 'File>Examples>Basics' of Arduino IDE, the ESP8266 is able to communicate correctly i.e. connecting to a wifi network or serving as an access point via SERIAL MONITOR.The ESP8266-01 displays '0018000902-AI03' as the firware version when I type AT+GMR in the serial monitor of Arduino IDE v1.6.8 Then I created an account on and used the 'SendEmail' choreo as found under 'Google>Gmail>SendEmail'. I selected the 'Arduino' option in one tab and 'Arduino Wifi' option in another tab.I then entered the required details including the 'App specific password' and I was able to successfully run the choreo. Problem: I was able to successfully upload the code  to my Arduino UNO that was generated by Temboo. But after uploading the code, when I'm opening my SERIAL MONITOR window from Arduino IDE a message "Shield:FAIL" is being displayed. I'm not able to communicate with the ESP8266 any further. But if I upload the BareMinimum code again, then ESP8266 works normally. I'm a newbie and dont know much about the programming of Arduino though some basics of C are clear.Please if anyone can help me with this, I would be very grateful. The code has been attached.

Posted by JigarF 2 years ago

Can a ring modulator be used to achieve a vocoder or talkbox effect? Answered

Using a microphone as one input and a keyboard on the other input of a ring modulator.

Asked by iggyz123 7 years ago

rpi camera module? Answered

Can I use the following camera module from amazon. It's cheaperIndustry Park 5MP Mini Camera OV5647 Sensor 1080p 720p Video Module for Official Raspberry Pi

Asked by jfmolter 1 year ago

What does the "state" pin do on the HC-05 Bluetooth module?

Hi all, What is the function of the state pin on the HC-05 6-pin serial bluetooth module?

Asked by dmagryta124 2 years ago

What is the most basic IR Emitter/Receiver and/or PIR module Analog 10 led circuit?

What is the most basic PIR module basic 10 led circuit? I have tip31's, many different size resistors,iIR Emitters and IR Receivers also PIR module with white dome 2 adjustments, on 12v?

Asked by Sidener80 3 years ago

Thermal Electric generation using peltier modules and a household plumbed radiator?

My idea was being energy conscious of some how incorporating thermal heat from the heating system of my house to power LED Lights in the rooms where there is radiators. I need to find a way to incorporate a make shift kit using peltier modules heat from the radiators and a natural way to cool in a bid to reduce the electric during the winter months. Advice is welcomed and opinions also taken onboard as regards to its productivity and if it will be able to do its designed task. Thanks.

Asked by AlecW 3 years ago