notebook lcd connector to VGA?

Is it possible to make my lcd connect so that is the connector this part is what you put it it so what im wondering is there a way to make it to vga so that the athor end of part is vga?

Asked by darknessneo 8 years ago

How to bind a notebook so that I can add/remove pages?

Has anyone any idea how can I bind a notebook's pages so that in the future I may remove/add them? I would prefer to do this without using binders because they are quite big and don't fit in my pocket... Thanks a lot, C.

Asked by Zyborg23 3 years ago

Is there any way to make "perforated" paper without having to buy expensive equipment?

I wanted to make a notebook (using scrap paper from the recycling bin), but I also wanted it to have perforations so that I could easily tear the pages out.

Asked by mooshisho 9 years ago

how to battery power a desktop pc? Answered

I basically want to convert a desktop into a notebook. It won't have a 90W+ under load. I've done it all except for the power source. How can I power things like in a notebook using ni-mh or li-on batteries? I must be able to monitor battery capacity just like a notebook too. I've searched a lot and I'm confused.

Asked by __-_-_-__ 4 years ago

Notebook with removable pages? Similar to Circa / Rollabind

I'm putting together a DIY planner, but I keep thinking that I want to have the ability to add and remove pages at will. Some DIY examples I have seen that allow this are the classic hipster PDA, which uses a binder clip, and other designs which use opening rings. I'm not a massive fan of either - the binder clip is a bit too I really like the Rollabind ( ) and Circa ( systems. They provide a set of disks, and specially punched paper, that allows you to snap in and out pages at any time. A major shortcoming of this system is that their proprietary paper needs to be used - the system relies on the right shaped holes. The do sell a punch to allow you to use your own paper, but its very expensive. Are there any other systems out there? I might try the rollabind/circa system, and see how feasible it is to cut the paper yourself by hand.

Posted by trialex 8 years ago

BUSTED POWER CONNECTION ON MY G4. I dropped my Power Book directly on the power supply corner! Answered

 Had to buy a new power cord (big bucks!) The drop also mangled the frame around the computer connection hole.  I have to push, turn, giggle, etc to get the green light to come on. Now I can't even get that, except for a few seconds. Do I need to mess with the hole opening to get a better connection? Does the round sheath part work as the negative?  Any suggestions will be great!

Asked by swaff43 8 years ago

What can I do with old school notebooks and used paper from notebooks?

Anyone have any tips to recycle old used school notebooks and used paper?

Asked by laxmaster92 8 years ago

What can you do with the half-used spiral notebooks leftover from school?

I only use half a spiral notebook or less for each subject in school. I don't like wasting; does anyone know of something to use these notebooks for?

Asked by zerrodach 8 years ago

What helpful pages should I put in my diy notebook

I am making a diy notebook and wanted to have some helpful resources page, like in the maker's notebook. Things like useful instructables, charts and other things which a maker may find useful.

Posted by nathan nash 3 years ago

What difference does amperage make in a notebook charger? Answered

While shopping for a new notebook charger for my son's computer I discovered that the new replacement charger produces 19 volts and 3.95 amps. The original charger is 19 volts and 2.65 amps. Should I be cautious of the new charger?

Asked by blkhawk 6 years ago

First Instuctable!

I just complete my first instructable!link

Posted by starwing123 9 years ago

"I Made It!" Madness!

Anyone who posts a new "I Made It!" between today (March 13, 2018), and April 15, 2018 will be eligible to receive a new Instructables notebook and carpenter pencil. For those new to the site, an "I Made It" is a special type of comment that you can post on an instructable to show that you followed the directions and made it yourself. You can find the big orange "I Made It!" link at the end of any instructable. Post a picture of your brand new "I made it" in the comments below and also a link to the project where you have shared it. On April 16 we will be selecting 20 people at random who shared their "I Made It!" below to receive these gifts.

Posted by randofo 2 months ago

Old laptop avle to be turned to a monitor?

Is it possible to turn a laptop into another monitor?If so please share, and tell if you can use two monitors at the same time, one being a box and another being the laptop?also is it possible to slide stuff over to it and make more space?(does that make sense?)example in pic.... Batchers Unite

Posted by spiker 9 years ago

GPS on a Netbook

So, I finally picked a netbook, ended up with an Eee PC 1016P (not pictured). Well, I bought it two weeks ago, but the magic of UPS math meant that 3-day shipping took a week, so it arrived at home the day after I went back to school. Point is... The thing seems like a great candidate to install a GPS module, given its size and battery life. In a topic from my young(er) and stupid(er) days, LasVegas suggested I get a Holux GR 213, which wasn't helpful three and a half years ago, but is now. I guess my real question is, what are my options? I'd like to come as close as I can to replicating the Garmin Nuvi 350 I've been using, but I'm also stingy. I've seen packages of software and antenna for $100 or more, but I'm thinking more like $30-$40 for the antenna and free software, if it exists.

Posted by CameronSS 7 years ago

Help With Toshiba Notebook Drivers? Answered

Hi I recently reloaded a Toshiba Satellite A70-S249 Notebook Computer. I reloaded it with the Windows disk but I am having trouble with finding the hardware drivers for it. I need drivers for most the hardware including the: USB Video Card  Modem Sound Card I have looked all over the internet and cannot find the drivers. I was hoping somebody could post a link to a website were I could download the drivers. I want the actual drivers not one of these programs that searches the internet and finds the correct drivers. Thanks.

Asked by nurdee1 6 years ago

How do I build a Laptop? Answered

I want to build a laptop. I have some experience with soldering, discrete electronics, etc., but am a novice to the building of computers. I want a durable, fairly small laptop for under $400, and I would like to be able to customize it as far as features ( i.e. large hard drive space, wireless capability, long battery life, etc.) Any advice on where to start and what to buy is much appreciated. Thanks!

Asked by mad magoo 9 years ago

Need help upgrading dell xps 15 notebook. Answered

I have a dell xps 15 (l501x) notebook . It only has sata 2 (l502x has sata 3).  I want to put a ssd hard drive in my notebook. I was thinking about 256 gb crucial or samsung ssd.  Question # 1 Can i put a ssd with 500 mb write speed in my notebook and live with a little less speed because of sata 2 ? Question # 2 Can i put my existing hard drive (toshiba 7200 rpm 640 gb) in a caddy in my dvd slot and obtain full speed? Thnx in advance.

Asked by la-main 5 years ago

Can I turn a HP Pavillion TX2075BR notebook into a "Cintiq tablet" from wacom ?

I have a HP Pavillion TX2075BR notebook, and due to a problem the chipset is gone. I was wondering there is some way to use the screen and touch screen to make a "Cintiq tablet" by Wacom interactive pen display to use on other computer or with other motherboard? It's really sad to see a notebook with no use, some people told me that to repair it(motherboard-chipset) would be too expensive and not worth it. Thanks.

Asked by flaviops 5 years ago

Make a book with A4 old lined papers from notebooks

I want to make all these loose A4 lined papers that I have collected from notebooks into a book. I have looked at some instructables for binding books but am not sure what is the best way bind in this case. The pages have been either ripped from the side of the notebook or whole signatures have been pulled out. I am leaning towards just stapling them all together with a thick coloured paper cover. Your input on this would be appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by mednasrallah 6 years ago

New Laptop or Notebook choice? Answered

I am a n00b when it comes to buying laptops. Ive worked off of a PC workstation until now. I have a budget of under $900 and DO NOT WANT an HP. I have a preference for a good graphics card, at least 2 gigs of RAM and XP pre installed as the main OS. Any suggestions or tips, in fact which notebook or macbook do you use?

Asked by M4industries 8 years ago

my notebook's frame joint is broken from a side ?

Now the screen cannot be fixed at just any angle it can fall if kept near horizontal?

Asked by p1tbull 8 years ago

Where can I get a tablet with a powerful GPU? Answered

Ok, so recently I've been looking for a new computer.  I want a tablet because I'm goning to use it as a notebook next year.  The problem is every tablet I find has an Intel GMA, which SUCKS!  I simply cant find a tablet that has anythng that I want, I'm looking for an NVIDIA or an ATI with 1GB of RAM. Does anybody know of one?  My budget is 1,000$-1,200$ 

Asked by junits15 8 years ago

Can a make an adapter for my headset to work with my Laptop?

Hey i have a computer that has a headphone and a "line in port". My headset has a headphone and a "microphone" plug. apparently those dont mesh. is there any way i could make something with parts from say radio shack that could either make the mic plug a line in or just make them both to usb? thanks guys

Asked by savv 8 years ago

The Best of Instructables Preview: Moleskin Notebook Mods

Check out this preview of Moleskin Notebook Mods from the Best of Instructables Book. It's one of many galleries in the book that explore Instructables all around a certain theme. See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

Using external battery VIA existing Laptop battery pack

Hi, I'm one of these people that haven't thoroughly searched these forums for solutions before posting. So - sorry for that in advance! However I have thoroughly searched in the past, but hadn't found what I was looking for, so that's something :-P . If anyone would have the good grace to direct me in the right direction i'd appreciate it :) . I've seen a bunch of 'replace the batteries in your Laptop battery pack' guides, yet i'd like to avoid doing this, and simply use an existing multi-voltage (9, 12, 19v) battery pack I already have - because it's like 16,000mah, and I already take it with me for many other gadgetries already.  I was thinking I could take apart battery pack, take out dead cells if possible (or leave in if need be), and wire in an input socket to laptop battery pack so I can plug the external batt directly into the internal battery pack. My WISHFUL thinking is that the charge current going into the battery pack - when normally plugged in and charging would be close enough to what it could get from the external battery pack so I could plug straight into the battery (but could add a voltage regulator from external batt if need be), and the laptop would run as if on battery alone (10.8v 5200mah, 56wh), just for much longer. So i'd be tricking laptop into thinking it's running from the battery, with the current coming from the external battery pack, as opposed to running at 19v 6.32am, as many external power supplies do. Laptop: Asus n53sv, Power brick: 19v, 6.32a Any ideas? Cheers, Morgan

Posted by eyecircus 4 years ago

Best Notebooks of the Month Patch Contest

A netbook is a small portable laptop computer designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet.Netbooks are much cheaper than usual laptops and are generally running low-end operation systems specifically designed for netbooks. Have you got a new netbook? Does it look good? Does it run well? Even If you don't have one, do you have a notebook?? If so, enter your picture now!!! Now is your chance to win a patch for YOUR netbook or notebook! Just post a picture of yourself with your netbook (or notebook) and the instructables website running on the screen. The winners gets the patch at the end of the post. There are only 20 patches so get going and photograph yourself with the most coolest,wackiest and the best netbook or notebook of the month. At the end of the month, I will choose the Top 10 netbooks of the month and top 10 notebooks of the month and award the 20 patches. The Contest is open from 4 Jan 2010 to 30 Jan 2010 1200 hours PST Kabir 

Posted by mhkabir 8 years ago

I have over 60 half used notebooks. I use my computer for much of my note-taking now. How can I avoid waste ?

I have 60 spiral notebooks and I'm not going to even be a student long enough to actually use them. I'm in my senior year at college, so I only have that plus 4 years of medical school. It's extremely difficult to recycle spirals, since you have to pull all the spirals out, and these notebooks are taking up way too much space in my life! Help! 

Asked by 3838 4 years ago

my laptop tells me "plugged in, not charging" what do i do?

Just go it back from the computer shop and know almost nothing on computers

Asked by derkah 8 years ago

What can i do with 2 old working laptops? Answered

I have one compaq(wifi, dvd, 40gb HDD, 15 screen,win xp) laptop and one old Toshiba(win 98, 12, cd drive). Any ideas of waht i can make using them?

Asked by daniel2008 9 years ago

My Homemade External Laptop Liquid Cooling System

I did not make an instructable, but i thought you folks might want to see my homemade external water cooling system for my inspiron 5150. it works very well and not a single drop of water has leaked. The average CPU temp drops about 8 degrees Fahrenheit when i use it..

Posted by linkey 10 years ago

Best sub $800 netbook?

I'm looking to purchase a netbook, with a maximum budget of $800, I just wanted to put it out to you guys... what do you think is the best. I already own a laptop, so no suggestions there, thanks. I'm strictly looking for something small and easy to carry around and use on the plane. I'm not concerned about OS, but want something capable of at least running ubuntu, preferably XP, but I don't really want to pay extra, as I'd prefer to install it myself. I want the biggest hard drive possible, and a long battery life. I want something capable of watching video from the hard disk. I don't really care about added extras such as a webcam or card reader. With size, I want something bigger than an eee pc, but not so big that I might as well use a full sizzed notebook, something slightly bigger than a portable DVD player would be good. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Asked by munchman 8 years ago

Desktop Computer or Notebook? Please help !

Yeah well, I need to decide on what to get. A desktop or a Notebook. At first I was adamant that the Notebook is better, but now i'm also considering a Desktop! I will be using it for : Playing games - mainly FPS like Far Cry and maybe Unreal Tournament 3.Doing scholwork , homework, oh yeah......and also coursework sadly since I will be going into Year 10 in late May.A little bit of photo editing with Serif Suite.Msn-ing ( Instant Messaging lol )And maybe watch a couple of videos now and again, - Preferebly under £500 ! ( Budget )After taking all that into perspective can you also give me specifc model aswell with your answer on which is better at suiting my needs. lol.Thanks.

Posted by Baron A 10 years ago

How can i sign up to be a beta tester for compaq?

The question says it all.

Asked by PyroMaster007 8 years ago

Installing Linux on a Windows Notebook? Answered

I found a few year old laptop in our storage unit and it was OK with my dad if I could have it. But I really want the Ubuntu Linux on it. But be warned, when it comes to OS, im a n00b. Any suggestions?

Asked by M4industries 8 years ago

Anyone thought of adding a second lcd panel to a laptop to create a dual display?

Hello everyone, Just wanted to ask a question to all of you modders out there... Seeing as two or three new products have been shown off at technology shows sporting dual displays on a laptop of normal dimensions, has anyone thought of trying to add one themselves? They are so thin now, and I am sure altering components such as lcd controllers and graphics output could be done pretty straightforwardly. Several teams appear to have come up with what I would expect is the most efficient and attractive method: a sliding lcd panel in front of the second panel, both embedded in the lid. I am a video editor, and this would be ideal as our programs are so big, we need as much real estate as we can get visually. Anyone willing to give it a go with an old spare and do an instructable? Here is a link to my favourite dual display laptop design: [...] ebook.html [...] -kohjinsh/ The two ends of the laptop spectrum - high end desktop replacement with two 15" screens (adding two full HD 1080p 15.6" wouldn't be too hard); and a 10" netbook with a 768p dual display setup proves that it is practically feasible and even financially viable. A bit of casing areound the second panel, an extra GFX module using an expresscard port or similar, perhaps an lcd controller, and bob is your father's brother. If anyone thinks they could manage it in principle, please do upload any pics of the project - Im sure many will find it useful and inspiring for their own mods... Thanks, David

Posted by davidmoss1595 8 years ago

Are printing press letters suitable for embossing?

I'd like to emboss the cover of my Moleskine notebook with some printing press letters I bought recently. Would they be suitable for the task, and if so, what method should I use for embossing the notebook?

Asked by St Jimmy 5 years ago

Hi, I have a notebook display works well,can i enter video signal in some way to display without the motherboard? Answered

Hi, I have a notebook display (Compaq R3000) works well, the rest of the laptop fail, my question is this: can i enter video signal in some way to display without the motherboard? if I can not, what would you do? Greetings from Argentina.

Asked by zatanclauss 6 years ago

internal CD drive to External CD drive?

Could you take a CD/DVD drive from a pc and wire it with a USB so you could use it with a notebook/ anything without a CD/DVD drive? If so, HOW?!?!? it would make a great instructable. Just sayin'...

Asked by kooool 7 years ago

how to connect laptop to tv?

My screen broke on my toshiba notebook. i wan to plug into my tv

Asked by shulk 7 years ago

What is a good graphic card for Windows 7 Notebook 4BG 64 Bit i5 for Bitcoin mining ?

I am a beginning bitcoin mining and want to set up my Asics note book to start out to get the biggest bang for the buck.  I don't have extensive computer knowledge but I learn as I go. Here is what ya need to know about my pc:  Asics Notebook K52 with Intel Core i5  2.4 Ghz  4Gb currently has Intel  (R) Graphics Card. I will be using GUIMiner to mine. Appreciate help from you folks. 

Asked by judy.kojadinovich 3 years ago

How it is possible to power up a 12V device using only 5V?

I had a power outage some time ago, and needed to use the internet for university search. i was with my notebook, EEEPC 1000H with 4 hours of batt. my internet is over a cable and it uses 12V for power; i had a cable for my external dvd reader (ad/dc pin to USB)that fitted into the modem, and i plugged it into my usb. it worked very well. however, the notebook started to heat up slowly, and the battery indicator dropped from 4:00 to 2:00; this was safe to do? could it damaged my notebook? how can be possible 12V into 5V?

Asked by Shiron 9 years ago

back to school contest? possibly?

Wouldn't a back to school contest be cool? i mean i cant start but just as a idea.

Posted by sev17 8 years ago

how to repair a damaged hp compaq 6720s notebook charger.?

 i was charging my laptop at home when due to voltage fluctuation, there was a small spark on the charger and it gave a burning smell. i realised tat the charger is no more functioning. can any 1 please help me fix it?? is it repairable if not can any one give me an alternative instructable. i searched for it on instructable but could not find a solution. 

Asked by para p 8 years ago

How could I make a rigid USB keyboard fold in half?

No one seems to manufacture a full size 104(?) key keyboard which folds (the way the first IBM Thinkpad's notebook board did) so as to fit in a backpack or notebook case. I do not like to type on those rubber roll up keyboards. Any ideas on how I could build a folding keyboard? Thanks

Posted by TAP119 9 years ago

A Pile of Junk

Can you believe my wife called it that? Here I find out that a friend of a friend's company is clearing out it's inventory, so I score for next to nothing, all this cool vintage tech. And the first thing my wife does is call it junk, and second tell me "Don't bring that into MY house". So I desperately need to boast somewhere. Here's what I got. A PII notebook (won't boot, past setup screen needs new cmos battery) A PIII notebook ( boots couple bad spots on screen (Thinking sacrificial computer for dangerous projects)) PIV notebook Cracked screen (Thinking of docking it to replace my crufty old celery desktop) PIII Desktop (needs harddrive (same destiny as the P3 notebook) LCD projection panel, just 640X480 but NIB. A video camera, old school tape, but top of the line for it's vintage. a laser printer and a eighties vintage teleconferencer. Went around giggling like Beavis all day. Acquire any cool junk recently?

Posted by Tool Using Animal 11 years ago

Notebook wireless stopped connecting to my home network a couple of days ago

My new notebook PC (running windows 8.1) was connecting to our home network and then unexpectedly dropped out. All other devices in the house still connect to the network and mine still works if I use an ethernet cable, but when I try to connect via wireless it just says "can't connect to this network". It also still connects to other wireless networks such as at my friend's house, at Uni and to public wireless networks. I have tried resetting the modem, restarting my computer, disabling and re-enabling my network adapter, updating all the drivers etc Any advice would be appreciated Cheers

Asked by idfk42 4 years ago