where can i get a spray can-like spray nozzle made from metal?

Hi, im currently doing a project which uses a high volume, low pressure water motor and needs to spray a mist, using little pressure. Essentially what im after is something with the same specs as a regular aerosol can spray nozzle, except it needs to be straight, and made of metal, so it wont dissolve in the petroleum oil, or slip . ive tried using a normal spray nozzle but the pressure is too great and no matter how i go about binding the tube to the nozzle it always pops out, either because it grows soft and warps from the petroleum oil in the spray mix, or from the overal lubricating effects. either way, using spray can spray nozzles is bad. For another project ill be doing at the same time, which is for watering my plants, i still also need a straight spray head, prefferbly made of metal, as this one will have a bit more pressure behind it, and i need to be able to absolutely permanently attach the nozzle to a pvc plastic hose. I dont want to vary at all from my design, or compromise with a plastic version. What im after is a straight spray nozzle, aka, not bent, that sprays a mist of roughly more or less the same size and directionality, and angle as a earosol spray canister. for all intents and purposes, my water motor will be putting out perhaps 2/3rds of the pressure of your typical spray can, a normal spray nozzle works fine, so all im after is a metal equivalent, or anything that wont dissolve in petroleum oils, acetone or paint laquer. does anyone know where i can find such a thing? thanks

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 5 years ago

What is making my sprayer drip?

I've replaced all the O rings, so now the only drip is in the spray.  About 1/3  of the cone of spray just sprays crazy and dribbles from the hole in the top  of the domed piece that screws on.  The hole looks round to me.  I can't tell if the inside of the dome is uneven.... it's pretty small and dark in there.  I've cleaned it with Barkeeper's Friend on a Q-tip, but there is still some staining.  If the problem is inside, how would I smooth it out? If the problem is in the male part,  what should I be looking for that might cause this?  

Asked by mole1 6 years ago

0.3mm nozzle printing speeds?

I am currently finetuning my homemade hotend and was wondering what you guys have in the speed settings for 0.3mm nozzles printing ABS? I started with the aim of reaching 120mm/s but after some hours of finetuning I am currently trying to breach the 200mm/s barrier. As I am only using a very old Mendel Prusa I am actually quite happy that I got that far. What speeds are possible with the current printer models? (not the statements on the website, real life)

Posted by Downunder35m 3 years ago

Guidance on making a model rocket engine?

First, I've seen both potassium nitrate and ammonium nitrate being used in rocket fuel. What are the differences? Second, how much temperature does a rocket nozzle need to withstand? Would JB Weld work for the nozzle?

Asked by mykiscool 3 years ago

What is the differenece between a flarred,tappered,and normal end for a burner? Id like high heat and high speed.?

Im just wondering...its gonna be more of a high heat engine and it is meant to throw heat.

Asked by trf 9 years ago

Clear Spray Nozzle? Answered

You can turn the can upside down and clear the nozzle before it gets clogged. That way it doesn't get clogged, and you don't have the problem.

Asked by charles543 1 year ago

nozzle position? Answered

Hello I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to change nozzle position on my 3d printer. I change the x carriage but the center of the build plate is no longer center it has a offset. Thank you for your time.

Asked by ExHippoMan 1 year ago

What is this tool?

Today, I had a clear out of the workshop (Okay, shed) and found this peculiar tool. It's being lingering around for years now, and I've never been able to figure out exactly what it is and where it came from. The orange thing pushes down and locks, and when it is at the bottom a tiny metal rod appears and dissapears again at the end of the white nozzle. It holds in place until you press the orange button, at which point it fires the orange thing out at a fairly high speed, and it stops when it reaches the end of the blue channel. If you cover over the nozzle, it fires very slowly, so it probably sucks air from there. Does anybody know what this tool is?

Asked by Ikkalebob 5 years ago

How could I make a Kort Nozzle for a 60mm prop?

I have some thrusters on my ROV that would benefit from a nozzle of some sort. I was thinking of using PVC pipe cut into lengths and then shaped to form the nozzle. I need it to attach to the housing of the thruster, but not impede water flow too much.

Asked by SpaceShipOne 8 years ago

Gas nozzle or gas cup polarity? Answered

Is the gas nozzle or gas cup carrying any charge? Would I generate a spark of I accidentally let it touch the work piece. I have shaky hands and I'm worried about creating an arc with it.

Asked by JohnH514 1 year ago

how do build an atomizer nozzle?

We were wondering how to build a heatresistant atomizer, it doesn't have to be fancy or anything?

Asked by keijemosch 8 years ago

Vortex tube should have a supersonic nozzle for efficiency; a simple drilled hole will not allow supersonic flow, right?

Scientific American had an article on supersonic nozzles in Amateur Scientist.  The nozzle needs to first narrow and then widen, so that maximum velocity is reached by the expanding air. The Hilsch tube seems to be very primitive because of details like the primitive nozzle.  Perhaps, the Hilsch tube was designed to have too much friction.  Perhaps, the tube was built to be sure it was inefficient and not very useful.  The tube can only violate the Second Law if it is built with a minimum of friction losses.

Asked by R.Blakely 8 years ago

How do I make a long nozzle for a silly string can?

I had an Idea for a Silly String firing Dalek Gun. Anyone have any ideas on how to rig a long nozzle to reach the end of the Dalek gun barrel?

Asked by elkaddalek 4 months ago

How can i make a "one way air nozzle" (a nozzle where air goes forward but not back)? Answered

I'm making water rockets. pocket sized ones. those fly ~5 meters. i want to improve the results and move forward to bigger rockets, by making a one-way air nozzle. the air will need to go inside the rocket, but not out. i tried it with my simple bicycle pump, but the air leaks. please give me instructions or suggestions, and i cant buy a new pump. my rocket should meet the requirements of a simple, cool, pocket sized, homemade rocket.

Asked by netbus 8 years ago

Cheap External Mix Snow Machine

*EDIT* IT WORKS!!! Hi everyone, this is a simple DIY snow machine. It utilizes external mixing which not only increases the production but also eliminates the risk of water backing down the air line and vise versa. I will not be making an instructable but possibly a video displaying its qualities. It only needs an air compressor with the standard quick connect end and a regular garden hose. It works and I may be selling a few on ebay for ~$75 each and will include a professional looking instruction manual. This produces a very large mist and i have yet to measure its snow making capabilities. I expect it to make about 2" per hour over a 200 square foot area. Please comment and rate!!

Posted by Electroinnovation 7 years ago

License question... Answered

I am currently in the finnishing stages of a new aluminium print nozzle for 3D printers. Of course I would like to share my project here soon but I also would like to see if it has any commercial value. I would only be able to make a very small amount of them each month and the hours I have to spend in my workshop for it would not be justified by any price. So if someone would have an interest to mass produce this nozzle what would be the correct type of license to choose from when publishing the Instructable?

Asked by Downunder35m 3 years ago

does any one know what is the best water rocket launcher?

I want it to be full bore and not a restricted nozzle.

Asked by Redrockers 9 years ago

Propane expension

Does anyone know of an extension for a 1 lb propane tank that features a hose that ends in a pencil torch nozzle for more agile, fine work?

Posted by Plutosson 9 months ago

Need help with Aeroponics misting system any ideas? Answered

I've been struggling to build an aeroponics system and the only problem I have right now is the misting system. I purchased some misting nozzles off amazon that I inserted into some vinyl tubing and sealed with a silicon sealant. I used a small DC 6V pump powered by my Arduino to pump the water to the nozzles. Now the little pump couldn't provide enough pressure to create a mist of water (I think its pump rate was something like 15GPH) it came out with some of the water leaking while a steady stream sprayed in four directions. So my question to the instructables community is was it my little pumps fault or did I get ripped off buying bad nozzles? What pump should I buy that will pump enough pressure to create a mist? here are the nozzles I bought and here's the pump I bought: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004HHW0FU/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004U3MRIG/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00     One more thing, I was thinking of a misting system which I'm unsure will work. I got the idea driving behind a truck after the rain when the road was wet. The wheels were spraying a mist behind them as they drove over the wet road. Could I simulate that effect at all with an electric motor and a small wheel?

Asked by thecoonskin 6 years ago

hobby rocket using rocket candy

Today I tested a homemade rocket engine made with r-candy and clay catlitter (for the nozzle and plug). The nozzle was made from clay catlitter with a tapered hole I used about twenty grams of r-candy then l put a thin plug of catlitter. I had placed the rocket upside down on a bamboo rod clamped to a table with a scale under the engine but when I ignited it the sound was so great that I had to step back and could not get a reading but from the looks and sound of it the small 500 gram scale would be maxed out then at the end of the 3-5 second burn the thin plug at the end popped off shooting the engine up in the air this was becouse the core was not drilled all the way to the end so when the burn was near an end it found it easier to escape threw  the thin plug then the narrow nozzle.

Posted by qwerty2008 6 years ago

3D Printer filament breaking in extruder?

Several of my recent 3D printer projects have failed in the middle because the PLA filament seemed to break in the extruder and cannot be pushed out the nozzle. Has anyone had this experience?

Asked by John Morrissey 10 months ago

MIG Soldering Iron Concept

The plan is to modify a existing soldering iron remove the tip have a small nozzle at the front (made of a thick disk of metal, drilled with a normal bit until a small hole is poked, thus making a cone nozzle)(thinner than what i put in the picture, because the taper should be 45 degrees) the area where the tip is screwed in to will be where the solder liquidfies a hole will be drilled above that for a flexible copper tube to guide solder in the tube will be heat sinked so the solder only liquidfies when it is near the chamber the solder will be feed with some sort of unreeling mechanism or something that is controlled by a button the feed will be guided to the copper tube via another sort of tubing the pressure of adding solder will force the liquid solder out the nozzle the goal is to have a tiny drop of liquid solder, small enough for average through hole soldering, come out with a press of a button. flux should be applied before. does anybody see anything wrong that could happen with my concept? does anybody have other ideas and suggestions? had this been thought of before?

Posted by frank26080115 11 years ago

Pop rivet stem removal? Answered

I need to use the pop riveter today, but there is a leftover 'stem' thingy stuck in it. I've removed the nozzle (?) and squeezed the handle a few times. but it's still stuck. I've tried pulling on it with pliers with no success.  

Asked by mole1 7 years ago

Color changing LED faucet?

I'm looking to make one of those faucets that changes color with the temperature of the water coming out of it. I already have a preliminary circuit using a thermistor, an LM311 comparator and a couple LED's. Just wondering if anyone had any tips of how to refine or whatever. Also hitting a roadblock on how to power this, as I want to make it entirely analog (no microcontrollers, just op amps and the like) and I want it to be fitted to an actual faucet nozzle. If it is fitted to a nozzle, space is very limited and batteries are really not desired. I was thinking along the lines of a mini waterwheel or something that uses kinetic energy from the water.

Asked by jarredpickles87 6 years ago

homemade paint gun/ airbrush

Ok well me and a friend of mine have been experimenting with making our own paint gun. we are doing for two reasons. well we want to airbrush some things but we don't have one adn we don't have much money, and we need something to do so it occupies time. we have gone throught many trials and errors and quite a few have failed. we now have one that works acually pretty well. it composes of blowgun attached to an aircompresser, there is a "t" fitting at the other end of the blowgun, at one part of the "t" fitting is a little attachment that goes to a small water bottle, and at part of the water bottle is a little nozzle(nozzle2). than at the other part of the "t" fitting is another nozzle (nozzle1). those nozzles are really close to each other. you put the paint in the water bottle and supply air to it than it paints(sometimes) i was just wondering if anyone knew how to make it better or had another idea for a paint gun? any comment that is related to the topic is welcome and thanks for any feedback. i am sorry if that is confusing.

Posted by zipzapper859 7 years ago

Has anyone had the new Krylon Fusion paint totally crap out on them?

I messaged Krylon (Sherwin Williams) about it, and they said it wasn't normal, maybe a bad nozzle and they replaced the can, but the next can did the same doggone thing! Very frustrating!

Asked by penumbra_ 9 years ago


When I saw the sandblaster here, I wanted to make one because well, it's cool. The only problem is that I can't find the gun. From what I can tell, It has 2 intakes and one exit nozzle. I did read the instructable, but it didn't say (as far as I could tell). Can someone help?

Posted by John Smith 10 years ago

what size pump is best for a hydroponic garden mist system? Answered

I am trying to make a misting system for a hydroponic garden but the pump i have is hopelessly inadequate (impeller type,185gph for 10 small mist nozzles). will a bigger gph output provide the pressure or am i gonna have to drop $300 plus for one of the specialized mister pumps.?

Asked by RyshusMojo 6 years ago

powerwasher won't throw out water from gun with motor running

Honda GC190 motor 3000pst powerwasher with a annovi reverbi pump RMV 2.5 G30  when all hoses are connected and the water is on, motor off, water passes thru nozzle, when the motor is on, the water does not pass out at all? How should I trouble shoot??

Asked by natmac 4 years ago

brazing beginner

I'm making a CNC machine and I need to make a frame and I decided to use aluminum since it's surprisingly the cheapest. I need to braze the joints to gather and I'm new to brazing. Is all I need: Propane bottle Nozzle someway to ignite it brass solder If anyone here is an experience brazer than please give me some tips

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

2 jet lighters taped to a deodorant spray, to make a flamethrower. can the spray can blow up ? Answered

2 jet lighters taped to a deodorant spray, to make a onehanded small flamethrower. Flame on the jet starts about one inch away from the nozzle. can the spray can blow up ? How about if the lighters are extinguished first, and then the spray jet ?

Asked by liquidrive 9 years ago

How do I make an atomizer?

Okay, I have been looking everywhere and I can't for the life of me find a simple explanation on how to make one, for perfume bottles, I really would like to make a vintage looking pump/hose spray nozzle for a perfume bottle I have. I saw a diagram on this site at this link however nothing explaining on how to build one...

Asked by qichiro 4 years ago

Can the pressure of an input water source in a laminar flow setup be variable? Answered

I.e. Can I change the total ballistic traveling distance of the water stream by lowering/raising the water pressure into the laminar flow nozzle assembly? I can't seem to find any theory/equations regarding laminar water flow and how pressure fits into its creation. Thanks for any help everyone!

Asked by kidiron 7 years ago

Coanda effect in conjuction with Venturi effect !?

I am still working on my project to create relatively accurate model of a Repulsine. No, I am not one of those free energy nut balls, just curious in old tech ;) As part of my research I came across some statements in regards to lost pieces of the Repulsine. The last remaining model still exists in Austria but noone seems to have to clue what the missing parts looked like. I think the missing parts are a system of nozzles, diverters and a secondary hull - forming a similar system like the Coanda plane engine. There are lots of people still out there tinkering with Coanda lifting devices and trying to get them working. Is there anyone here doing it ??? Would like to exchange some knowledge, tipps, designs and so on. Short term goal is to make working Coand engine with enough thrust / lift to be used at a later stage for a working Coanda plane model. Long term goal to modify it all to incorporate into the Repulsine.

Posted by Downunder35m 2 years ago

help with black powder rocket

Hi i am making a black powder rocket similar to a bottle rocket just bigger scale and am having trouble with it ill give as much info as i hope someone can help me out thanx the rocket engine is 53 mm in length 1.5 mm thick wall 16 mm inside wall to wall hopefully that all sounds ok the (nozzle) in the end is 6mm thick was planing on filing it with black powder and packing it in around a core with 42 mm of powder and a further 5mm plug on the end then turn it over and put in a fuse etc... strap to a small stick or skewer and launch what i am wanting to know how big should the nozzle hole be to actually get lift off and should i just insert a fuse or a fuse and quick match or fill the core with loose black powder and make a paste of black powder and plug the end and insert a fuse onto that im probably going the complete wrong way about this if i am feel free to tell me what im doing wrong or what i need to do thanks

Posted by acid_clown 11 years ago