how to controll 2 additional motor for this robot ?

Hy  i saw this mobile operated robot  by Avadhut.Deshmukh and i am making one   Other than the 2 motors  used for controlling the robot  i need to control  2 more motor and 1 light (led) using mobile phone  some body plz tell me how can i do what should i do ??

Asked by neymer 3 years ago

Dear friends i want to make a simple remote operated door can anybody help me, soon with circuit diagram? please help !

Friends i m using a simple IR pair , and want to usde 8051 micro controller with l293d  stepper motor ic. please frnds help i m not able to construct its circuit diagram. send me the circuit diagram .......please.

Asked by dkb1990 8 years ago

Is a laser operated button pusher possible?

We have a business convention coming up soon. Inside of our display case we have this grid of LED panels. The goal of the display is you try and hit a button outside of the case when a certain LED panel is lit To demonstrate human vs. computing reflexes. I'd like to have some kind of external build to demonstrate with as the "vs.". I am thinking I can use a laser and point it at the LED block because lasers are capable of transferring data. I would think it wouldn't be too difficult to make a build that distinguishes between on & off. It's basic binary, on & off 1 & 0, true & false, same & changed. When the surface lights that the laser is pointed on, I think the easiest way to push the button would be to discharge a capacitor into a hobby motor, and some kind of tab or something on the motor. I can go into more detail on the build, but I need more info on making a laser operated trigger system thingy.

Asked by mr monoply33 7 years ago

flashing camera? i need to make a big flash(like the ones in the movies)from the bulb area on my vintage cameras ?

I would like to be able to use my vintage cameras on stage but my director wants them to have a big flash so what do i buy or construct to make this happen ?  without destroying the look of the camera i need it to be battery operated , so an actor can just push a button any ideas?  would like it to be simple and easy  please thanks

Asked by propsflatrock 5 years ago

how can i make a connection between gsm phone and DTMF decoder?

I've seen the project cell phone operated robot and i'm enthusiastic to do it.(link : have a motorla l6 phone with me and i'm planning to use that in the circuit. It has auto-answer option. But it has an USB port to connect the headset. If i want to use it, is it ok if cut one of the ear phones and connect the wire at the 2nd pin of DTMF IC?The next thing is what is the significance of word "RING" written at the ground in the circuit (left side at the bottom)

Asked by vasu1012 9 years ago

Looking to build a remote controlled mic stand

Want to build a remote controlled mic stand. Needs to have ability to hold 2 lbs and somewhat accurately make movements in increments of 1/8" at a time. I have no skills in building such a device. Looking to pay someone to build one for me immediately. I am very serious about this. I have seen others who have built such a device, but none worthy for sale as of yet. I wouldn't be past investing in marketing of such a device if something working comes of this. Jimmy

Posted by jimmys69 4 years ago

can this battery operated water pump be used in a toy sink??

My children have a toy sink with a recirculating pump that runs on 4 D batteries. We paid 59.00 for the sink, the kids loved it but the pump went in three days. Checking online I see that this is a big problem with this toy but my kids love it. Will this work on a toy?

Asked by 8 years ago

Battery operated led with 6 hour run time per day.

Trying to figure out how to make a circuit for a LED light that is run by two AA or two C batteries. I would like the light when turned on to run for 6 hours and then turn off. Then autmatically turn on the same time each day and run for 6 hours without having to manually reset the light. Having a hard time trying to figure out how to make this timer. It would also be a bonus if the the led flickered like a candle. Thanks for any help in the right direction.

Posted by pdub0626 9 years ago

I would like to have an industrial sewing machine motor operate on a removable and rechargable battery. Answered

I am in need of a rechargable battery operated industrial sewing machine motor. I would like to be able to switch from the battery to AC power when needed. Use battery when in the field and AC back at the shop. Typical sewing machine motor is: 2 poles, 130 cycles 50/60, 1.0 amps, 90 watts. It would be great if the battery would last 1.25-1.50 hours per charge and be removable to install a fresh battery and be charging the spent one. Thanks.

Asked by bc23 8 years ago

Need to make very loooong lasting battery operated Mini LED light for backlit painting

For some of you brainiacs Im sure this will seem like an incredibly easy project but for me, Not my area do expertise in the least. I need to make a simple machine for part of an art project. I need to have two small LED lights placed one each on the tip of two  clock hands . I need the lit clock hands to be battery operated ( looong as possible) and flattish ( maybe an inch in depth at most for entire piece) so it can hide behind a painting. Would like it to  operate lit up and moving in clockwise circle nonstop day and night for at least a year . Any ideas?  What # volt? How to make simple clock ( besides just buying a kit? It only needs a very long hour hand with bulbs on each end ( say 12 oclock and 6 oclock) Where to get small ( 1/8 to 1/4" diameter)  long lasting LED bulbs? As I said before, I am an absolute amateur here!  Thank you. Maggie 

Posted by Memtobin 4 years ago

multiple motherboards with one operating system?

i have heard  multiple operating systems linked together to form a 'supercomputer',but it only still has all the operating systems, so my question is multiple motherboards with one operating system?

Asked by sora 7 years ago

real time operating system ?

Is window  a real time operating system ? If answer is no then what is meaning of " window as real time operating system I don't understand what is meaning of window as real time operating system Is window ce is different thing ?

Asked by vead 3 years ago

how to run alternate operating systems?

How to run alternate operating systems on samsung cellphones and digital point and shoot cameras?

Asked by awesomeepiceli 5 years ago

Naming Operations? Answered

I know you can rename features, but is there also a way to edit the names of operations?

Asked by kbgeorgiev5 8 months ago

how to operate a commercial dish washing machine?

Stepa to operate a commercial dish wahing machine

Asked by 8 years ago

Are games for the XP and Vista Operating Systems compatible with the Windows 7 operating system? Answered

I am trying to decide what operating system(s) to put on my new gaming computer I'm working on.

Asked by bowmaster 8 years ago

operating current? Answered

Hi, i dont clearly understand the operating current 20MA concept, do youthink you can tell me how to find this ?

Asked by faustog5 7 months ago

Best Operating System?

What is the best operating system? I have come to the conclusion that most, if not all Windows based operating systems (including Windows 98, 2000, XP, and definitely Vista) suck. Which one is the best, fastest, or safest?

Posted by gonturan 9 years ago

I need SPRS (Slip Power Recovery Scheme) operation guide? Answered

SPRS working principle and its operation.

Asked by vickyraja 2 years ago

how to make a foldable for a order of operations math lesson?

I need to come up with activities and foldables for a math lesson and the subject is order of operations

Asked by karynlucero 9 years ago

The FM is not operational, but the AM works?

Subaru car radio/cd player

Asked by GingHeskett 4 years ago

How can I make my own operating system?

Hey guys. I want to make my own operating system. I need a NOOB-FRIENDLY guide, as I dont have very much programming skills. PLEASE HELP ME! I REALLY WANT TO MAKE MY OWN OS! Thanks!

Asked by sci4me 6 years ago

how much current needed for a bilc pump to operate, will it operate with say 2 amps 12v PSU? Answered

How much current needed for a bilc pump to operate, will it operate with say 2 amps 12v PSU? I have this pump, i can barely spin it by hand and it is not working by poering by a 1 amp psu, perhaps I demaged it while testing with 24v Ac . thanks

Asked by celalboz 8 years ago

how to create a CD of your operating system (win xp prof) with ability to install?

I want a spare xp prof. disk. Just the operating system , that I can install on my blank desktop

Asked by dreamer301 9 years ago

What operating system are you running?

Just a little survey. Please give your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), the type (XP, Snow leopard, does Linux have types?) and the version (Starter). I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Posted by NYPA 8 years ago

A tennis ball-chucker the dog can operate..

I had to post this one: a tennis ball-chucker for dogs, operated by dogs.The dog loads it, and it fires automatically.

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago

Operating system's problem

Hello Everybody is welcomed here. Here you can send your operating system's problem and you will surely receive the answer within 20 to 24 hrs. Sending spam is strict here

Posted by libertyshouts 10 years ago

Operating system is not supported? Answered

Is there another Fusion version I can useYour operating system is not supported. Fusion 360 is supported on 64-bit Windows 7 or newer and 64-bit Mac OS X 10.10 or newer.

Asked by blokeman 10 months ago

Make an Operating System

I am trying to make an OS. I am planning on doing it in C++, as I know a lot of that. Update: I can't really use GRUB, but since it is GNU, I will use it to get an idea. I still need to know how to make the kernel. Anyone know?

Posted by puffyfluff 9 years ago

how to make a operating system? Answered

I would like to know how to make a  operating system. i had in mind using a kernel from linus (if theres any better could you suggest it to me). and going on from there but i have no clue where to start. can someone help me?

Asked by sora 8 years ago

What best operating software to run...?

I am about to open an Internet Cafe that will be using a thin client system, about 10 to 20 seat, and just one Dell 2650 server; what best operating software can I use with the Dell Server? XP pro, 2000, 2003, or what?

Asked by TechMan101 5 years ago

Virtual Web Operating System Offline( very cool)

My friend made it. it is hard to explane to just see for your self. should make an account.

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

Change sketch got invalid operation!

I want to change the sketch dimension but I got invalid operation when i try to change it. Also why somes lines are in green? what does that mean?

Asked by cwl123d 4 years ago

operating systems

Does anyone know of some other open source operating systems other than Ubuntu and Linux? because I'm getting quite pissed off at windows 2000. EDIT: there is some confusion about what I meant. I meant that Linux is the only OS that I know about. I didn't mean that I had ruled out Linux, I like Linux, I was just wondering about what other OS were out there.

Posted by the_mad_man 9 years ago

How do you determine the operating range of a antena?

I found an antenna and was just wondering.

Asked by oldscool 8 years ago

Laptop says missing operating system? Answered

My computer crashed and when i try to turn it back on it says missing operating system_ I do not have a recovery disk it is windows XP home is there a way to get a recovery disk off the internet for free? anything is appreciated

Asked by miiwii3 8 years ago