How do you put acrilic paint on styrafoam?

When I paint acrilic on styrafoam (or any plastic for that matter) it always looks seethrough and you can see the brushstrokes.

Asked by Potaterchip 9 years ago

Step by Step saran wrap painting on metal techniques

I am trying to redo my motorcycle gas tank.  The pattern is called saran wrap painting.  I need instructions on how to do it please

Asked by kc_cole 8 years ago

I need to repair and paint baseboards.

My Sweetheart of a Lab has decided he loves the taste of baseboards.  He has chewed in areas all through my house.  I need to make repairs and paint.  Where do I start?

Asked by Gulfbreezed 7 years ago

What kind of paint is best?

Years ago in school, I did an art project that I now want to recreate. I remember the technique well: along each contour of each figure in the painting, one was supposed to leave negative space. Then, when finished with the painting, we painted over the whole thing with black. Finally, when the painting was completely dry, we gently rinsed off the top lyer of black paint--the black had of course stayed in the negative contours and gave the whole thing a kind of dark veneer. The result was very pleasing, even to someone like me who isn't especially artistically inclined. What I don't remember is what kind of paint we used. I have a nice set of gouaches at home--will this work, or should I use something else? I would really appreciate any answers as I'm really excited about doing this. I haven't made a painting in years and I want to start as soon as possible! Thanks!!! Lauralabama

Asked by Lauralabama 9 years ago

as 2 hw i should make my presentation on the reading of catherine belsey TITLE MAKING space?

Im finding difficult in it.not understnding as 2 what it is saying

Asked by sujata singh 6 years ago

painting bathrooms?

My bathroom paint is cracking and peeling. We are going to repaint it, but don't want the same issue. What kind of paint should we use

Asked by 9 years ago

Cleaning an oil painting

I bought a painting at a thrift store. It appears to be palette-applied oil paint. There are no brush strokes that I can see. It looks like it was painted on plywood. It's pretty dirty. And it looks kind of old. There's no frame.

Asked by joni53 6 years ago

Which paint should i use in order to paint glass vases??????

Dear friends i have to paint a big quantity of glass vases. It would be more than helpful for me to know which type of paint i should use!!! Thank u for your time!!!

Asked by jimmy-man 7 years ago

Hi All, Anybody know a good technic to paint metal ? creating textures of old or brushed ?

Hi All, Anybody know a good technic to paint metal ? creating textures of old or brushed ?

Asked by Dotanko 8 years ago

How can I colour White Gloss paint?

I am about to start painting tyres for a school gardening project! I've researched Diy sites that tell me it's best to use Gloss paint as it lasts for two year before needing repainting. The problem I have is I have lots of white paint donated from parents but I don't what just white. I've been to a DIY store and they have informed me that Dulux now add acrylic to their gloss paint to colour it? Has anyone tried to colour Gloss paint themselves and what sort of acrylic paint did you use? Obviously I am trying to keep costs down as we have 56 small tyres to paint. Please if anyone has any experience in doing this please contact me or have other methods. I've considered Food colour? Thank you

Asked by Beeky 8 years ago

how do i spray paint furniture so it feels smooth?

I'm trying to spray paint a desk from a dingy white to a semi-gloss white. I used a primer and let it dry for about 24 hours. Afterwards, I used the semi-white spray paint and applied one coat so far. The problem I'm noticing is that, when I move my hand over the painted areas, it's very bumpy. What should I do?

Asked by anamarie81 8 years ago

repainting kitchen cabinets?

What primers, degreasers (?), type of paint and glaze do I need?

Asked by 8 years ago

What are some tips for using watercolor? Answered

 I have a project, and would like some tips on watercolor painting... please?

Asked by mrdepo96 8 years ago

How to make a painting out of a digital photo?

I wanted to make a picture of my girlfriend and I for X-Mas. I am no artist but I thought maybe I could trace it and paint that. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to transfer that onto the canvas. I'm really just out of ideas. Can anyone help me? I want it to look like vector art but I don't have the Photoshop skills to do that and also I want it to be tactile as opposed to digital. I'm including what I came up with after many, many screw ups. Thank you.

Posted by JoshyLee 7 years ago

When u say u sad in between coats, how long do u wait for the paint to dry? Answered

I jaut want to know how long in between each coat I should let it dry befor Sanding the frame?

Asked by 8 years ago

not good just want to stop rust

I dont want a good job or a really bad job just want to cover or stop the car from rusting just want ok job will a spray can of mach paint from parts house work or  a cheap spray can from friend work

Posted by wingram 5 years ago

How do I tri-color a large volume of small objects?

I have a thousand small plastic items (white) that I need to color red white and blue.  They will be for sale so I may need to repeat this process multiple times.  Painting would be very time-consuming, so I'm hoping there's another process.  Any ideas?  

Asked by Pyanochick 2 years ago

im trying to paint my nerf guns but one problem what type of paint to use that wont scratch off or sticky?

I want a paint that isn`t sticky once dried and a paint that wont scratch off?

Asked by the modder 5 months ago

Painting a jacket

I tried painting a black cloth jacket with white acrylic paint. I painted two layers of paint on it, which I thought would be enough, but later, it started to fade. And after a wash, it was a pure disaster. So I am planning on painting another jacket, so this time, I want it to be perfect. Any tips to preserve the design, or how to paint it, blah blah??? Thanks a load (if help shows up). PS I ve added a pic of my jackets current condition

Posted by nk97 7 years ago

How do you get paint to adher to a concrete verandah?

My home has a large varandah that is smooth concrete and it looked poor so I bought special paving paint but it peeled off pretty quickly. I used steam to clean surface and a wire brush to make sure that the paint would have the best chance of adherring but it did not work. The paint began peeling within a few weeks.

Asked by rmyardley 5 years ago

Painting with Light at the Halloween party

My friend Zack and I set up a light painting station on one corner of the deck at last night's Halloween party. We had some flashlights and some LEDs to play with and a lot of the images came out pretty good.Check out the full flickr set.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Hi, I'm new. Any other painters here?

Hi!  My name is Teresa.  This is my first post here.  Anyone else here paint?  I paint in acrylics mostly. 

Posted by tdye84 6 years ago

Light painting with lasers

Fade Out is a system of "painting" an image on a photoluminescent surface with lasers. It was developed by Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi and can create different shades of green depending on the timing of the laser. Check out the video below to see what I mean. The source image from the webcam is used for the image that's put on the wall. via pinktentacle

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago

Reverse batik painting?

I was looking through trying to rediscover how to do an art project I did years ago in school. Maybe if I describe it to you, you could very briefly tell me how to recreate what I did. I would be so appreciative--I really want to recreate this project, but I'm unsure how. The assignment was the creation of a painting that was, for lack of a better despcription, like a reverse batik. We were supposed to leave negative-space borders along every contour of every figure and then we painted over the whole thing with black. When dry, we gently rinsed off the black paint and I was very pleased with the outcome. Over the years, however, I've misplaced my piece, and I forget: what kind of paint is best to use? I have some gouache at home, will this do? I would really appreciate just the briefest of responses from you, and then I can get to painting! I'm so excited because I haven't made a painting in years!

Asked by Lauralabama 9 years ago

I have some Wellgo LU-A52 BIKE Pedals that I want to paint

I have a brand new set of Wellgo LU-A52 Pedals, they are Aluminum.Black in color. I want to paint them to match the color of my bike, I wish I could find them in that color but it just can't be found. So can it be done, That is it worth the trouble? or not? I know i could just spray paint them, But I want to do it right if im gonna do it. What type of paint, and prep..ect Thanks   Capt Gus

Asked by rahoyster 7 years ago

HELP!!!! I need to rescue my mural!!!

My husband and I donated time to a friend's business to paint a huge mural on the interior of their restaurant. It looks like the business might have to shut down, and we are trying to figure out if there's any way to rescue pieces of the mural. It was painted with acrylic paint, over plaster, which is over brick. There are some portions painted on plywood -- those will be easy to save. It's the stuff painted on the plaster that I am concerned about. I have considered transfer medium as an option but I don't know what kind would work best, and I've also considered wall surgery, but it seems like the plaster would just crumble. HELP!!!! Link to pics of the mural below. It took FOREVER to do.

Posted by KedaDibandion 5 years ago

painting 7' latex balloon to look like the moon

Hello out there curious and creative Instructables! I am planning on turning a 7' white latex balloon into the Moon. I plan on painting it after it is inflated. I wondered if anyone has had any experience painting on balloons. What kind of paint will adhere and flex with the balloon? I also intend to light it from inside so the it will "glow". I don't know how to determine what kind/how many LED's to use to create the right amount of glow. Since the balloon will be large, do I need to worry about the heat from the LED's? I can keep the battery or AC connection on the outside of the balloon and above it on the ceiling so that it will not show. Put your thinking caps on and help me out once again.Thanks!'

Posted by addinar 9 years ago

Painting and etching plexi glass? Answered

I'm working on a project to remove the broken plastic around my laptops screen section and replace it with two peices of plexiglass (Both front and back of the screen). with this i have a broken USB port that i can run power lines to two RED Leds to allow to light up an Etch on the plexiglass. but i really want to mask a small square in the middle then  paint he plexiglass black then etch in my logo. but i'm wondering if this is the best way to do it?  any suggestions??

Asked by Gomex19 5 years ago

ART HIST:I have a painting that could be an airbrush from Thayer and Chandler, 1884. Does it have any historical value?

8 X 10. Woman in profile dressed in hat and dress of late 1800's. No signature. I'm thinking it may be an example of early air brushing. There is no signature. Could it have any artistic value?

Asked by 8 years ago

Where can I find aluminum honeycomb panels?

I want to paint some art on aluminum honeycomb panels. Is there a source for them in my hometown?

Asked by 8 years ago

LED Genius Apply Within:

I am wanting to illuminate a painting from the backside, almost like the cityscapes except not as many lights. Can anyone help me with instructions on what LEDs to get to match up with a battery pack? Would like to use 9V. I want to also have an on/off switch hidden on the bottom of the painting. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!

Asked by Squash 8 years ago

Light graffiti warfare

There have been many cool animations done with light graffiti, but this one by Freddie Wong is the first I've seen that takes an action movie approach. Check it out. Related: Painting with Light LED Light Drawing Pens via Neatorama Behind the scenes:

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

What can I apply to silicone to make it paintable? Answered

I have tried everything I can think of get paint to adhere to silicone but will no luck. It peels off after a short time. If you know a solution to my problem, I will be very grateful.

Asked by drifterdax 7 years ago

A bit of a painting project I've started (3rd UPDATE)

Me and my gf have decided to tackle a project recently out of curiosity and boredom. My Ariens YT12 could use a new painting. I had took the angle grinder to the a$$ end of the tractor and cleaned up the rusted parts and scraped up the painted areas. I had a fight with the angle grinder for a brief few seconds and messed up my arm a bit, so I decided not to do any more grinding with the wire cup. I've since put on a couple coats of black spray enamel paint, and I've even painted over other areas too not just the rust spots, I tried to wipe down the machine with a wet cloth the best that I could. I've given it a few coats but I might have to go around yet and touch up some other spots, I DO plan on doing more painting to the frame soon, but maybe when it's nicer out and not so windy. Heres the kicker, when my gf gets home, we've already cut out some really neat looking stencils and we plan on spray-painting the hood of the tractor, I'm not sure if I should rough up the surface first or just leave it be and clean it with a wet cloth before painting. It's going to be the coolest looking hood ever (I hope if it turns out how I'm hoping). Stay tuned I'll upload MOAR pictures soon! Update!!!! I've added some more pictures I just took them after peeling the stencil off my tractor's hood. I got more paint splatter than I would have liked, but overall I'm pleased with how it came out. I have MORE pictures to come as I finish the black stripe. 2nd Update: I just peeled the painters tape off and I like how clean-cut the stripe looks, however there was some seepage and I need to touch it up. 'Should still make the neighbors jealous though. 3rd Update: I've put the hood back ON the tractor, and I think it looks pretty damn snazzy if you ask me! Check out the last picture in the list to see what I'm talking about!

Posted by Punkguyta 8 years ago

More Art Work

Well just post anything you have drwn or painted, burned, carved, sculpted or anything else. Well here is my feeble attempt at GIMP for the first time. Please if you comment on someone's art, don't be harsh. It's called constructive criticism. This is supposed to be Leonidas from 300. I'm still working on it so please comment. I would say that the most noticeable thing it the pixelation of the head dress. I will go over it with the airbrush to smoothen it up.

Posted by heavy.metal.nguyen 10 years ago

Need help with shadows

I've been working on a few black and white pieces, and I seem to be having issues with shadows and illuminations. The ones I already have in place make the image distorted and even more eerie than their supposed to be. I know that I do use grey in the pieces, but I want shadows to be a pure black and lighting to be a pure white. Can anyone give me some advice on how to fix this issue? The man with the umbrella is the most troublesome. I cant quite figure out how to illuminate the umbrella, and the shadow he makes is first off, the incorrect shape, but secondly, in grey. I did that to try and distinguish the difference between his feet and his shadow, but I would still like an actual black shadow in the finished product. (help!) The children have a really creepy feeling to them. I want to lighten up the whole mood of the piece by just a notch, and I think the way of doing that would be to add more light to the shadows on their clothing. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Posted by rowdyrosiepiper 7 years ago

Painting basketball shoes

I want to pep up these shoes. So my idea was to paint them, so can anyone tell me how to paint it, what paint to use and suggest colors and designs. And will the paint stay after rough use (playing basketball) and wash? Any way to make it permanent? Thx in advance.

Posted by nk97 7 years ago

Hand Painting Wine Glasses

I have always used Folkart Enamel paint to paint my wine glasses and never had any problems.   This paint is now changing to the GLOSS only in stores, I can't find it in the non-gloss anymore.    Why does the paint start cracking when I put on the 2nd coat of paint?  I'm cleaning with alcohol first, waiting 30 minutes, then painting and it still want adhere to the glass with a 2nd coat. See picture below. 

Posted by jccgeorge 3 years ago

What are some compact arrangements for using materials when plein air painting? Answered

I haven't been plein air painting very long, and managing all the 'stuff' while painting feels really awkward. There's got to be a better way!   I'm working on small paintings without an easel - usually in the front seat of a car, or sitting on a rock in the wind.   I've seen the nifty  Instructable Altoid paint boxes and tiny brushes.   Ok.... So there you are on a breezy park bench with your paint box., sketch book, rag or paper towel, water, brush, and palette...  You're sitting between two old Italian ladies. Your brush is in one hand, and your sketch book or palette is in the other hand.  Where is all the other stuff?   

Asked by mole1 7 years ago

how can i un-twist a warping painting on canvas? thing is starting to look a bit like a Pringle. Answered

The stretcher bars are going in all kinds of strange directions and now it kind of looks like something you'd see on a graphic calculator. am i doomed to just restretch it or can i flatten it somehow?

Asked by noapparentfunction 8 years ago

wall painting side effect

Recently I painted my daughter's room with pink color (egg shell finish). Unfortunately there is lot of pink color reflection in the room. entire room feels pink, even ceiling, door and closet are white. It seems that color was darker side of pink. In the past when the room had white color, two bulbs gave good light. Now even with 4 bulbs not enough light.  I saw many houses with different colors, but never felt such type of huge color reflection. Now this room is no more good for studying. Why it happend? How can I fix it?

Posted by vadisa9 5 years ago

Re-assembly of my NERF N-Strike Firefly

 I just finished half of my re-painting an un-modded firefly. I can't seem to remember how the assembly with the trigger mechanism works, particularly the part where the spring pulls the trigger back. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by eichermacher 8 years ago

Can I turn my digital SLR into a large format grid scanner?

I am an artist and want to make prints of my large paintings. I have been using a flat bed scanner to scan artwork in multiple chunks and "stich" them together in photoshop thus far with success. However, using over 2 separate chunks, it is hard to get lines and shapes to line up. Also, the larger the image, the more akward it is to try to get the work on the scanner. So i was thinking of some way to use a digital camera to create the same affect. Ideally, the camera would be mounted to a rig floating over the painting and scan it into chunks. I can manually do the "stitching" but it would be sweet if some software would do it for me ;) Anyone know of anything like this? I have a very low tech version in mind, but would love a sort of automated plotter setup.

Asked by blainegarrett 8 years ago