how can charge batteri with solar panel?

 i want a circuit to charge batteri 3.3 volt with solar panel

Asked by liliv 5 years ago

shocking Idea? can small solar yard light panels be connected to make a small solar panel?

How can I connect these little solar panels from the tops of solar yard lights to make a small panel that might recharge a cell phone or such?

Asked by 9 years ago

solar panel and rechargeable battery

If i must using 17.5volt solar panel to charging battery 12v 72ah, what should need to apply between both of the item?

Asked by fboll 6 years ago

The correct Diode Specifications for Solar Panels in parallel.

Hello Guys I have a question, If you connected 4 of 250Watts 24volts solar panel in parallel before connecting them to your charge controller, what would be the recommended blocking diode rating on each of these panels?

Asked by EugeneT18 1 year ago

How can I make the Panel of Equalizer T-Shirt? Or what machine can make the Panel? Answered

I want to start my own business by manufacturing the Panels of Equalizer T-Shirt. I do not want to buy ready made panels, I want to make it by myself. I do not know how to make it!! Or what machines does it make the panel!! Or even from where can I buy this machine!! Thanks.

Asked by Henz777 8 years ago

How to use the solar PV Panel ??

WHAT I have to do.. How to charge battery and give all such loads. How To make Solar Panel Really Working for my home

Asked by engineer.arpit 5 years ago

What is the cheapest way to install a solar panel large enough to power a semi-detached house?

I am looking to buy a solar panel, and need some advice on how to find a cheap panel to produce enough electricity to power my full house, for years to come.

Asked by Perkinator 8 years ago

Solar panel help

Hi, i'm buying a small 6v 160mA solar panel for a project I'm working on. I'd like to power a small motor with solar power. How do I "store" some electricity generated by the panel so the motor doesn't stop in short periods of shadow? Thanks, Francisco

Posted by whs 9 years ago

What is the structure of the solar panel?

Hi Guys, Would anyone able to help me understand what is the structure of the solar panel?? I am wondering what is that blue or even sometimes black sheet where a certain lines that look likes a aluminum or silver is? Is it the Silicon or not?? Guys help please. Thanks Best

Asked by mitchiko 7 years ago

Solar Panel Charging Station

Hello everyone, I am doing a project for my class and it is a solar lamp project. I was wondering if anybody knew how to make a simple solar charging station. I want to use  3 of 1.5 W/4.5 V solar panel from radio shack as a charging station. I was just wondering how I would connect this together and charge the rechargeable batteries from the solar panel charging station.

Posted by RedXNaruto 4 years ago

Solar Boat Solar Panel Boosting

Hi. I am a student who yearly participates in a solar boat regatta, and is wondering how he can boost his panel's rate of energy... collection. I have thought of trying reflectors, and am wondering if this would work. anyone know, or have a better idea?

Posted by DELETED_craz meanman 9 years ago

small solar panel, motor and propeller

I have constructed a desktop solar helicopter that I have on  I am trying to make a small very light solar helicopter that I can fly on the desktop and is tethered on 4 corners. I will make it out of very light plastic or styrofoam or bulsa wood. I need to find the right panel, motor, and propeller. Any suggestions will be appreciated.   bob

Posted by solartoys 2 years ago

small solar panel with 1 AA battery?

I need a small solar panel to put on top of a tiki pole so I can have its eyes light up. It has one in it but has quit working trying to find one to replace it . It is approx. 2 1/2 in by 2 1/2 in do you carry such a thing or know where I might purchase one. Thank you for your help in advance Anne Domes

Asked by 8 years ago

how to get TiO2 from a white paint?

Actually I want to make a solar panel and for that I need TiO2, would you please tell how to extract it from the paint?

Asked by esumb 7 years ago

could anyone help me provide the answer on how to build a solar panel please??? Answered

Dear All, We have a project in Physics and I was tasked to make a solar panel and I have to document how I made it. Can some one please provide me the spare parts needed and how to do it please.... Is there any parts that can be brought in the internet?

Asked by mitchiko 7 years ago


I want to basically go green (partially for my house)I figured out the following (Kindly correct me if I am wrong):I calculated the KWhs in following way:(Watts x nos x hours)/1000 = KWhs / day (Correct me if I am wrong)LOAD CALCULATION:Room 1 - - 5W LED x 4 nos x 4 hours per day = 0.08 KWh / day- 3W LED x 1 nos x 1 hours per day = 0.003 KWh / dayRoom 2 -- 5W LED x 2 nos x 4 hours per day = 0.04 KWh / day- 15W FAN x 1 nos x 8 hours per day = 0.12 KWh / dayRoom 3 -- 5W LED x 2 nos x 4 hours per day = 0.04 KWh / dayRoom 4 - - 3W LED x 2 nos x 3 hours per day = 0.02 KWh / dayTotal Consumption per day = 0.30 KWhs / DayNow, I calculated the number of solar panel required in following wayOn an average of 5 - 7 hours of full sunlight / day. On an average in this situation a solar panel will product approximately 0.007 KWhs.Therefor I assume I will require 43 Watts of solar panel, by calculating :0.30 (Required KWhs ) / 0.007 (KWhs / watt of solar panel) = 42.85 Watts (Approx 43 Watts)AREA REQUIRED TO PLACE THE PANEL:I got to know on an avearage 1 SqFt is required for 10Watts of panel.Threrefore I shall require 4.5 SqFt area to mount it.Kindly update me if my calculations are correct.ThanksDevNet

Asked by dufferdev 9 years ago

I want to buy a 40W solarpanel how can I calculate how "heavy " the controller and the inverter should be?

The man in the shop told me it would be wise to buy these things too. If I want to use it continiously he advised a battery. How heavy should this be and how can I calculate it for a panel of 80 Watt Thanks in advance

Asked by 9 years ago

Would this circuit work for a basic solar USB charger? Answered

So i'm making this solar powered usb charger, but i don't know too much about circuitry. I was reading around and drew a circuit in mspaint : I'm just asking if this  would work to charge the usb and the batteries(then the batteries charge the usb with no light). I also know that i need two diodes, one to prevent the batteries from discharging, and one to regulate voltage for the usb  connection, could someone point out which these are? I'm using this solar panel: But dealextreme has sketchy quality stuff, anyone know a safer place to buy a solar panel of like specs? Like amazon? or Radio Shack? After further inspection i realized that the black cord of a usb cable is ground. I'm not sure if that's right. How would the connection to the USB work?

Asked by FireFreek 8 years ago

Is My Solar Panel Design ok to achieve 60A charge rate for 1000AH 24V battery bank?

Please I need your advice on a propose project in my office. we have an Inverter (Xantrex TR2424- 24V 2.5KVA) which charge rate capability of 70A. The Inverter battery bank is rated 1000AH 24V total ( 2V 1000AH x 12 in series). I am sure of 5Hrs sunlight a day. and I want my project to charge the battery at 60A rate per hour. Our DC-current consumed when on Inverting mode is 26A DC (Approx 3A-4A AC inverter output). Our ac load on the inverter output is around 540W. In my design as attached, each group of PV (4pcs in parallel) should produce around 30A). total amperage should be around 90A. since during the day (sunny) we will be draining 26A continously from the battery, deducting that from the total pv current, we should have around 64A left to charge the battery bank. My request: kindly look into my propose design and advice where am wrong or need correction/adjustment and recommend with your experience. I assumed a DOD of 60% on the battery hoping to charge the battery to full capacity within 5 hours of sunlight daily. we have standby generator which we can power on to charge the battery in situation where it is cloudy. Thanks for your anticipated recommendation & advice

Asked by jisaac6 1 year ago

Question about solar panel circuit

I'm putting together a solar powered cell phone charger and I need some advice from someone who knows a thing or two about photovoltaics. I've spent the better part of my free time the past three days or so absorbing as much information about electrical charging over USB and solar cell output as possible. I've seen a lot of helpful DIYs, and they would be great if I was following their method exactly. Unfortunately my project has serious space and power constraints. It's not for trickle charging an additional battery, it's for providing direct power to a USB phone. Here are my specifications. I need 5V and preferably ~500mA. Anything over 400mA should work fine. I *think* I've come up with a way to get that within my space requirements but I'm not positive it will work because I'm mixing two different size solar cells in one circuit. I can't seem to find a definitive answer as to whether or not this is OK, and what the results will be. I've attached a diagram of my plan. Two 5.5V/70mA solar cells wired in parallel with seven 1.5V/50mA cells. If I'm assuming correctly, this will give me an output of 5.5V (before the regulator) and 490mA. I don't know how or if the lower voltages of the smaller cells will effect the output. Can I use a combination of high voltage and high amperage cells in one circuit to get the output I need? I've talked with people in the Science and Tech forums and I've gotten a long way on the electrical circuit aspects and USB issues, but I'm hoping someone here will know a thing or two more about solar cells to tell me if my plan is viable as it is or if I will have to modify it. Thanks for any help.

Posted by HittingSmoke 8 years ago

Can any one help me make a random # genorator?

Can anyone help me with an idea.. I want to make an Arduino Duemilanove random number genorator that will show up on 2 7-segments when I press a button. Any code suggestions, or help will be nice and if I ever make a instructable of it I will thank you all. Thanks!? I want help with a random # generator that will appear on 2 LED 7-segments, and will activate on the push of a button.

Asked by chrisapalo 9 years ago

How can I make a solar panel?

Asked by 9 years ago

Not getting an amp reading from panel?

I am a newbie, I built a panel and I am able to get the voltage but I am not able to get a reading for amps.  Any help will be greatly appreciated. Natalie

Asked by Kumachun 8 years ago

Solar panels LED powering/street lamp

Hi im given two components to include in a project i need to build but the problem is not sure which project to built and how the solar panel and lcd will fit....was thinking to link the solar panel with the logic probe/frequency counter i built last semester but i'm struggling, please HELP!!!

Posted by moleko 4 years ago

Movable Solar Panel:- Sizing limits.

Hi folks looking to build a tracking solar panel for North and South directions. I have a few drawings made up but im stuck for the maths side of things as I have a size limit I need to stick to in. I need the panel to move by 15° towards north and towards south. So a 30° movement in total. What I have in mind if an arch where the panel will sit on which can be moved with a single piston placed on the South end of the panel. This is to contract and expand to move 15° up and 15° down. My size limit is the panel must not exceed 200mm or 20cm in real money when at its maximum positions. I have assumed a 2 meter long panel (or array of panels in a frame) So because of this im a bit unsure about how to tackle the maths side of things to work out the arch's profile to meet this criteria. Anyone got any words of wisdom? The 200mm limit is the max UK law allows me to play around with the panels maximum position.

Posted by apmaman 3 years ago

Kyoto trough 2 wing concept. Try it in a panel cooker?

Panel cookers are simple solar cookers that are made by folding cardboard. When folded, sunlight shines on the panels and gets reflected to the cooking pot. (Normally the cooking pot is painted black and it is often covered in an oven bag to keep heat in better). But, I have never seen a picture of a panel cooker with the side folds in towards the cooking pot instead of out away from the pot. My tests indicate that it will cook for a longer time if you face the side panels in. Anyone want to try it? Also, the tests in software show that a normal panel cooker might give better if it was made with a long tail in line with the path of the sun. Would you like to make small ones and compare this to a normal panel cooker? Small ones heating pint jars of water might be very good for comparison. I have too much cloudy weather to do this. Also, do not worry too much about parabolic. A part circle is just as good for solar cooking and the important thing is to have the axises of curve (Perhaps there is a correct word?) of the troughs or panels at right angles to each other. Brian

Posted by gaiatechnician 9 years ago

FIXED: New solar panel icon doesn't align with new SOLAR category tab

The new solar-panel icon, advertising the sponsored Solar pseudo-category, does not properly line up with the tab with which it's supposed to be associated. UPDATE 17 Nov 2010:  The positioning has been fixed, by replacing the image-only link to "Gifts" with something shorter.

Posted by kelseymh 7 years ago

Is there any simple way to make a solar engine work with 12 volts using a 20W solar panel? Answered

I want to use a 20 Watt panel I have to run a big 12volt engine, however the power of the sun is not always powerful enough to get it running continuously. So I though of solar engines, simple circuits that charge capacitors until a usable voltage and then discharges making the engine run for a few seconds, however, most of these are based on very small voltages, - about 3 volts. Does anyone here knows how to make it run on 12volts from the panel?

Asked by Aqlor 7 years ago

What can I do with a scavenged 9" TFT panel?

Over the last several years I have been through three different pairs of portable DVD players.  Since they don't work anymore, I yanked the displays from them.   What can I build with these bad boys?  Is there any way to use them without the controllers from the players?  If not, where can I get a controller?

Posted by bodie 7 years ago

I just made this panel of solar cells...

I was bored and I had this laying around from taking apart cheapy solar lamps. I did have them wired previously for 4.5 volts in series but I decided to put them together with some basal wood and wire it in parallel, I plan to get some more cheap solar lights and wire them in three's aswell and then wire the panels together in series to get a higher voltage. I tested the ma shortage current on them and it was only 5ma, is that right? Then again the lamp I was using is kinda crappy, I'll try in the day time outside.

Posted by Punkguyta 8 years ago

damaged solar cells?

I have constucted a solar panel however I am getting no volts out. I have inspected the cells and I have found a few that are split across from one side to the other and I was wondering if this is effectively a break in the pos neg circuit?

Asked by smiler84089 8 years ago

Which wiring option is better, left or right? Answered

I am constructing the 60 watt panels listed on the site, I want to know what is the best method for joining the top set of cells with the bottom. See drawing if I upload right. Thank you.

Asked by pokey02 9 years ago

Powering a ccfl panel from a broken laptop screen?

I have google'd and searched this site over and again trying to find out the correct way to power a ccfl panel, I recently had to replace a laptop screen and the person bought a screen and an inverter, so i got to keep the smashed screen and the inverter, now i took all the glass of and the metal, so now all i have is the panel. All i want to know is how much power do i need to put into the inverter (if i can use it) and where do i put the wires? i also took apart some scanners to try and use their inverters, but it seems that all the scanners i have all have inverter looking boards built into them and work off ribbons so i don't know how to power these either. If anyone can help me in either of these i would greatly apreciate it as i am trying to make my own light box

Asked by mrthemoth 6 years ago

I want to run a small electric fan from a 7.5v 2.5amp (max) solar panel.

I want it to run on less than gloriously sunny days - what kind of motor should I get? If I use a 5v motor will it burn out the first all-sunny day?

Asked by 8 years ago

how many watts for two freezers will i need to make solar panel?

Im trying to power two 4 amp 115 v 60 hz freezers for an icecream truck by using a solar panel but am having trouble figuring out how many solar cells i am going to need or watts i will need so i can figure out how many cells. i dont know if the voltage is right on the cells when they produce the right watts. any one know how i can figure this out?

Asked by vampseve 8 years ago

Hyundai car 2003 - The back window thermal heater panel light of my Hyundai (Atos)always stays on. What can I do? Answered

Sometimes it goes off if a gigle the bunch of wires that I can see that are on the upper part of the trunck door but usually it does not work.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  This has been happening since summertime 2011.

Asked by rosey gillespie 6 years ago

how can i make a solar cell???

Please give me the materials and instructions...thank you!!

Asked by 18559090 6 years ago

Solar panel question

Hello i am long time lurker of and i love the site and its inspired me to build a few things. that said onto my question.  i was at my local Dollar Tree Store (Dollar Store) and noticed the solar powered walkway lights. so i bought a few and decided i could salvage the solar panels.. so a few screws and some applied pressure later i have some small cells 35.6mm by 29.6mm with a model number (SC3630S-4N) and everything so i googled it and i get this website as the only one listing voltages and mA's but there are two sets and i am unsure which set i need to be aware of and exactly what it all means. so any one can explain to me what the 4 values mean i know (V) is voltage and (mA) is amperage but why list them twice.

Posted by jgosselin 6 years ago

Solar charged lead acid battery, how do I have automatic shut off and turn on so it does not discharge completely?

I have a battery with a charge controller between it and the solar panel. But if  I connect something low power to it, (like an aquarium air pump for a windowfarm or to power a small water feature),  it needs to shut off automatically before the battery discharges too much (if it is night time or cloudy).  Otherwise I have a dead battery. I don't have a deep cycle battery. Too expensive!  So any ideas how to have an automatic on off switch for this? Thanks,   Brian.

Asked by gaiatechnician 7 years ago

How to convert solar car trickle charger to usb/battery charger?

I would like to know how I could convert one of these solar car battery trickle chargers to a charger that could charge ideally AA and/or AAA batteries but have a female usb port to charge usb powered devices. The point of storing the power in portable batteries would be that it would then double up to charge those batteries if I ever needed to charge them. I do want to spend as little as possible and buy as few parts to do this as possible. I understand that larger batteries would be able to store more power but it would then mean it would not charge AA or AAA batteries and make the whole thing a lot bulkier and expensive. I have a choice of solar trickle chargers being 12V/12W, 12V/4W, 12V/2.4W and 12V/1.5W. They come with crocodile clips and a cigarette lighter plugin. I also have an unrelated usb charger (with female usb port) that can plug into a cars cigarette lighter so Im not sure if it would be possible to attach the usb section to the solar panels cigarette lighter plugin. I also have a usb charger that plugs into the mains. I know almost nothing about circuits. The general point is to be able to make the charger as multi-purpose as possible, like being able to charge batteries or usb powered devices but without making it awkward to use or un-portable. I have looked at the related instructables but im unsure how you could change the voltage to make it safe for the batteries/usb port etc. thanks

Asked by lsadwdwadw 5 years ago

where can i salvage decent solar panels from?

I need to knw where can i salvage decent solar panels from or where i cn get CHEAP but EFECTIVE solar panels....but i can't buy it of the net.any household items that use it?

Asked by Mo Vo 9 years ago

How to build a solar panel adjustable? It could be done using light sensors?

I have a model of a swiveling solar panel not too big, with a low price, materials not very difficult to achieve ... Thanks!

Asked by Lulon 7 years ago

What's the minimum size (% )of a broken or chipped solar cell I should use in a panel?

Does the size of a piece of a broken solar cell used in a panel matter? If so, what's the rule for the minimum acceptable % of a single cell, to be used in a panel ? Thanks in advance?

Asked by golfdeals 8 years ago